High School Athletic Conference forced transgenderism on its athletes and you won’t believe how this Christian School responded


Liberals are hellbent on forcing their transgender agenda down the throats of every American.

Now they’re targeting high school children.

And you won’t believe how this Christian school responded.

Common sense (and science) tells you that males are genetically stronger and faster than females on average.

That’s why, since the inception of sports, men and women have competed separately.

But liberals are determined to change that.

LGBT activists believe everyone should bend over backwards and accept men who identify as women to compete in female sports.

Basketball, wrestling, MMA – it’s all on the table.

Of course, this is all in the name of so-called “equality.”

But one Christian high school has had enough.

Grace Brethren Christian School is an independent school in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

After their athletic conference began allowing transgender students to compete in their gender identity and not their biological sex, the Christian school decided to exit the conference.

And they didn’t mince words.

“[Schools] that allow boys to play on girls’ teams is a form of cheating [and] it gives them an advantage over girls teams who only play female athletes,” wrote the school’s director, George Hornickel.

“We are a Christian school and hold to the biblical teaching from Genesis 1:27 and other related passages which states, ‘So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created them, male and female He created them.’ This is how it has been throughout the history of the world, and we believe there are only two sexes: male and female,” Hornickel wrote.

“When guys identifying as transgendered girls begin making up the rosters of female teams, girls who otherwise could have started are now coming off the bench, and girls who were the reserves may not make the teams,” Hornickel wrote.

Unlike Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who said it was a “myth” that men competing in women’s weightlifting contests would have a direct competitive advantage, most Americans see through the charade unless they have their progressive blinders on.

The issue of transgender “males” competing in sports is becoming a huge issue for the LGBT community.

But when there are biological males competing against biological females in wrestling – or worse, MMA – women could get seriously hurt.

The school is right to exit the conference. More schools should follow suit.

The number one job for schools is to protect and educate children.

If you’re teaching them that men and women aren’t biologically different, you’re not teaching them nor keeping them safe.

What do you think? Should biological males be allowed to compete against women in sports?

Let us know in the comments.


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  2. God made “Male” & “Female”! God didn’t make “Gays, “Transexuals, “LGBTs,” “homosexuals”! God made “Male” & “Female”! it’s fair for girls to have to compete against boys! we have to open our eyes & ears & hearts & take back our lives for what Almighty God! God bless America!


  4. Transgender is a mental issue. I dont care how much they think they are girls they are not. Ridiculous to have men competing against girls and going in women restrooms. Its dangerous

  5. The school did the right thing…sign out of the conference. They should encourage other schools to do the same. One day, a girl is going to get seriously injured and parents will sue the school…not the boy who hurt their daughter. The schools need to cover their ass, by saying NO, to the liberals ‘rules’.
    I am glad this situation didn’t come up when my 4 girls were in school!!!

  6. Oh BS. They aren’t worried that a man is going to hurt a woman, they are worried that a woman will beat a man. Transgender women take the female hormone oestrogen and testosterone-blockers before having any surgery, and continue to take oestrogen after their transition. It is a pretty radical physiological changes with muscle mass, strength and speed all reduced.

    A transgender woman puts them on a similar level to women of the same size, and there are set limits to the amount of testosterone transgender athletes can have in their bodies before they compete.

    As proof that they are level with other women, Jen Wagner-Assali beat transgender woman, Rachel McKinnon in 10 of 12 previous events, before McKinnon won her UCI Masters Track World Championship title in October.

  7. To me if you have male parts you are a male , woman parts female. To me there is NO back and forth. No if he/she has male parts they compete with males, same for females. We should pray for our Lord to come back!! This world is out of control!!!!

  8. Oh PLEEEEASE!!! So, you’re actually “FOR” this crazy a$$ed Transgender Crap???? Smh I thank God that None of this stupid nonsense was happening when my 2 boys were growing up!! I also thank God that my granddaughters are growing up in a Rural area of a “Red” State!!! There are ONLY 2 Sexes…..Male OR Female!! End of Story!!

  9. I believe transgender people need more rights. However, this is not the place that it should be forced. It is true that if you were born with a male body and believe you are a woman then as long as you are still a male then you can not be on a female team. I believe that certain rights can not be infringed upon because of what you believe but only on the facts of the truth.

  10. Correct. liberals hate Christians and conservatives. They believe in science for climate change and fight for science when its about there issues, then science of men and women they reject science and science goes out the window. Liberals are sick people. Wake up America. .

  11. God is watching all of this….and I doubt that it makes Him very happy when someone decides to contradict him. I sure wouldn’t want to stand before Him in Eternity and tell Him that He made a mistake when he created me. Imagine the look on His face. His response might be, “Get thee behind me, satan.”

  12. It all comes down to Obamaism. Tear down the physical structure of the country and he will have succeeded in his hate for what we stand for. He started the replay of ancient Rome, with his fanatical followers. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN 2020 and we won’t fail with President Trump.

  13. It is time to stop all this crap.If you are a man act like a man and quit hiding behind your dress. If the men are afraid to compete against their own sex,let them stand on the side line. No woman should have to compete against a man. Ignore the homosexuals. They do not rate any special privileges.

  14. The Left is not concerned with the so-called “rights” of their favored groups but rather they just want to disrupt the status quo and attack American values and mores.

