Hillary Clinton’s best friend just got arrested for the most unthinkable crime


Hillary Clinton and her Deep State pals couldn’t hide this secret forever.

Sooner or later, they knew the cops would come a-knockin’.

And her best friend was just arrested for the most unthinkable crime.

First, Clinton’s friend Harvey Weinstein was arrested for rape and sexual abuse.

Several women came forward to tell their story and it destroyed Weinstein’s career.

He pleaded “Not Guilty,” and will face trial.

Then, Hillary Clinton denied knowing anything and began separating herself from her public relationship with Weinstein.

Now, Hillary Clinton’s friend Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested and we’ve heard nothing but silence from her.

Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire and major Democrat donor, was arrested for sex trafficking children to his private home in the Caribbean over the weekend.

Breitbart reports:

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in New York City on Saturday on sex trafficking-related charges, according to multiple reports.

NBC 4 New York, citing sources, reported court documents state that Epstein allegedly had sexual encounters with dozens of underage girls at his Palm Beach, Florida residence. According to authorities, the politically connected hedge fund manager employed “female fixers” who sought out the girls from all over the world for such encounters. Some of the girls were allegedly transported to his homes in New York City, New Mexico, and a private Caribbean island, according to court documents.

Law enforcement sources told NBC 4 New York that Epstein is expected to appear in federal court in Manhattan on Monday.

This news does not come as a surprise to many Trump supporters.

Jeffrey Epstein has avoided consequences for his actions for a long time.

The worst part is that his friends helped conceal his disgusting sexual depravity.

In a predictable and dangerous turn of events, the media has already begun to flip this story around onto Donald Trump to protect Hillary Clinton.

An old picture and statement from Trump shows he knew Epstein from his business days in New York.

All they are trying to do is take the heat off Hillary Clinton.

The media should be demanding an interview with Hillary Clinton to find out exactly what she knew about Epstein’s actions and when.

What do you think?

Did Hillary Clinton know anything about Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking?


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  2. The liberals are famous for sweeping crimes under the rug to protect their big donor base. How else does abortion become legal and same sex marriage become legal? Legal in mans laws but God says they are wicked terrible sins and evils. How much further will the liberal Democrats sink into depravity until they have lost their collective minds? I think ???? they already have become the lunitic fringe!

  3. yea as long as the are perverts like slick willie clinton and criminals. oh an don’t for get pelosi schumer and biden.

  4. Epstein is feces, so Hillary ad Bill just love him as they also loved Weinstein, another pile of feces
    Feces is what you are, if that is what you consider your best friends.

  5. Agree with BJ, biggest surprise is that Hillary has friends, much less a BFF! The real truth is no one is her friend, she’s despicable and will stab you in the back the moment you turn it or she no longer needs you. Beware if she calls you “friend”.

  6. Wow! He’s good friends with Hillary and has been for a long time and he’s still alive?

  7. of course she’s familiar with his sexual antics, after all, she is married to slick willie. one of the same ilk.

  8. I don’t know about Hillary, but Bill is a close friend of his. Taken many trips to his island (from what I heard). Hillary stood by Bill his entire career on the promise he would help her get elected to President. If I were a betting person, I would bet Bill and Epstein had to promise her a lot for her to ignore what was going on. It only makes sense.

  9. Hillary? What about Slick Willie? He must be shaking in his boots right now. I hope they keep guards on Epstein. He may end up like Vince Foster. Dead from a self inflicted bullet to the head that left little or no blood anywhere!

  10. Felonia Von Pantsuit will escape any negative attachment as her allies in the MSM will circle their wagons to protect her and BJ.

  11. DO NOT!!!!!!! protect HRC under ANY!!! circumstances, EVER!!!! She needs to be in prison for life, due all her corruption that we are aware of. I don’t even want to contemplate how much more stuff she has done that is out of sight from everyday Citizens.

  12. If the statement & picture showing trump knew Epstein from his business days in New York is True, then he must have known about his crimes as well but kept totally quiet about them. Well, what can be expected from that Oval Office Two Faced, Two Timing Piss Ass PIG who changes Wives like some men change socks!

  13. The ONLY reason Bill and Hillary are still married is because of his ‘pull’ as a former president. We will never know just how much corruption both of them have been involved with over the decades.

  14. I would not be afraid to bet that the Clinton’s are on the up about their friend’s and doing’s. Maybe lover boy Bill had his fun along with these guy’s. Keep digging and something might pop up.

