Franklin Graham just shut down Apple’s gay CEO’s censorship plan with one Bible verse


Apple is open about their so-called “progressive” policies and ideas.

And they also hate conservatives and will do anything to silence them.

But what Franklin Graham just said in response to Apple’s CEO will floor you.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently received the “Courage Against Hate” award from the Anti-Defamation League.

And in his speech he defended Apple’s decision to ban speech on their platforms that “violates the values of the company.”

But Franklin Graham responded with a bombshell, asking Tim Cook “Who defines Morality?”

Then he followed it up with a Bible verse from the book of Judges that reads “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 21:25)

CBN News writes: reports in his remarks, Cook, who’s openly gay and supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, defended his company’s banning of certain speech or news media on Apple’s platforms when they “violate the values of the company.” He said that not banning what is “wrong” is irresponsible and “a sin.”

Responding directly to Cook in a Facebook post, Franklin Graham asked the question, “Who defines Morality?” And Graham reminded his followers that Cook’s comments “should concern all of us.”

“The only thing is, as sinful human beings, we don’t get to define morality or sin according to our own desires, preferences, or agendas,” Graham pointed out. “Tim Cook can’t; I can’t; and you can’t.

“Sin and morality has been defined by the God of the universe. God and God alone. God’s Word, the Bible, is the standard by which questions of good and evil, and right and wrong, are determined,” Graham continued.

“We run into all kinds of problems if Apple or Google or anyone else tries to censor according to their own personal code of right and wrong. That was the problem among God’s people a thousand years before Christ appeared, as the Old Testament Book of Judges drew to a close: “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25),” he concluded.

Graham hit the nail right on the head.

Apple’s definition of what is “moral” or “right” could differ from someone else’s.

And to give Apple the power over its users to censor them when they please, is frightening.

Everyone who uses an iPhone or Mac should be concerned.

This is the issue with all of the Silicon Valley giants, however.

Google has been caught red-handed suppressing positive content for conservatives in favor of blatantly leftist sites like The Huffington Post or CNN.

And Youtube (owned by Google) will demonetize and outright ban conservatives simply for sharing their opinion, while pushing “progressive” voices like Samantha Bee to the top of their featured list.

Ultimately, Graham cut right to the chase of the problem.

No one can define Morality except God Himself.

Do you think the Silicon Valley giants censor conservatives? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


    • Yes…especially since such heathen behaviors are always lifeless and lethal; fruitless an fatal. Moreover, since it is forever impossible for the “excretory system” of men or women to ever act as the “reproductive system” of men and women, it is forever IMPOSSIBLE for LGBTQXYZLMNOP’s etc. to ever exist save for the inverted and perverted anti-sexual’s who practice perversions.

    • The gates of hell will not prevail against the church and Gods plan of redemption for sinners. Liberals are a product of their own doing blinded by prosperity abd misappropriation of the blessings of living in a free country. Our hope is that many get saved and turn America’s youths back to God the Bible.

      • Matthew Atwater Although I agree that Homosexuality is a violation of Yahweh’s commandments,your claim that the gates of Hell will not prevail against the church isn’t true,there is no church in scripture,that word is an invention of false religion,so in a real way Satan has already prevailed against the false church,he has neutered the so called church with false doctrine,when Yeshua said you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free,he was speaking of being made free from sin,1 John 3:4 defines Sin as the transgression of the law,christians believe they are free from the law or are no longer under the law,but the bible was not speaking of the commandments,he was speaking of the Mosaic covenant laws consisting of the sacrificial and ceremonial laws including the Levitical priesthood,these are the laws abolished at the stake,the commandments are still necessary for salvation and must be observed,Matthew 19:17,revelation 22:14,as long as Christians remain ignorant of this fact,they have been prevailed over and are the tail not the head.

