Gloria Steinem just compared Trump supporters to Hitler in this ludicrous way


Crazed feminist Gloria Steinem can’t get enough of the spotlight with her outrageous statements.

But she may have bitten off more than she can chew this time.

Because how she just compared conservatives to Hitler is leaving millions of Americans irate.

Recently, infamous feminist Gloria Steinem was invited on NBC’s Today show to talk all things Steinem and feminism.

During the puff piece, she compared conservatives to Hitler and no one called her out.

She said that “Hitler campaigned against abortion” and then said that since conservatives today are pro-life, the two are related.

The Daily Wire writes:

According to abortion enthusiast Gloria Steinem, pro-lifers share common cause with the mass-murdering Hitler.
Speaking on NBC’s “Today” show on Monday, the feminist Left’s beloved abortion cheerleader Gloria Steinem touted the new edition of her book, “Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions,” during which she compared the pro-life movement to Nazism.

When asked by the hosts what she hoped a new generation of readers would take from the current edition of her book, Steinem recalled the essay she penned in 1980 comparing the GOP platform to Hitler’s:
[STEINEM] “Hitler was actually elected, and he was elected and he campaigned against abortion. I mean, that was — he padlocked the family planning clinics. Okay, so that is still relevant in the terms of the right wing.”

Steinem needs a history lesson.

This false connection between the right wing today and the fascist regime of the Nazi party is the most irresponsible fake news touted by the left.

Pro-Life conservatives believe that ALL lives matter from the moment of conception.

Race, sex, or even religion do not change the value of anyone, especially an unborn baby, in the eyes of Pro-Life conservatives.

That is a far different worldview than the one shared among the Nazi party 80 years ago.

Anyone that wasn’t pure Aryan was considered unworthy of being a part of the German domain.

They literally promoted the murder, including abortion, of anyone that wasn’t purely “Aryan.”

Someone should remind Steinem that it’s the modern left-wing politicians that support infanticide and the belief that NOT all human life is inherently valuable.

They think babies who are born into less than perfect situations can just be tossed in the trash.

So if anything, there is a real connection between the lack of respect for human life between Nazi Germany and the radical Left today.

Do you think conservatives are like “Hitler?” Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. We can stop all this right now. The Constitution gives the people the power.

    We, each individual citizen of America, are the government. The 2 billion rounds of ammo that the Obama administration bought belongs to us. All government property firearms, ammo, ect. belongs to every U.S. citizen. All government buildings belong to U.S. citizens. We are the government. The people we elect are stewards, elected to watch over our assets. If they do not do their jobs lets’ fire them. Your Fired! Vote these commies out of office. If they turn against the citizens then we invoke the 2nd amendment and do what the founding fathers intend us to do. We take back our country.

    We are a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy. We vote for people to be stewards thru the electoral process. If these elected officials go against the principles contained in the Constitution, the minority, must be U.S. citizens, has the right to take up arms against them. Most of the majority of Citizens are hard working and don’t follow what the stewards that they elect are doing. That’s when the MINORITY, must be U.S. CITIZENS, takes over. We hold the stewards that we elect to their oath of office. We use their voting record as proof that they are going against the Constitution and violating their oath of office. We put them on trial by electing out own judges within the minority since we are a REPUBLIC. If found guilty we revoke their CITIZENSHIP and deport them. If they come back to our COUNTRY we give them life imprisonment or execute them.

    In a democracy, whatever the people desire is what becomes policy. Therefore, if a majority of the people decide that murder is no longer a crime, in a democracy murder will no longer be a crime. However, not so in the American republic: in our republic, murder will always be a crime, for murder is always a crime in the WORD of GOD. It is this immutable foundation that has given our republic such enduring stability, for since man at his core does not change, he continues to need the same restraints today that he needed when the BIBLE was written thousands of years ago. It is the rights and wrongs revealed in the BIBLE that have provided the moral and institutional standards for our REPUBLIC.

    Taken from Keys To Good Government according to the founding fathers by DAVID BARTON

    People who don’t believe in God are pushing CHAOS upon Good godlike people. These are the people who have a set agenda and are trying to destroy us. (Fake news, ect.) All laws come from GOD not MAN. (The Ten Commandments) You don’t believe in God therefore, you don’t believe in any law. You are therefore not a law abiding CITIZEN since all our laws come from GOD. Non-believers Quit pushing CHAOS on the American public. Quit trying to control American citizens.

