George Soros accidentally revealed his plot to destroy the traditional American family and his plan will make you sick


George Soros funds radially left-wing and even fringe causes across the globe in hopes of implementing his sick socialist agenda.

Part of this agenda includes breaking down great American traditions and our concept of social norms.

Now Soros accidentally admitted he’s funding efforts to break down traditional American families and his plan will make you sick.

While leftists typically do not like to admit it, they despise the traditional family structure.

They view the marriage of a man and woman, filling the roles of a father and mother, to be a prison for women and that it empowers the patriarchy.

This view naturally puts them at odds with Biblical teachings and causes a great deal of friction between the two groups.

Now, radical leftists have discovered a way to potentially destroy the traditional family structure by capitalizing on the Coronavirus.

NewsBusters reports, “On March 24, progressive outlet ‘openDemocracy’ — funded in part by George Soros-founded and chaired non-profit group ‘Open Society Foundations’ — mused that social distancing and quarantine during the Chinese virus pandemic may have revealed the limitations of the private, single-family household . Perhaps now there is a chance we can do away with this scourge.”

Essentially, these progressives believe they can uproot families through the practice of social distancing and the threat of the virus.

Liberals never like to “let a crisis go to waste” and find ways to advance their agenda each and every time.

However, most of the time they have the common sense to not publicly celebrate a virus that will kill tens of thousands of people.

This just goes to show radical progressives will go to any length to accomplish their disgusting goals.

George Soros is bankrolling advocacy groups that are hell-bent on the destruction of family units and does not seem to care if people perish along the way.

What do you think? Is George Soros funding operations that threaten traditional American families?

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  2. I think the virus would spread more rapidly if we all lived in communes and shared our property equally.
    Sorry, I meant poverty, not property. You’re not allowed to have personal property under communism.

  3. Oh that is why Hillary Clinton put a $300 million label over his head?
    She wants him put down as well?
    Another body bag under her list? Who know how far those fingers will stretch!

  4. Why is SOROS still in the USA, why doesn’t he go back to where he was born and take his fortune with him. He does nothing for the USA but try various methods and strategies to bring the country down, so why does the government not just pull the welcome mat and send him packing. There is NO reason why he should be allowed to be in the USA. He has skirted the law but surely he can be deported for traitorist activities, if we can deport those who commit crimes against the government, we surely should be able to deport him.

  5. George Soros is anti American and since he is not native born he should be kicked out of America. I understand he is Jewish but is anti Israel. I am wondering just what he is, but it is clear, he is not AMERICAN! He should be put before the Supreme Court to make him state to the American people just what he is. He is a danger to America. Let us make a recommendation.

  6. Soros is a demented, mentally ill psychopath. He needs to be terminated with extreme prejudice. His agenda is domestic terrorism. He needs to be put down like a rabid animal.

  7. MB, Soros is the person who funded Hillary’s candidacy both times. Hillary is one of the people touting the one world order, as Soros would love nothing more for this to happen, the whole plan was devised while Soros was Gorbachevs right hand man. Soros funds most of the Democratic parties candidates, why do you think that all their goals involve the distruction of the American way of life.

  8. Why isn’t this TREASONISTIC TRAITOR LUNATIC stripped of his CITIZENSHIP PERMANENTLY deported and shipped back to HUNGARY where he BELONGS? Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. Let Soros keep revealing his hand; God is working to take care of him and his followers. Just watch what happens……

  10. I have said all along that this Frog Faced piece of Crap needs to be booted out of the USA and now. Tell him to get out of the USA. He looks like an old Bull Frog that someone needs to shove his money up his A– and put him on a Plane and send him out of the USA. Why can’t authorities do that? Why can’t anyone in Washington throw him out of the USA? I think he needs to be on the First Plane out of here and tell him we will send his crap on the next Plane. Don’t even let his Plane land, just put a parachute on him and let me figure it out. Russia needs this Frog Faced Piece of Carp in their Country. He should no longer be allowed to be here. We don’t need his money nor do we need him.

