Hillary Clinton’s best friend Harvey Weinstein is pulling a nasty trick so he can get away with sexual assault


Harvey Weinstein is one of Hollywood’s sickest and most extreme Left-wing producers

Accusations of decades-worth of sexual assaults against Weinstein launched the #MeToo movement.

And now he’s trying to get away with all of the sexual harassment and assault he committed through this dirty trick.

Weinstein’s legal team is pulling out all the stops to save him from prison.

When Harvey Weinstein’s disgusting actions were discovered, it turned Hollywood upside down.

Weinstein is one of the biggest producers of Hollywood movies.

Not only that, but he was a major financer of Democrat candidates and causes.

He was even a great friend of the Clintons.

Everyone agrees that Weinstein should pay for what he did to all of these women.

But the disgraced producer’s legal team is pulling dirty tricks that could get him off scot free.

Weinstein officially pleaded, “Not guilty,” to two new charges and his legal team issued an “11th hour maneuver” that is delaying the trial until January.

Fox News reports:

Harvey Weinstein pleaded not guilty Monday to an indictment that adds two new charges of predatory sexual assault to his upcoming New York trial.

Weinstein entered the plea in a Manhattan courtroom.

Prosecutors had said the new indictment was needed to lay the legal foundation for “Sopranos” actress Annabella Sciorra to testify against Weinstein. She claims he raped her in 1993.

The disgraced movie mogul was also admonished by the judge for taking his cell phone out during the proceedings. After being warned not to do that again, Weinstein said, “Your honor…” before he was cut off by the judge who said, “It’s a court order. Don’t talk to me. Talk with your lawyers.”

Court papers filed by the defense called it an “11th-hour maneuver” that “raises significant legal issues” that could delay a trial first scheduled to begin early next month by several weeks.

It’s no surprise Harvey Weinstein has hired a slip-and-fall legal team that knows every loophole in the book.

Weinstein will no doubt use every last way to avoid paying for his sick actions and stay out of jail.

But the number of witnesses and evidence against him is staggering.

Once the trial begins, all the legal tricks in the book won’t be able to stop him.

And it will be a massive embarrassment for Hillary Clinton.

Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein were both friends of the Clintons and are the two highest-profile cases of powerful elitists sexually assaulting minors.

Do you think Hillary Clinton knew about Weinstein’s actions and kept it a secret?

Let us know in the comments.


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  2. So, what was the point of this article? This is not something I personally give a rats ass about. Who cares if this guy was a clinton butt-buddy, who don’t know already that the clintons are disgusting & will befriend any lowlife that contribute to them. This story is a nothing-burger.

  3. You know, just looking at this sub human’s face makes me want to take a shower!! But, no matter how many high priced and powerful lawyers this pervert hires, he will not escape his ultimate punishment come Judgment day !!

  4. Our legal system is corrupt at all levels. These lawyers, judges and polliticians positions are filled with corrupt, nasty people who are just like these people who are being tried. They are as guilty as those they are representing. They have much to hide too and they get paid to hide the truth. The judge in Epstein’s case who just closed the case because Epstein is now dead did that to hide the sins of those who paid him off. Our legal system is rigged with corruption and criminals. There have got to be some left in our federal legal system and country who are willing to fight these corrupt judges, lawyers, politicians, governor’s and mayor who are destroying America from within the system. Where are they????

  5. his demise will be the same as epstien the closer the court date, the fact of clintoncide to protect the Clintons and other high power elites who can not take a chance of being exposed!! in court proceedings.

  6. You damn right they knew, but the Clinton’s were only interested in the money he was donating with no regards to the victims. Weinstein and the Clinton’s are at the same dirty level in the swamp

  7. I agree with Linda M., he will not escape his just rewards come Judgment Day!! I also agree that just looking at this guy makes my skin crawl. He is a not-so-nice human being and I have no doubt that he is guilty of all sexual exploits being hurled at him. I am not sticking up for Weinstein, Heaven knows I faced enough sexual harassment in the work force myself. However, these women to some extend allowed this to happen to them. Just like the young girls on the plane to Epstein’s private island. The first time, OK they were taken off guard and were not aware of what they had gotten themselves into. Second time around, nope they knew full well what the agenda was. Whether you are 13 or 31 or 63 or older or younger, making the decision to go back is your responsibility.

