Hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett’s latest act will make your blood boil


Smollett has become a laughing stock in the entertainment industry for his staged hate crime “assault” in Chicago.

He’s desperately trying to salvage his career and restore his reputation.

But Smollett’s latest act will make your blood boil.

Since Smollett staged a hate crime, alleging that two Trump supporters assaulted him and threatened to lynch him, the actor’s career has gone down in flames.

After everyone learned the truth about Smollett’s phony “assault,” he’s now toxic to every producer in Hollywood.

The Cook County State’s Attorney decided to let him off without prosecution.

But the city of Chicago did charge the actor $130,000 for all of the taxpayer money he forced Chicago residents to fork over investigating his false claim.

Now, the actor has announced a counter suit claiming the city is simply trying to humiliate him and has put him under “extreme emotional distress.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett filed a counterclaim Tuesday to the lawsuit brought against him by the city of Chicago.

Smollett’s counterclaim alleged the malicious prosecution brought against him by the Chicago police department and others caused him “humiliation, mental anguish and extreme emotional distress” along with economic harm, according to a report published by the Chicago Sun-Times.

In the lawsuit, Chicago claimed Smollett owed the city $130,106 for the time and resources spent investigating Smollett’s allegedly false claim he was the victim of a hate crime.

The targets named in Smollett’s counterclaim include Chicago, the Chicago Police Department, Detectives Michael Theis and Edward Wodnicki, Superintendent Eddie Johnson and brothers Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo.

Smollett’s lawsuit against Chicago is a clear attempt to salvage what remains of Smollett’s reputation and career.

Since he was kicked off the show Empire, he hasn’t had any work and lost many of his friends.

Suing the Chicago Police Department is likely one of the actor’s few moves he has left before he is completely broke.

What do you think?

Does Jussie Smollett have any chance of winning this case?

Let us know in the comments.


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  2. Smollett is a dumbass. We need to stop paying attention to loser “entertainers” like him….make them crawl back into their holes

  3. Morally, no he will not win. He was proven, at great expense, to be a liar, fraud and a phony. He NEEDS to face some punishment. I just HOPE the Chicago Police do not fold , for cost to proceed against his bogus lawsuit , and just settle with him . That would be a big mistake….


  5. A lot of us are already very sick of this “always the victim” mantra. The only one that has put Mr. Smolletts’ under “extreme emotional distress” is the person looking back at him in the mirror. I do believe he is taking Black Entitlement to the extreme.

  6. Remember…this is Chicago we’re talking about. Smollett will probably win his case. They should have a jury trial for him and move it somewhere else.

  7. Smollett you’re such a waste of a person. You need to lick your wounds and move onto better things in life. Your not good at anything your doing at this moment in your pathetic life. Try pole dancing with your boyfriends. At the least you will be with your kind and not bothering the rest of the real people with this crybaby lawsuit that will show you who is boss. You can’t beat what you have already lost dumbass. Hope your holidays and life sucks the rest of your life just like you.

  8. So what happened to that Attorney Foxx that let him go the first time due to a phone call from someone traced back to Michelle Obama? And has the $130000 been paid? If not, he needs to be incarcerated.

  9. Like Kamala Hairyass, Juicy Molest himself–with his talent of two positions–on his knees and on his back– got to where he is in showbiz. The humiliation and disgrace he brought on himself. The mental anguish and extreme emotional distress is his own doing and drama queen mentality. Action and reaction for what he tried to do in his unholywood makeup is his own doing. Personasll the little ck skr should be in jail……but that would not really be punishment since he’d work his way from cell to sell. He is just another cheap trick.

  10. In America, if you’re black you can get away with anything under the sun. You can slit your wife’s throat,
    bang an opposing football player over the head with his own indestructible helmet, pretend you were beat
    up by White guys who want to lynch you, and you can even sue the police dept. for arresting you for making
    a false complaint. Smolett should run for president of the United States. If he doesn’t win, he can claim

  11. All I can say is right now ur lucky they are only suing you – you should be in jail, because an average person would have been. Actors and actresses seem to think they are above the law. You ruined your career and you can only blame yourself. Be a man or whatever and own it!!

