Four transgenders are suing this state over an outrageous request


Radical leftists want to normalize transgenderism in our society.

If they get their way, it’ll be illegal to disagree with their demands.

And you won’t believe why this state is being sued by four transgenders.

A group of four transgenders is demanding Kansas change the sex indicated on their birth certificates.

The State of Kansas denied their request saying, “The Kansas State Health & Environment department does not have the authority to change an individual’s birth certificate with the exception of minor corrections or by court order. Gender identity would not be considered a minor correction.”

Now these transgenders are suing the State of Kansas because their birth certificates are “inaccurate.”

Christian News reports:

Two men who identify as women, and two women who identify as men, have filed suit against the State of Kansas for declining to change their birth certificates to reflect their “gender identity” rather than their birth sex, stating that “the gender markers originally placed on their birth certificate are inaccurate because they are based on visual assumptions about their sex made at the time of their births.”

The lawsuit, filed on Monday by Lambda Legal, argues that the State’s practice of denying the amended birth certificates deprives those with gender dysphoria “a quintessential identity document that accurately reflects who they are, thereby infringing on their fundamental liberty in self-definition and autonomy in their person and identity.”

“While the State of Kansas provides non-transgender (i.e., cisgender) people born in Kansas with accurate birth certificates—birth certificates that reflect their true sex, consistent with their gender identity—the State of Kansas categorically bars transgender people from obtaining birth certificates that reflect their true sex, consistent with their gender identity,” it reads.

Transgenders, along with their radical leftist pals want to force the government to give into their ludicrous views of gender and sex.

But should the government be forced to change gender on birth certificates based on how people “feel”?

They say the issue is that their gender was “assumed based on visual assumptions about their sex… at the time of their births.”

Many in the LGBT community even argue that we shouldn’t be giving newborns a gender at all.

The truth is, when transgenders complete the process, their rates of depression and suicide actually stay the same as before their “coming out” or sex changes.

The everyday American sees right through this game they’re trying to play.

Studies have shown that most Americans rightly believe there are only two genders simply based on sex.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Do you think states should be forced to issue new birth certificates to transgenders?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. They are what they were born! HIV will take care of all these sickos!!! They need to go back into their closets… they are freaks only!!!

  3. I agree 100% .They need to fix themselves before suing the government.40% suicide rate in their community.They have all these delusions of grandeur, then when they get slapped back to reality, its poor me.

  4. Can someone explain to me just exactly they are “harmed” by allowing a person who has gone through a sex change operation to have a Birth Certificate matching what has happened? Just because gender dysphoria offends you poor little whining conservatives is no reason to force the rest of us to live in your fascist thought control world.

  5. A few loud mouthed, confused & demented Individuals that are certain God made some grandiose mistake while in the womb seem to believe they have the right to completely change the way our system has worked for decades. BS!
    Why not just relocate to a state tphat has already given in to the bullies making such demands?
    Next thing we know, law enforcementsl will be sued for using the incorrect pronouns when making a traffic stop or full on arrest. In Canada it’s already a crime to use the incorrect pronoun. Do we really wish to emulate the likes of Canada? No, I hardly think they are the moral authority l!!
    My resolution, stop this foolishness before it spreads like wildflower $/or move all those in favor of such a ridiculous demands to the failing state of CA. We the people are sick of the very few making such demands that affect the millions who do not question the assigned sex at birth that the Good Lord blessed us with. No matter what the states decide,.. I will continue to call a man a man & a woman a woman.

  6. These freaks of nature is in their mind only and their mental capacity for weird is wide open, how you are born is how you are. Wake up and face reality, your sexual perversion is your problem and not the City, State or the government. The sickies that have opened the restrooms to perverts should be in jail and not in the women’s/girls bathroom to get a cheep thrill or to molest a child, this sick confusion should be abolished!!

  7. I suggest that they just exchanged their original registered birth certificates, with their slightly scrambled brain deficiencies, according to their “sickness” and voila, everyone be happy, happy.

  8. It’s a Birth certificate, stating that genetically they were born a specific sex, male or female! Accept that’s how you were biologically created! If you want to be a homosexual than so be it, it’s what you prefer sexually but it doesn’t mean you can change biologically how you were born. I feel sorry for those “transgender “people who are having an identity crisis and I pray for them but that doesn’t mean the whole nation should go in crisis to coddle them and change laws, birth certificates or give them special privileges. Most I have met do it as a way of seeking attention. You can identify with the opposite sex without changing your gender , Accept yourself , love yourself and stop making it all about you and throwing a two year old tantrum. You are born the gender you were, so accept. This transgender, no gender issue is tiring. I have better things to make an issue of that better everyone , not just myself.

