Hollywood celebrities are having a total meltdown over a pro-life bill and just issued one big threat


Hollywood is infected with radical leftists who are completely out-of-touch with the American people.

These celebrities try to use their influence to sway young, impressionable minds.

And these leftist celebrities just issued a threat they’ll soon regret.

Hollywood celebrities love creating scripted videos pleading with Americans to buy into their propaganda.

Now they’re upping their game.

Georgia recently passed a “Heartbeat Bill” that bans abortion after six weeks.

And celebrities such as Alyssa Milano, Rosie O’Donnell, Sarah Silverman, Ben Stiller, and Alec Baldwin are losing their minds.

So they issued a letter threatening to boycott the Peach State.

Fox News reports:

Alyssa Milano shared a letter signed by 50 prominent Hollywood celebrities threatening to boycott filming in the state of Georgia over a new abortion bill that’s poised to become law.

The star called on the film and TV industry to stop giving the state its business due to the new “heartbeat bill” that the Georgia Senate passed earlier this month. The bill seeks to limit abortions to six weeks after conception unless the pregnancy was conceived through rape or incest.

Milano is sharing the letter she sent to both Georgia Governor Brian Kemp as well as Georgia House Speaker David Ralston Thursday morning that threatens the state with the loss of “billions of dollars” if the bill, titled H.B. 481, becomes law.

Georgia is the filming location for many movies.

Hollywood thinks it can hang the tax revenue it brings in over the head of Georgians so that they’ll continue to allow abortion-on-demand.

But they’re not factoring in the generous subsidies and tax credits issued by the state to the movie industry.

In 2015 alone, Georgia handed out half-a-billion dollars in tax credits for movie producers.

Hollywood certainly loves to believe they are affecting change and impacting public policy.

But there is little to no evidence that they do.

In fact, many people point to Hollywood’s constant virtue signaling as one of the reasons why Donald Trump was elected.

Alyssa Milano has picked a losing battle.

Do you think Hollywood will be successful in pressuring Georgia to kill the Heartbeat Bill?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


    • No not at all. Hollywood has lost it’s ability to influence people of today!! Always remember God knew that child’s name that you murder with abortion!!!!
      “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”. New Living Translation. “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”.Jeremiah 1:5

    • Agreed 100% Furthermore all these Hollywood asswipes should be assured that the public will not pay to see their movies! Asswipe actors and actresses do not deserve our support for their movies at the box office! Just do you acting and leave the politics to the politicians!

    • I agree. Georgia will do just fine without them. Milano will be shocked to find out that they only exist to ENTERTAIN US. They don’t really have much pull.

    • The country would be better off without Hollywood,it’s immorality and hate.They shouldn’t forget that without the people that go to their movies they have nothing.

    • Great decision Georgia. Who really cares what Hollywood says. Most are brain dead, worthless, piss poor so-called actors, and cry-babies when they speak and people refuse to listen. Why do they feel so important, the only movie that portrayed Hollywood correctly was Dumb and Dumber. Just look at the idiot Jim Carrie. We need a border wall around Hollywood to protect the world from them.

        • Please do not say that! My husband and I just came home from seeing the movie “Unplanned”. I would tell everyone, especially those who are pro life to go see this movie. It tells the truth about Planned Parenthood and its real mission. Based on a true story about a woman who had two abortions, and spent years as a Clinic Director of Planned Parenthood. She knows and tells the lies they tell young people, and that they do not allow the patient to see the ultrasound. The size of the baby’s head determines the fee they charge. Please spend the $$ to see this movie! Planned Parenthood and Hollywood did not want this movie to be made, much less advertised. They made sure the networks do not mention it, only Fox News has had anything about it. The irony is that since it is rated R, a young woman cannot see the movie without parental permission, but this same young woman can have an abortion without her parents permission or knowledge! Amazing! Think about that for a bit. There are some good faith based movies out there, you just have to be discerning.

    • Sure makes me want to move to Georgia, especially if these idiots vow never to come to Georgia. Believe me they will go to Georgia if there is 10 cents in it for them. Liars one and all.