  12. Mr Smollett needs to wake up, face reality,it shows you how Liberals could get away from Fake Crime and Fake News!!!

  13. Remember POTUS Barry’s admonition about not doing ‘stupid stuff’? Stupid, say hello to Jussie! Filled with unbridled hubris, and seeking to further his victim status, this escapee from the lower, left hand side of the Bell Curve proves, beyond a shadow of doubt, that ‘stupid is as stupid does’. Not even the veiled attempt through Obama. Inc to ameliorate the situation his done much to salvage what could have been a nice acting career. This sordid story has all the ingredients for an unpleasant ending.

  14. I really hope a Judge throw’s this out right off the bat, should tell Him all His problems started by hatefully staging a hate crime.

  15. In Democrat America, Crime Pays. The victims get punished, the perpetrator gets rich. Read Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and “Eight Levels of Control”.

    Thanks, DEMOCRATS. This is what you Communists have wrought in America. I’ll bet you’re proud of yourselves!

    Smollet is a CRIMINAL. He deserves nothing but prison time.

  16. I have been telling for years those who have the misfortune of hearing me, “YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIE TO GET OUT OF THE TRUTH”. There is a price to pay for ignoring this rule. BURN BABY, BURN.

  17. If he wins this lawsuit he will be rewarded for his crimes. I think the police of Chicago were justified in trying to recoup the taxpayer money the it cost to investigate the hoax. The judge should throw this claim out of court as a trivial stunt to get some public recognition and cause more division in the nation. He made his bed let him lay in it. I hope he does go broke….

  18. Lorraine, you nailed it! He had it all and, for whatever reason, threw it away. I have no idea if he was a good actor but his directing skills are pathetic…bad plot, bad actors, bad timing(below zero in Chicago?) as well as bad props. So many struggling actors would give their eye teeth for what he had.

  19. Jussie Smollett should have been arrested, tried, convicted and sent to prison for a committing a HATE CRIME! Smollett hired two BLACK guys to “rough him up” and concocted a gross LIE and swore that WHITE men wearing MAGA hats (Trump supporters) had beat him up for racial reasons.

  20. Smollett should ALREADY be sitting in jail, next to the prosecutor that dropped his charges!!! With “her” connection to Michael Obama, this clearly smells of corruption, to the highest level!!!

  21. Smollett did an evil thing and deserves to be prosecuted. But it’s obvious you are not a minority RR. Minorities cannot get away with anything. Just because Smollett knew people in power who helped him, that’s been going on for thousands of years with anyone of any color who knows the so called right folks.
    Look at the Clintons and Pelosi, Soros and shifty Schiff to name a few who use falsehoods to endeavor to get their way. Are they being investigated or prosecuted?
    But Smolletts connections aren’t too ‘right’ because Smollett is paying for his heinous actions. He lost his job, lost friends and can’t find work. And now he’s gonna have to pay back the city of Chicago for the costs of investigating his false claims which in all fairness, he should! He’s not getting away with it in the end. He may eventually be prosecuted too. Isn’t it a black police chief who is continuing the investigation?
    How many AA do you know have been exonerated other than Smollett? Let’s not continue to blame an entire race for the actions of a few.
    During slavery and for a time after slavery ended, white males got away with beating and hanging black folks, beating their own wives, castrating black men, raping black women and girls with impunity.
    Racism is alive and well here in America. I wish it wasn’t so. I was disappointed on this site, under a different headline, to see folks write that they didn’t appreciate mixed marriages. Well, I believe that love is love and the heart wants what the heart wants and the children of mixed marriages are beautiful.
    A persons color should not be a determining factor in choosing a mate.
    If folks would stop seeing color and truly love their neighbor as you would yourself as Jesus tells us to in the Goid Book, it will be the start of peace in this extraordinary world of ours. Maybe the problem is that many people don’t love themselves. And if you can’t love yourself how can you love others.
    May I say that a person should love themselves and look in the mirror every morn and say something positive about yourself because you deserve it. God put you here for a reason and He doesn’t make mistakes. We are all wonderfully made. I don’t like the word ugly because I take the time to find beauty in everyone, unless you’re a crazed killer.
    If you speak good things you attract good things. The negative force may endeavor to say otherwise but rebuke it. Jesus loves you and as we all know there is nothing and no one greater than Jesus. ❤️

  22. why isn’t he in jail? “white” person would be in person & paying money! he’s a has been but I never knew who he was until this phony show he put on to put his face in the news!

