Hollywood actors made a stunning threat against Trump supporters


Trump Derangement Syndrome has not run its course.

Democrats are proving that it might be an incurable illness.

Now deranged Hollywood actors are making stunning threats against Trump supporters.

Celebrities love to signal their virtue by jumping on left-wing causes and promoting them on social media.

The latest sign of virtue is showing utter contempt for anyone who supported Donald Trump.

Democrats and their media allies have seriously discussed blacklists for Trump “enablers” and “collaborators.”

In fact, some organizations are already doing it.

There’s even been talk of prosecuting Trump supporters.

Hollywood actor Zach Braff jumped on the bandwagon of blacklisting Trump associates and supporters.

According to former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, the list of enablers that should be rounded up include Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Braff wasn’t the only Hollywood actor speaking openly about blacklists.

Captain America star Chris Evans echoed the sentiment.

Evans’s Tweet is perhaps more concerning because it’s a form of compelled speech.

Not only must the public have the “right” opinion, but the public must express that opinion as well.

After all, “silence is violence” according to the Left.

So if people are right-wing or simply disagree with leftist orthodoxy, they must shut up.

But if they shut up, they’re complicit in fascism.

This is the bizarre authoritarian trap the Left has constructed.

They’re trying to use the public square to bully people into submission, but it’s losing potency.

More and more people are either checking out or going to alternative platforms.

Democrats say they want unity, but they’re doing their best to sow chaos and division.

The best hope for the future is disagreement while sharing the public square peacefully, but that position is becoming increasingly untenable for the unruly Left.