Hollywood is furious after one of their own turned on them in a big way


Hollywood doesn’t like it when somebody questions their left-wing ways. 

They will excommunicate those who challenge them.

And Hollywood is furious after one of their own turned on them in a big way. 

Hollywood is celebrating following the inauguration of Joe Biden.

For the past four years, they have attacked Donald Trump as the ultimate evil, and used their influence to support Biden.

And they have viciously attacked anybody who didn’t agree with them.

Even those who refused to give full-throated support for Biden faced backlash, proven by calls to cancel actor Chris Pratt over his refusal to attend a Biden-Harris campaign fundraiser. 

So they will surely be furious at what Bill Maher said on his HBO show Real Time

Maher is squarely on the Left, but has on occasion been a voice of reason, particularly when it comes to speaking about Islam, which he has consistently condemned as a violent religion.

But when he spoke about violence at the Capitol, he made clear that the violence can’t be thrown at those who voted for President Trump. 

“As bad as last week was . . . let’s not confuse 5,000 people with 74 million,” Maher said. “Yes, even supporting the insurrection in spirit is, well, deplorable,  but there’s a difference between holding illiberal beliefs and acting violently on them – at least that’s what they always told me about Islamic terrorism.” 

While he clearly doesn’t agree with Trump supporters, he makes clear that it is okay to hold different beliefs, and that those who you disagree with aren’t necessarily horrible people. 

Maher also threw some cold water on Democrat dreams of the Republican Party being destroyed for good. 

“There’s been so much liberal happy talk the last week, jerking each other off about how, ‘Oh, this is the end of the Republicans now,’” he began. “Yeah just like Watergate was the end of the Republicans, and Bush after Katrina was, and now it’s Trump. Please, does anyone think that no matter who’s running in 2024 on election day it won’t be extremely close? I’ll bet anyone out there a quadrillion-zillion dollars it will be.”

This is as close to a reasonable statement you will hear from Hollywood following the violence on January 6. 

And this is why many in Hollywood despise Bill Maher.

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