Hillsong megachurch is in hot water after its portrayal of the birth of Jesus


Popular megachurches keep pushing the boundaries during the holidays.

They invent new secular and “relevant” ways to get people in the church.

But Hillsong is now in hot water after its portrayal of the birth of Jesus.

Hillsong UK is one of many Hillsong campuses across the world.

This Christmas they are planning a live skit called “London Carols” to recreate the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

However, in a promotional video, they depicted the three wise men greeting Jesus at an inn where there is a lot of drinking and dancing.

Christian News Network writes:

Hillsong branch in the United Kingdom has removed from YouTube a promotional video for its annual Christmas musical that depicted the wise men arriving at a Bethlehem inn to see the baby Jesus, and upon entering, finding an environment with much drinking and dancing just feet from the Christ child.

The “three kings” video promoted Hillsong’s “London Carols” program, scheduled for Dec. 16. According to a description of the production, the “extravaganza follows the timeless story of the three wise men as they travel through different continents and eras, from the plains of Africa, through to the golden age of rock and roll and a space-aged future on their quest to deliver gifts to the newborn King.”

The YouTube advertisement featured the three wise men arriving at the inn, singing the carol “We Three Kings of Orient Are” to announce their purpose to an eccentric woman who answers the door. As they are pulled inside, they find Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus—as well as much dancing and merrymaking, complete with patrons at the bar holding large mugs of beer and servers on top of tables.

The video has now been removed without explanation. The London Carols event is still on, with one of the shows being sold out.

Hillsong was forced to take down the promotional video due to backlash.

This isn’t Hillsong’s first rodeo with controversy of this type.

In 2014 during Hillsong UK’s “Christmas Carols” event, they had women dressed up as flappers from the 1920s dance to “Silent Night.”

In the same way, Hillsong removed the performance from YouTube, but you can watch a re-upload below.

And in 2016 Hillsong New York’s youth pastor dressed up as the infamous “naked cowboy” from NYC for their “Colour Conference.”

He displayed himself wearing only underwear, a guitar and the American flag.

Instead of making the holiday season about the birth of our Savior, Hillsong just wants to use it to make a quick buck and grow their church by appealing to Social Justice Warrior secularists.

And when they are called out on it, they deny anything happened at all.

Do you think Hillsong is going too far to appease their audience? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Is called compromising the truth . And is root cause apostasy last day stuff , Jesus say in the last day they will be a time for deceiver to show up . This is it

  3. Christ was not born in the dead of winter and there is NOTHING in Scriptures where you can find ANYONE celebrating His birth!!!!

  4. Well that is pretty strange. Not as strange as pretending Jesus was anything more than a brown skinned child born to a Jewish mother, but strange nonetheless.

  5. There is a huge difference between Church religion and BEING A CHRISTIAN! Christianity is the ONLY relationship between God and man the rest are RELIGION which is TRADITION AND CEREMONIES Christianity is where GOD reaches DOW TO MANKIND for RELATIONSHIP not regulations! Churches are NOW BUSINESSES and do not teach truth! NO MORE FIRE AND BRIMSTONE because they do NOT want to OFFEND or get anybody saved!! Look at how much the Church FOLDS to social norms.

  6. All of them are palestinian troublemaker root in piratical boat who didn’t inherited any religion, any culture, any Law from the past Nazi wasn’t strong But Nazi’s propaganda had been strong Predatory tribe want to replace the God where the people to trust predators and not to the God But the God is a Powerful Amen!

  7. Trying to mix the world with that which is sanctified and HOLY. They have no concept anymore of more of right wrong worldly. Jesus came to perfect His bride. She’s in tatters at the moment.

  8. It is a touch of hollywooditis…big drama. The big show is yet to come. Hallelujah! And He won’t need hollywoods nor anyone else’s help when it happens. Can hardly wait! Times are getting darker. He will be getting brighter and brighter.

  9. This is sad to see. When Hillsong sanctions productions such as these they destroy any of the good they had previously accomplished. Where is the humility, reverence, and respect for God? Are they part of the new Christian Worldview that believe God should change to fit the secular culture the world has evolved to. God made us in His image and He will have no part in us molding Him into our image of what we think He should be.

  10. I’m very thankful that it was stopped, since it doesn’t stick to the scriptures. I’m greatly concerned about all the new Biblical translations, that distort the original scriptures.

  11. Mega churches have MEGA bills and MEGA salaries. Therefore, they need MEGA donations to keep going and if they were strickly scriptural in their approach THEY must believe they can’t get enough people to donate. So their answer is COMPROMISE for money.


  13. Satan knows his time is short…Revelations 12:12. Satan knows the bible and he knows the end times are happening at warp speed. He and his minions are in a race for your soul, so if you are sitting on the fence, maybe you should start thinking about what side you want to be on. Your time here on earth is nothing compared to eternity. No one knows the day or the hour of His return but wouldn’t you want to be ready when it happens (and it will happen). Pray for the unbeliever because we do not want to see anyone go into the great abyss.