  15. Hey, navypo2. Was Adolf Hitler a republican? Compare Killing 6 people to Killing Millions of people.

  16. Are you kidding, she probably went to the island with Billy boy and partook of the party favors

  17. The only reason anybody is friends with trump is plainly because they’re hoping for a Free Ride on One of His Supposed Million Dollar Gravy Trains. Without His Money, That NOBODY wouldn’t have any friends. In fact, Without His Money, That Pile Of Sick Minded CRAP Has NOTHING in Human Terms!

  18. Hillary knew nothing. At least that is what she will say. She is self-admittedly the stupidest person to ever run for the office of President of the United States!!! And if President Trump was involved with Epstein the same as Bill Clinton…then take him down too. I am more concerned with the actions of a person than what the say or what political party they are associated with. The Swamp is full of Democrats AND Republicans. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both parties as embarrassed as hell.

  19. Betty, I bet you are a gun hating, none religious loony lefty, who wouldn’t know a good person if they kicked you square in the ass. Trump 2020, make liberals cry again!

  20. LOL…Betty, Trump knows a lot of people. The difference is Trump wasn’t on Epstein’s airplane going to his island like billy, and your lip licker killary KKKlintion.

  21. Just ask Jen Moore who mysteriously died in a DC motel room days before she was going to bring a Clinton sexual victim forward and expose Bill for his kid diddling. The whole thing was immediately hushed up by the MSM.

  22. They’re already licking the bottom of the sewer. They don’t have much longer before they’re finished. Glad to see the day come.

  23. Perhaps Epstein and Weinstein should run for President as Democratic contenders, seems they would fit right in with the rest of the Felons running for office

  24. Grifters Hill and Bill All the way from Arkansas to the White House! Sick Sad and true????

  25. There Is And Was Nothing Going On In Washington DC Or The Country That Hillary Does Not Know Of. She Has Her Dirty Hands Into Everything In Or Out Of Politics. She Has So Much Dirt On People That They Don’t Dare Try And Get Her Because She Can And Will Take Them Down. Her And Bill Are Evil Predators.

  26. The Left The Right there all in bed with each other. Have your heard of the Hegelian Dialect.

  27. Betty that the best you can do. Why is it you belong to a party that knows nothing more than lying, cheating, and stealing. You and your party are so corrupt.

  28. Epstein may end of dead by suicide before all his pals are named. Of course, Hillary knew. It is rumored that she took part in the island activities.

  29. Trump is the only one in DC that is not there for money. He accepts no pay at all. The rest whether Democrat or Republican are in it for the money. If not why did we see two years with republicans controlling all three branches and not one damn thing got done so don’t blame it all on the democrats. KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB PRESIDENT TRUMP and just maybe in 2020 you will get some help from somebody. LOL

  30. She is going to lie, then write a book about it, collect her advance fee and then never write the book.

  31. I would think there are films with HC and many others. However her team knows how to destroy stuff.

  32. Jeffrey Epstein is scum and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Having said this, the article above did NOTHING to establish that Jeffrey Epstein and Hillary Clinton are friends–much less best friends. That is a lot of things, but journalism isn’t one of them.

    Care to try again?

  33. The clintons really know how to pick the most repulsive friends..Birds of a feather flock together.

  34. * Republican anti-abortion activist Howard Scott Heldreth is a convicted child rapist in Florida.

    * Republican County Commissioner David Swartz pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under the age of 11 and was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

    * Republican judge Mark Pazuhanich pleaded no contest to fondling a 10-year old girl and was sentenced to 10 years probation.

    * Republican Mayor Philip Giordano is serving a 37-year sentence in federal prison for sexually abusing 8- and 10-year old girls.

    * Republican racist pedophile and United States Senator Strom Thurmond had sex with a 15-year old black girl which produced a child.

    * Republican legislator Peter Dibble pleaded no contest to having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

    * Republican activist Lawrence E. King, Jr. organized child sex parties at the White House during the 1980s.

    * Republican lobbyist Craig J. Spence organized child sex parties at the White House during the 1980s.

  35. Betty, you are very sick and your extreme ignorance shows every time you post. You need lots of help with your hate. Why do you come on here??? NO ONE ever believes a word you say. You are a LIAR!!!!

  36. Vasu, go away. No one cares what you say. You don’t belong on a conservative discussion board. And there are LOTS more dems that are sick rapists and molesters. Start with BILL CLINTON!!!!!