        • Jim I understand where you are coming from but we are NOT UNDER THE LAW BUT UNDER THE NEW COVENANT. JE

          Jim I understand where you”re coming from, but we are NOT UNDER THE LAW BUT UNDER THE NEW COVENANT! Jesus fulfilled God’s requirement for a perfect sacrifice. He also Was sinless and took our penalty! Was beaten, scourged and crucified and shed His sinless blood and placed it on the heavenly alter in the heavenly temple. We are under grace. God’s choice of the Apostle Paul , Once a strict obedient Jew was saved by Christ Himself and became the Lord’s servant to proclaim the new covenant. You are correct in
          your stating that the word “CHURCH” was not in the original Writing “A CALLED Out ASSEMBLY” was the original term used, was Greek for Ecclesia , a called out people for his name, a congregation was was the term untill the 1611 King James Bible became the standard Bible, AND STILL IS, THE REST ARE NOT”.
          But still those w ho are saved by repenting of their sins and accepting Jesus as their LORD AND SAVIOR are apart of the called out assembly Congregation and now has become common use in our day, Church.

          • Dean when Paul said we were not under the law for righteousness,he was not speaking of Yahweh’s Moral laws,he was speaking of the laws added at mount Sinai which were the Mosaic covenant laws consisting of the ceremonial laws including its sacrificial laws,the New covenant is the law written on the heart and mind,these laws are for ever and ever,they will never pass away,I understand that Yeshua paid the penality for our sins,but that does not mean the Law has been discontinued,if that were true that the law has been fulfilled and discontinued,why did Yeshua say in Matthew 19:17 that if you will enter into life (eternal life) keep the commandments,and then he proceeded to name them,is he just crazy and has no idea of what he is saying because it doesn’t support your claim,the bible says we are saved by grace through faith,do you understand what grace is,it is the a gift of the Holy spirit given to enable the believer to obey Yahweh’s Moral laws,remember what took place on Pentecost,I’ll sume the whole argument up this way,christianity is a false religious system,totally rift with false doctrine and myth,hardly anything about it is biblical,even the name Jesus is fake,he wasn’t called that until the sixteenth century,it amazes me that Christians won’t take the time to research these things for them selves,if they did,I believe they would find out for themselves that Christianity is an invention of the roman church from the third century,this is where Christmas,easter and the sunday sabbath originated,who was it that brags about canonizing the scripture in the fouth century,and then locking up the scriptures for hundreds of years under penalty of death,where does it say in scripture that we must invite jesus into our hearts in scripture and that all that is required is to confess him as lord,repentence is what all of the apostiles and Yeshua always preached and focused on,confessing Jesus with out any change in our lives and obeying Yahweh’s forever Commandments is a giant waste of time,it requires both Faith and obedience.

  1. These people who deny God’s morality will be absolutely surprised when they stand before the Lord in final judgement and are condemned to an eternity in Hell! I don’t say so, God says so!

    • You are correct Spencer. Will be a sad day, that they are condemned to HELL , separated from GOD for ever, to live with those who shunned our SAVIORS free gift. Dying on the cross was a gift to all, if we repent and believe in HIM.

    • Yes, that is why if anyone ends up in hell, he/she has nobody to blame but themselves. God doesn’t send anyone to hell…they send themselves by the choices they make. The Bible says, “God is not willing that ANY should perish, but that all should come to repentence.” IIPeter 3:9 This is why God sent his only Son, Jesus, to die for our sins, then rose again from the dead…the REAL reasons why we celebrate Christmas and Easter.

    • Spencer Downs All of these people quoting scripture about Yahweh’s morality,need to stop and think about what you are saying,you are condemning people to Hell who are no more or less guilty than you and they are,Yahweh has only given mankind ONE standard of righteousness and one moral code,which is found in his commandments,statutes and his judgments,but how many Christians do you know off who actually keep or even attempt to keep the Commandments,and actually believer they should not be burdened by the Law and that it was nailed to the cross and jesus kept it for us,so we would not have to,I’ve had many christains tell me these very things,and even condemn me for even trying to obey them,it is hypocritical to condemn others when we are doing the same things they are,and there are few(actually none) Christians that do not Sin just like the rest of the world does,Yeshua died and shed his blood for our past Sin,but he made no provisions for willful Sin,Sin as defined in the scriptures is the transgression of the law1 John 3:4,Hebrews 10:26 says that after we come to the knowledge of the truth and willfully transgress Yahweh’s laws,that their remains no sacrifice for our transgressions,although we are saved by Yahweh’s mercy,it is his grace that makes us acceptable to him,Grace is the enabling power of his Spirit that strengthens us and causes us to obey his forever Moral laws,we should not be traped in to thinking that just confessing a creed with out supporting deeds(works) will save us,the book of James covered this in James 2:19-26,commandment keeping is a must,those who inherit eternal life are they who have the testimony(Faith) of Yeshua and keep the commandments,Matthew 19:17,Revelations 22:14.