  23. Democrats know Trump supporters are not really racist even though they push that narrative, but Smollett tried to give that narrative legs.

  24. I agree with every word you said. If we can’t love ourselves, how can we love others? God bless you!

  25. I hope they charge him another $365,000 for bringing a Fake Law Suit and throw his ass in jail till he has it paid off.

  26. Smolett is as dumb as you can get without having any commen sense. This queen not only committed a crime but now he wants to profit on his stupidity. He should be in jail not in a courtroom.

  27. It is sickening to see anyone who lies against another, using police as a weapon, get off without a very long prison sentence.

    Smollett should serve every single minute of the maximum sentence for assault, as this was his false charge. As well as having to repay the tax payers for the wasted resources of the police department.

    Women who claim false rape charges as retaliation against former lovers should serve every single minute that those men they falsely charged would have, had they been convicted of rape. They should also be required to repay the men for all the money they spent on their defense, their lost income for time lost at work, and a large settlement for the loss of reputation the men have suffered.
    These women only hurt those who have actually been raped, as they make it that much harder to get the police to believe them. Personally I would like to see a public database made of any and all women who have filed false rape charges, not unlike the sexual predator database, complete with their picture and address.

    False criminal charges are used to ruin the lives of people in America and other countries far too often as the false accusers are not penalized. All false accusers who are proven to have filed a false accusation, should be placed in prison for a term not less than the maximum of the false charge they filed against someone else. I do not mean a case where a case can not be proven, but cases where the entire charge is demonstrably proven to be a hoax. A case like Smollett’s. Or the case of the Australian woman who filed charges against a man of rape. The man then spent 12 years in prison before she recanted her story. When she finally recanted her story, admitting she completely fabricated the entire story, the man was released from prison. The man lost 12 years of his life, over 100,000 dollars in court costs and costs for private investigators, his family, his home, his business, all because she decided to lie to police. Her woefully inadequate punishment was 2 or 3 years of probation. This type of complete miscarriages of justice from start to finish must be stopped. Those who file false charges must be stopped by making the punishment fit the crime, no more slaps on the wrist.

  28. Jessie Smollett and Colin Kaepernick have become laughing stocks. They tried to boost their careers with prejudice, Hate, and lies. Can you say stupid?

  29. Well, how much is the damage? That’s really the question. If the case would be decided by a Cook County jury, then there is not really a way to predict the outcome, as it would be almost impossible to find a juror who is indifferent toward both Jussie Smollett and the public offices involved. Smollett basically committed a hoax against the civil services of a Liberal city, and invariably there are going to be some people who felt that the city had it coming.

  30. Well, anything that the state or an agent thereof does wrong is the greater of offenses whenever offenses by multiple parties occurs. Every officer of government, civil services or military services must be held to high standards.

  31. I fore see a McDonald’s name tag reading
    My Name is: “JUSSIE” and hearing a voice “Would you like fries with that?”

  32. He is an idiot and I guess he is just trying anything to try for some publicity, good bad or otherwise it doesn’t matter. This may sound crazy but maybe he can put some blame on the various Democratic Presidential candidates who were falling all over themselves to blame Trump supporters who happened to be roaming the streets in below zero weather, they were pathetic and than the various so called MSM news stations especially the crazy broad on CNN who said when signing off that this is America in 2019 these people were all disgusting and probably still believe he was attacked Jossie does have one chance he should marry Mayor Pete

  33. I agree 100% with what you said. Color makes no difference to me. We are all people and children of a loving God. If you love someone good!! Color should have no bearing on anything. God made us all in His likeness!!! I was raised to love everyone and not let color interfere with it!!!