  37. Betty, GO AWAY!!!!! No one wants you and your sick lies!!!! Of course Hitler was not a republican. Your ignorance is profound.

  38. You think you and billy boy are made of teflon Hiltery, but you are not! We, the people, are anxiously awaiting your embarrassing demise. Teflon first scratches then it melts, then it goes to GITMO. Yippee I O Kai Yay!

  39. You forgot hate. Betty and all the other dems live on hate. They are very sick and sad creatures.

  40. Betty, one day you will stand before Jesus and give an account of all of your hate and lies. He knows your evil heart.

  41. How much longer must we listen to all the garbage AOC spews out of her mouth. Why does it take so long to get her impeached or just plainly kicked out of Congress and out of this Country. Can anyone explain this to me?

  42. Of course both Hillary and Bill Clinton knew about Epstein under age sex trafficking ring. But does it matter? NOTHING will happen to either of them. They have been corrupt for decades and guilty of many unspeakable crimes . But yet, not one charge has ever been brought against them. And why? Because they have and will make people “disappear.”How many people have all of a sudden committed suicide, or had a terrible accident when they were willing to stand up to them? And, depending if the new charges against Epstein go forward, he might experience a sudden death too…I also know some of the radicals wack-a-doodles Democrats will start spewing their unproven claims against Trump, after reading my comment.But anyone that has common sense and logic will dismiss their comments, and know they are so brainwashed by the Democratic party’s propaganda they can’t be reasoned with….

  43. Isaac’s Rosen.We are also wondering why AOC hasn’t been kicked out of congress and our country too. But this particular story we are now commenting on is about Hillary Clinton, and her friendship with Epstein.

  44. Dear Betty, your party of death and the alphabet people is simpy perverted. There is no other way to define a party dedicated to killing babies and promoting homosexuals and their deviant friends. What’s worse is that you celebrate it. Hell is hot and eternity is a long time you might want to seriously reconsider your allegiances!!

  45. Epstein was convicted of this before when Obama and Hillary were in office, I think around 2007/2008. But he got off on a minor charge probably with help from the Obama/Hillary DOJ. Hopefully this will make it harder to get off again since the DOJ is also going down.

  46. Family First Act was made by clintons for expidited adoption via social workers and family courts they took my only son ..I can tell you how to have kids trafficked thru any family court child trafficking will always happen because of how foster care is set up if your kids dint get vaccinated the can be stolen and put up for adoption bit if you come here illegaly you dont need vaccinated and most of them kids are sex trafficking victims………..

  47. P.S. Unbeknownst to most, along with the alphabet people, these pedophiles are starting to push their agenda. After all once they get God and those pesky Christians out of the way anything goes. “Love knows no age”. Sounds like you’ll fit right in there Betty

  48. I have read in print that Hilliary went to Orgy Island in Epstein’s private jet five times. She’s a piker compared to Bill. He went 22 times. Do they both like young girls?

  49. Actually Betty. TRUMP cooperated with the original investigation and even provided damning information to law enforcement. While staying at his Mar algo resort Epstein hit on one of Trump’s employees daughter. TRUMP 86 ‘d him from the resort for life.

  50. Oh….BTW BETTY. WHEN POLICE RAIDED A. WEINERS PLACE AND FOUND HIS LAPTOP THERE WAS A VIDEO OF Hillary ” kill anyone who gets in the way “Clinton she was parading around with a mask. The mask was cut off the face of a young boy and she and another lady were laughing and dancing with this poor child’s face.
    She is satanic and sold her soul long ago.

  51. To betty for your ignorance and all of the responsible liberals and republicans involved Tick Tock…

  52. Easy to believe Hillary on Weinstein. Believe what you will but my guess is that thousands knew Weinstein but not all were molested. As far as Epstein is concerned – LOCK the ENTIRE Ring up regardless of party, wealth or political position. There is a LOT linking the sitting president to Epstein over the years and even partying at his resorts. Bill Clinton… if there is proof, lock him up too. Epstein is filth and so is the sitting president.