  2. Franklin Graham is one hundred percent correct. A successful, wealthy, and powerful person assumes their views must be right about everything, because they have reach the pinacle of success! They can and probably have violated every moral law of God, and God has not hit them with lightning. So, they think they can and should control others. Satan’s forces have deceived them into thinking they are “god”.

  3. Mankind is just following the lead of Lucifers’ fall. We cannot place ourselves above or on par with the Almighty God! If we believe we can determine our morality outside of God’s instructions, we have bought into our sin of pride, and thus our downfall. Read the BIBLE – (basic instructions before leaving earth)

  4. I am appalled at how biblically ignorant this CEO is about the bible and what GODs word says. He will pay the praise later on when he stands before GOD. I pray that he will repent from his homosexual sins. It is as clear as daylight but his mind and heart is darkened by the evil one. A reprobated mind.

    • He had better repent before he stands before Almighty GOD, I can not judge for GOD. But I do believe it will be to late to wait till you stand before GOD on that fateful day for so many. I have said many times, I can not Fathom what eternity is, except, never dying , and spending it with others like yourself, separated from our FATHER for ever.

    • It is a common affliction of the wealthy,
      once they become wealthy they think they are
      smarter than others and their wisdom is applied
      to the “little people”, as the ultimate truth.

      When Yahweh wakes and Yashua returns, these
      rich and smart people will be judge for the
      misery they have caused.

    • Romans Chapter ONE indicates that he will NOT repent, but glorify in his homosexuality.
      Thereby condemning himself to eternal damnation. Not God’s choice, but his own.

  5. Gay people expect all non-gay people to accept their beliefs and way of life–but don’t want to accept straight peoples way of life and beliefs

  6. THINK!!!
    Before one opens mouth (talking gear) should think many times over with their brain, the educated idiot box on shoulder)
    Read carefully, for whatever you say on Earth will be your ticket to the future
    Like Karma–whatever one spews forth from your lips will return to haunt you and bite you
    God is not fooled, only mankind who fools itself thinking the humankind are correct

  7. When I was younger I had my family,my job , my health,but little money . Now I’m old, I have money, but my health is gone. Through all that the Lord was always there.. I was happiest with no can’t love God and money. I choose God.

  8. Face it — this scumbag is nothing more than a leftist/libtard/demoTRASH POS that wants to control the people and what they are allowed to say thinking he will be part of the NWO.

    • dont you find it ‘odd’ that the logo is an apple with a bite missing from it? PS, no such thing as a coincidence.
      any one that new Jobs, knew how corrupt and immoral he was, he committed crimes all thru his career, morally and business, stealing trade secrets from other companies and then get them to market first using spy engineers within the target company also was a HS

  9. Satan is hiring. He needs greeters for the large number of Evangelicals who voted for Trump. Jesus took away the free pass they thought they had to Heaven.

    • Eric Granberg >> Welcome to the Group of “All did and said what was right in their own eyes!!!”

      Accept the Pinnochio award humbly. You have truly earned it!

    • Eric…You know nothing at all about Jesus. That is very obvious. You attack Trump but willfully overlook that Hillary is far worse. Her corruption and lies know no bounds, but that is fine with you. You are a fool. Yes, satan is hiring. He will take all of us that he can get, and YOU have fallen right into his trap. sad

    • Eric… ALL who come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as their Savior will join Him In Heaven. YOU have the same chance as everyone else to come to Him and be saved. But you have chosen to reject Him and join satan instead.

    • Well Eric, we will all have a chance to stand before HIM on judgement day. You and all of us will be held accountable . You can take that to the Bank. IF GOD says it, I believe it, END OF STORY.

    • What the hell does Trump have to do with this conversation? You liberal demorats blame everything on Trump? What is with you morons, get a life and quit blaming all your bullsh*t problems on other people

    • There you have it – someone finally mentioned trumpy in this conversation. trumpy is one of the worst sinners alive today!!.. He has no moral compass and no values to guide him. Yet you all follow and praise him as if he were a god himself!! You all are fools indeed!!