  11. President Trump is also keeping his eyes on him; Just waiting for Soros to make a wrong move.

  12. Your concept of “social norms” is at least 70 years out-of-date. Soros is simply pushing for legal protections for modern family structures in the face of a right wing push for a theocracy in the USA.

  13. Isrial does not want Soros. He stands for everything HASHEM and YESHUA Stands for. If you can’t see that Isrial is Pro America/Trump your blinder than a bat. Bats go by sonar and the only sonar Soros can follow is the smell of money.

  14. Doris should be stripped of his US citizenship and returned to Hungary. I believe they intend to kill him when he returns for treason. Once in WWII when he colluded against his own people with the Nazis and second 1956 during the Hungarian uprising against the communists. He supported the communists and fled here, iv would personally pay for his trip home to

  15. You actually post an Article from these guys?
    These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward conservative causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage conservative causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy.

    Overall, we rate Newsbusters Right Biased based on story selection that always favors the right. We also rate them borderline questionable due to the use of poor sources and numerous failed fact checks. One additional failed fact check will push this source by default onto the Questionable list.

    Seriously, why not just call Alex Jones for his ‘information”. And people wonder why the Trumpsters are such sheep.

  16. I do not understand why this scum is allowed so many freedoms in this country. As far as I am concerned, he has committed treason several times. His citizenship should be revoked just before being tried for his actions and hung from a very high tree. Hungary gets it – why don’t we ?

  17. And you all say the democrats are hate mongers. Look at every post in this string and tell me it’s not full of hate. Better yet, look in the mirror if you can stand to.

  18. Soros I believe is still wanted by Russia along with Hungary he collaborated with the Nazi’s during WW2 in sending his own people to the gas chambers. I would like to know why the Jewish Nazi hunters don’t come and get him he’s a dam war crime collaborator the U.S. is protecting this son of a b _ _ch we need to confenscat all of his assets and send him back along with his whole god dam family

  19. He is banned from his own Country,Hungry He isn’t allowed back there n he is pals with the other evil ,follow of Satin n they both are worshipers of the devil himself Satin! They both should be tried for treason against our Great Country,America! WHY IT HASN’T HAPPENED I JUST DONT GET IT!You do the crime you do the time!??👹👹

  20. Scott, the sad part is that many of these people actually believe the dribble they spew. This is what happens after years of being lied to by Fox Entertainment, Rush, Alex, and of course their Messiah Donnie ‘Tiny Hands’ Trump.

  21. AT V5, nope, the guys was like 12 or 13 when he was in the concentration camps so not a collaborator. And no, he is not wanted in Russia and Hungary, or even Germany.

    At what point will you people learn to do some independent research or at least use snopes dot com.

  22. I do not understand why someone has not assassinated him yet. He is a sick man and satan is waiting for him.

  23. They need to throw this guy in the deepest, darkest hole they can find, and then freeze all his assets. He is a threat to America, and he is the puppet master of the democrats, and that includes the illegal 44th president.

  24. Yo Tillie, try this at snopes dot com on Soros……….. Note that the guy was 14 when the war ended, fourteen.

    As a prominent political activist and supporter of left-wing causes, Hungarian-born billionaire financier George Soros has frequently been the target of smear campaigns, and none more odious than the persistent — and false — claim that Soros, a Jew, was a Nazi sympathizer, collaborator, and/or paramilitary officer during World War II.

    That Soros was only nine years old (born in 1930) when the war broke out and all of 14 when Nazi Germany surrendered in May 1945 hasn’t dampened his detractors’ enthusiasm for spreading these rumors, including the absurd claim, which first surfaced in November 2016, that Soros literally served as an officer of the paramilitary Schutzstaffel (SS) in Germany.

  25. Joe… thank you for the correct information about Soros. Sadly, these folks either refuse or are incapable of researching things before spewing their hatred; or if they do “research” it’s watching fox, listening to rush, etc. They don’t actually use their brains.