  53. How many crimes does Hillary need to commit before she is arrested 5,10, 15 ??? Hillary you belong in Federal Prison for all your crimes: Using an illegal server, to send classified information, erasing emails, destroying mobile devices, Bleach Biting your server, using your Secretary of State position for personal gain, taking millions from foreign oligarchs in exchange for political favors, operating a Pay-to-Play enterprise known as the “Clinton Foundation” and your failure to answer 200 phone calls to send backup to the four Americans killed in Benghazi and you saying “At this point, what difference does it make”. And your most recent crimes: selling 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia and financing the Fake Trump Dossier. Let’s not forget all your other crimes from Arkansas to the present” Trooper Gate, Whitewater, File Gate, Water Gate, Looter Gate, Cattle Gate, China Gate etc. After leaving the White House, Hillary was forced to return an estimated $200,000 in White House furniture, china, and artwork that she had stolen. She repeated stealing furniture and other items when she left her Secretary of State position. Also, $6 Billion went missing from the State Department during her tenure. We have a Two-tier Justice System – One for Hillary and the Elites, and the other for the rest of us

  54. Do as I say – Not as I do – The Democrats Motto. Actually I’d like to know more about Hillary’s relationship with Ulma Albadin (sp) her Saudi Female Assistant who had access to EVERYTHING and even forwarded
    some of the classified documents to Weinner ( her arranged hubby by Hillary ) which gracefully backfired
    to cover Hillary’s relationship with Ulma. Washington is a Septic Tank of fecal material with all of them covering for each other. They all want Trump gone because he isn’t part of the “system”. Sadly he might be the closest we have ever had got a “Citizen President” which is why ( without the typical lawyer background most have in DC ) he steps on his tongue giving them easy ammunition. They will win because Rats Overwhelm with rapid population increases ( even when they have to allow ILLEGALS too vote and now
    want them to be able to run for office – without ever having to become a citizen ! ) What other nation
    would allow that one ????????

  55. Epstein and Weinstein are dead men walking. The Clinton Death Squad is on their tails. They will never see trial. They will be snuffed out very soon. Committed Suicide or whatever excuse they can derive.

  56. Vasu and Betty have at least one thing in common, they never let the truth get in their way

  57. And just how do you know that Donald Trump would have no friends without his money? What a stupid post. What a stupid woman you must be.

  58. And just how do you know that Donald Trump would have no friends without his money? What a stupid post.

  59. Not great Jews either
    I doubt seriously the Jewish Community would condone their actions so it’s a serious slap to the Jewish people IMO

  60. NOTHING is unthinkable for those maggots, they not only have child rape on their agenda; but animals aren’t safe around the perverts either

  61. She is a disgrace in Congress, but don’t hold your breath – she’ll never be impeached. The only why to get rid of her tactics and anti-American comments is to defeat her in the next election!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. This is just the beginning, Kings, Queens, princesses and the like along with other high status politicians, movie stars, Corporate CEO’s. Some went there for just the underage sex while others joined Hillary the witch with Satanic rituals. Spirit cooking is just a small part off what most likely took place. Like the Aztecs of old these elites sacrificed scared children for their blood and Adrenochrome.
    In this investigation the Clinton Foundation ties will most certainly come to light. How and if children would/ could easily vanish from a hurricane ravaged nearby country named Haiti. Remember the woman who was caught and arrested trying to take 30 children from Haiti with no paperwork. Where were these children going? Sacrificial souls to take a hop skip and jump to Little St. James Island(Epstein island).
    With all the treasonous crimes crimes against our most vulnerable (children) and the rest I’m feel like a heavy load has been lifted from my mind knowing that the storm is upon us and evil saturating our country/world will be dealt with accordingly.

  63. Yes Garney….and Epstein better watch his back or he just might become one of Hillary’s “Plane Crashes” Auto accidents” Suicides” etc. She is known, well known, for eliminating those who might harm her is one way or another…A very long list is available.

  64. this betty thing is just that, a thing, not male, not female, that is why nothing being posted from it makes any sense

  65. This is a vicious right wing lie. Trump and his wife hung out a lot with Epstein and his wife at Mara=Lago. Trump’s pick for Labor Secretary basically handed Epstein the most lenient decision in history in Florida, not Acosta faces resignation if he has any brain. Alan Deshowitz is involved, he is not a Trump apologist because the government has the evidence on him. A few years ago he was hysterically denying charges, just like Kavanaugh. Probably Clinton is involved but also Trump because he has morals beneath an alley cat.

  66. One can only hope that this time justice will be served the Clintons have been Teflon since the beginning the Democrats have been bailing each other out and covering each other sins for years let’s expose them all and hold public trials for all of their miss dealings and let’s be done with this once and for all equal justice for all equal Justice for all

  67. If he gets done in, I look at it is saving the tax payers a lot of money because the lawyer will drag it out for a big pay day and the animal will still get off.

