Hollywood just handed Michelle Obama a massive victory that will infuriate Trump supporters


The Leftists in Hollywood love Michelle Obama.

They see her as a liberal hero and even want her to challenge President Trump in 2020.

And they just gave Obama a massive victory that will infuriate Trump supporters.

After inviting Michelle Obama to all their award ceremonies and giving her heaps of praise, Hollywood just gave the former First Lady a Grammy Award nomination for the audio version of her memoir, entitled Becoming.

Hollywood loves to give the Obama’s praise, considering that her husband Barack has already won two Grammys for the audio version of two of his books, Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope.

Breitbart News reports:

Hollywood’s long-standing love affair with the Obama’s continued in full force Wednesday with Former First Lady Michelle Obama receiving a Grammy Award nomination for her spoken word album Becoming, the audio version of her bestselling memoir published last year.

The nomination represents Michelle Obama’s first recognition by the The Recording Academy, which organizes the annual Grammy Awards. Her husband, President Barack Obama, has won two Grammys for his spoken word albums Dreams From My Father in 2005 and The Audacity of Hope in 2007.

This year, Michelle Obama will compete against the Beastie Boys, filmmaker John Waters, composer Eric Alexandrakis, and poet Sekou Andrews in the spoken word album category.

The category has seen a number of Democratic politicians take home awards. Hillary Clinton won for It Takes a Village in 1996, while former President Bill Clinton won for My Life in 2006.

The annual Grammy ceremony is set to air live Jan. 26 on CBS from Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Michelle Obama made an unexpected appearance at this year’s Grammy ceremony, opening the telecast alongside singers Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and actress Jada Pinkett Smith. The group received a sustained standing ovation.

So while the Obama’s are bringing in awards, President Trump is getting attacked from the stage of their award shows.

But few people even watch the Grammy’s anymore, with the 2019 show garnering the lowest viewership since 2009.

Do you think Hollywood is biased against Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. The dumb things uninformed people believe in is stupefying! The fact that they are allowed to vote is scary.

  3. After Being 1st lady TWICE and Having White people kiss her ass most of her life And she’s Still an America hating Racist,Hate to see What a B…. she’d be if she was Ever treated Poorly!!?? Amazes me HOW people Love these freakin people!???

  4. Hollywood is a flunkie for the radical left. They are biased against Trump. Hollywood is a cesspool of moral filth. Movies coming out of there now are more filled with violence, sex and profanity and other filth. Forget going to the movies folks. Go with the classics like Charlton Heston’s movie THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, ROMEO AND JULIET Olivia Hussey, Marx Brothers movies ANIMAL CRACKERS, DUCK SOUP, A DAY AT THE RACES, GO WEST, SAYONARA Marlon Brando, ROBIN HOOD Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland

  5. I do not know many people who really care about Hollyweird and the vanity awards that they give themselves.In all honesty what is the value or meaning of an award given to one of their own by an egotistical self absorbed people who spend their lives in an echo chamber

  6. The big west coast does not care who they want pushed to the
    front.You stupid voters read the west coast newspaper and reflect
    liberal thoughts right off the bat without thinking.
    Your state reflects many bad things in Government and out of Government.
    Watching these hearings is making U.S. look stupid.
    Watching the crap being seen on national television regarding people
    camping on the city streets makes you sick.
    And I wonder who is in charge of this (DEMS).
    Real silent bad guys from other countries are watching all of this.
    At seventy years old I have never seen such a group of one paddle in the
    water dumb asses in my life.

  7. Hollywood is full of stupid people who have the morals of a wild boar. It is sickening what they put out as ‘entertainment’. Never watch their award shows because all they do is fawn all over themselves and whine, cry and insult normal Americans. All I have to say to them is, “it must really suck to be so dumb!”. Pardon my language.

  8. What is the matter with all you idiots out there, don’t you remember that ugly pig and her piglet’s running a round the Olympics with not a United States flag, but another country’s flag and you clowns want to make that thing President of this country. I guess the words Sh– For Brains covers you. …….We stand behind Donald Trump for President in 2020.

  9. I stopped caring what these yahoos think or say a long time ago. I will not waste my time or energy on what they are.

  10. I only look at photos to look at the “fashion” they put on their bodies. Sometimes I like some gown, but most of the time I look at them and think, “There’s no way to save that mess!” Wonder why they put that kind of trash on their bodies. Idiocy.

  11. Hollywood needs to change their name to hollyweird. A bunch of people who act big but are a bunch of phony people. Liars will always supports liars. To bad Hollywood doesn’t flow out to sea. It’s amazing how Obama talks all crap about people but at the same time kisses ass

  12. I have never heard of a group of people so enamored of themselves that they need heaps of awards for reading someone else’s words or having a ghost wrote write thei “memoirs”. Are they really that insecure?

  13. Their brains sure can’t do the job so they show off their bodies. Without their looks they be done

  14. I don’t think so little libs remember I’m proud of America for the very first time in my life, she is as big a looser as her husband I hope she runs nothing like tearing into the Obama administration remember flad flad wait until after the election then will talk on national tv. And the media didn’t even talk about the collusion between Obama and vladamir Putin now there was real collusion and what about the lies if you like your doctor you can keep him or if you like your insurance plan you don’t have to change, as 25 million loose there insurance over night to insure 16 million who couldn’t afford there insurance now that was a impeachable offense how about 3500 weapons given to the drug cartel down in Mexico? That was a impeachable offense how about spying on your competitors while still in office like they did to Trump yes folks the real impeachable offense was the Democrats spying on President Trump before he won in 2015 now they are trying to turn the narrative around and blame the Republican Party for all this when they were the ones cheating like always!!!