  15. Two black teen boys were to slow to win in male competition so they let their hair grow out declared themselves transgender females and joined the girls track team and swept the field winning all the events they competed in .Their mothers gushed that they knew their babies had greatness in them and are destined to be stars. How utterly untrue and moronic . The boys are not female by any standard are bigger muscle bound yet declare they are totally little girls trapped in boys bodies . So going into the shower how do they deal seeing all these naked girls .Nature shows and proves they are fakes unless they are calling themselves lesbians trapped in male bodies . But lesbians still cant get girls pregnant now can they.

  16. It’s a good thing the school signed out of the conference. Anyone including the high school atheletic conference that would allow transgender people to compete in sports are not representing the school nor the country. It’s sins like sodomy that brought fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gommorah. Gay rights and lesbianism is bad enough. Now there’s transgenderism. Given all that filthand other moral garbage, I fear God may abandon America. This stuff makes our country look bad to other nations. It’s ok to allow girls to play against boys. We don’t need to see boys play on girls team nor girls on the boy’s team. Genesis 1:27 “God created man in his image;in the divine image he created them; male and female he created them.”

    Transgenderism like homosexuality and lesbianism are man made. God did not intend these in His Divine Plan for the human race.

  17. Robert Wolfe… just what ‘more rights’ (for transgenders) are you talking about? Just exactly what ‘rights’ exist that are being withheld from transgender people? None that I know of. What they are wanting is preferential treatment. Why should anybody at all get any kind of ‘preferential’ treatment, except perhaps for the medically handicapped. —

  18. I don’t have any children in school any more but if I did have girls, the only they would be allowed to compete with the trans would be if they were allowed to do a crotch shot because that would not massively bother a girl-girl.

  19. There are only two sexes, always have been always will. The liberals will never quit until they try to create new genders but let them go ahead. They are wrong and they know it but anything to disrupt normalcy is their goal. Don’t play their silly game; call them out on it every chance you have.

  20. When discussing top high school athletes, boys will have an advantage over girls, no matter what. In no way am I belittling girls, the two genders have different bodies. Wow, don’t they teach that any more? This is idiocy!!! Match up Olympic times of top athletes in any sport if you don’t believe me.

  21. I kinda disagree because the politicians have private spaces where only them and their family is allowed. ANY SANE politician would NEVER let their family be with people who don’t act like the sex they were born as. Of course, there are a few Democraps who aren’t all there between their ears.

  22. Change anything they choose in outward appearance but DNA Never lies that is still the same gender they were born. You simply cannot ” fool mother nature”.

  23. To make it fair, transgender kids should not be allowed to compete in the various physical sports contests at all. If they don’t know what sex they are, there is no reason for anyone to assume they are one sex or the other. Thus, they can’t compete as there is no category for “confused”.

  24. Now is the time that the female athletes & their parents & followers stand-up, boycott & exodus all female sports refusing to compete with these He-Shes. No one is going to go see 2-3 men dressed as women who are sub-par athletes in the male sports.Though this will be very hard for these young ladies to abandon the field of their chosen sports they need to show their Conferences they mean business & the next step is to start their own League or Conference. I also know that this new start-up will need finances. This is where these young ladies, their parents & followers can help to organize everything from car washes, bake sales, raffles hopefully donated by a local business. Also don’t hesitate to go too any local business & see if the would like to donate cash or buy advertising at the events or games & set up a fair set of rules that encompasses your league is for Females at birth. At first you only need to get enough support for their first season. After that you maybe surprised that it will become easier the 2nd year to keep your leagues & so on for the next few years. By they way ladies I know what is being done to you is just unfair plain & simple. Then remember once you have played too your maximum yrs. age wise don’t forget too help those new athletes who will becoming into your league. As for the harassment you will catch being called a bigot, your prejudice & sexist. Just remember that when they call you these names it is just a way to hide the unfairness that they are the ones cheating not you & that all you want is a fair playing field.

  25. Kaci, you are so far off base. You must be drinking too much kool-aid. I know that with or without any enhancers, that a professional female golfer will out hit me off the tee. Their average drives are 50 to 60 yards longer than mine. But, I don’t play against them, just like they have proven they cannot compete with the majority of the men professional golfers. Chemically altering a person to allow them to compete is cheating, just like any athlete taking steroids to enhance their athleticism. If we allow everyone to take enhancers, they will all become zombies and get deathly sick, as many athletes have proven over the years.
    You must have some mindless shortcomings to be so adamant to be defending this unnatural activity. And, one case of someone beating out another does not make for a majority.

  26. The term ‘gender’ is a grammatical term that applies only to words (specifically to nouns), which are masculine, feminine, or neuter. Human beings are differentiated by sex, male or female. Each of those sexes exhibits specific physical characteristics. On average, males are larger and stronger, particularly in upper body strength. Females, on average, are smaller with less strength but with superior fine motor skills. Even the brains of males and females are structured in slightly different ways, with females showing superior linguistic skills. Some of these differences are obvious, while others are subtle. Among the more obvious is the fact that females can bear children. Also, the sex of a child is determined genetically long before birth, not ‘assigned’ at birth as the PC crowd would have us believe. In the history of the world there has never been a successful human sex change. They can wear the clothing and inject the hormones, and even remove the sex organs, but the genes remain the same. This is scientific fact. Mental illness is not a civil right and science is not determined by popular vote.