  9. God decreed only two sexes for mankind – male or female. No matter what individuals say or do God will recognize them for who and what they are. Transgenders are spitting on God. This is not in their best interest.

  10. eric granburg you are what your born you can not change your D N A , you talk about fascist control thought world , your trying to force your own fascist thoughts on the rest of us respectful humans , notice I say humans because your not part of the human race , your part of the freak race, sick race, mental displaced race, you are what you are at birth your and your kind are sick

  11. They are mentally unfit. If a person doesn’t know if they are a boy or girl, their parents failed them. Now they have a mental illness or are just queer an want to make it a “normal” thing. It IS decidedly NOT normal. Get mental help not surgical. Go back into a deep deep closet if you don’t want to help yourselves. Perversion is perversion and your entire group is disgusting.

  12. They aren’t “harmed”, where did you get that quote? Sex changes don’t, as shown in the article, do much. “The truth is, when transgenders complete the process, their rates of depression and suicide actually stay the same as before their “coming out” or sex changes.”
    Will revising a birth certificate change that?

  13. remember science male chromosomes and female chromosomes no such thing as a transgender. just a name they made up

  14. I have seen how people can get mixed up in their self identity. It is a sad state of affairs. I believe God made male and female. I feel sad for these people and what they live with. It is completely real to them!!! I understand their need for acceptance and feeling genuine. So sad! I do not think it would hurt anyone to have the birth certificate changed, as long as they are willing to pay for the expense. But it should also list transgender on it, in order to be honest about where they came from!

  15. Eric Gayberg, How does having a drivers licence with the actual genetic proof of one’s sex hurt anyone? You fascists gays want to force the rest of us to believe that you’re something that you’re NOT. Stop whining. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  16. You are what you are born with and you can’t change your chromosomes! These transgenders have the right to live their fantasy lives but not their legal gender change.

  17. Unbelievable! It states that a girl or boy was born when you came out of your mother’s womb. Since you didn’t come out as an adult and the gender you claim to be now, it can’t be changed. Deal with it.

  18. It’s very simple. Transgenders make up less than 1% of the population. They have neither the right nor the numbers to change the whole culture for the other 99%. GET OVER IT!

  19. These idiots are sick minded and have no case whatsoever for you can not change your DNA if you are born into this world as a man or a woman that is what you are for and no operation or change in appearance is going to change that fact, and we are a country and world that believes in facts and the truth!!!

  20. We all know Transgenderism started Long ago.If you pull back the blankets you probably would see them in all parts of Society.They were bred for that purpose only.They Devil worship.Opposite to Jesus.Unfortunately I doubt they will be extinguished from society.Don’t care.I would like to see them Gone from Mainstream back to their Closets they came from.I believe in Jesus Christ.If trans were allowed to exist side by side with heteros then they probably would enter politics like President and so forth.They would win all female races.What a Scam # Me Too Movement.Women who are actually Male would dominate.Allowing the Males to Govern under the Guise of Female or Mommy Syndrome.STOP the MADNESS.Allow LGBT’S to exist but Not Rule.

  21. The world banksters care, for 1 group, because those birth certificates serve as collateral for nations’ borrowing from them; but your BC must positively IDENTIFY the person to whom they’re attached; so the SEX you are born with; what your DNA now says about you, and that CANNOT be altered by the so-called “sex reassignment” treatments and surgeries. Footprints were used for a century nearly but now DNA is the identifier!

  22. Simply because that person’s DNA hasn’t been altered; he is still the he he was born or she the she she was born; unalterably so!

  23. I stick with the DNA a person was born with. Perhaps I can play act, pretend, get operations, take pills, fool others, convince myself- but I cannot change my DNA. You don’t want what I know to be true, so do not try to force me to accept what you think. OK?

  24. HIV will take care of all the queers! They are sick freaks! Birth certificates SAY WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Queers are all demented! They are not human beings, they are freaks only!

  25. The records are not inaccurate at time of birth. . Whatever sex organ you have at that time is all the doctor can go by.

    Get your operation then go before a judge and let him or her decide. No operation no change sex on birth certificate – SORRY!

  26. Get out and vote for the GOP in Nov. to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrat liberal mobs!They want to make America into another Venezuela!Obama almost got us there! Now that America is great again because of Pres.Trump let’s keep it that way!

  27. The problem is Eric Granberg, common sense people live in reality, u nutcase fanatic’s lunatics do’nt, look fool just accept who u r he or she, the world does’nt need ur immoral supidity, u feel me fruitcake?

  28. They will die male or female…they can’t change their chromosomes…until then you’re just a nut job other,wise once one of you idiots slice and dice, and stop 40% suicide rate, just a nut job.