  34. Once in while, “minorities” do get away with crimes, just like some “privileged” people may. Either: (1) nobody ever finds out that a crime even took place; (2) some of the actual offenders do not ever get caught; (3) all of the actual offenders do get caught, but all charges against some of them are dropped due to misconduct of public officers handling the case; (4) plea bargains are established leading to convictions only of the lesser of charges; (5) all of the actual offenders are tried, but nullifyingly the jury finds some of them not guilty of every charge brought; (6) all of the actual offenders are convicted, but the correctional authority renders the minimum sentence allowed by law; (7) all of the actual offenders are convicted, but some of them are pardoned before even beginning to serve their respective sentences; or (8) all of the actual offenders are convicted, all convictions against some of them are overturned by an appellate court due to misconduct of the original court overseeing the trial process.

    Much of this simply has to do with the wit and salary of the defense attorneys, the resources of the law firms for which the attorneys work, rather than the color, sex, age, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status or military service history of the person charged with crime. Most people charged with crime are not amateur lawyers, let alone professional attorneys at law, and cannot afford to hire adequate defense attorneys, while also not being lucky enough to be served “pro bono” by adequate defense attorneys; so they are at disadvantages, even when defended by average court-appointed attorneys who are usually overloaded with clients.

    The rest of the question is a matter of demographic statistics, and as it stands, people of Black, Latino or indigenous descent are slightly less likely than people of other descents to be able to afford adequate defense attorneys, and are less likely to live in municipalities where public defenders are more likely to be equipped, by whatever virtues, to provide the best trial defenses. They are also slightly more likely, in the first place, to live in or originate from American neighborhoods, where they are likely to be victims of crime (including frame job) or be led toward criminal lifestyles. Does any of that apply to Jussie Smollet? No. He is an individual who lives in privilege, which he probably earned but which ought to be partially or temporarily revoked, on account of the crime perpetrated by him.

  35. All JS was trying to do was enhance his standing among the professional race-baiters in the Black population who are making out pretty good. There’s money to be made in race-conflict.—look at Sharpton, and that one-time cafe entertainer Farrakan. But there’s always prejudice in any multi-cultural mixed-race society. How in the world did it ever get to be mixed unfortunately is the problem. It is to be regretted. You learn to live with it or have a civil war. .

  36. Rare suppositions. What are the numbers? And, look at the numbers of minority’s and others without riches who were falsely charged with crimes only later to be released due to DNA evidence. I don’t appreciate anyone who offers false evidence for a crime and they should be punished for doing so.

  37. What be also rare is for a prosecutor, a defender or a judge who mishandles a case to be hauled before the court of law on suspicion of crimes involved in the mishandling. If anybody winds up in jail or prison, in such scenarios, it would probably be an intentionally-deceitful witness or possibly a police detective who frame-jobbed the case; whoever is most “disposable”. O, dear, more suppositions.

  38. I thought about my prior remark after and was preparing to add to it but you took the words right out of my mouth.
    There are administrators and lawyers and others who are so lazy and just want the case done with. How many times have we heard that even innocent folks will take a deal because prosecutors and defenders don’t want to do the necessary work due to over work or absolutely cavalier attitudes or laziness. Then again, due to same reason, innocent folks are incarcerated and later freed with DNA evidence.
    There are at times false suppositions/reports when folks believe what they hear on fake news. Not saying you are one, but some of the things I read about minority’s and or the financially poor are not always accurate.
    And then I read negative responses about minority’s and or the poor which is unfair to entire members of the race or community. I say let’s keep our minds open and not leaning towards unfair biases. There are wonderful folks of every race and social standing everywhere. It’s a shame that the knuckleheads get all the press.

  39. Jussie Smollett is doomed to a crash-and-burn. Eventually, his story will be clarified and verified. Then Jussie will be sued into poverty and will be permanently branded a destructive entity in the eyes of the social justice warriors, his only current support. The only really interesting part of this fiasco is identification of who influenced the State’s Attorney to intervene and block the Smollett prosecution. Hillary Clinton? Michelle Obama? Whoever did this committed a criminal act.

  40. Jusse Smollet was never an entertainer, an ACTOR only when Smollett paid off two brothers to play with him in his very own dark fairytale. The man needs to pay the money owed to Chicago or go to jail and stay there until he pays. That was the verdict. He’s lucky with Michelle Obama’s attorney who helped him. Smollett is damn lucky thats all the punishment he got. Smollett, you hateful POS…..Pay or go to jail.


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