Hollywood and political elites are hoping this last-ditch effort will save them from being exposed as Jeffery Epstein’s accomplices


Things are about to get real hot, real quick for many of the elites over the next couple months.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial just began and the facts are bound to be released if allowed.

But Hollywood and political elites are hoping this last-ditch effort will save them from being exposed as Jeffery Epstein’s accomplices.

Hollywood and political elitists in our nation live a cozy life.

They get to lecture us all the time about how we aren’t living or thinking the right way.

And sometimes they even demonize us all for having a different opinion.

But rarely do they receive the same level of scrutiny back.

Well karma could be hitting back against the elites real soon and like a sledgehammer.

Many elitists quiver in their shoes when they hear the name Jeffery Epstein.

The man was a good friend to many and they helped carry out some of his atrocious acts against minors.

And if the truth comes out about Epstein and his guests on his sex island, dozens of some of the world’s most well-known names could be exposed as rapist pedophiles.

Well you can bet they don’t want any information getting out about Epstein’s past.

Luckily for them Epstein killed himself. . .

But now the elites still face a major threat with the Ghislaine Maxwell trial now underway.

Maxwell was Epstein’s right-hand gal who oversaw all of his operations and held control over minor girls.

Amazingly the long-delayed trial faced another potential delay that fueled more suspicions.

The federal judge presiding over the case is being fast-tracked to become a federal appeals court judge.

Out of nowhere Chuck Shumer released a statement recommending the Maxwell case judge, Judge Ali Nathan, for a promotion to a federal appeals court by saying, “Ali Nathan is an outstanding judge for the Southern District of New York and her experience, legal brilliance, love of the rule of law and perspective would be invaluable in ensuring the federal judiciary fulfills its obligation to ensure equal justice for all.”

If Judge Nathan were to leave Maxwell’s case, the trial would be pushed back months as a new judge would have to start over with the case.

But Judge Nathan claimed, “I will continue to do my day job, which includes presiding over this trial until completion.”

Just a coincidence that Judge Nathan is now being promoted while this trial is getting started, right?

What do you think?