    • And you voted for Hillary Clinton. She is the baby killer , she is just like Tim what she thinks is right in her evil eyes should be right for everyone else ! Hillary is as evil as all of them and I can’t beliece a live person would have voted for such an evil person as Hillary Clinton. If she had somehow won we would be under one world order right now and we would never have known how evil the Democrats are. You can’t become a millionaire from your paycheck. All those Democrats are taking money right and left , just like the Clintons. They stole all that money from Haiti. Money went missing under Hillary Clinton and no one knows where it went except Hillary. Obama is another crooked Democrat. How did he become so rich ? He took billions of USA dollars and sent it to Iran. Who knows where all that money actually went ! So I don’t see why Donald can’t do like Obama and just take the money for the wall. If we could get rid of Nancy and Schumer some of our problems would be gone. Then we have to remove Maxine Waters and Diane Feinstein and Elizabeth Warren. All the Democrats are not for the USA citizens they think illegals have more rights. We put money in the system , illegals put nothing in the system!

    • To Eric: I’m so happy knowing you are NOT our final Judge! You have NO authority to say or even imply that a particular group is going to hell. Face it Kiddo, you simply don’t know! And remember, you will be judged by the same measuring stick you are using!

  10. In the beginning God Almighty created Adam and Eve, and God Almighty asked the man and woman to produce,
    The union was Holy, but people like CEO Cook who think that just because they have money and opportunity want to redefine God Almighty, s order of creation, Guys like CEO Cook have introduced homosexuality which is against God Almighty, s order and they think it is, cool, I am sorry is not, but there is forgiveness if they repent, and live like normal men

    • Cook did not introduce homosexuality. It has been around since before Sodom and Gomorrah. And homosexuals will not likely to repent because they don’t think they are sinning. very sad

      • Yes, please read it and you will see where trumpy is taking us. His plans for taking us into a dictatorship are right on target. He governs as the one and only – it’s his way or else. The king has new clothes – only they are invisible!! What a fool we have as the leader of this country.

  11. Hello brothers and sisters, the scriptures that have been posted in this note section are ever so true. This jefe at Apple thinks above those who do not have what he has. is he right heck know, because by grace God allowed his mother to conceive him and guide him till he was quote a man.
    My final point is may our God have mercy on his life.

  12. My question is , if homosexuality has been around for eons how is it possible when they don’t and can’t reproduce. There seems to be more and more of them. Is it a societal change and a learned behavior or is it truly a genetic predisposition. Is DNA/RNA involved. I have had several in my extended family that except for choice of the gender of their lovers they held decent jobs, were respectable in daily life, one the VP of a large furniture co. and the other a VP at Tenneco Gas,

    • Those darn “straight” folks should just stop producing gays!! Truth is that homosexuality is not a choice. You all are so foolish to think it is. When did you “choose” to be straight?

        • Robert Johnson – wrong again!! Gay folks simply can’t reproduce, so where are those other gay folks coming from? They are born gay – and it has always been so. You were born straight – you never had to choose. I know you don’t want to believe it but it’s true. Better accept it before it’s too late, Bob

  13. I’m extremely disappointed in Apple’s open position and it’s CEO Tim Cook about their so-called “progressive” policies and ideas, censoring and banning speech that “violates the values of the company Apple.” We live in America, not Russia, China, Iran, Syria or other dictatorial lead countries which censor and ban all speech and mistreat, harm and even murder those who have beliefs that are not permitted. In America that type of hateful behavior is not allowed but Freedom of Speech is allowed no matter how positive or hateful as it might be and I totally disagree with a company that I use all of their products and services to restrict any speech other than “progressive” policies and ideas. We are a free country to speak our minds, not with vile hatred, but free to express our thoughts and beliefs about each others methods of living in a non traditional way versus traditional ways of living. So, I ask Apple’s CEO Tim Cook to stop the censoring and banning of “non vile” speech that of other Americans who support traditional life versus non traditional life in our free country of America.

