Franklin Graham just issued a dire warning about this dangerous legislation


The radical Left is determined to force Americans to adopt their views on a wide range of issues.

“Tolerance” and “acceptance” are oft-used buzzwords, but their true goal is to ostracize or criminalize anyone who disagrees with them.

And Franklin Graham just issued a dire warning about one dangerous piece of legislation the Left wants to ram down our throats.

Earlier this year, the House of Representatives passed the so-called “Equality Act of 2019.”

The bill would overturn long-held constitutional protections of religious freedom, from which Franklin Graham warns the “nation may never recover.”

LifeSiteNews notes:

The Equality Act would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include “sex,” “sexual orientation,” and “gender identity” among expressly recognized “non-discrimination” categories in “public accommodations” (the definition of which would be dramatically expanded); and force employers of 15 or more people to recognize their claimed “gender identity,” forbid them from “discriminating” based on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity,” and mandate transgender “access” to sex-specific facilities.

In the July-August issue of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s “Decision” magazine, Graham writes:

The progressive left has ascended into a national political power that presents a clear and present danger to our basic religious liberties and freedoms. They despise anyone who is pro-life and mock all who hold to a Biblical worldview.

. . . these progressives are driving a piece of legislation termed the Equality Act, which gives unprecedented rights to transgenders and homosexuals . . .

The progressive, Democratic-controlled House of Representatives has already passed this atrocious bill, and only the Republican-controlled Senate and the president stand in its way. If the Senate majority changes or if enough Republican senators change their position, it would be up to the president to veto the bill. And if that office were to change hands in 2020, I have little doubt this would become the law of the land.

This legislation will have catastrophic consequences for competitive sports, along with churches and faith-based nonprofits who would lose all protections to hire people who adhere to their Biblical statements of faith. Christians will be persecuted for their sincerely held beliefs as never before. The clear teachings of the Bible on the sins of homosexuality and abortion will no doubt be considered “hate speech.” It will be a nightmare from which this nation may never recover.

The critical 2020 elections will be here before long.

As Franklin Graham notes, the outcome of just a few races could radically determine the direction the country heads.

What are your thoughts on what will happen?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. Trump I believe will be President again in 2020 . By the time President Trump leaves office several years from now , The Supreme Court will be a Conservative Supreme Court and The Unconstitutional Equality Act will die a quick death!!! All Americans already have Right’s! They are called the Bill of Right’s! The Homosexuals want special Right’s in addition to the Bill of Right’s they already have in the Constitution! Not going to happen!!!

  3. David Joe; I truly hope you are correct.We are in very dangerous times, and these evil liberals will stop at nothing to get what they want.

  4. Screw the liberal Nazi Party Democrats who want me to accept their immoral life style they can go back into the closet vote out the squad or the Evil Doer’s omar cortez talib pressley they hate America and Americans.

  5. Well David Joe, I truly wish you were right, but I have to disagree with you,,, Trump may very well become
    President again, but the liberal Democrats will eventually win out…this is the beginning of the end of this
    once great country…people should be up in arms right now about what is happening but nobody seems to
    really care….if you study end time prophecy you will find that there is absolutely NO mention of America…which means that like the once great Roman empire this country(America) has been reduced to
    nothing …..I am glad you are so positive in your thinking, but this country is a time bomb ticking…

  6. Franklin Graham is NOT the man his father was. Mr. Billy would never agree with his son regarding this. He understood that our Constitution doesn’t allow for one religion to be the only religion accepted. What makes our Country ‘great’ (it was great long before our President claimed it wasn’t) is the allowance of different beliefs. We are ALL children of the same God and how we choose to worship or not worship is a matter of personal choice. Conservatives are fond of saying ‘get Government out of our Lives’ but then backtrack with this.

  7. House can pass all these disgusting bills. But has to go to the Senate then the president. I hope the Senate throws it in the trash. President won’t sign it. House is always trying to destroy America. Vote no to all democrats running. PERVERTS of the world. Will try to destroy anyone would get in their way.