  14. To bad they didn’t study the history behind this event. They never came out of Africa. We don’t know the number of Magi.It is only an assumed number.

  15. I would never make that claim for all churches because there are still those who put out the right doctrine. But you are right. There are to many “prosperity” preachers. Preachers who take more from their congregation than they give. Churches who condone sin and actually have their sheep believing they can buy their way into heaven. False doctrine is a religious disease.

  16. Are there no real Christians in that building. We have fake Christian churches in this country. They say they are Christian churches while they marry active homosexuals and claim to love Jesus. The trouble is that Jesus was a Jew and as long as homosexuals kept to themselves they were left alone but they did not attend worship in a Temple but in their own pagan buildings called pagan. If homosexuals think they can put a sign on a building and call it a Christian Church they have forgot that Jesus does not accept those who pretend to worship him and his teachings while worshiping the pagan sex god. It is called control over ones body and keep it holy. In these U.K. churches they need to clean out their humanist minds and get their eyes and heart and mind on Jesus or if they do not want to at least change their church’s name to indicate it is a humanist or secular worship not a Christian worship. I being honest which is hard for non Christians to be. Their secular entertainment year after year proves they are not honest to themselves or others.

  17. Tell me were you born in a bubble ? ALA CREATED the blacks and, THEY MADE us. I had a black guy tell me that bull s–t, not long after my divorce and, I said GREAT I happen to be alone at the moment and, shear could use a woman so make me one, she doesn’t have to be beautiful just average. He said, I can’t do that, I replied, you just said blacks made whites get to it I’M lonely, I ended up cleaning his ears out real good pointing out how nonblack, created everything in this world, we have shared with these ungrateful blacks that now have the audacity to blow that s–t out their mouth don’t appreciate all WE have done for them, we took them from the trees and tried to make decent human being out of them, now their trying to kill and breed us out, they go after all the white women regardless of what they look like, they figure if there having black and brown, they won’t be having white children. Their breeding like rabbits, at are expensive (welfare)multiplying rapidly and, we have become the minority.

  18. The culture war in never ending, and seems to be growing. The Christian faith, especially in Europe and America, is under constant threat. Its history and sacred symbols are the targets of the non believers and the entertainment industry, especially Hollywood and Broadway, so don’t be too surprised, there will be more to come.

  19. That is why even though they are going after all of the symbols of the Christian faith…it really is a futile attempt. The church so to speak is within us…and many can grasp that.

  20. Jesus Christ is returning very soon to snatch up true repentant believers in Jesus Christ the Lamb of God, the Savior of the world to any who believe–we need to pray for Hillsong; the leaders who turned their back on Christ and led so many young people astray. We need to pray for all of the followers that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes to the decievers–

  21. First of all the portrayal of the wise men at the birth of Jesus is biblically incorrect. When thee wiuse men arrived they came into a house.
    The wise men followed the star which appeared the time of Jesus’ birth. Because of where they were located in the east this journey would have taken considerable time.
    Beyond that we do not know the number of wise men, only the three gifts they came bearing.

  22. Nope not for liberals ,BGT and snowflakes whatever those weirdos “FEEL” is A-OK. They have no sense of decorum, religion,propriety,honor you name it ANYTHING decent? They don’t have it and they want to make sure neither do you.

  23. nope they are the church of satan . They have changed the word of God and the punishment for that is damnation …..If you add to the word or take away from the word of God, it is very serious sin

  24. Shelley the False church is rising, as are the Corrupt Church, and the Lukewarm Church. Evil and lovelessness, are rising as people turn away from the Triunne GOD of the Bible to follow after false teacher who tickle their ears with Myth over Biblical Doctrin Our Redemption is drawing near as the Pursecution grows ever worse the closer we get to the Seven Year Tribulation spoken of in Daniel and The Book of Revelation. Be ready and remember millions of souls now hang in the balance and most of the don’t even know it speak the Gospel know that many souls future depend on it.

  25. “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:”
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭6:37‬ ‭KJV‬‬
    We’re you there when Christ was Born?
    Do you know what was happening in the Inn?
    Do you really know that we as people of the church have hyped up and made the place where Jesus was born a beautiful seen?
    When in all it was a dirty filthy barn stall and a feed trough where He first lay His head down!
    Do you know for sure that there wasn’t dancing and drinking going on in the Inn that night?
    Everyone these days are so sure that there version of the birth of The Christ Child is the correct one when all is said and done I don’t think it was so glamorous and sparkling clean as we all think.
    How many of you have gave birth to your baby in a well used barn full on donkeys, oxen, sheep and goats?
    You all say Hillsong is wrong! I say we’re all wrong, but one thing for certain when we all stand before The Savior, we will all answer for every word we have thought, uttered and spoken, for and or against one of our brothers, sisters and friends… Blessings, Honor and Glory all belong to God our Father, Christ The Son and Holy Spirit.
    Speak Life my friends!
    “Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.”
    ‭‭James‬ ‭3:10‬ ‭KJV‬‬


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