    • Once a person becomes one of the “Global Economy”
      in the NWO/OWG they are like those who become members
      of the Mafia, they do as they are told and there is only one way out.

      (This is why America is flooded with corrupt people in government,
      they joined looking for position and wealth without thinking
      of the consequences of their “membership”, the Devil loves those people.)

  14. The Bible tells us that these things will be in the end of time. It says “the things that are right will seem wrong and the things that are wrong will seem right”. The word of God (Bible) has come to life. It is all around us and will get worse until the Lord comes back. I think that will be soon now!

    • Just like trumpy!! He says what’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. He calls lies the truth, and truth lies!! People have said that the end times are coming for years now. Those who predict the end of the world have been around forever. And so it does — on and on!! No one really knows – certainly not the bible.

      • Well Nancy, it is apparent that you do not believe in the Bible, who do you believe in…the devil? I believe every word in the Bible from cover to cover and the Bible tells us about people like you. It calls you FOOLS who don’t believe! I am putting your name on my prayer list and I will be praying for you daily that the Lord will speak to your heart.

        • The bible is simply a history of the Jewish people, nothing else. There is no god, no heaven,, no hell, no devil – all made up stuff to keep people in line and living in fear. Every culture on earth has a story about creation, their gods, their rules, and on and on!! You needn’t bother praying as your words won’t go any higher than your head. You “so called” christians are the real fools as you have been fooled into believing things that are not true – all made up stuff.

  15. How many of you god fearing, conservatives own apple products, or allow your kids to do so???
    Every penny spent on or via ANY apple product or service, is one that not only goes to support corrupt POS’s like the clintons, obamas and other liberals/dems, but you are directly making this gay activist richer and richer by the minute.

    of course this challenge isn’t meant for all of you reading, but for those who the above question applies to…I challenge you to put actions and choices where your professed outrage and disdain is.
    Dump apple and every single evil, corrupt, manipulative parasitic arm they have. Do all you can to put these evil, behind the scenes demons out of business.

    If you don’t, then you are funding and condoning this gay man and every corrupt agenda and action he has ever given money to.

    • You’ve got that right. That’s exactly why I came on and decided to comment. Too many folks agreeing with each other and patting each other on the back!! Just like the good old boys. This social commentary site needed a good shakeup so I joined.

  16. Main stream media, social media, network television, print media are censoring, lying, slandering, manipulating the news to the lefts agenda. Nothing more than propaganda machines. And it is not just in the United States. It is worldwide. And if this issue of propaganda is not addressed here in the United States immediately, we will lose control of the government in 2020. The media must be addressed as well as voter fraud.

  17. Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery!! That is one of the Ten Commandments. So why is Franklin Graham supporting a serial adulterer?? Why isn’t he condemning him of his sins? The word hypocrisy comes to mind. And yes, I’m referring to Donald Trump.

  18. Has anyone been to the site, “Quora ” ? It is extremely LEFT BIASED. 99% of my questions are banned. Finally I asked, “Why does Quora allow such vile and foul attacks from the left while it bans every question from the right?” I was banned for a month.

  19. The world surely needs spiritual revival by discovering the true personalities of God, Christ, Jesus, and man.
    In my forthcoming book, “God Did Not Become Man – MAN BECAME CHRIST,” you will discover:
    • How Christ fits into the personality of God
    • How Jesus fits into the personality of Christ
    • How man fits into the personality of Jesus

  20. As Christians we should not judge a person they will be judged by God at final Judgement. If a person is gay, transgender, liar, thief, or whatever they want to confess themselves to be. We should not Judge them for whatever they claim to be, but we don’t have to except their life style especially when they try to force their issues on us. We know what the Bible says and all we have to do is pray for their souls. Judgement will be quick and harsh for those that don’t follow after the teachings of Christ. People that refuse to do that will be judged by God accordingly. I don’t force my beliefs on anyone and I don’t want anybody to force their beliefs on me especially if it isn’t according to scriptures. Eternal hell fire isn’t on my agenda. God gave us freedom of choice and no one should be able to take that away from us. Especially our own government. Now dealing with facebook and google and Utube editing out statements from people that don’t have the same frame of thought as us is against the law and should be prosecuted. This is a public site and all speech should be excepted or they should be permenantly shut down for discrimination.