  26. Soros owns Progressive Insurance and they have tons of useless, dumb commercials—Flo is so “cutesy” and dumb as a box of rocks. Let’s get them off the air, and the company should be put out of business. And he owns other companies which should also go broke. We don’t want him here.

  27. This is why we should be able to buy a human hunting license once every 10 years. That piece of crap soros and a lot of other freaks, like Ayers, need to go.

  28. Please do not send him back . It will not do any good for anybody . Assign agricultural work for him and the rest to learn the labour to grow something edible.

  29. @Steve…………. Your lack of actual history is astounding, and sad. George Soros was born in Hungary, as an Eastern European, he would not be involved in any part of the Hitler Youth, they were restricted to German youth.

  30. Strip soros of his citizenship because he is constantly working against the US he supports terrorist groups and gives millions of dollars to any group that will act against America, strip his citizenship, deport him back to his country of birth and deny him the chance of ever setting foot on American soil again

  31. Again first amendment rights taken away. Wouldn’t print what I think of soros. He is still a P.O.S. F ..K STICK THAT WII END UP IN HELL DANCE WITH THE DEVIL IN FIRE LAKE!!!👹👺

  32. Ssoros needs to be tossed out of this country! He and the so called progressives care nothing about America and its values. This is evil pure and simple and we must not let ourselves be swayed by it!

  33. Soros is a POS and a large part of the problems in the US. He uses his money to fund hate organizations as well as corrupt politicians. He needs to be stripped of his citizenship and sent packing. His money should go to pay down our national debt or use it to help our military.

  34. Soros is at the end of his days. His hands will soon be folded in death and there is nothing he or his money can do to change this fact!

  35. Gordon, his son already took over the “business” and he is said to be worse than the old man.

  36. Joe: … “Your lack of actual history is astounding, and sad”. And some research would not hurt your ego. Hungary is NOT Eastern Europe, it is Central Europe, look at the map. Soros was born Georg Schwarz, he changed his name to Soros, which is best translated as “Next in line for the throne”. He was in his 15th year in 1945 when he snitched on hiding to the police. He was allowed to pick the victims’ loot, which became the seeds of his wealth when he moved to the UK. He never hid his activity in WW2, claiming “I did what I had to do to survive”. See the interview on You-tube. He is banned from Russia, his organizations are banned in Hungary. You protect him because you work for his org.

  37. I don’t understand why this pathetic excuse for a human being hasn’t been stripped of his US citizenship & deported. He obviously took his oath of allegiance to the USA with his fingers crossed behind his back. He has said that the destruction of the USA is his “dream”. He has essentially bought the Democratic party.
    His native Hungary has already declared that he is not welcome back there. He is a real piece of work & his motives are evil.

  38. George, I pray that God the Father uses you as an example to all the Fatherless Basturds,(a child without God the Father no matter the age is a Fatherless Basturd) and wipes you and your $$ from the face of this earth! Your money cannot save you from the hot furnace that awaits you!!!! You Gone from this earth would save many lost souls!!! Amen

  39. William , you are correct Soros is responsible for the CoronaVirus in a partnership with other conniving individuals such as Bloomberg, Gates, Buffett and Winfrey and others. Look it up. Their Mission: One World Government.

  40. GOD will you PLEASE REMOVE this piece of crap from this world!!!!! Put this thing somewhere else so he cant do no more harm to people. This is why he is very wealthy he stoled from the Holocaust people on top of many more people. Soros has been ran out from many other countries facts!!!!! The Democrats keeps him here for money.

  41. I have told you before soros does not spend his own money he has so many so called non profits groups US the tax payer pays for all the trouble he and his groups causing lot of problems here in USA.his so called non profits groups get 58 million dollars to stir up trouble.when they get caught they just change NAME of the group and keep right on getting tax dollars.also obama set it up he gets10 million per year to give to illegals of course it also is listed as non profit.