  68. Betty, you ARE aware of the iniquities associated with the Clintons. President Trump has not associated with the perversions that Epstein, Clintons and others think of as normal. Have you heard of “the Lolita express”? Open your mind to what is occurring.

  69. every group has every minority has evil doers why do you think the Bible says beware of false preachers,teachers and false profits also beware of wolves in sheeps clothing and before the end of time good will be called evil and evil will be called good

  70. There probably WILL NOT be a DAMNED THING done to this sexual monster because he’s “A SLICK BILL’S BUDDY”. Oh, he’ll get a small slap on the wrist just to make the public think that the sexual predator extraordinaire was REALLY PUNISHED FOR HIS HIDEOUS WRONG DOING, but SOMEWHERE IN A FEW MONTHS SOME “error” will happen that will allow the bastard to go to some island paradise where he’ll be able to “import” all of the whores that he wants to until his crank falls off. I wonder what he’ll say to our Creator on Judgement Day when asked how he could so casually abuse so many woman for so long into his life.

  71. well when a man gets rid of a woman gone evil believe me its a blessing been there done that

  72. Did Hillary Clinton know anything about Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking? HELL YES!!!!!!

  73. Jealous me thinks. He always changes for the better. Melania is hot. Don’t be so jealous just because he would never want you. She is intelligent , classy, speaks five languages and is part of a beautiful family.

  74. I believe there are both parties in the mix. Many more dems though. Nadler, Menendez probably for sure. Wouldn’t be surprised if some female lawmakers got in on it. Sure Hillary and Bill both enjoyed their time with Epstein.

  75. Then we would be no different than Facebook and Twitter who ban anyone they disagree with mainly us. The left has double standards. These pathetic users have right to speak. Just because they are dumber than a bag of rocks doesn’t mean they can’t speak. Let them. they have no following or any good sense. They are lefties after all. Clueless liars.

  76. I can believe that. What real man would want any woman like Hillary. Obviously Bill didn’t even want her. This Hillary became a lesbian.

  77. Yes, there are already too many skeletons in the Clinton closet…and I’m talking about real HUMAN skeletons!

  78. Betty…your government education/indoctrination is showing…or it could be the “programming” you are receiving from liberal. lying media…Hitler’s plan mirrors that of the democrat party….do a little research….IF you can….If not….”tis better to sit in silence and let everyone think you are a fool….than to speak up and clear ALL doubt.”

  79. For those of you who don’t remember Hillary’s court performance in the Whitewater trial, her use of “I don’t remember, I can’t recall and her best excuse “I was baking cookies that day with Chelsea” are the kind of answers you can expect of any questions put to Hillery on pretty much any subject.

  80. Nothing else to say. 1st: come to terms that he beat the dems., 2nd: the country is doing better under him.
    3rd: the Clintons are crooks and perverts.
    4th: Trump was not elected for been a Saint, a role model. He was elected to do what he said he was going to do. And he is doing it. And 5th: dedicated to much time to your worthless posting.

  81. IT is amazing how liberals believe they can due no wrong….but they find, every day some thing bad about the President or his family,,something stupid like …Trump’s wife is wearing a dress designed by a French designer ..and they tell us to BUY America…she doesn’t listen to her husband…..that kind of fake crap … Sure Hilary and Bill knew Epstein ,,and based on ole Bills past history ..he probablly had a few of the the young girls himself(?)..remember the junk with when he was in the white house with the young girl he promised to marry ???

  82. Well if she doesn’t know anything (joke) her sidekick Bill knows. He said he was only on the Lolita Express 4 times, seems it’s been 27 times. Oh, just wait Demos…you are going to get what’s coming to you!!

  83. H.R.C. has known all for a very long time. She reminds me of J.E.Hoover head of the F.B.I. for some 55 years, who had secret files on every named person in the government, Government contractors from makers of military gear & weapon systems even contractors who built military , all the college professors, many Rabies, Preast, & Pasters, every big name of holly ~ weird movies & Tv as well as stage. Every banker, school teachers & much much more . . .

    H.R.C. is the very same way she has to know you down to the name of your TP & your babies diaper . . . SHE KNOWS ALL ! ! ! Thank God she is NOT God ! ! !