  27. Just more liberal progressive lunacy! Nice to finally see Christians take a stand for truth of not only science, but more importantly, they took a stance for Biblical (God’s) truth!!

  28. I am waiting impatiently for Congress and the Senate to hogtie Omar & AOC and ship them to a deserted island where they can entertain each other with their foolish thoughts on how our FREE AMERICAN COUNTRY should be run.

  29. Putting all political and religious reasons aside. it is not fair for women to compete against someone with testosterone. simple and of conversation.

  30. Midgie. They are being discriminated against by being treated like they are something unnatural. I HATE to have to remind so many that people are born the way they are. I don’t believe that you can make anyone do things against their true beliefs in how they see themselves in their own mind. Gay and Lesbian and transgender people did not decide one day that they suddenly wanted to have sex with someone of the same sex because they just wanted a change. And many people treat them like they are no longer human and shouldn’t have any human rights at all. I admit that some things that they are trying to do are pushing the limits of what is right and wrong as far as how much rights they should have over any other human or situation.

  31. First of all, they don’t believe in our God, they don’t believe in our bible, they do believe in everything that opposes it. They don’t understand that by opposing what is written in our God’s book that they are proving that they serve our Gods enemy Satan the devil. And they are Satans servants and don’t know it.
    Our Bible teaches, Know you not (Don’t you know) That to whomsoever you yield your selves servants to obey, his servants you are, to whomsoever you obey.

  32. Kudos to the school for dropping out. Maybe more will follow suit and even the odds again.

  33. Remember when Billie Jean King beat the old man Bobby Riggs? Patrick McEnroe (John’s brother) called the match for what it was…a farce. He said the #1 ranked female tennis player would not be able to beat the #150th ranked male player. And that’s why you only see mixed doubles in professional tennis.
    Similar to Michelle Wie…the “Female Tiger Woods”… trying to play on the men’s pro golf tour. How long did she last? It’s biology…stupid!!!

  34. Come on, my sisters, boycott this fraud against you. Stand, women, stand, flee not like flocks of birds. No more PCBS.

  35. Aside from the fact that this policy is utter nonsense, it would be meaningless to compete in that conference because it would be blatantly unfair and unreasonable.

  36. Men is men and women is women. During transition of the transgender, the guys continue to have the masculine muscles and strength. There are controversies over this very issue. Two transgenders won a race over a competing woman and were confronted with the situation of the woman’s loss and their response was they understood the problem, but, “Oh well.” And the female athlete lost out on a scholarship to a college because transgenders in transition beat her out. How unfair. But again, I reiterate, men is men and women is women. I wish the libs would stop playing God and confusing our youth.

  37. The acid test is: HOW MANY TRANS MEN (female to male)
    have competed in male sports or compatitions?

  38. got a plan for this…let the “transgender” males compete against ONLY other trans males and let the trans women compete only against trans women….then they’d have nothing to complain about you’re still being allowed to compete only this time you can only compete in the trannie category, I mean you are saying you’re a trannie, so now we have a SPECIAL category just for you you compete against your own type in your own special category

  39. Homosexuals have no play in this game, nor do they want to. They are true to their sexual birth gender. As a matter of fact, some lesbian activists have come under fire for advocating against transgender females competing in girl’s sports.

  40. The conference dis the wrong thing. This is another example of giving into the wrong thing thinking it will go away. What the conference did was embolden these idiots to attack another conference.
    The school did the right thing. We all should support them and any other school that does the right thing.

  41. This transgender issue is effecting all levels of our lives, from Elementary level schools down to 2nd grade, to all our Military effectiveness and costs; and to all female sport’s activities. California has passed laws protecting these unfortunate transvestite activities . Parents have been left out of the discussion and are now sacrificing their off-springs to this illegal activity. Even women’s clothing stores are directly impacted by these questionable practices.
    This total issue is not dead by a long shot when parents finally have a voice in this recent activity.

  42. Are you aware that it isn’t just the “parts”? They also get hormonal boosters and blockers which actually reduces one hormone and boosts the other making them on level fields as the cig genders.

  43. No one knows who made whom, stop the madness! The whole world was in existence long before someone wrote a book of stories that may or may not have been true. Other so called religions existed long before in other regions. Anyone can follow mythology and call it a religion, hence, the magnitude of religious sects all over the world. No one religion is right nor wrong which has absolutely nothing to do with to do with sports. Catholics need to worry about the priests who are and have been molesting their little children while they were trying to “pray away the gay”. The world will be a much better place without the ills of organized religion.

  44. That is as silly as me saying that Christians are doing bigfoot’s business. We don’t believe in your make believe satan, we also don’t believe in santa clause, the tooth fairy or bigfoot.

  45. It doesn’t work that way. They have to be taking hormones boosters and blockers for quite some time before they can be on a team. Which levels the field and makes them equal to their other team mates.

  46. Transgenders are not treated equal. They are still discriminated again, you are proof of that.

    What special treatment do you think they are wanting that you don’t have? I’ll wait…

  47. It is not a choice any more than heterosexuality is a choice for you. You didn’t pick what sexual orientation you are, it picks you when you discover what kind of person turns you on.

  48. What do you call the children that were born with both genitals or with no genitals? Which gender to you try to shove these two groups in?