  42. The family unit is the essential basic building block of our nation. Studies of delinquent incarcerated minors evidence that disrespect for property and life results from emotional abandonment and raised in a single family household. Emotionally mature developed youths originate from the traditional household of paternal and maternal authority role models. Communism expands from the breakdown of the traditional family unit — divide and conquer. De-evolution. Thank God for President Trump. In God We Trust.

  43. “And you all say the democrats are hate mongers. Look at every post in this string and tell me it’s not full of hate.”
    Of course, it is. Look at what the subject is. Does it not say in the bible to hate sin?

  44. Funny thing. I don’t see ” Joe or Scott ” running their pie holes after Parduc put the correct info here about how scumbag Soros changed his name, and pocketed personal item of wealth along with money from the Jews that he exposed to the Nazies. I guess old JOE & SCOTT actually do work for Soros organization. Maybe you both should just stay buried under your rocks next time, rather than try and defend your Satanic leader. I’m sure GOD has a nice HOT room waiting for the both of you as well.

  45. When his God is ready for him to come home, just like you, me and everyone who has ever lived, and who will ever live.

  46. Why isn’t this evil old man in jail for crimes against humanity? Meanwhile we have a congresswoman alleging just that about our duly elected President.

  47. Help me out here Dan, exactly what “crimes against humanity” has he committed? And as far as President Trump, I’d remind you that the Mueller report concluded that he should have been charged with at least 8 counts of obstruction of justice. That didn’t happen because the Justice Department decided that you can’t indict a sitting President.

  48. Donna Lindsay,
    Does Israel want Soros? Didn’t God say I will take care of My people, Israel? I guess we are not suppose to understand or question what God does but I am wondering why he keeps Soros alive. Money talks and Soros has paid so many people world wide and they are in his pocket to do whatever he wants to with them and that includes Schiff, Pelosi and especially Obama and Hillary

  49. So your on a direct wave length to God who gave you the inside info on when Soros is going to die, or maybe you have a plan ???????????????

  50. Even for you that is kind of dumb. Of course Soros will someday die, just like you and I, just like your great, great, great grandson will die after hopefully a long and happy life. And if your trying to say that Soros will spend eternity in some nasty place because he does not worship your particular God, you really do need professional help.

  51. Hey, Joe, don’t bother trying to fool people by saying to fact-check with Too many people already know that belongs to George Soros ! That is probably the most worthless source for truthful information in existence today ! It is left-wing all the way, just like YOU, Joe.

  52. Tom, the only ‘people’ who know that belongs to George Soros are the very ones who made up the lie and posted it to Facebook in Feb. 2018. That fairy tale was debunked by PolitFacts, another independent organization. Then again, there are so many Trump Bots out there who are willing to believe any fabrication fed to them, and then repeat it as gospel.

  53. President Trump please do something to rid our Country of this Communist George Soros, I pray this this in the Name of Our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen

  54. George Soros hates Americans and hates our constitution. He hates God and anyone else who loves God. And, why should a family unit threaten him? And, why “is it time” for the traditional family unit to be dissolved? How does he decide to go about doing this? And, without resistance from families?! He has an agenda, and I’m sure I know what his end game plan is. Would he just please admit it? And, what is wrong with those of you defending him?! Unless his goal is the same is yours. Then, why won’t you admit it?

  55. Soros same as Hilter if someone would have taken care of Hitler look at how many would have stayed alive Soros is from Hungary I think n they didn’t want him either…send him back as a threat to our country…he needs to be gone back to his home..let them deal with this parasite


  57. They say, Jews can not be Hitler’s, Stalin’s, Castro’s, Islamic Moslem Jews, Soros is one , Bloomberg is second and Schumer/Nadler, are the hope of the last.

  58. Linda Hill ,,,, How many –WRONG MOVES– will George Soros be allowed to make , before he is finally booted out of here ??????????


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