  21. It’s interesting that Apple’s logo is the bite out of the apple, which symbolizes the pushing away a relationship with God and then determining our own standard of good and evil. This latest craziness is just Apple living up to their logo. And no matter how this all bothers us, no matter how we vent our frustration, the only thing that may possibly get ego-driven, people-pleasing money-loving leaders of companies to change their minds is to stop buying their products. Even then, even if they did lose thousands of customers, they may be so deep into the people-pleasing hole that they might just dig their heels in and take the loss…ANYTHING but give in to conservative, Biblical values. We’re living in a fallen world and there’s only so much we can do to keep evil at bay. The Lord WILL return and make all things new. So, I’m not going to get discouraged or frustrated about all this stuff, and I hope you’ll do the same. Instead, I’m going to stay in the game (rather than checking out or getting to frustrated), do my part, pray, vote, speak out, boycott when I think it’s effective, and be an example as best as I can in living and speaking the truth in love. How ’bout you?

  22. I am as afraid of Franklin Graham as I am people at Google/Facebook. All have too much influence in political matters. No one individual or organization should be defining morality for the masses.

    I know right from wrong and believe the majority of Americans do. I do not look forward to another Salem Witch hunt conducted by Franklin.

    He is as radical as some Liberals. When did God appoint Franklin to be my judge and jury?

    His opinions means no more to me than the Pope’s. He is nothing more than a religious leader of a sect of Christians who has no more authority in the Kingdom of God than any other believers.

    Franklin and his kind are more interested in controlling men’s behavior than free will. God trusted mans free will it is a shame Franklin thinks he knows more than God.

  23. I am so inspired by reading all your comments. I am almost 76 yrs old and I worry about our young people and how they will handle all of this garbage that is being being thrown at them. I raised 6 children and now have 14 Grand children and 4 Great Grandchildren. I am so thankful to the Lord that my children have raised their children in the ways of the Lord. Some have wandered away with the “times” and they are still in my prayers. Thank you for everything you have said and I can’t think of anything to add. God bless us all.

    • Well I am 80 years old, and have to disagree with you, Lilly. This pushing god and christianity on one’s children is a sad thing to do. Thank goodness for those ones that have used their own heads and minds and left this insanity. I have two children and 4 grandchildren and all are free to think and do as they see fit. There is simply no god or gods for that matter, who wrote any books or commandments. I believe most people are good and know right from wrong without having to have someone shout at them from some pulpit. It is simply evil to frighten, shame and debase fellow human beings for the “glory” of some non-existent being.

      • I’m 80 years old too Nancy and I would hate to think of me leaving this world and not trying to help my family make it to Heaven! I’m still praying for you.

        • Don’t bother praying. It’s only talking to yourself anyway, and no one is listening. Complete waste of time. It is something you do to make yourself feel better.

  24. It is no coincidence that all of these media moguls are liberals. They are created and supported by the treasonous Deep State backed by your tax dollars and they are strangling our country with communism.

    • They have made themselves Slaves to Monsters, being enticed by promises of power, wealth, voided morality.

      They are no longer human and are dangerous, filled with wild imaginings and brains controlled by demons that now possess them.

      They have chosen their eternity, but now we must FIGHT to protect OUR morality, our Christianity, our RIGHTS and our innocents whether in womb or in wheelchair.

      St. Michael The Archangel, with troops of militant warrior Angels, defeat those Devils by crippling, diseasing, confounding, or surrounding with failed supporters, and by doing so defend the innocent.

      • Good grief!! You spew such insanity that I am afraid for your mental health!! Calling for angels to defeat devils – where has your mind gone???

  25. Franklin made an honest statement. “No one can define Morality except God Himself.” So Tim Cook needs to pay attention. “They know God’s decree that those who act in this way deserve to die, yet they not only do it, but applaud any who do. So God ABANDONED them, with their heart’s cravings, to impurity, and let them degrade their own bodies.” Romans 1

  26. I’m 80 years old too Nancy and I would hate to think of me leaving this world and not trying to help my family make it to Heaven! I’m still praying for you.

  27. it doesn’t make any difference what Franklin Graham says. If Cook doesn’t believe in the Bible or God, he won’t be able to define morality and he (and others like him) will live and act the way they want. There are no consequences.