  49. Unless a woman born biologically a woman uses some form of PED? Testosterone injections for temporary strength gains she will never be stronger physically then a male athlete who trains. Male sickos who fantasize about becoming woman and jump on the libtard bandwagon and are illegally sanctioned by these corrupt public agencies are WRONG and will soon be visiting the local libtard shrink/psychologists for therapy. Exactly cheating these are very unstable stupid/ignorant pieces of garbage who all need to be placed in the local funny farm ISANE ASSYUM where they can just destroy themselves. Corrupt to the core evil wicked sinners. Have you ever seen some of these female as well as male bodybuilders who use PED? After a few years or more of pounding their bodies with weights that are way beyond the genetic capacities and eating way to much food. The sin of gluttony all their hair falls out their bodies shrink and they have no resemblance of their former selves. They become important They become mentally and emotionally unstable a danger to themselves and others and they can’t even train any longer. All because they abused their bodies and reaped what they sowed.

  50. What you really are saying that spirit of Satan his legions of demonic spirits have crept into these unstable unholy soulless beings and perverted what God originally intended to be holy but is perverse. These perverted soulless beings have fellowship with an evil entity the same as when demonic spirits fornicated with woman before God destroyed the world in the flooding in Old Testament because they had become so wicked evil and sinful. For so will it be as it was in the Days of Noah God had no choice but to destroy the world because they had become so evil wicked and sinful but God spared Noah and his family in the Ark. The next time God destroys the world it will be by ???? Fire ????????????????????????Better get saved read the Bible become born again quickly?

  51. I read something about Doctors sometimes having to make a choice if a baby was born with both . Also, tents at circus shows,
    that claimed to have a half woman, half man inside but only men were going in and women were either advised not or not allowed . Don’t remember which just that it was nothing I would ever want to see anyway!

  52. You want to love your same sex is fine. But pretending you are a different sex does not wash in sports. There is no way a female can compete with a born male. No matter what the brain says the body make up of a male is much stronger than a female. Someone is going to get seriously hurt…..physically and emotionally

  53. God made Adam & Eve NOT Adam & Steve. A lot of Men are saying they are Transgender so that they can watch Little Girls, Teenage Girls, & women in the Women’s bathroom. They could be Pedophiles, Perverts, or a bunch of Sicko’s. Because they know they have the right, I would show them the right they have, when they left the bathroom or Locker room they would be minus 2 balls. Mothers, Grandmothers need to accompany the girls to the bathroom & watch them,
    Fathers & Grandfathers need to take their boys to the bathroom & watch them. I don’t mean to go into the stalls but stay in the bathroom so no one goes into the stalls. All my children are grown & married & have children of their own & My 2 sons would kill anyone if they touched their daughters or sons. When My kids were little I always went into the bathroom with them they never were left alone. There were Sicko’s around back in the 60’s & 70’s.
    But for Parents to let their child pick what gender they want to be is sickening, a boy is a boy & a girl is a girl, there are no 2 ways about it. This is not Lets Make Deal or have a choice.
    God is watching & one day everyone will get their due.

  54. This is totally unfair to woman athletes. Man have a totally different muscle mass, they are just built different transgender or not. Also what’s to keep a student from claiming to be transgender just to have an advantage in competition. It would be like someone claiming to be disabled just so they could perform in the Special Olympics.

  55. That is total fiction. there is a man who appeared on a morning show many years ago. He was a graduate researcher at Harvard University. He said that he had proven that homosexuality is due to hormonal imbalances. The very suspicious and strange thing i that he, and he result were never heard from again.

  56. Totally Correct Joe stupidity is not now nor has it ever been a Mental Illness it is a human rebellion against GOD’S perfect order. A Homosexual chooses to rebel against GOD’S Moral order. Transgender is a man made rebellion against GOD’S Scientific/ Biological order and GOD’S laws of Science.

  57. Transgenderism is a Man made false division and we have no business even entertaining Transgender Bull Manure. It is unscientific, there are no genetic markers it is a clear rebellious choice. That should be openly discouraged not accepted as a form of normative behavior.

  58. Kaci stahl you don’t have to believe in Satan but that sure does not mean he does not exist. But when you openly rebel against hard Science you are doing his business all the same. The facts that X, Y chromosome exist means the the decision to choose a diferant sex for ones self is nothing but rebellion! And to accept Transgenderism as Normative is nothing but rebellion against Hard Science. Time to join the real world and not the fantasy world of multiple genders!

  59. Kaci stahl these children are Hymorphadites and are only about 100 th of a percent of all human babies borne every day. The fallen world causes these anomalies. But even here there is one dominant over the other and these children are born unable to reproduce which makes them biological Mutations. Do I condemn them no I have a mild form Aspergers Syndrome, and Dyslexia yet I have fought to overcome these genetic problems. I do not fill sorry for myself I do not blame GOD for my health issues. As to Hymorphadites their dominant side generally shows up before they reach puberty and they have corrective surgery this is not the same as mutilating oneself based of false feelings.

  60. You just showed it is not health or genetic with you answered they have to be taking Hormone boosters, and Blockers this is in no way normal sir! It is in no way biologically norm and even Evolutionist by the percentage do not accept it as normative.

  61. There are no proofs of a Homosexual or Transgender gene Robert Wolfe it is all hypothesis without any hard evidence. Every study done in the last 80 years at best only gives assumptions, or personal misinterpretations and at worst are 100% Biased toward the reserchers on beliefs. As to discrimination fallen World, Fallen man SINS all have SINNED, NONE ARE RIGHTEOUS. We are born in sin and don’t have to be taught to sin or to rebel we are all products of both a fallen world ad a fallen mankind.