  84. Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private 727 27 times and ditched his Secret Service 5 times to visit Epstein’s Orgy Island and Hillary has been there also several times… The Clintons are so dirty you couldn’t get the dirt off with muriatic acid……. There is no other couple more worthy of jail time in the whole country. And the hits just keep on coming lol, Chee why do you think Bill Clinton put out a statement right away, because he is guilty that’s why…..

  85. Trump is the criminal, how can you not understand that, Putin’s pal, corrupt businessman, smacked a teacher, cowardly draft dodger, sexual assaulter and stupid enough to brag about it, fixed and election, what can get through you skull, nothing about the mobster. Are you one of the people he spoke about that would still support him if he shot someone of Fifth Avenue? Smarten up woman.

  86. Dossier was originally paid by Republican operatives, nothing in the Steele dossier has been proven to be untrue but many things have proven to be true like Russia’s invasion of our election and Trump’s plan for a tower in Moscow. The uranium deal was made with many agencies approving of it, she made no money, all those gates were not proven as Ken Starr didn’t have any evidence which really started the Bill Clinton investigation. All the other things you wrote are from right wing conspiracy sites that are total B.S. sites like Infowars. Watergate was Nixon, don’t you even know that Vito, a fake name.

  87. To all you libturds with TDS, deal with it losers. Libturds can’t debate the issues because they’re wrong on all debates. When you favor killing babies, you have lost any moral argument. Trump 2020. It’s going to happen

  88. Joe the Plumber:Don’t have to make up lies. NEVER have, thank you.I know how to read. Nor do I get my info. from the fake, bias TV news channels.
    As I ended my comment, there is no reasoning with a Democrat .So blinded by hate and disappointment Clinton wasn’t elected.
    Isn’t it funny, with all the comments posted here, you chose mine to leave a comment for.I wonder why????

  89. Justice for Trump; The ONLY reason I am responding to you right now is that you did not immediately attack me or call me some juvenile, vile name. Which to me, I am taking it as a sign you want to have a adult conversation.So be it.
    Do we truly know the full truth about anyone or anything? We can color , distort or interpret the facts before us to fit into our own perspective. This is ESPECIALLY true when dealing with politics. “Perhaps” some of what you have stated about Trump “may” have some truth to it.BUT, that same truth fits for the Clinton’s and Obama’s.Which they have openly shown their hate for our country, by their words and actions.Can you honestly state the Clinton’s are these lily white pure humans that have not, and still are, committed crimes ?? You Democrats are quick to point the finger and make accusations against the president and his actions.But, in my opinion, as many many others ,he is trying to do his job.But the Democrats have blocked him at every turn.I have never seen such conduct EVER, the whole years I have been alive.And believe me Justice, I know I have been alive a lot longer than you..
    You and I will never see eye to eye on this political issue. That is very clear.But at least you can show me some respect without attacking me every chance you get.If you don’t like what I post, then just ignore it.I have only responded to you when you have openly attacked me or a fellow vet.Alright? Thank you.

  90. David Dench; Thank you!Let’s hope Trump will win again.But these Democrat’s have no morals, so they will do ANYTHING to rig the votes. GOD help us then……

  91. ROFLMAO…..Betty do you have to continually prove your stupidity? IS this your attempt at getting attention??? I grew up blue collar Dem and THEY have bastardized into the party of the free ride, period. Grow up or get some mental help. You’re sorely in need.

  92. Linda M, did you know all the Republican congressmen and Senators met on the very day of Obama’s inaugural to agree to stop anything that he wanted to do to help this country. That is when the economy was imploding under Bush and unemployment was near 10%. When Obama left it was 4.8% despite Republican resistance. They tried to defeat Obamacare 70 times with votes so Trump isn’t getting picked on, he picks fights for no reason, against NFL players, a Hispanic judge, John McCain who was a POW while Trump was a draft dodger. Trump was a dishonest businessman who has lost hundreds of lawsuits, doesn’t pay much in taxes, has bragged about sexually assaulting many women and invading teenager dressing rooms at his Miss Teen Pageant, has declared bankruptcy six times, just today bragged about how good looking and smart he was, how many times does he do stupid things like that. He worked with the Russians to fix the election. His cabinet has been a disaster as has his tariffs, he inherited a good economy and somehow hasn’t crashed it with his chaotic ways. Not only is there nothing admirable about Trump, there is nothing redeeming about him as he came from a wealthy family and inherited hundreds of millions of dollars.