  29. I don’t call them transgender, I don’t call them queers,Fags, Homosexuals, Lesbians, Bisexuals. I call them Shims or Herms. But lets get rid of all these different titles and just settle on one which will cover them all. How about Sexually Deranged. Or maybe Dnadisphoric. DNA=Do no arseholes. This could be decided by the Democratic Nut Association in agreement with the Hi Ime Vile association.

  30. It’s DISHONEST, and a lie hurts everyone, while helping no one. No matter how many drugs, or how much mutilation a person undergoes, DNA remains unchanged, so the person is still that sex as they were born. “Don’t ‘feed’ a delusion” is psychology 101! You don’t agree with a delusional belief, you counter it with truth. Enabling that belief hurts the person holding as much as or more than the others around him/her!

  31. Changing the sex on their birth certificates is simple if the change is true. They can submit genetic evidence to support their claims. One sex had XX chromosomes while the other sex has XY chromosomes. If their chromosomes are different than the sex listed on their birth certificates, change it. If not, tell them to go away. If they have a delusion concerning their sex, that is a psychiatric problem. Mental illness is not a civil right.

  32. No, someone said that they shouldn’t a sign a gender at birth, then at what age should their gender be placed on their birth certificates?


  34. each and every un-repentant abominate will reside in Hell forever. that Is God’s Word and His Word Stands True. s/FrG

  35. Eric Granberg, Conservative fascist??? Try libtard communist. Go to the Middle East and see what happens to LGBT people. There are none in the Middle East, know why, they were sent to meet their maker. All these demands by these freaks of nature, get a job and stop the whining.

  36. Because Eric, in a murder/suicide situation where detectives have to identify a corpse, it makes it almost impossible to discover identity, especially if the corpse is decomposed.
    The male anatomy is different from a female anatomy regardless of “how your feelgoods” want to identify yourselves as.

    It’s not as ” simple” as people tg

  37. What only 4!! why do they get more Rights then Millions .Easy fix send them to IRAN ,IRAQ ,let them deal with it or whatever these Sick-o’s Are..

  38. Obama, Is the very one who glorified Transexuals, even at the World G20 Conference where he told all the other Nations how they should cater to the Transexuals need. Obama, changed the Education Department to make all the States conform to his new “Common Core” program. Where it teaches them there is a third sex and that it is o.k. fo one to change their sex even at the ages 5 to 13. It even tells parents that one can determine the child’s correct sex by the toys they select by the age of 4 years old and plan on sex reassignment. The “Common Core” Program has a second part to it where they explain how it is bad for one to be a Christian but it is much better to be a Muslim and a child is Forced to learn “The Five Pillars of Islam”. People take all the (Gays, Perverts, Transexuals makeup 2.7% of the US Population) Think about what the Constitution stood for, and that was the Majority Rules and we should vote on these things. Remember when California voters passed Proposition 13 doing away with Gay Marriage, this pissed Obama off when he was in Chicago in Jerimy Wright’s Anti-Christian Church. Then Obama became a Senator and started promoting his gay agenda, now he is President and he wanted to reverse what President Clinton did, letting States decide Gay Marriage. Out of the Blue Obama started to Policicalize the Supreme Court, and wanted the Gay Marriage passed and got it done. Now he rubbed Gay Rights in 97.3% of America’s Population, and again Obama got totally upset when North Carolina H2B Bill banned Transexuals from the Girls bath Rooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms. Obama got on National TV and called North Carolina a “Jim Crow State” for wanting to protect their children. Funny, That Obama is really Gay, and his “Micheal” is a Transexual and his Girls are adopted. This leftist agenda anything goes is sad, Obama set out by destroying Christian values, attacking the Holy Bible on National TV while promoting Islam. To much said already, there will be Leftist attacking me for stating the Truth, by calling me Homophobic! (1. Only 2 Sex’s) (2. Homosexuality is a learned behavior and not born that way.) The United States was built on Christian Values and not Islam. Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill and many many other throughout History warned us of Islam.

  39. We don’t have a queer problem.
    We don’t have a bent gender problem.
    We don’t have a 2nd Amendment problem.
    We have a liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ersatz life form problem.
    Solve that one the others go away, We all know what the answer is why are we waiting?

  40. Sorry to burst their bubble but if your born a boy you have X chromosomes and a girl has Y. Just because you say your a girl or boy does mean your a girl or boy. You were born with either X or Y chromosomes and nothing, nothing can change that. You can change your birth certificate or what ever but you are who you were born to be. End of story. If you want to talk to God, who made you, go ahead and take it up with him. It can’t be changed!