  62. Part of the problem is these BOYS would be on the bench if they played their birth gender. Parents want their little players to be the best or top player, and this is how that is accomplished.

  63. Yes, John, it is because of the sin in this world. You are 100% correct. Just pray for Kaci. She really needs it, as we all do. Peace.

  64. The human genome is still being unraveled. They haven’t found genes that represent a lot of human characteristics or personalities. You can’t prove there isn’t one so don’t try to use an ambiguous fact to try to prove how and why people become who they are and what they believe.

  65. Hormones are in our body naturally. It isn’t chemically enhanced. It’s not cheating, it’s making the fields level.

  66. Just google “How many transgenders lost when competing in sports?” and you will see that it isn’t just one case of a transgender losing or that it is just the minority of them losing.

  67. Your statement is false. There has been plenty of hermaphrodites and Ambiguous genitalia who have had successful human sex changes.

  68. Transgender women can only compete against other women after they have at least one year of estrogen supplements and testosterone blockers (or physical castration via sex reassignment) which causes a decrease in muscle mass, and oxygen-carrying red blood cells and that this leads to a decrease in strength, speed, and endurance.

  69. Not the same thing. Billy Jean King never used any hormones for the matches. You are talking about apples and oranges here.

  70. Conservatism is a mental disorder 10 orders worse than liberalism. Progress in society is via change. Change is not conservative it is liberal. Conservatism is a far more serious disease and it is not a theory, it is a fact.

  71. Actually, you are wrong.

    The first-ever study of transgender athletes showed that the hormone therapy that facilitates male-to-female transition does more than just suppress testosterone. Published last year in the Journal of Sporting Cultures and Identities, the study showed that as testosterone levels approach female norms, trans women experience a decrease in muscle mass, bone density and other physical characteristics.

    People come in all shapes and sizes,” he said. “We don’t disqualify Michael Phelps for having super-long arms; that’s just a competitive advantage he has in his sport. We don’t regulate height in the WNBA or NBA; being tall is just an advantage for a center. For as long as sports have been around, there have been people who have had advantages over others. A universal level playing field does not exist.

  72. Kaci Stahl
    Your biological makeup on the other hand does choose you. And whether or not you believe you are a man or a woman, it does not change your genetic make-up, a biological male is bigger, stronger, and faster on average. Belief, changing your looks, removing your sexual organs, does not change your genes. Try to rationalize it however you want, but there is a reason there are boys and girls segregated sports teams. It is impractical, illogical, and ignorant to believe otherwise.

  73. Very rare cases, and they already contain both sex organs. This is an exception to argument, and should not be lumped in with Transgenders. It is an entirely different arguement.

  74. It is far past time that a school sees past the flaws in “I feel like a woman today thus I am” Just pure lunacy to recognize this transgender drag queens and the macho females. Do I believe that there genetic problems that occur in nature of course I do, but certainly not the number of people that don’t feel like they are the correct sex. And why in the world would anyone claiming some different gender than they were born with be treated as they are special and thus every normal male or female should cater to them, Simply beyond me how the mass population puts up with this nonsense.

  75. So murder is your answer? So you do take the Old Testament literally, good. Have you stoned your children for being disrespectful? Have you stoned your neighbor for working on the Sabbath? Have you been stoned for eating shrimp?

  76. The whole concept is stupid and I can’t wait to see what happens when one of their precious trannies gets seriously hurt. Kudos to the school.

  77. 2 years of hormone replacement therapy, a testosterone blocker and diuretic, flushes the testosterone from the body and estrogen to began to make the body form more typically feminine before they can even compete says differently.

  78. Yes, it is the duty of every school and parent to protect their students and children. Biologically proven most males are stronger than females!
    Good news to hear this school is standing up for what is best to protect their Students!

  79. He probably was never heard from again because he was laughed right out of the spotlight. If that was true, then you could “cure” homosexuality with just hormones. Have you heard of such a thing? No? Wonder why? Because it was false.

    So tell me which sexual orientation did you choose?

  80. Science and biology beg to differ.

    Genetic Components of Sex and Gender
    Humans are born with 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs. The X and Y chromosomes determine a person’s sex. Most women are 46XX and most men are 46XY. Research suggests, however, that in a few births per thousand some individuals will be born with a single sex chromosome (45X or 45Y) (sex monosomies) and some with three or more sex chromosomes (47XXX, 47XYY or 47XXY, etc.) (sex polysomies). In addition, some males are born 46XX due to the translocation of a tiny section of the sex-determining region of the Y chromosome. Similarly, some females are also born 46XY due to mutations in the Y chromosome. Clearly, there are not only females who are XX and males who are XY, but rather, there is a range of chromosome complements and phenotypic variations that determine sex.

  81. Oh goodie, you brought up X and Y chromosomes. Scientific proof.
    Humans are born with 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs. The X and Y chromosomes determine a person’s sex. Most women are 46XX and most men are 46XY. Research suggests, however, that in a few births per thousand some individuals will be born with a single sex chromosome (45X or 45Y) (sex monosomies) and some with three or more sex chromosomes (47XXX, 47XYY or 47XXY, etc.) (sex polysomies). In addition, some males are born 46XX due to the translocation of a tiny section of the sex-determining region of the Y chromosome. Similarly, some females are also born 46XY due to mutations in the Y chromosome. Clearly, there are not only females who are XX and males who are XY, but rather, there is a range of chromosome complements and phenotypic variations that determine sex.

