George Takei just announced a sick plan to weaponize coronavirus against Trump


Attacking President Donald Trump has become the new way for has-been Hollywood stars to become relevant again.

Former Star Trek star George Takei is one of the best examples of this.

And he just announced a sick plan to weaponize coronavirus against Trump.

The Left will grasp at anything President Trump says to become outraged.

Even when most of America is trying to get through the global coronavirus outbreak, they only want to attack Trump.

Their most desperate attack against Trump relates to him stating the fact that the virus began in China, claiming making that statement is racist.

George Takei took it to new levels following a Tweet from Trump referring to the virus as “China Virus.”

Trump Tweeted:

“The United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like Airlines and others, that are particularly affected by the Chinese Virus. We will be stronger than ever before!”

In response, Star Trek star turned left-wing activist George Takei called on his 2.9 million Twitter followers to report his Tweet for “racism,” even tagging the website’s founder Jack Dorsey.

Trump was previously asked about his use of the term “Chinese Virus,” citing the fact that China has continually tried to claim that the virus did not originate in their nation, instead blaming the U.S. military for spreading it.

“Well, China was putting out information, which was false, that our military gave this to them,” Trump said in response to a question from a reporter. “That was false. And rather than having an argument, I said I have to call it where it came from, it did come from China. So I think it’s a very accurate term. But no, I didn’t appreciate the fact that China was saying that our military gave it to them. Our military did not give it to anybody.”

Trump is correct in his claim considering that Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, took to his own Twitter account to suggest that “it might be the US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan,” adding that the “US owe us an explanation!”

Any claim that the U.S. began the virus is entirely bogus, and Trump responding to it by simply pointing out a fact is fighting back against communist China’s propaganda.

But the Left would rather side with the Chinese government, who are sworn enemies of the United States.

Do you think Trump should continue calling coronavirus the “China Virus?”

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Wake up George ! ! ! you were a part of the Star Trek cast and let too many stars get into your head instead of being in the show ! ! !

  3. George Takei, what an Idiot,
    What happened to him?
    Did Capitan Kirk dump him for Patrick Stewart?

  4. This is so pathetic. Don’t these people have anything better to do?
    Why don’t these democrat celebrities try to help out with donations instead of constantly attacking and calling everyone a racist?

  5. How about he/we just start calling it the Hollywood Virus, or the California Plague
    The latter is probably not a good one as we know there are a lot of really good people in California, even in Hollywood, but would venture % of idiots in Hollywood is astronomically higher than the entire state.

  6. It started in China, so Chinese virus is not in the least bit racist. George is an idiot like most others in Hollywood

  7. George Takei, is a mentally unstable homosexual activist. He doesn’t like President Trump, because the president won’t bow to the LGBT organization.

    The fact is, President Trump is fair the the LGBT org. But LGBTs want “preferred” treatment.. preferred laws, that are just for them.

    Takei, is one of thes militant homosexuals. He is disgusting & amoral! He always takes the extreme left position!
    One wonders what vile sexual perversion he’s hiding. Takei WAS accused of rape.

  8. British cigarette Takei is a moron. Calling it the “Chinese virus” is simply a factual statement of its origin point, NOT a racist comment. Maybe he should spend less time on the “Hershey highway” and educate himself.
    He’s probably still upset that some people called HIV/AIDS the “gay” virus. Logically it should have been called the African non-human primate virus to be accurate.

  9. Wake up Georgie is right it is what it is a CHINA VIRUS period & do to China’s not being up front & honest with the rest of the world they & they alone have created a PANDEMIC THAT HAS SICKENED THE WORLD & CAUSED A LOT OF PEOPLE TO BE SICK. So GEORGIE GET OVER YOURSELF INSTEAD OF SITTING ON YOUR BUFF & DO SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CREATED.

  10. Let’s be clear the truth is it started in China. Trump didn’t travel there or start this. How about putting you time, money and mouth to work to helping the nation, the world. That would be the human thing to do.