  1. Stick to to making movies and keep your mouths shut. I for one, will not ever watch your films again and will seriously consider not going to the theaters anymore. Good for you Georgia.

  2. Who cares about these excuses of human beings? I will never watch another thing they are in. Go see “Unplanned”!!! It’s the TRUTH about the “legal” murder that makes these evil people rich! Don’t need these evil people to give my money to. I’ll watch things they are NOT in!

    • I went to see UNPLANNED today and it was wonderful. Three of my friends went with me and we all loved it. I thank God that the young lady that made the movie of her life found out that she wasn’t really helping women until she saw her first abortion. She had a lot of Christian family and friends to help her. We have to do everything we can to make sure the law gets changed and no more abortions happen. These democraps in Hollywood aren’t worth watching or listening to. There are more Christian movies coming out that will be worth watching.

  3. What a bunch of morons. May their wombs close and their seeds dry up. I pray they suffer from sexual dysfunctions that no prescription drugs repair unless they repent to God for their willful infanticide.

  4. It is high time we boycott these idiots. Who do they think they are? Are they the best and brightest? I for one will boycott these egomaniacs.

    • Best and brightest of what — a chimp can remember lines or read from a teleprompter. All they are is pampered sh**birds that the ignorant American people have made the mistake of putting them on a pedestal and making them wealthy which has made them think their opinions mean something to everyone. WRONG !!!! I have NOT been to a theater in over 20 years and have no intentions of ever paying to watch sh**birds like these.

  5. GA has the upper hand on this one. The actors may think they have the clout to pull this off, but they have failed to consult with the producers who finance their movies.

    If these idiots don’t like GA’s politics, the next time a movie films there if offered a role, they should feel free to turn it down. They won’t – they NEVER put their money where their mouths are. Useless idiots – nobody would miss any of them if they weren’t around. Too bad their parents didn’t believe in abortion. Wouldn’t that have made a much better world for all.

    The funny thing about abortion is that all those who are against it are already alive. (Ronald Reagan)

  6. I think that Georgia should pass laws they feel are important to it’s citizens. But seeing what has taken place around the country, they’ll probably knuckle under which is sad and shows that they don’t want to stand up for it’s citizens or what is right.

  7. These HollyWeirdos just look for something every day to be “Outraged” over!! I haven’t been to a movie theater in Years, ever since they started their Fake Outrage on the President that “We The People” actually Voted For!! Smdh They’re all a bunch of Leftist, Liberal IDIOTS!!! Stand your ground, Georgia!!

  8. Georgia is smarter than to allow a bunch of Hollywood celebrities (in their own minds) to dictate state policies. Wonder who wrote the letter for Ms. Milano? Doubtful she is capable of anything other than reading a script authored by a paid writer!

  9. Do all of you C-listers really think you mean something to the world. I would love to invite you to the real world and see what happens when we come face to face to each other. Go away and get a real life and care for someone other than yourselves. Imagine someone killing your family. Get a grip and look in the mirror and be sorry for what you are really saying.

  10. Democrats also threatened to all move to Canada if Trump became President. Obviously they didn’t follow through. Who cares about this threat?!!

  11. These knuckleheads are still thinking we CARE what they think. 😀
    It’s because people keep treating actors more than they are. They’re just actors…
    Want to get involved in yet another bizarre petition ? Fine.
    Remember who pays your bills… Boycotts tend to have just a bit more clout…

  12. I BEGAN MY BOYCOTT OF HOLLYWOOD ABOUT A YEAR AGO! ALL REMAKES BECAUSE NO ONE THERE IS CREATIVE……THEY’RE TOO BUSY WRITING THE “REPEATITIOUS” BULLYING SCRIPTS FOR THE DEMOCRAPS. (NOTICE HOW THEY ALL SAY THE SAME THING, WORD FOR WORD?) America needs to stop idolizing Hollyweeders, especially giving too much tribute to those that overdose……don’t make them into heroes, but rather identify the stupidity of getting hooked on drugs which cause death. And don’t make MURDERING BABIES a right; disgusting!!!!!

  13. These jerks are just butt kissers for the maverick Democrats that run rampant over our rights! Hollywood actors have no stake in most of these issues and Milano can stay home and stop scowling in the audiences of the congressional hearings …nobody cares what she thinks!