  82. A child born with both genitals is called a hermaphrodite (1 in 1500) and born with no genitals is called ambiguous genitalia (1 in 2000). And you never answered my question, which gender group do you label them with?

  83. You are entitled to your own opinion. Doesn’t make you correct, but you are still entitled to it.

  84. While you pray to an invisible, made up, being, I will think for you. I believe you need the power of thought more than you need the power of prayer, which by the way doesn’t work. They are just a placebo effect. In fact, studies have shown that prayers do more harm than good.

    Intercessory prayer itself had no effect on complication-free recovery from CABG, but certainty of receiving intercessory prayer was associated with a higher incidence of complications.

  85. The easiest way to cope with this problem is to create a third category “Transgender or Multisex or?” for those who cannot bare the responsibilities of dealing with real life. Put all of the sickies in their own class or closet.
    We who are normal deserve to have our own classes separate from those who are so confused. It is sickening that everyone who does not agree with God wants preferential treatment in every way. We who live in the real world should not have to put up with constant demands and to be treated so badly because of our beliefs. If the transgenders are confused, then they should have their own confusion class. The unconfused must not be force to accept them over the moral, ethical, and religious beliefs. We can better be respectful towards the transgender followers if their is no LIE to accept. If they want to be in their own class it is easy enough to be respectful to that class of people without having to believe in their way of life.

  86. 1 out of 1500 (hermaphrodites ) and 1 out of 2000 (Ambiguous genitalia) is not that rare. And the ambiguous genitalia has no genitalia at all. So again, which gender would you label them as?

  87. I don’t agree. You are what you are and meant to be at birth.When you said you become what you are is when you know what turns you on you mean sexual. That to cannot be correct. Look at electrical and electronics. They cannot work un less they have male and female plugs. Two males don’t work and two females dont work. Human relationships they cannot have children unless they adopt. They can never ever have a natural child together.No matter how much homosexuals and trasgenders want to be accepted as normal humanbeings they never will because they are not normal humanbeings.I believe being homosexual is a choice. You choose to follow the road of homosexuality instead of heterosexualality. It is a fact that people chose: as the mind thinketh so does the body followeth. Your mind fantasize about sex acts with the same sex and then your body wants it. What I don’t get is this. Why does homosexuals: males who want males dress up like females and why females who like females dress up like males. Seems like if men want men they would both be men and women who want women would both be women.This tells me deep down they really know that normal is male and female

  88. Then how do you explain the different chromosomes? Most women are 46XX and most men are 46XY, however, they are finding 45X or 45Y, 47XXX, 47XYY or 47XXY, etc., some males are born 46XX and some females are also born 46XY. Clearly, there are not only females who are XX and males who are XY, but rather, there is a range of chromosome complements and phenotypic variations that determine sex.

  89. I would definitely like to know what genders there are other than male or female. It doesn’t matter what you think in your head but unless you are somehow malformed at birth then you are one or the other. Biological bodies do not change because of what you think.

  90. Malformed at birth? You mean god makes mistakes?

    Not all women are born with 46XX and not all men are both with 46XY.

  91. I really don’t care WHAT someone’s sexual preference is! I care that MALES have 30% MORE MUSCLE MASS than Females!

    I have a solution: Males play in one league; Females play in another league; Males who ID as female play in their OWN League; Females who ID as male play in their OWN league. NO unfair advantage to ANY one!

  92. The school has it right, and I applaud their courage in holding true to their convictions. The left has deceived themselves into thinking that insisting a lie is the truth will eventually make it true. Anyone with common sense knows better. Unfortunately, their seems to be a shortage of backbones in America these days.

  93. You still can’t change genders no matter how Many body parts you cut off. And women who fought for equality in sports shouldn’t have that taken away from them by a man dressing as a woman. There not the same have trans sports for theM.

  94. Just curious, are you or someone in your family transgender? I don’t really care what people identify themselves, it’s their choice. However, I do believe that males and females should compete with those of the same biological makeup when playing sports.

  95. Anyone who thinks he/she is the other sex needs to learn the basic facts of biology. I think many are looking for attention that was not received as children. Some may fear growing up with the responsibility that is generally expected from their gender. Some may have been fooled into thinking they are the opposite sex because they have been raised by idiots who did not treat them as the gender they were born as. Then there are those who are Homosexual and this is how they choose to come out to avoid persecution by normal people. In any case,if they want to play games, etc, let them play with others that are also of the same persuasion. Do not mix them in with normal children and spoil their activities. Is this Discrimination? NO, because these people CHOOSE to be different.

  96. Kaci it’s a shame your school taught you so wrong. A man is born a man and a woman is born a woman FACT any change in that is a choice. Like they discovered at Mayo Clinic it’s a mental disorder.

  97. The science is a man born a man and woman born a woman. Any change from that is a mental disorder and that includes homosexuality sorry folks facts are facts. Oh yea if you don’t believe me read the Bible

  98. Men are Men and Women are Women….There MANY differences, really does anyone see the problem here?????Trans should compete against other trans, if they are so inclined,,,,,,So weird trans..