  28. These are no longer people, they are shells filled by demons. They have no compassion or love for people. They are purposed to destroy all good all Christian and all USA. They have now caused babies born in NY to have Certificates with Gender X. CRUELTY and HATRED of INNOCENCE. This is a case of Child Abuse that must be taken to the Supreme Court.

    As with the child brought to Solomon to judge which woman was the parent… he decreed that the child be cut in half with one half given to each woman.

    The true mother said give my child to the other woman i do not want my child cut in half…. thus, proving herself to be THE mother.

    Now, we must have REAL mothers… and fathers… stepping representatives before the Supreme Court to decree that children have a birth right to have their gender acclaimed on their Birth Certificate.


  29. Facebook is the same way , if you say anything about a Muslim they will keep you from posting. Messenger is owned by Facebook also. If you are trying to sell an item you can’t ecen even answer the person back. Message is different from Messenger. Facebook has made billions from all of us. Every time you sign onto Facebook they receive money ,the sad thing is they are selling our pictures and birthdays and addresses all over the world and they are getting richer and richer. A boy with a Muslim name sent me a friend request (I deleted it) said he works at Facebook and someone hacked into my Facebook and sent out messages saying Facebook was going to be deleted by Mark , there is even a video of him taliking , saying he is going to delete Facebook. So I am going to delete Facebook and Messenger and be done with that bunch of hypocrites. You can google how many companies Facebook owns There is around 50. We have made Mark a billionaire. There is a magazine out that tells you all about Facebook and what you can do. It’s the January 14 2019 Enquirer. Facebook knows all about you how you can protect yourself. You can’t say anything about Muslims but they can talk about us all they want. The Muslims even get by with calling our President an ugly word. The world is a different place now than 50 years ago , Obama was the biggest mistake America has ever seen. Obama is all for the Muslims because he is Muslim. Everyone needs to delete Facebook and Messenger because they are taking away our free speech. If everyone deleted their account maybe they would go bankrupt. Facebook also owns Instagram.

  30. And here we go again,I agree with Graham on who defines what Morality is,Morality is based up on a set of laws that are immutable and unchangable,if one judges according to what is right in their own eye,then that is Moral relativity or humanism,we are warned in the bible not to do this, Yahweh has already defined for us everything that is relative to life and godliness and what is pleasing to him,that should always be our focus,but almost all of Christianity including Franklin Graham violates Yahweh Moral laws on a daily basis,how many keep the seventh day Sabbath,how many use Yahweh’s name in vain and worship false Gods,Yahweh’s name is above all names,his name is not God or lord,to bring him and his name down to the level of other Gods(even if they are false) is to transgress the first three Commandments,to transgress the forth Commandment is to transgress the whole law,sense it is Yahweh’s commandment to Israel even before the law was given to Moses,if you won’t keep this one,you won’t keep any of them,it was and is his test Commandment,the first means we are to have no other Gods before or in his face,it includes crosses,flags,religious organizations,churches,people or anything that would take his place in our lives,or the thought that we no longer should believe or practice the old testament laws,the laws of the New Covenant are the same as the old,what has changed is the priesthood and the sacrificial system,Yeshua is our final sin sacrifice and our High priest in the heavenlies,we no long must depend upon a priesthood administered by men nor the blood of Bulls,lambs or anything of this world,but the righteousness that will be imputed,must be lived and walked out by the Spirit of Machiyach in us.

  31. I say my thoughts very sensitive and have been censored by FB. My husband and I have Apple phones as do our entire huge family. I have thought for sometime the network of what we can say and not say, is totally against God and the Bible. There is a day in the near future, that we will give up buying anything from them and will encourage our family the same. There has to be another forum for Jesus believers.

  32. Let’s call them what they ACTUALLY are -queer – NOT gay. They’ve twisted the meaning of the word from something that’s happy & uplifting to something that’s unnatural, twisted, sinful & an abomination. Not my words – they’re God’s. So if anyone has a problem with this, you gotta go to Him. He’s Creator, so He gets to make the rules.

  33. Seems all social media tries to censor and block Christians and conservatives.
    Would love to see a Christian Social Media site.


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