  12. Referring to the Covid 19 is not racist. Are people being racist when they use terms such as Spanish Flu (which also commenced in China) , German measles, MIRS, and Lyme Disease? Having said that to curb the Sinophobia that has intensified around the world in this toxic environment, I would prefer the President to use Covid 19. The nations of the world must transcend political differences, and unite to vanquish this deadly contagion. That means Li Jian Zhao must withdraw the ludicrous accusation that the American Army gave China the virus.

  13. When are people going to realize that viruses have always been names after the place of where they started, after people who discovered them and after animals. No disrespect or racism against any country, or people. If this was so, then where were the complaints on the German measles, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Ebola, Australian flu, Hong Kong flu, Swine flu, Bird flu, and any other that I may have forgotten. I don’t remember anything like today’s complaints.

  14. Takei is showing the results of having your head slammed against the head board for over 60 plus years.

  15. Has George Takei never heard of the Spanish Flu the German Measles? I’m reasonably sure that Takei blames Trump for the names of these deseases as well. I’m sorry about George’s mental problems.

  16. george is being a racist, this IS a Chinese made virus, and the rest of the world should make CHINA pay for the outbreak and concealment of this deadly disease of which China is the epicenter. Even worse is the Chinese threat of withholding medical grade compounds necessary to create drugs to fight this Chinese virus.

  17. “CHINESE VIRUS” FROM CHINA! The racism “card” is played because too many Politicians, Celebrities, Hil-liar-y, Biden & Son, Kerry ARE HEAVILY INVESTED IN CHINA & THEY DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THEIR INCOME. (OH YEAH, LETS NOT FORGET BLOOMBERG & SEYER; & SOROS?)
    When this is over, America needs to get out of China. The EFFING CHINESE LEADERS used their own People as “vessels” to release this POISON ALL OVER THE WORLD.

  18. This lifelong degenerate of hollywood has been emotionally sick his whole life. He complied with degeneracy to land the space show he was involved with. He is and was sick and demented emotionally and his type culls themselves. Sodom and Gomorrah did not burn down, they failed to reproduce.

  19. They HAVE CONTINUALLY BLOCKED MY COMMENTS, because they are the truth. Let’s see if this one is posted. This unholywood ck skr will be condemned to planet hell. The Chinese Virus started in a lab in China and was not contained and the Chinese lied about it for months……they are totally responsible for killing so many people the world over.

  20. Anyone that spreads China propaganda is NOT for America! Beware of whoever uses the race card as they are only trying to divide America for their own benefit – they value their own wealth more than they value America! Liberty and Freedom!

  21. George Takei is absolutely right ! Trump IS politicizing this terrible crisis for his own self-serving reasons , and he IUS a vicious racist . Hate crimes against innocent Asian-Americans are on the rise because of Trump’s racist demagoguery in calling this is “China virus “.
    Trump MUST be voted out of office this November – this country cannot withstand a second term with this vile, evil, incompetent , egotistical , bigoted, moronic and corrupt moron in the White House .

  22. Takes like all LIBERALS cannot handle the FACT that Trump is doing what is right and doing it better than the Democraps could even dream of doing. The Democraps plan would kill many many people and they don’t care what happens to Americans so long as they keep their power. The Democraps WILLFUL IGNORANCE would kill millions if not Billions. Look at what is happening in China. IDIOTS like Takei need to do the World a great favor and SHUT UP instead of this Disfavor of trying blame Trump.

  23. The ChiCom government is writ large all over the CHINESE CoronaVirus outbreak and resulting pandemic. It was started in China and actions or inactions of the leaders in Bejing led to what we have today. Takei and the rest of the liberal meatheads aside, it originated in China and the Chinese let it spread worldwide.

  24. George is nothing but a twinkle toed scrotum muncher. He has no credibility. He is a typical Hollywood Ass Pirate as well as a Jizzaholic.