  100. Homosexuality is a CHOICE. GOD created man and woman with different abilities and capabilities… GOD hated the SIN of homosexuality so great that he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah then why would he allow someone to be born homosexual? That would contradict his word which will never happen… Jesus Christ died for all humanity….. homosexuality is a choice.

  101. Common sense will return to America when people demand it in the school systems, government and anywhere else. Since the Lord’s prayer was taken out of school our school systems have deteriorated….. The school systems disregarded GOD and GOD being a gentleman left… and now look what we have…. chaos, disrespect for those in authority, disrespect for their classmates, unwilling to learn, stealing, fighting, killing, etc. Back to the basics. I’m sure glad I grew up in the 50’s-60’s…..

  102. I’m right there with you, Sharon! The only way to straighten out America is to bring God back into those places He was thrown out of——school, government, people’s hearts. Until then, chaos will continue. Lord have Mercy on us all!

  103. Every American should listen to a conference hosted by the Heritage Foundation on Transgenderism. Goggle: too far: 8-year-0ld girls now given testosterone through government funded research. Walt Heyer is spot on; i.e., we are manufacturing transgender kids. Walt has a web site: sexchangeregret.com. The conference is approx. an hour in length…will be worth your time.

  104. Mary Barlow: Unbelievable, your comments, could have been written by me! Word for word, it is mind boggling. I have made the exact comments to my daughter. I just happened to stumble to this site and started reading. I, totally agree with you and thanks for posting.

  105. Sex is a word with specific biological meaning. It is determined by chromosomes. When people can change their chromosomes, then they can change their sex. Until then, people can dress differently, act and speak differently, have surgeries to modify their bodies, and that will not change their sex.

  106. In summary folks, “you can’t fix stupid”. Ignorance is a lack of education which can be overcome. Stupidity is refusing to accept education. Male human bodies are different than female human bodies…prove to me that is not true!

  107. Churchill: “If you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart, if you are not conservative by 40, you have no brain”.

  108. I did not suggest any of that, you did. And my children are not LGBT perverts. But your children probably are. From your comments you are member of the Gaystapo.

  109. Kaci considers conservatives to be mentally ill, and she constantly attacks their point of view. She trolls a site that is loaded with conservatives, making offensive, inflammatory comments. She is a far left liberal. Why argue with people on a conservative site?! It makes one wonder who has the mental disorder? Do you have some need that is not being fulfilled by like minded people? Or do you enjoy making people angry? You clearly are not interested in anyone else’s opinion. By the way, I had to be mentally evaluated for a car accident for legal reasons. The opposition said I was the most sane, balanced person they had ever encountered. Yet, I am a conservative, imagine that!

  110. Wrong at one time it was listed in the DSM Doctors Statistical Manual as a disease. They have since taken it our. I believe that it has something to do when genes and in some case choice.

  111. Bless their hearts! A school that stands up for their beliefs! Let some girls who wish they were men play against guys and see what happens to them. And men who want to play against girls aren’t men, no matter what they call themselves. They’re underachievers who can’t make it on the boys’ teams. Kids who don’t know if they’re a boy or a girl should be in counseling and therapy — not sports!

  112. Kaci Stahl, I read the agonizingly long text you quoted in your April 1st 3:12 pm post, and NOWHERE in there did it ever say that females are stronger and faster than men who identify as females. These “men” are, plain and simple, cheaters, who are bypassing, and making a mockery of, the gains made by women who have been fighting for their rights for decades.

  113. males feel they are female and want to compete against girls.
    ok if they get pregnent and give birth to a child i will concide
    they qualify to compete with the girls. let me know when
    that happen, i would like to see that.

  114. What is hilarious is when you die, you are the same sex you were born. Dna does not change…EVER. If a body becomes a crispy critter, and only dna can be used to identify the remains, no matter hoe many surgeries the body has had, dna will not lie. Unless there is scientific evidence, transgenders are crazy.
    Example,,,there used to be 3 levels of conscionness…waking, sleeping and dreaming…each identified by brain imaging. Then transcendental meditation identified 4 th level of consciousness by repeatable brain scans. So, unless scientific evidence demonstrates, transgenders are crazy.

  115. Just because you don’t believe in it, doesn’t make it false. It is called facts. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word: A fact is a thing that is known to be consistent with objective reality and can be proven to be true with evidence.

  116. That is a myth. There is no record of anyone hearing Churchill say this. Paul Addison of Edinburgh University made this comment: ‘Surely Churchill can’t have used the words attributed to him. He’d been a Conservative at 15 and a Liberal at 35! And would he have talked so disrespectfully of Clemmie, who is generally thought to have been a lifelong Liberal?’

  117. Yes, you did suggest that. You can call them perverts if you wish, but you would be incorrect. But I am guessing that you are used to being incorrect all your life.

  118. They are normal. They are human beings. They have the same blood that flows through their veins as you do. Just because you are a bigot doesn’t mean that transgenders shouldn’t be treated equally.

  119. I see you are uneducated regarding what being a transgender actually means so I will just dismiss your comment as just being silly.

  120. Then you tell me which gender are those that are born with no genitals or born with both?

  121. First, I never claimed that anyone was mentally ill. I am not qualified to make such a psychological diagnosis.
    Second, I read all different points of view on all subjects because knowledge is power. I want to learn different viewpoints. Third, no psychologist would make a diagnosis like that, ever. But it would be a sign of certain psychosis. A person experiencing psychosis finds it hard to tell what is real from what isn’t. Psychosis is often experienced in episodes — short periods of intense symptoms.