  14. who cares what they want have not went to movies in years or rented one either I might watch it after it comes on tv but I have standards about who and what I will watch


  16. I wonder what Alyssa’s boy when he grows up nd realizes he was extremely lucky to have been born when he has a mother who loves murdering babies what he will think about Mommie Dearest than.

  17. They still don’t realize that the influence of these actors exists ONLY in their own minds. No one really cares about their opinions and threats. If a threat they make threatens their income, watch how fast they will retract their meaningless threats. You people are paid to entertain and to play roles. You are not paid for your tremendous(non-existent) intellectual capabilities. Please stick to what you know how to do and remain blessedly silent on everything else.

  18. These idiots are such hypocrites if they are offered a part they will take it no matter where it is filmed they care more about money than anything else. I saw the list of people that signed this petition I didn’t know who half of them were

  19. No Georgia will be better off with out Hollywood. Those that rant like that, are trying to keep their careers alive and it make me pay attention who is in what and if I will spend my money on it
    now. So keep at it Hollywood you will be washed up long before the big bang.

  20. Dear Hollywood celebrities , actors, , actresses, athletes and musicians:
    You only have one place in our world and that is to entertain us. That’s it.
    You make your living pretending to be someone else. Playing dress up like a 6 year old, playing a sport or a concert. You live in a make believe world in front of a camera – and often when you are away from one, too. Your entire existence depends on our patronage.
    We’ll crank the organ grinder; you dance.
    We don’t really care what you think, how you feel or where you stand on the issues. You see, you aren’t real. We turn off our TV or shut down our computer, stop going to games or concerts and you cease to exist in our world. Once we are done with you, We can put you back in your little box until we want you to entertain us again. We hope you realize that the only words of yours that matter are scripted or in lyrics. In our world, you exist solely for our entertainment.
    So, keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself and dance, monkey!” And just so you know you don’t speak on behalf of “All of America”!

    celebrities , actors, , athletes and musicians:
    You only have one place in our world and that is to entertain us. That’s it.
    You make your living pretending to be someone else. Playing dress up like a 6 year old, playing a sport or a concert. You live in a make believe world in front of a camera – and often when you are away from one, too. Your entire existence depends on our patronage.
    We’ll crank the organ grinder; you dance.
    We don’t really care what you think, how you feel or where you stand on the issues. You see, you aren’t real. We turn off our TV or shut down our computer, stop going to games or concerts and you cease to exist in our world. Once we are done with you, We can put you back in your little box until we want you to entertain us again. We hope you realize that the only words of yours that matter are scripted or in lyrics. In our world, you exist solely for our entertainment.
    So, keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself and dance, monkey!” And just so you know you don’t speak on behalf of “Even Half of all of Americans”!

  21. If I read a book, instead of going to a movie, do these actresses and actors appreciate that it means I’ve read more than memorizing a script over weeks if not months? My day-to-day existence means more to me than the fossilized dreams of professional pretenders. But I cannot begrudge them their constant struggles with reality. That must be more than I would ever do to myself.

  22. Regret? Doubt it. Even if their careers tank tomorrow over this they’ll just blame it on bigotry, right wing conspiracies…

  23. These so-called “celebrities” seem to have forgotten one thing. They need US. We don’t really NEED them. We can find other things to do besides watch movies. If they get too out of hand, we can always boycott THEM.

      • Tell all the Hollywood elites to get out our USA if they don’t like it. They keep threatening but never do it. That’s how much they are to be trusted.

  24. Hollywood has gotten so Far out of Touch with Reality in the Real World it’s not even Funny, at One time they would have Supported Pro-Life but now they’re So Full of themselves it’s not even a Joke anymore, they’ve Sold their Souls to the Devil for Money and Power that doesn’t Exist where they’re going, and when they get there it’s going to be Too Late to change, they’ll have an Eternity to Regret it!

  25. Let’s face it folks 90% of the Hollywoodites are perverts in one form or another. Their foul lives have been known for decades. They’re either homos or whores and if they can’t get a abortion they can’t be in a movie. They exist in a cesspool & the Ligit ones won’t open their mouths because they would be ostracized by the majority. This is nothing new. Think back to Rock Hudson. Who knew??