  41. Changing your Birth certificate is a way to prevent the law from using it to find you. That is one way of Iding you if you are a criminal or say some one killed you and that was the only way to identify you. Being transgender does not change the fact that God made you what you are or was and he will pass the judgement on you in end times just as he did in the Bible. He destroyed several towns like he did Sodom and Gomorra and he knows what you have done and he does not approve. He is who I would fear if I did that not what some person say’s. God claims your soul the devil gets the rest.

  42. IMO, the state should provide serious therapy and while doing so keep these delusional individuals AWAY from the sane.

  43. Neither the government nor the majority who are NORMAL should buy into this sick meme-gender dysphoria is exactly what it sounds like – a DISORDER of their thinking process, not the body itself. When it becomes wrong to so identify and tell them they need some serious psychiatric help, we are all in trouble. Again, normal do NOT have to buy into this…I don’t!

  44. ARE YOU INSANE? It wouldn’t be a BIRTH certificate then, would it? Thank you for verifying your COMPLETE and UTTER IDIOCY.

  45. Okay, this should be easy. If a baby is born with a tallywacker, it’s a male, without it’s female and this is BEFORE any surgeon takes a scalpel to it. A birth certificate should never be changed as to gender just because someone mentally delusional believes it should!!

  46. Centralized NAZI News!Communist NWK News.AKA: Fake News! MSM=Fake News, Fox News.The Pravda Racists Divisive Commie newspapers and their propaganda HATE machine at full throttle! They are destroying the country within! We have to stop them first, patriots!

  47. No…no…no. These transgender are mentally ill or something worse. You are born make it female. Since they want to be the opposite sex…their chromosomes say what sex they are. These sick individuals will burn in the lake of fire for eternity.

  48. Again, since gender is grammatical, not biological, there are four genders in the English language: he; she; it; and the mixed gender, they. That’s all folks.

  49. Answer to the simple question of “do you think transgenders should be issued no identifying birth certificates”….well that question puts me back to my original thought…: “do I think patients should be in charge of running the institution>”…..easy answer = of course not and we are talking about patients..please keep that in mind!!

  50. Please note: …sorry for typo—-meant to say “new” birth certificates” not ‘no” birth certificates!

  51. OK. Then I am a NON GENDERED person. I believe all non NON GENDERED people need to bow down to me and place roses and chocolate at my feet. When I go to work, I have the right to take 3 breaks while the other workers get two. I’m suing Target because they don’t have a bathroom for NON GENDERED people. And I don’t like the way non NON GENDERED people look at me. I will sue them too. This only makes sense because I am a “snowflake”. I will have a meltdown if people don’t treat me special. I want to feel special because I feel awful about my life. Nobody believes me when I tell them I am NON GENDERED. They laugh at me, and call me names. I’ll get revenge. I’ll get the whole to bow down at my feet. Power feels so good. Now they know that I am special!

  52. Oh all of the above – listen to me. Don’t think it can’t be done. I am a New Yorker and our imbecilic Mayor just signed it into law that OUR NY certificates will have on them : Sex (check one or two or three) but you have a choice of M=male F=female annnnnnnd X=whatever So take it from me, THEY CAN DO IT PEOPLE OF KANSAS unless you stop these idiots at the pass. Good Luck

  53. Just because my brother and I played cowboys and indians with cap guns when we were little doesn’t mean for one second that I thought I was a boy. My mom gave my brother a doll so that he would leave my dolls alone. His doll had boy clothes and I can assure you he never thought he was a girl. We are now 75 & 73 and to this day we are still not confused about who or what we are.

  54. When I was a very young little boy I also had a doll which I played with. I had my mother help me make a Superman outfit for my doll. I enjoyed my time playing with my Superman doll and never thought that I was a girl. I am 80 years old and am a man and always have been. No confusion ever in my life as to my gender.

  55. more Idiocracy from the liberal mental institute. These “confused” people need a pshrink not a paperwork shuffle.

  56. They are not happy, they want to change their life, the problem is that to really change you may need to come to grips with Reality. Sex is not an idea, it is a physically verifiable condition, that can ALWAYS be identified by a blood test. Wake up and come to grips with the truth.

  57. Truth can not be changed.
    Deception can fool some of the time, but not all all of the time, and God none of the time. Satan loves to confuse those he can…but truth remains the same…no matter how preverted one imagines, or tries to change it. Changing a piece of document does not change the truth…DNA will always be there, as it is God’s design for His creation. Truth…believe God when He says I created you man or woman. Only Satan tries to confuse reality. In the end, God wins. Join the winning side…as it is written. Fake and deception will lose, no matter how hard one wants to push against what is true.

  58. The only way that the sex listed on the birth certificates should be changed is if they can produce genetic proof that the listed sex is incorrect. Mode of dress is not proof and removal of sex organs is not proof. Having XY or XX genes is the only acceptable proof. That way the sex listed on those birth certificates will reflect the truth.


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