  3. Gloria Steinem has always promoted the murder of infants in the womb.
    I wonder if she would also promote deathcsmps for anyone she disagrees with. The murder of millions of the unborn that she has no problem with, puts her in the same league as Hitler and his death camps, Stalin and his murdering of thousands of his detractors, chairman Mao and his murderous hordes, Pol Pot, and many other like minded despots. May they all, including baby murderers, rot in the bowels of hell for eternity.

  4. In no way is conservatives like Hitler! We do not believe in one race, we are for all races living their lives within laws in harmony. We do not force our religion on others as they best not try to force theirs on us. We are for working everyone working and paying their way! We are NOT for killing our babies of anyone else’s! This woman is an idiot!

  5. Gloria Steinem, she’s one of them feminazis isn’t she? She’s a fine one to be calling someone else Hitler. She is a huge proponent of abortion and her advocacy has resulted in the deaths of 65 million babies in the last forty (or so) years. Most people think of Hitler as one of the all time evil people who have ever made an appearance on earth-he was responsible for the deaths of 6 million innocent people, so he is an absolute piker when compared to Steinem. By a ratio of 11:1 (roughly) Steinem was worse and it’s very hard to get more innocent than a baby still living in it’s mother’s womb.

  6. All rational thinking people, regardless of their political belief, had better wake up and pay attention. These lefties, NOT liberals, are out of control and DANGEROUS… If left unchecked America will be in the same situation as Venezuela in the very near future. God Bless Donald Trump, God bless America and For the love of God, WAKE UP PEOPLE !

  7. Steinem worships Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.

    Margaret Sanger’s Legacy: While the world would rightly condemn the Nazis for their worldview of eugenics, few people realize that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, held the same ideas and beliefs as Hitler did. The goal of her organization “The Birth Control League” (later to be named Planned Parenthood) was to help create a superior race, a racially evolved mankind.

  8. Gloria, do you know what happened in the holocaust? Millions were killed. Your stance on abortion has done the same thing. You want to see Hitler, LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!!!!

  9. This dried up old………….you know what has been spewing the BS for years. Anyone in their right mind, male or female, has paid no attention to her from day one.

  10. I did not know that Gloria Steinem had as bad of dementia as she does. Maybe someone should take control and make sure she doesn’t continue to make stupid remarks! Abortionist are just as much mass murderers as Hitler was. Just because you kill the human before it is born don’t make it any different then to wait till after the birth! Murder is murder, period. If an inconvenience is justification for murder, maybe we should abort the mother along with the unborn baby for not taking the precaution to prevent the unwanted pregnancy to begin with!

  11. Stinehim is a speaker for the devil. Democrats are choldren of the devil. Thise who feel entitled to murder unborn babies are rules by the devil.

  12. Steinem and the other DEMIs voted for Ted Kennedy (8) times!
    This after he murdered Mary-Jo in Cape Cod!


  13. One more little historical note. Her friends, the “Antifa” crowd, behaves much like Hitler’ SA, Brown Shirts who terrorized any opposition of Nazi causes. The big difference though, is that the Brown Shirts did not hide their faces.

  14. People aren’t allowed to speak if they disagree with you. Can’t wear certain clothing if you don’t like it. Books, movies and music needs to be changed if they offend you. Statues and other things need to be removed if you don’t like the history behind them. If anyone disagrees with you, you will call them names, make false accusations or get violent towards them. I would say it is the Left that are the real Nazi’s, Joseph Goebbels would be proud of you.

  15. Who gives a crap what this old ‘ho’ that has been killing babies since the sixties has to say. She’s is absolutely one of the most useless POS that ever lived.

  16. Most women today don’t have any idea what a women’s libber even is. They think it’s someone who spends the day at a computer keyboard trying to prove they know more than the rest of the world. They are very anti-American, full of hate, bigotry, lies and envy. A true women’s libber can stand on her own two feet and NOT need a man but still admires men. And since she’s talking about Hitler, the democrats are the ones that have the concentration camps complete with gas chambers to put everyone who doesn’t agree with them in. The democrats are the ones acting like Hitler. Problem is they never learned History to know it.

  17. Steinam should be ashamed of herself. She obviously missed History class. But it doesn’t surprise me. She and Jane Fonda have been stupid for many decades. I wish that I could blow both out of the water. I am proud that I know History as well as have been taught right from wrong. I hope that whoever reads this can tell How angry I am and that you can tell the type of language I’d really like to be using. But I use proper language because it’s not polite to use the language she and others would really understand. I was taught to think before I speak. But Most people never were taught that.