    GOD FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. this will show you that these hollywood aholes are a sick bunch , they say that bill is evil but its ok to tear a baby apart, I wish there moms had that choice. there are to many sick, evil people on the left, if this does not show you there moral compass is way off nothing will. GO TRUMP

  28. These Hollywood celebrities think they’re in a class of their own and they’re better than the average citizen.
    Well they are in a class of their own. They’re all low life scumbags who make a living by reading script lines and it always takes multiple times to get it right. That must take a lot of skill, knowledge and talent. As soon as they can’t get hired anymore, they’ll become has beens and forgotten. Hopefully that comes sooner than later.
    I’d like to meet Alyssa Milano, Rosie O’donnell, Sara Silverman and those skanks from the view here on the reservation. Persuade them in becoming an American. Might as well add the other two skanks mentioned above in the article, Ben Stiller and Alec Baldwin.
    If they don’t want to become Americans they’re free to leave the Great USA as they said they would do if Donald Trump was elected president.
    News flash to all you hollywood elitists…..Donald Trump is YOUR president.

  29. The Hollywood Whores are capable of everything. I do not watch their movies nor listen to their television ads for products. Think about it-they marry and divorce each other so many times that their kids will all be related within 20 years. The role model they show is disgusting and I condemn them all!

  30. Then people should start producing movies in Georgia and let those idiots either eat their words or start looking for new work.

  31. The more these idiotic so called Hollywood Elites keep up this ridiculous whining and protesting what is none of their business, the worse it will get for them. Many people have been avoiding movies totally because of their antics and this kind of stupidity is only going to make it worse. Soon, if they keep on this kind of behavior, then most people will stop getting their entertainment from the movies and tv which will absolutely bankrupt the industry and obviously most of the so called “talent” They can only hurt themselves along with all the other people employed in the industry. But these so called entertainers, most of whom are passe and trying to restore their value, are basically using politics to try to restore themselves and in the course of that, ruining an entire industry. But I really don’t care as most of these actors and actresses are the most self serving, selfish creatures in the world and deserve to wind up without anything. Just remember that you reap what you sow and the world does not revolve around only you people. So, if you don’t care, neither do we.

  32. Who the hell do these Hollywood idiots think they are what they do for a living is a job. What makes them think they are any better or more superior than the rest of us. Take your money and get the hell out of Georgia we don’t want your kind here.

  33. Actually they’re a joke. First, these children can easily be replaced. They’re not as special as they think. We don’t care if any of them make any more movies anywhere. You clowns are a dime a dozen so please do boycott. We don’t need any of you.

  34. Please add Chicago to your list… We have ENOUGH camera’s and NO SAFE PLACES but plenty of ILLEGALS my taxpayer money is paying for!
    Why don’t you assholes worry about a veteran that served our great country rather than the Trojan horse.

  35. Who listens to the likes of Alyssa Milano? She is a fruitcake & as a Georgian, I don’t want her in my state. She tried a lot of tricks to stop The appointment of a Supreme Court Nominee.. How did that work for you Alyssa?
    I notice you haven’t been asked to do any movies. I no longer watch movies with the so called Hollywood elites. They all think they can tell us what we should & shouldn’t do or think. Get over yourselves you pitiful jerks. I agree with Don. we don’t need any of you.

  36. To hell with hollywood. They live in a world of make believe and would not know the truth if it hit them in the head. Way to go Georgia.

  37. I guess when Alex Baldwin was appointed Secretary of the IMF (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation), he actual thought it was a real life promotion! IMF:
    Incompetent Movie Freaks
    and I could add more here but I will try and be nice..
    I Know several friends from GA, (haven’t met Ann from above thou), and they are really great people!! Buy GA Peaches and boycott CA avocados!!!! (Which I do already- afraid of CA proposition 65a: anything and Everything from CA can be harmful to your health!..

  38. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  39. You might wonder why these corrupt, godless celebrities would stand in defiance of Georgia for passage of its Heartbeat Bill; its simple their heartless.


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