Happy Days’ Fonzie made leftists go insane after making one hell of a catch


Henry Winkler is one of America’s most iconic actors who everyone adores.

But he found out the hard way that it doesn’t take much to make leftists lose their minds these days.

That’s because Happy Days’ Fonzie made leftist go insane after making one hell of a catch.

Happy Days is a classic that nearly everyone American can spot when it comes on.

The show takes viewers back to a better time when life was simpler and there were fewer leftists.

And one of the show’s most iconic characters was “The Fonz.”

Played by Henry Winkler, Fonzie was one of the show’s most memorable characters.

In Happy Days, Fonzie has a niche for pissing people off.

Well it seems like Henry Winkler’s character has come to real life to piss off leftists.

Winkler recently went on a scenic fishing tour to catch some trout.

And he showed off his catch on Twitter by tweeting out a picture with the caption, “I can’t even express the beauty everywhere on our planet.”

Nothing seems offensive about this tweet.

Just a guy wanting the world to admire his latest catch.

But little did Winkler know that he was going to be the latest target for a bunch of leftist basement dwellers on social media.

Needless to say, replies to his tweet will leave you little hope for humanity.

One avocado toast eating leftist tweeted back “[t]hat fish seems to be gasping for breath and dying so I’m afraid it’s difficult to admire the surrounds in those circumstances. I hope it was put back in the water.”

One joy-sucker claimed “[d]o you have any idea how much pain this pic is causing that poor fish? People who pose with their kills and catches are weird.”

And the attacks just continued.

All Fonzie wanted was to show off his catch and instead he got attacked by a bunch of low life Bernie bros.