    I would be checked out again by a real psychologist and not a shrink that gets paid to tell the courts what you pay them to say. The results will be very different.

  122. Why are you trying to put all women in one box and all men in another box? Not all men are stronger than women and not all women are weaker than men. That being said, when you include the hormone injections and testosterone blockers you have different results.

    Do you think that transmen (females to males) are cheating when they compete? When they win?

  123. Belated response to Kaci’s repeated question. In a (Yes) fallen world, mutations/ deviations have become all too commonplace; spina bifida, conjoined twins, children born without limbs (does that make them an amoeba?) Chromosomal damage has occurred; that does not argue for ‘normalization ‘. You remind me of Forrest Gump’ s mama (paraphrased): ” if we were all the same, we’d all be wearing braces”.

  124. So your answer is to blame the world and then quote Forrest Gump?

    People have been born with no genital or with both since almost time began. And Forrest Gump is a movie.

  125. Kaci, I’ve read through this commentary and read your entries. You make some good points. However, you and all your esteemed colleagues are still wrong. Humanity experimenting with drugs and drug abuse over all these years, for generation after generation, have altered the basic genetics of humanity. The reason we have so much degeneracy today is not because God made us this way, we made ourselves this way. The side show freaks that call themselves “transgender” may not know God, and you may not know God, but be assured, HE KNOWS YOU!!!

  126. Transgender people, people born with no genital or with born have been around since almost the beginning of time. It had nothing to do with drug abuse. So how do you explain their births back then?

  127. DNA is immutable [ cannot be changed ] no matter what hormones are pumped into the body or what physical mutilation occurs. Chaz Bono certainly LOOKS very male, but her DNA STILL proclaims her to be female. THAT is a scientific fact. I believe in science that doesn’t try to alter, change, misrepresent FACTS.

  128. Thank you, Kaci, for the terminology correction. Their gender is in their DNA, which cannot be changed of assigned by man.

  129. Dear Kacie, we meet again! I know all about your education etc. and you are a learned individual and I applaude you for that. However you have obviously bought into the original deception “hath God said?” and “thou shall be as God” and “surely thou shall not die” That didn’t work out very well for Adam & Eve. The problem is that you continually try to justify your beliefs and actions as if you are correct and the norm, while looking through the lens of deception.

  130. Really Stahl…Sure, occasionally a strong female is stronger and more athletic than a frail male, but usually the frail male sits on the bench. Remember a few years ago Title 9 was a thing. It was a way to put equal emphasis on girls sports and many male programs which made money for colleges were dropped to start female programs. Which way do you want it? How many times have we read about transgender males raping girls in a public restroom or a school locker room? I have a teen and I would be very upset if I see a man enter the ladies room while she is using the facility. I know, you’re going to say that men have been using female facilities for decades. That’s kinda different I don’t worry about men in the ladies room who were undetectable as men and dressed and did everything as women. We didn’t hear of rapes occurring in the girls room until the Muslim president said that all sexes should use the same restroom. I wonder how Obama would feel if a big burly man enters a restroom one of his daughters is using.

  131. The views that a man is a man and a woman is a woman has been a standard ever since the world began. Thousands of years went by and nothing changed. Then, in the last 20 years, gays started coming out of the closets. That’s ok. A person has a right to be with the gender he/she prefers, but when they demand that everyone has to accept every new twist of their diversion, that’s asking too much. What will be next? Will they consider horses as human and demand they be allowed on the track team? I mean, if we have moved this far in the last 10 years going against the bible and thousands of years of traditional thinking, who knows what unnatural, evil, perverted minds will conjure in the next few years.

  132. Eagle109: How many times have we read about transgender males raping girls in a public restroom or a school locker room? The answer is zero. All you are basing anything on is fear, not facts.

    Here is another FACT for you, President Barack Hussein Obama was not Muslim and is not a Muslim.

  133. Eagle109: Hypocrite. Christians demand that everyone has to accept the bible. despite the fact that they are just stories in a book, not real facts. According to Chromosomes, the world isn’t just made of men and women, but a whole spectrum of genders. This has been going on for millions of centuries. Just because you want to ignore these facts, doesn’t make it false. Ignorance is no excuse for facts.

  134. Kaci you remind me of the so called doctors selling snake oil treatment in a bottle to people who were ill. Your argument does has no substance and your questionable words. I think you need to crawl back under the rock you came from.

  135. Cajun: It would be funny if I didn’t have scientific data, DNA and qualified doctors to back up the facts that I have provided. The facts speak for themselves, there is no argument. Telling me to go away will not change anything.

  136. GOD made Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve or Adam and IT.
    There is only two sexes male and female and only GOD can change that. It takes a male and female to reproduce, two of the same sex can not reproduce no mater how much drugs you take.
    You are born either male or female and if you have a little hang-y down thing, you are male, if you don’t you are female, there is nothing in between.

  137. A man can never be a woman…even the feminazis believe this! They can “feel” they are a woman, that doen’t mean they are. The left puts way too much weight on “feelings”. Trying to push male children onto girl’s teams because they “feel” they are female now, is obsurd! Too bad for them if they can’t make the male teams!

  138. wow! what about “climate change”? The climate is constantly shifting for millions of centuries, but all of a sudden it’s caused by humans? Who are the real hypocrites here?


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