Hollywood entered Clown World with one ridiculous award nomination


The entertainment industry has become irredeemably “woke.”

There’s no leftist cause celebrities refuse to champion.

And Hollywood entered Clown World with one ridiculous award nomination.

The radical transgender movement just reached a new level of absurdity.

A transgender “woman” – a biological male who thinks he’s a woman – just got nominated for an award as an actress.

Newsbusters reports:

“Hollywood has nominated its first ever biological male in a top Best Actress category.
And, no, this wasn’t some third rate awards show, like the BAFTAs or BET Awards, or even the SAG Awards. ‘Twas the primetime Emmys that pushed this gender-destroying, reality-bending boundary. On Tuesday July 13, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that actor Mj Rodriguez became the “first transgender performer to be nominated for a lead acting role in a primetime series” for the 73rd annual Emmy Awards. Rodriguez was nominated for the “Best Lead Actress in a Drama” Emmy category. The awards ceremony is set to be held in September.”

The issue of gender has spun entirely out of control.

Fringe ideas about gender identity have exploded into the mainstream because of social media and enforcement by cultural mandarins in Hollywood, the corporate-controlled press, and Big Tech.

Now that this radical idea has been allowed to metastasize, biological males are winning Best Actress awards, women’s track and field events, weightlifting competitions, and even beauty pageants.

And having a dissenting opinion, an opinion shared by the majority of the population, a person skeptical of the transgener craze runs the risk of being “canceled” by the woke mob.

The Left has gone after profoundly progressive Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling for her belief that men cannot become women, which is also backed by millennia of science as well as common sense.

If Rowling were a middling author instead of one of the most successful authors in history, she likely would’ve already been dropped by her publisher.

Wall Street Journal writer Abigail Shrier is constantly under assault for her measured and insightful book “Irreversible Damage” because it questions the new transgender orthodoxy.

So now the rest of society is supposed to clap and cheer as men win actress awards and female sporting competitions.

It’s the definition of Clown World, and calling it out makes one a target.