Governor Newsom made it clear that kids will suffer now that his recall election is over


In a last ditch effort to save California, the conservative base in the Golden state mobilized to vote Governor Newsom out of office.

But now that the recall election is over and he won, Newsom is looking for payback.

And Newsom made it clear that kids will suffer now that his recall election is over.

We all know that California is a lost cause.

It is the leader in the Left’s push towards radical socialism.

But some conservatives in California made their last ditch effort to save the once prosperous state.

They successfully launched a recall vote against Governor Newsom to take one last shot at the tyrannical leader.

Unfortunately, the Democrat machine in California was too much for conservatives to overcome.

And as a result, Newsom won by a huge margin.

So now that the dictator’s throne is safe from the peasants, he made it clear he will make them pay.

And one of his first targets are their kids.

Newsom was on CNN on Thursday and was asked if school-aged children would be mandated to get the vaccine to get an education.

Newsom responded, “We want to continue to be vigilant, we want to continue to lean in. We still have a lot of work to do. I worry about a winter surge. So yes, it’s now back on the table to get our kids vaccinated 12-17. We’re not seeing the numbers we’re seeing for other age cohorts. The decision will be made over the course of the next few days.”

Pray for California as they will now feel the wrath of a petty tyrant.