  93. Three Gowdys:I noticed once again, being a Democrat, you had nothing negative to say about your party. But just keep bringing up all the negative(supposedly) points against Trump.Do I feel that Trump comes across as pompous ? Yes. Is he an elegant speaker? No.Does that make him an in adept President? NO. Did Obama do anything positive for our country? No.You can blame the Republicans for in ability to handle his job all you want. But that is not the case. Does Obama hate our country? With everything I heard and saw the answer is yes..And please do not bring up McCain as a war hero. You better do a little research on his war record.Look, the bottom line here, this is not the forum for he said she said.We can all voice our opinions here. But how “We the People ” feel, hopefully, will be settled soon. And I’m going to be brutally honest with you.I hated Obama and everything he stood for the whole 8 years in office.And DO NOT call me a bigot.That was NOT why I disliked him. But I never disrespected him publicly like you Democrats do daily to Trump on these blogs. As a matter of fact when my husband passed away I received a letter from Obama thanking him( in memory) for his service to our country. It is still on my wall next to the flag that was draped across his casket.But in my heart, I wanted to rip it up..I won’t even get started on Hillary at this juncture.But I will say this, some of the things you are accusing Trump of, the Clinton’s did.
    Oh no. I just realized you answered the comment I left for Justice for Trump.Don’t tell me you have ANOTHER name you post under?? You certainly write as he does.Oh well. I said my piece. Thank you.

  94. Does anybody think Epstein, being as corrupt as the Clinton’s, would not have records such as videos of the Clinton’s visits to that island as “insurance”? I remember hearing that many of the young children brought to the island came from Haiti. Remember why the Clinton Global Initiative was created besides to make money?

  95. The liberals will never stop and because of that fact we will suffer a worse fate than the Roman Empire>

  96. So, Epstein, apparently, attempted “suicide” last night. Apparently, even the Mossad’s “honey-pot” director isn’t immune from the Clinton’s Death Squad. Neat.

  97. it seems that epstain has had one attempt already, in jail locked down ,bruses on his throat,either self-caused or??????? the us marshals will find the helper that un-locked the cell and left bruses on dip-weed throat. ANY BETS ON WHO??????

  98. Have you noticed that not one positive thought has been written here. So sad our country has fallen so low by many but especially the Dems that have tried to use language so disgusting to feel we will believe and follow their “sick” reasoning. Please clean up your act, and maybe just maybe somebody would agree with you. O yes, when Trump wins in 2020, whom will you blame?

  99. Bruce, the term is “you are…” Contracted, it is “you’re a sick…”. Th word “your” is a possessive as in “your coat..”, ” your political ideology….”, etcetera.

  100. Of course Hillary knew! It will come out that she participated in the abuse of the young girls. Why else did she fly down to the Pleasure Island?

  101. I don’t know that God or the bible ever specified the age for child sex ? But we have man made laws that declare sex is a major crime under a certain age . These ages have become very critical for a man in Epstein’s circumstances . One month in age can make the difference between something perfectly legal or a life long prison sentence . Now we are lowering the age for military service to 16 years old . So this is old enough to give your life away . But the law protects you from being able to give 15 minutes use of your body away for money ., alcohol or nicotine . What is right is what we say is right , That the law .

  102. I’am a Trump supporter but lets be a little more honest here . Trump was friends with the Clintons . And Trump also knows Epstein and said he was a very fun guy . I even admit I perhaps would have wished to go on Epstein’s trips to his island .So all of us deplorables are so good we can brag about it . And that is especially true for Donald Trump

  103. A friend of mine told me that when bill was elected they had parties in the streets because the turkey and the witch were gone. He was especially interested because hid fiancé and two friends went to a party and Clinton showed up. His fiancé and friends were never heard from again.

  104. Eric If you read the bible a little closer . It tells you sex was designed for marriage only between a man and woman only . Its a sin to have sex outside of marriage period .Thats Gods law not mans. So any twist man wants to put on it is simply wrong. God also design your body to be a temple for the holy spirit to dwell.
    Do you think it would right to bring immorality thru God house It said there nothing you can do to please God .So to give your body Temple 15 min of pleasure is notGods plan. The only reason God put man on the earth was to serve him period ! In the beginning God was so disappointed with man.He wish he never create him.
    thats why the flood came. The only law that will ever matter is God law . If its not in the bible then its meaningless


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