  8. Franklin, the time you are talking about has not come but is on the horizon. The Body of Christ will be removed before the man of lawlessness is revealed. We are now experiencing the “birth pangs.” But we who believe should redouble our efforts of evangelism and not fear for our lives. Our trust in Jesus is our greatest weapon against the tide of evil that is growing. We must be more consumed with love than with fear!

  9. This is in the Bible in Revelation…remember:those who say: Lord,Lord did we not do things in Your Name? Not all will get there as what the Left who say they believe in Him…path to the downfall instead

  10. in the Bible Revelation…remember:those who say: Lord,Lord did we not do things in Your Name? Not all will get there as what the Left who say they believe in Him…path to the downfall instead

  11. Billy Graham WOULD agree with his son on this. There IS only one way and that is by trusting in Jesus as one’s savior and guide in life. Christians have been tolerant while at the same time are free to disagree with what has been an effort to impose the “standards” of those who not be tolerant of Christians. We are at a dangerous crossroad.
    Oppose this bill.

  12. Your all forgetting God has his hands on Pres.Trump and this nation.It will be up to God (Our Lord Jesus) to say when! With Donald Trump in office he was able to bring God back!Along with it our religious freedom! As long as we trust in God and speak up when we have to and not keep our heads in the sand ever again and fight for our freedom we will prevail!Freedom is not easily won Trust! trust God and our President,but fight ! Speak up!

  13. If we are to save our kids and grandkids and our country we must get rid of dem terrorists any way we can. They have jihadbamas muslems waiting all over the country to slaughter us and take over. THEY WILL DO IT.


  15. Hi Robert,
    I feel that most conservatives do care. We are not as confrontational and certainly not violent as the Liberals! Those people are definitely violent. I have to say that this movement started when Obama was President with Ferguson, Benghazi, open borders, IRS harassment of conservatives,, and so on. He committed so many violations and the left was silent, as well as some conservatives. They are intent on control of this country. Look at the change in some states due to immigration. Specifically Minnesota and Michigan. What amazes me is that the rantings and racist remarks from Maxine Waters; Muslim Tlaib calling our President a mother f’er in public, not just once; members of Congress aiding to help illegals into this country; Muslim Omar and her accusations about this country. I could go on. And the MEDIA is silent!! Those four women have accused the origin of our country to be evil. That in itself should enough reason to expel these women!

  16. Phil McGlass: Just wait until you have to live under “Sharia Law!” You will have a lot of fun! Go walk on the street with a cross around your neck or a Bible under your arm! Guess what? Just say a prayer if you have enough time left, there it may be your last one! That’s all I have to say!

  17. Phil…So do you believe that we all belong to God and will all go to Heaven? Yes, we all belong to He who has created us, but WE get to choose whether we follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell

  18. The dem party has thrown God out and satan rules it. They may win some battles, as satan will rule for a time. But they CANNOT win the war. There is a war between God and His people and satan and his people. They have rejected God and God will reject them. They will join their leader satan in Hell.

  19. Irene…This country may be doomed, but not us. ALL who belong to Jesus will join Him in a place where no deranged lib can ever come near us again.

  20. islam has a fantasy of taking over America within.
    To make along story short,…..
    As of the moment there are 65 million
    people who disagree with omar and the radical left, and whoever wants America to fail as a nation.
    Not counting the Americans that are waking up to this anti-American movement.
    The time will come, and when you push the giant to far, he will push back, and the world will then see that America will never lose to this movement.
    I feel very sorry for the anti American
    People, that just don’t get it……
    If you don’t love America, then leave
    This is our warning

  21. Franklin Graham is right. God (and there is only one God and only one way to God through Jesus His son). However, God said in 2 Chronicles 7:14…if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and RESTORE their land.
    So to all my Christian brothers and sisters we must pray and turn back to Jesus, and encourage others to follow Him, and trust Him to turn this country around. Prayer has been known to move the hands of God. He is still in control, but we have choices. We need to stand up and call sin what it is. If we read God’s word we can learn what God calls sin. It’s His opinion that counts. He is the righteous judge. And evil will loose in the end!

