Hollywood just declared war on Ivanka Trump with four disgusting words


Until her father became President, the liberals in Hollywood loved Ivanka Trump.

Her family name was prevalent throughout Hollywood due to their status.

But all of that is over after Hollywood declared war on Ivanka Trump with four disgusting words.

Since Donald Trump became President, Ivanka Trump has taken a major role in his Administration.

She has taken for advocating for many of his top positions, and has served as a representative of his administration in many major moments, most notably during the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

For this, the Left have painted her as a villain.

She could very easily get back into their good graces by turning on her father, but she has refused to do that as she understands he is doing what is right for the country.

Over the weekend, she even further infuriated her old friends in Hollywood.

It all began when Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweeted out, “Take the red pill.”

He is referring to a scene in the movie, The Matrix, where the lead character is given the opportunity to either take the red, or blue pill.

The red pill would open his eyes to how the world is, while the blue pill would allow him to live in blissful ignorance without the weight of reality on his shoulders.

Musk in recent days has become one of the most vocal critics of government lockdown orders, even going so far as to question the official coronavirus death numbers, and re-opening his California car plant in violation of the state’s orders.

He is clearly “taking the red pill” when it comes to questioning the official narrative being spread about coronavirus.

And in response to his Tweet, Ivanka Trump clearly is too.

She simply responds with “Taken!” in response to Musk’s Tweet.

In response, one of the Directors of the original Matrix movie, Lilly Wachowski said, “F*** both of you.”

Wachowski is a vocal anti-Trumper, and a far-left activist who once went by the name Andy before changing his gender.

The other half of The Matrix franchise, his brother Larry is also transgender, now known as Lana.

Do you think the Left should leave Ivanka Trump alone?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. The left, and most of Hollywood, belong to satan and they will follow their leader to Hell. What they say or believe does not matter. God wins. They lose.

  3. And you are also funny that the stupid parrots of Hollywood declare war on Ivanka Trump, in the heel of which there is more mind than they have in their heads.?

  4. Lisa and Larry the Gibbon are childish lefties who need to find their mommies and get their diapers changed because they’re full…….and don’t forget your pacifiers. Ivanka has more class in her little finger than you two do combined.

  5. Folks, Lisa and Larry are NOT sick – they are desperate. They know, deep down, and I mean ddeeeeeeep down – the Left is anti-America and anti-american. The Left has a clear disdain for freedom and civil rights. Since they have no argument to make, they do what all the Lefties do – they personally insult. It’s a shame, really, I have no doubt FDR and JFK are rolling in their graves as they watch their Party disintegrate.

  6. Ivanka is worthless and nothing but daddys eye candy, shes used her rich fat daddy to make fools of the Americans that pay her handsome salary. A Barbie witha Marie Antoinette

  7. The more I hear of the Hollyweird crowd, the less I’m likely to spend any money on them.
    Bring back the “ Golden Age” of Hollywood, where men were men, women were women and the movies made were good.

  8. “The red pill would open his eyes to how the world is, while the blue pill would allow him to live in blissful ignorance without the weight of reality on his shoulders. ”

    Imagine the nerve of that guy, even suggesting the Ivanka look at the reality of the world, rather than through the lens of her privileged pampered life.

  9. Just because her dad is president is no reason to attack Ivanka. She is probably smarter than all the goons in Hollywood.

  10. Leave this beautiful lady alone because clearly Hollywood doesn’t know anything that’s going on in our country

  11. Beth Hart: Ivanka does not take a salary – none of the Trumps do so where does that leave you..MAJOR IDIOT?

  12. These are very sick people and need prayer because Satan has their hand and leading them around.

  13. Like the rest of the Trumps, Ivanka is a corrupt, know-nothing, anti-American POS. There’s really nothing more to be said about her, because she’s nothing. Can’t wait until Trump is out of office and he and his corrupt family is put in prison.

  14. Yes Beth Hart-I know you would work without a salary-even if you could afford it-wouldn’t you? Probably not-you’d be the first dem I know of that would and there have been alot of rich dems who have been Presidents and aids to presidents. And worthless. You are the one who apparently is worthless.

  15. Ivanka Trump has more class in her poop than Lilly and Beth Hart has in there whole body.

    Give them hell Ivanka. A vote for a Democrat is a vote to give up your all your rights and fire arms and be a puppet on a string for them.

    VOTE TRUMP 2020

  16. If the people in Hollywood even had half a brain between them , they would simply play with it !

  17. Beth Hart, maybe some research before writing falsehoods (lies) would be in order. Ivanka does not get a salary from the government.

  18. HCB, when a lib KNOWS he has LOST they resort to name calling !! This proving thei stupidity and proving what a degenerate looks like . Congrats HCB


  20. Larry, you might want to reread your own post, calling someone stupid and a degenerate is pretty much ‘name calling’.

  21. @Leah, no she doesn’t ‘take’ a salary because she has grifted millions of dollars from American Tax Payers.

  22. Poor Chelsea Clinton living off her pervert father and crooked mother making 600k a year poor baby.another loser and ugly on top of that.

  23. Ivanka is class personified and the president’s critics need to lay off! I don’t like it when people take shots at Barron and Melania either!

  24. Why is anyone taking what 2 people say seriously when they can’t even figure out what gender they are? Here’s a clue: You 2 are gay. Shut up & deal with it before someone shoves a pill up your wazoos. Go make another fiction movie & leave politics to those who know a lot more about it than you. Being part of Hollywood makes you experts in 1 thing: Hollywood.

  25. @Eliot, and I can assume that you were upset when critics of President Obama took shots at his wife and daughters? That would be the Christian thing to do.

  26. so joe please show me when someone said anything negative about obozo’s kids.i want to look it up so i can verify it! they could take a dump and the media would go estatic telling everyone how beautiful it looked.trump is fair game but the way you libs have attacked his kids and wife is disgusting!i will never vote for a democrat again!EVER!

  27. From what I can determine, Ivanka Trump seems to be a bright, beautiful and accomplished woman. I believe she, like many others, should just ignore Hollywood reprobates; they’re not worth her time or attention.

  28. Such a pig, whatever…. filthy mouth…. and garbage mouth Lisa…up there. Really a pig……
    .. and we let these creeps have a say???????

  29. In this day and time who really gives a fist f**k what hollywood thinks. These freaks can only memorize lines and act like someone other than themselves. My dog can do tricks too. If it were for pirating I would not watch any TV or movie they make. And as it is I only watch the good stuff from the sixties. Hollywood is a wore out shoe needing to be replaced by CGI completely.

  30. You know every time i look at these comment sections i read through them and i am sick and tired of listening to all the cussing ,swearing and total hate i hear from the left. I do hear it from the right some times but not nearly as much. Hollywood is a unique place and a beautiful state, New York is a great place also, but when i hear of all the garbage coming from the mouth of some people on the left it make me wonder if im wrong. Someone once said that if you not part of the solution your part of the problem. Stop the garbage talk and start becoming part of the solution,get active in politics,volunteer for some local group, or just do something positive for your neighborhood , but quit the negativity!

  31. Jim, you really need to read more of the posts on here, the vast, vast majority are imitation christians who do nothing by trash people day in and day out.

    Granted, I do come on here to tease them, but I really try to do it with common sense, and accuracy.


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