  15. You must keep in mind that Hollyweird is built upon the basic idea that they stand in front of cameras and spew lines that other people write for them.

    And who wrote those lines that they spew today? People like Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. Who funds them today? Wanted war criminals like George Soros.

    What’s their bottom line today?

    COMMUNISM. Start calling them all who and what they are: COMMUNISTS, whether they or Democrat voting America knows that!

  16. She doesn’t give a happy damn about this country and never has. She lived off our taxpayer money for 8 years and hated it because the White House was built by slaves. If she’d done any research at all she would have found that it was mostly artisans from Europe that build a large part of it. But on the other hand, I don’t give a happy damn about Hollywood. My feeling is that this is a good reason to stick with the Electoral College. If we didn’t have it, Southern California would have enough votes with a couple of other idiot cities to elect the President and the rest of us would have no reason to waste time voting.

  17. Hollywood hates Trump because he upset their applecart in 2016, remember all the has beens who was going to move to another country or planet if Trump won, even Ginsberg said she was moving to New Zealand, she would had a lot of volunteers to help her pack and escort her to a plane or ship in order to get her out of the country, don’t see any of them gone, so now they spend their time thinking up nasty things to say about the president because they can’t get over the hate, come to think about it even when they are trash talking about Trump it just lets the people who voted for him realize they couldn’t be talking about a better man,

  18. Who really cares? She should be awarded for the only woman who hated America and wound up First Lady. She and her husband should get an award for the couple who divided the freeist and most blessed country on earth.

  19. Except that even Conservative religious zealots refuse to say no to their children, one would think that after 4 years counting the 1 year of Trump’s campaign and his 3 years in office of the entertainment industry and LSM doing anything and everything to slander our duly elected president that people would be so irate they would refuse to go to the movie theater for any reason yet they do.

  20. A SMART “Human” is against everything far left Hollywood is in favor of, and in favor of everything far left Hollywood is against!

  21. I’m not infuriated by anything Hollywood does because Hollywood doesn’t mean anything to me so I really don’t care what they do. As far as their awards, they just bolster themselves up by continuously giving each other rewards. The only sensible people in Hollywood, to my of thinking, are Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight and the few other conservatives there.

  22. Now now let’s not be petty and say racist remarks.
    Their record speaks for itself. Chicago is none the better while Obama was in office and the folks of Chicago are quite displeased.
    America is watching and we’re not stupid.
    All I can opine is to say VOTE!!!!!!

  23. Hollywood was once a patriotic part of America, with many actors dropping their scripts for a real experience in World War 11. They fought valiantly to save the freedom of our country, alongside every other young man from all walks of life. Audie Murphy, a top star, even won the highest award given in the war! We were so proud and appreciative of these REAL men, who truly loved our country! Now, Hollywood actors are so egotistical and full of themselves, they couldn’t care less about America, or it’s people! We’re only good for buying tickets to see their trashy movies and feeding their giant egos! While thousands of homeless people live on nearby streets, they whiz right by them in their expensive cars and never donate a dime to their plight! They give themselves awards, while showing off their designer clothes, although many children cannot afford decent clothes to wear to school or a coat to ward off the cold. Where are these self-centered, over paid “stars” when they could help needy people?! They’re cozying up to political Democrats in Washington, DC, trying to influence a bunch of crooks to sway their opinion on how to run the whole country! It seems they thrive on each other’s wealth and popularity! Thankfully, we FINALLY got a caring president, who can rival their wealth and popularity. President Trump truly loves America and works 24/7 for our people, while Hollywood works 24/7 to tear him down! They can’t stand the thought of other Americans having jobs and acquiring their own little piece of wealth! They would rather see us drooling over their own good fortune! Yes, they can easily “buy” the Obama’s, but they can’t buy President Trump and the jealousy is killing them!

  24. We had eight years of her worthless husband, we don’t need more of their crap ! She did a piss poor job with our school lunches, would not vote for her even if she was the only one running ! That family needs to be in Prison !

  25. These morons gave Barry a Nobel Peace Prize for becoming President!!!!!
    Now they want to give his “wife” MIKE a prize for WHAT????
    They really are INSANE out west!!!!!

  26. ROFLMAO…….Follywood has no more influence than a dead mouse. They’re just as big of a joke as the Dumbascrap party. Just a waste of hot air just like all Dumbascraps.

  27. This shallow award is a massive victory for Michelle Obama that will infuriate us?? I don’t think so. The Liberals are trying really hard to give one of their “puppets” some creditability and are trying to deflect from the evilness and harm her and her husband (who also got this meaningless award ) has done to our great nation. Hoping to alter and change the true history of their real legacy. No one of intelligence and just common sense gives this award, the Obama’s or the Democratic party any recognition or support what so ever! Hollywood is a dead zone. Once they drew the line in the sand as far as what political party THEY backed and everyone else was shunned. Well, that was it for me. I have much better things to do with my money and time. And it certainly isn’t supporting their craziness!!!

  28. A Hollywood award or kudo is just like Hollywood — Phoney!
    Everything is make-believe or wishful thinking. The powers that be`

  29. Biased against Trump! Come on now. This is far beyond bias, this is pure unadulterated hate. These Hollywood reprobates are morally corrupt, they are antithetical to the traditional values and institutions that are the foundation of this exceptional nation. No decent, honorable American would have anything to do with this rabble, that is except for an Obama.

  30. The Obama’s were a disaster to our country. I don’t believe Mr. Obama was eligible to be president since he could not offer a birth certificate plus his grandmother said he was born in Africa. Did the media beat him up over this? No basically ignored it.

  31. She is just like she was years ago..nasty hateful…n not proud of her country….Hollywood is a perfect place for her to land….hilarious both of them….and no one with a brain cares about either one of them!!!!!


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