  22. @ Phil I don’t know how you got that Mr Graham said anything about not being able to worship the way a person wants. He’s mainly stating this equality act is dangerous and a joke towards those who disagree which is left mentality! As someone already stated they have the same rights as everyone else to the constitution and those have a right not to do business or hire if the person is not qualified or who wants to be forceful on there agenda, or goes against their beliefs or faith. But your comment is basically saying those who disagree with their lifestyle need to compromise because God loves them. And He does but He’s not going to against His Word. And we can love them by speaking truth.

  23. Being an “old” person, I remember Church people meeting for
    prayer in WWII. It was a time of crisis ! Well I believe we have another
    time of crisis but now it is on our shores. Ministers need to call special
    prayer times for our country today. If we have ever been living in a time
    of crises – it is now!!
    Christians must back our President and PRAY!!!

  24. Despite what people believe, hope or wish for, it is ultimately GOD’S will that will be done. It was God’s will that Pres. Trump was elected in 2016…by doing so, God was giving America a second chance. But God’s judgment on this nation, especially on those who continue to ridicule Him with their absurd lies and misinterpretations of the truth, will be harsh. God will not wait forever for people to come to their senses.

  25. You are correct. Conservatives do carer, but I wonder how many know of this bad bill? We need to forward Franklin Graham’s comments to all friends.

  26. Maybe there wouldn’t be time of “Crisis”, period, if there was a LADY instead of a LUNATIC as president or at the very least, as president, a MAN instead of a MONKEY! Yes, indeed, let Christians everywhere, PRAY that GOD will Save America from four more years of CRAZY donald & His Sick Minded LIES!

  27. Wrong, it’s d. trump who tries to destroy anyone he thinks is in his way, in his Typically Conceited, Childish, Inmature Insane Two Faced Way

  28. I agree, Dr. Boyd, but I believe part of being a good citizen and living at peace with one another as much as possible (both Biblical instructions for believers in Christ), is supporting good and opposing bad in our land. Part of looking out for my neighbor, and part of caring for my own family, is opposing things that are evil in our land and would likely lead to great injustices, persecutions, and enabling of further evil. We can (and do) practice real evangelism and discipleship at the same time as opposing wickedness and danger. I agree that love, not fear, is our keynote, and that trusting in the blood, the resurrection, the power, and the comfort and assurance of our soon-returning-King Jesus is our anthem. But we can and should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, so to speak. We are told to “walk circumspectly” and “not as fools”. In all of our reliance upon God (which should be 100%), we are commanded to be aware of what is going on around us, and we are equipped to fight the enemy with spiritual weapons, not carnal. The genuine Gospel of grace is the most powerful weapon, but the rest of the Word is also profitable for rebuke, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness, as Paul told Timothy. I do not believe that we believers should go to seed on some “political” issues, but the proposed law at hand involves more than mere “politics”.

  29. Betty, it is obvious that YOU are the LUNATIC!!!!!!!! And it is also very obvious that YOU are not a Christian. God does not tolerate your sick hate. But He IS with Pres. Trump. Ang God will be his judge and yours, too. God forgives all who come to Him and ask. When are YOU going to do that???

  30. Betty, take a good look in your mirror to see childish, immature, and insane. YOU are totally deranged. GET HELP!!!!!!!!

  31. I agree with you, Louise, 100%. I know the family. I am related to the Rev. Cecil Underwood who baptized Billy Graham on 4 Dec 1938—at Silver Lake—into the membership of the Peniel Baptist Church in East Palatka, FL; and who ordained Brother Billy into the ministry in the same church on 14 Jan 1939. That doesn’t make me an expert, but if I know anything about Billy Graham, I know he would be in agreement with his son’s position on this.

  32. Poor Betty! To think that Hillary Clinton is a “lady” is to deny the fact that she is a baby-murdering harpy, who heaped abuse and vilification upon all the sexual assault victims of her husband, and has one of the worse records in American politics of abuse and mistreatment of her own staff and of everyone she considers “beneath her”…which is most everyone. On the other hand…..POOR BETTY! To think that Donald Trump is a sick-minded lying monkey and a lunatic is to deny his many pro-American, pro-Christian, and pro-moral accomplishments as the 45th President. He is no more or less imperfect than you or me, Poor little Betty; his imperfections are simply under the microscopic examination and magnification of elitist self-righteous hypocrites.