  18. Sick, sick woman! She obviously doesn’t believe in God, nor does she value life! A true hypocrite like all her kind! One wonders what she’ll say when she stands before Him in judgment?! An eternity in Hell is awaiting Ms. Steinem!

  19. Best message I have read on our founding fathers and our government I agree we should rise up fire them all and start all over because most of the democrats have totally lost it our republic is 242 years old and they are at the brink of destroying with help from some conservatives time for us to unite

  20. Mercy – such lack of information – Hitler made abortion legal in 1933, particularly to get rid of Jews and other people he considered nonredeemable. The camps also promoted sterilization of Jewish women. So SHE IS GROSSLY UNINFORMED.
    “There were approximately 500,000 abortions annually in Germany under the Third Reich, a country of 60 to 70 million people. And, in Nazi Germany, racial stock was considered an aspect of the health of the mother. If she was from an “unhealthy” race, such as Polish, Czech or Jewish, then she was often forced to have an abortion against her will. However, race wasn’t the only consideration. Hitler actively promoted the destruction of the crippled, poor and unemployed classes, as did Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Abortion led to forced sterilization, which led to “euthanasia,” which led to Auschwitz.”

  21. I thought the old bat was dead too. But Noooooo. Lame stream media digs her up and cares not a whit that she has advanced dementia… But that is not excuse for anyone who is actually trying the make MASS MURDER (abortions) legal!


  23. She is grossly uninformed – Hitler legalized abortion in 1933. Approximately 500,000 babies per year were aborted in Germany between 1933-1945. It was promoted for nonredeemable populations: Polish, Gypsies, Jews, the poor, the unemployed, the physically disabled – these people did not have a choice. Not to mention the use of radiation to sterilize women in the camps. She really is uninformed in the historical aspects of her comments. Foolish woman. Considering her Father’s family were Jews – it seems she would be better informed considering what Hitler did to that population. Foolish woman.

  24. Amen to all these comments , Americans just don’t realize the Power we have ,We could actually organize a plan to head to the Capital as many millions Conservatives possible and stand side by side demanding these parasites leave our Capital

  25. I agree that comparing Hitler supporters to Trump supporters is weak. There is much more evidence that Trump supporters are OK with Trump being a traitor in league with the Russian strong man Putin.

  26. Still hoping huh? Pretty sad that you Hil/Libs still have to whine about the Russians. Do you remember Hils button reset? or Baraks hot mic moment? Of course not, because the truth escapes all of you. Sad or pitiful – your choice!

  27. And if they don’t leave, that’s what our 2nd amendment is for. Luckily most of still have our guns to enforce our demands!

  28. Tire Of it— As much as I agree with killing the mother too, I think, in many cases the father may be just as guilty. I don’t think us mere mortals should be involved in judging people like that, or killing them. I think it is a task best left to the almighty.

  29. Steinem was, is and always will be nothing more than the symbol of the Dem party. A purebred jackass and useless to the human race.

  30. Erik…what evidence?????? There is NONE!!! Trump is not a traitor. Far from it. He loves this country and has done a lot for it. But Obama is Muslim and hates everything this country stands for. He is the real traitor. Even he admitted he was born in Kenya. WAKE UP!

  31. Gloria and I are both past our sell by date, but the big difference between us is this. I have my faculties, and she’s senile. I didn’t like her when as a contemporary of mine we were both young, and I despise now.

  32. Why would anyone even try to destroy a baby’s life or even try to take away a baby’s life? Why would anyone try to destroy America? These people either have a hatred for law a biding citizens who have done nothing wrong in there lives or want to own us and control our way of thinking. These people are sick and are using our government for their own personal gain. This has to be stopped. Their play on words has to be stopped. Could it be that they have been brainwashed or held hostage by some terrorist Organization, or maybe Drug Cartel group. We the people (we are the government they work for us as stewards) must put a stop to this and restore the original meaning of our U.S. Constitution.

    Jesus Christ said, “Seek the truth it will set you free!”.

    This is what they are doing to America Right now. Links below. They don’t want you to know what they are doing. Be attentive for all of us must work to stop them.

  33. As someone that actually lived through the Nazi regime I can assure all those comparing today’s GOP to the Nazis that they have no idea what they’re talking about.

  34. What an ignorant slut. Talking about Republicans being Hitlers, she and the and the Hitlerites of the Democrat party are the ones wanting to kill children. Start trying them for murder, that’ll trim the herd.

  35. The Demoncrats Fight Song: Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babi ______________________________________


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