  25. Who gives a damn what a totally Irrelevant X-TV person thinks about anything. Where is it written that if you are in a movie or TV show you suddenly become an expert on anything? He is just one more of the Hollywood has beens looking for Relevance in his totally Irrelevant little world. When this whole Chinese Corona Virus thing is over and people are once again out and about the very LAST thing that they should do is go to the movies. Let the useless and no talent movie stars know what it really feels like to live without a paycheck for a couple of years. For me, this won’t be very hard I haven’t been to a movie theater in years. Who needs to watch a movie with no real plot or storyline that is filled shootings, car chases, explosions and pay $13 for the privilege to watch while eating an $8 tub of stale popcorn.

  26. Robert Burger, just be sure to make your statement loud and clear, show the world videos when you, and all other president bashers tear up your undeserved relief checks.

  27. You are the Racist, Takei! What you are doing is stoking the hateful Fires and that is what Hitler did by badmouthing the Jews and look what happened. That is not what we tolerate in this Country! They should throw your a$$ into the slammer until this is over!!

  28. Who gives a flying fk what this gay dk smoking alien of the moral race thinks of our Greatest President since 1776 ?
    No one trying to raise a healthy lifestyle family not sucking (pun intended) into Follywoods corrupt immoral bs monopolizing their immoral message with the controlled self serving outlets (tv, movies, fags I mean mags) they run. WAKE UP AMERICA dont put so much time into “entertainment ” that it corrupts your values and mindset. America is only ad strong as its moral ability to lead the world. President Pete? For Pete’s suck, Wake the fk UP.!!!!

  29. Scotty, beam him over to Pluto.
    Robert Berger, one question: there is no denying that both CNN and MSNBC, for weeks, called the Wuhan Coronavirus, Chinese Coronavirus, etc., then, all of a sudden it’s “racist” to say it. The fact that Chinese is not a race aside, did it suddenly become ‘racist’ when China said so, and the MSM is promoting Chinese propaganda, because Trump once said the words, or both?

  30. Beam hin up to heaven or beam him down doesn’t matter which direction he goes but get him off

  31. George has a demented and leftist mind. He should have consulted with his husband before he stuck both feet into his mouth.

  32. The China or Wuhan virus, or kung-flu. or Corona Virus, are all appropriate, and to hell with anyone who takes offense.

  33. I used to tel my kids when they where growing up, no matter what anyone says…you can’t change the truth about a situation.
    Still holds true today.

  34. George Takei is a queer and spreading the china virus all through the queer population and he should be deported back to china. IN MY OPINION

  35. Cmon George. why don’t you go back to China or whatever shole country you came from. The Wuhan virus is a massive coverup by the China government.

  36. I am Japanese. George Takei, you have brought shame to our heritage. You are the racist.
    Some Hollywood stars are so political bias and broadcasting hatred. This is very sad.
    No wonder more and more people are losing faith and hope in our stars and starlets.
    Terrible people!!!! I used to love “Star Trek” You have devalued my love for this show.

  37. 1) George Tacky is a has been.
    2) George Tacky needs to stay in Hollywood’s good graces.
    3) George Tacky has a history of being a leftist shill.
    4) Even Hollywood won’t use his has-been azz.

  38. The truth hurts. China is the culprit. But George has been in space so long, he can’t tell fact from fiction.

  39. Chinese virus! Chinese virus! Chinese Virus! Chinese Virus! Chinese Virus! Chinese Virus! Chinese virus! Chinese virus! Chinese Virus! Chinese Virus! Chinese Virus! Chinese Virus! Chinese Virus! What part of the term don’t you understand faggct George, huh!!!! Do you spit or swallow?

  40. Chinese Virus, China Virus, Wuhan Virus, Wuhan Corona Virus. Take your pick!!! I was a great Star Trek fan but Takei was never a good actor and now shows up as not a very good thinker.

  41. To all who don’t like OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OR OUR PRESIDENT OF OUR UNITED STATES, should leave here never to return. And there are many out here that will help you pack,
    but you won’t leave because anywhere else would probably persecute you for your stupid thoughts that you are so special.
    NEWS FLASH!!!! YOU ARE NO ONE SPECIAL, please take Whoopi, (We thought she was going to make us happy and move to Canada (big liar)) Nancy, Waters, and Oprah with you when you leave


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