  33. Amen, Amen and Amen Paula.
    God will not be mocked and neither will He be defeated. God is still on His throne and He still loves His creation. We must keep praying and believing that God IS IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING. If we believe that we can pray and mountains will be removed, then WE NEED TO PRAY AND BELIEVE IN THE ONLY GOD THAT CAN DELIVER THIS NATION FROM THE EVIL SPIRITS THAT ARE AT WORK IN THIS WORLD AND WORKING THROUGH PEOPLE THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO JESUS.


  34. Christians in American society whether by 2021 or 2025 will have to take a rebellious hard line attitude against the culture to NOT compromise our faith. It does means persecution by losing our job, losing our homes, going to jail and possibly having children taken away to be with gay couples who will sexualize and molest them. NOW is the time to prepare ourselves at the same time being salt and light influence on the culture. Our preparation now is to be ready for the inevitable when a Communist Democrat President Regime comes in to rule with tyranny and take away our Constitutional rights by the Government having the right and authority to impose its tyrannical rule on ALL the Churches, Pastors and Christians in America.

  35. Please stop using ALL CAPS. It eliminates your ability to accent certain words. And besides, it’s just bad grammar.

  36. Done! I will also publish Franklin Graham’s comments in my humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. Email: [email protected]
    Also, please pray for me, Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, Huey Helicopter “door gunner,” also retired from Chrysler: 30.5 years. –Titus 1:2, “Gott kann nicht Lugen.” [German] “God cannot lie.”

  37. I am so tired of all these perverts wanting us to accept everything that is an abomination to God, Our Country and what is an abomination to christians . I believe the sodom and gomorrah herold was doing the same thing when GOD got fed up and turned them into pillars of salt AND I DO NOT WANT THAT FOR AMERICA AND I DO NOT THINK YOU DO AS A PERSON AS A WHOLE. THE DEMS AND LIBS ARE OF THE DEVIL FOR SURE AND A LOT OF REPUBLICANS LETS MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE NEXT YEAR AND VOTE THESE DEMONS OUT. WE DO NOT CARE A LOT FOR THE RANTS ON THE CONSERVATIVE SIDE BUT THEIR PRINCIPLES ARE RIGHT!!! No abortions ,illegals out, perverts are not granted special rights,if you do not work you do not eat. GET GOD back into the home,church, our schools, and our judicial system!!!

  38. God’s will is a metaphor in as much as we have free will to decide and must act to elect Trump or it will not be done to fulfill “God’s will”. How this happens is a mystery like God Himself. Angelic whispers that were listened to and reconsidered perhaps to decide votes for Trump. Who knows. God’s will be done requires our free will to align with God’s and to act upon it, or else it will not be done. So all of us that see God has provided a means for us to fulfill His will must act and vote Trump and influence others to do so to make more follow this will. So let us get busy to get the will of God done and our nation saved by acting every day to keep Trump leading us to do so. Let’s Do It and Get It Done for us and for God.

  39. Amen, Matt. We can only hope Betty’s mind so distorted by peer pressure hate distorting her sense of reality will use your mentions of reality to help bring her out of the hate syndrome she is in, and once again be a productive means of saving our country and keeping it as God wishes it to be. Thank you.

  40. Amen, Eloise, the time is upon us to fulfill our duties now as those before us have done, despite all the hateful naysayers attempts at peer pressure to do otherwise. We will overcome and succeed with God at our side.

  41. Phil need only to look at what our enemies are with their so-called “religion written as a military manual by Muhammad to use to destroy all who oppose his ruling power”. It is not a religion but an excuse to eliminate opponents by use of a “false god” of paganism as ancient Rome did. How easy the unlearned are tricked into supporting evil and their own demise.

  42. The only Victory evil has is when good men do nothing . Trump is President because good men got tired of the Radical liberal left rule under President Obama and voted! If you were right Robert Hillary Clinton would have won easily . Complacency and ignorance is fatal in this day and age we are living in . Christians must not stop or rest ever! Or America will be destroyed!