  8. Of course the Clintons know what Weinstein has done.No thoughts at all of the hurt he put on innocent people.I say people because Weinstein is a butt buddy of slick Willie and I’m sure others also.

  9. Chelsea is Webb Hubbell’s daughter. They were partners once. Look up pictures of the daughter he has confirmed is his, and you’ll be amazed. They look very much like sisters.

  10. Of course the Clintons knew about Weinstein. They probably were involved in many of the sexual assaults. I mean they are both perverts just like ole Harvey. My prediction though is that he will also hang himself with none of the cameras working, the guards sleeping and not seeing anything and multiple bones in his neck broken, just like Epstein. Amazing how every single person that has dirt on the Clintons always find ways to commit suicide and never make it to court to testify. If the FBI and DOJ buys that lunacy then I would say we definitely don’t need them.

  11. Cabin 1954: You know, I didn’t want to judge these girls/ women , but the same thought crossed my mind as well. Unless they were being held captive, no one forced them to go to their island , homes or apartments.

  12. They need to investigate Weinstein , Epstein and Hillary’s connections I am sure their is a book to read there

  13. “And you have proof” ? Oh STFU you whining liberal sissy. You liberals have NO integrity, NO morals and worse, NO BRAINS ! Take your “proof” and shove it !

  14. I somewhat agree, but YOUNG girls are the problem. As far as is known, few, if any, were grown adult women. We don’t really know at this point if they were or were not held there as captives. They WERE on an island not attached to the mainland were escape would be possible.

  15. May justice PREVAIL, not political “wrangling”. May the guilty serve their just dues. Whatever is WAY in the past IS in the past. Whatever is still relevant (check the laws and statutes for statute of limitations), these need to be paid.

  16. According to the Clintons they know everything about everything, unless it’s illegal activity by them or the people around them. Then like Sargent Schultz they know nothing, see nothing, hear nothing.

  17. I’ll volunteer to be a juror but I honestly don’t believe he will live long enough to be on trial.

  18. Simple solution – put out the word that Weinstein is willing to share dirt on the evil Hilldog.
    A Weinstein suicide would soon ensue.

  19. Epstein knew too much. he is dead. maybe Harvey Weinstein should watch who’s around him. after the Clinton perverts get your money you’re expendable. ANOTHER SUICIDE?

  20. Why is it taking so long for his trail? He could pull another Epstein. If court’s are so far behind that is holding up this case put it somewhere where it is no.

  21. Clinton friends include some of the most disgusting people on this planet. Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein are only the two most public examples. Thank God Hillary was not elected President!

  22. Bill: The sad part is Bill, I don’t think we will ever know the FULL TRUTH of who all was involved and what really happened. Such as the case with Epstein. Too many powerful evil people controlling so many areas of our government, FBI, CIA and even some local police. Even in my wildest imagination did I ever imagine the depth of evilness and corruptness that has seeped into our great country and we just can’t seem to stop it. At this point, all we can do is pray and hope justice ( for the victims) will return and restore our faith….

  23. Agree, this article lacks substance and intelligence. Is simply entering a not-guilty plea the “dirty little trick”? “Everyone agrees”… really???? I don’t know, we don’t know, and hopefully a court trial clearly reveals the wrongdoing. In this day and age, there is a rush to judgement. Just because the guy looks the part, doesn’t make him guilty. I suspect he is, and when he’s found guilty, I want justice as well. I think we all need to protect our legal system…to ensure that we, our careers and lives aren’t damaged by emotional, rush-to-judgement. Get some IQ, find another line of work, as writing isn’t in your DNA.

  24. I was thinking the same thing, just may become the Clinton’s next victim. Not that I care if they take out this no class, kosher child of Satan

  25. Stick a skewer from his a** up to his nose and slow-roast this pig alive on television to make him an example to all the rest of the sickos. It may scare enough demoncrats out of the country to ensure a Trump landslide and a red tsunami!

  26. Hildabeast Clinton has been an accomplice in just about every heinous crime imaginable the individual is pure evil.


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