  43. The worse thing this country ever did was allow the civil rights act, civil rights movement, all it did was make this country a dangerous place to live because it emboldened the african population. They used to be afraid to look sideways at a White person, now they have no problem committing violent crimes against us, especially after the affirmative action president stole the White House, an increase in black on White crime was off the charts thanks to that racist moron and his drag queen wife.

  44. ROFLMAO…….are you out of diapers yet??? You obviously can’t tell and adult from the psychotic children of the left.

  45. Maybe. But look at Robert’s that has been voting more with the liberals than the conservatives. We can only hope and of course pray for at least the supreme court stays conservative. We should also pray for the democrat party to be destroyed or at least taken down to where theh wouldn’t matter anymore. If the democrats ever win back the presidency and the congress, the country is definitely gone then.

  46. Phil McGlass, you are an absolute liar and hypocrite, just as the bible describes. People like you are the absolute reason why this country is being destroyed. To accept lifestyles that are an abomination of God is just like calling God a liar. You had better seek change and forgiveness before you leave this Earth or you will no doubt spend eternity in the lake of fire.

  47. Agree
    It should be apparent to everyone what’s going on
    Too many of us conservatives have a live n let live view but we all need to start speaking out
    As you said we are non confrontational
    I’m concerned as we all
    Should be !

  48. People of all preferences supposedly have the same rights as you according to the Bill of Rights, but Self-Righteous Religious Zealots have destroyed those rights and are quickly abolishing any rights for people who disagree with their extremist beliefs! That is why we MUST specifically spell out that ALL Americans have these same rights, NOT just Religious zealots! What YOU are promoting is Religious persecution of anyone who disagrees with your religious views! This Great nation is based upon Freedom and liberty for ALL, not just the religious few!

  49. Evil Liberals? “What they want” is equality and freedom for ALL! Why do YOU consider that “evil” ??? Are you really THAT full of hatred for anyone who disagrees with your fascist views on Religion?
    Please explain.

  50. The only “NAZIs” here are Right Wing extremist who think that “freedoms” ONLY apply to themselves and no one else!

  51. Sounds like you clearly DO NOT believe anyone should have any such “choice”!
    Only YOUR choice! That is known as FASCISM!

  52. Why do you feel it is necessary for YOU to “accept” someone else’s lifestyle that does not have anything whatsoever to do with YOU?? And does not affect YOU at all!!!
    You have every right to believe whatever you choose, but you DO NOT have the so-called “right” to FORCE those beliefs upon others! That is known as FASCISM!

  53. Why do religious bigots always think that they and ONLY they have any rights and all others must bow to their beliefs???
    If you want a religious theocracy INSTEAD of a Democracy, you should move to IRAN!

  54. Betty,
    That is because Evangelists like Graham and Con Artists such as Trump ALL think they are the ONLY ones who have any rights! They think THEY are the anointed ones who get to bully and persecute everyone else!
    Thank goodness we still have a Constitution and Bill of Rights that protect us from Religious and Political Tyranny!

  55. It is Trump and your self-righteous “Christians” who are at the leading edge of that destruction! Liberals are the only sane people not chasing ancient mythology!

  56. You are allowed to believe anything you want, no matter how utterly false and absurd!
    Good luck with that…

  57. This country was born in “Freedom Under God”, and when our founders spoke of religion they referred to their own religion – Judeo Christianity. Leviticus 25:10 is inscribed on your countries Liberty Bell “And proclaim liberty throughout the land”. Yes, freedom is a Biblical promise, and only later was it extended to other peoples and faiths. And all presidents save one have taken their oath of office with one hand resting on the Judeo-Christian Bible. Anything that is directly against this God-breathed Word is therefore NOT of God and promotes sin and slavery – not freedom. We were warned by our founders that if we ever lose our Godly virtue, we will lose out freedom. That’s happening now as we forcibly teach the grand farce of evolution to our children with disastrous consequences. And where there were once laws against sodomy in virtually state, we are now forced to celebrate (promote) “LGBT”. Someday people will wonder why a nation that had it all, and were so blessed in so many ways, chose to throw it all away.


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