Former NBA superstar is now promoting this delusional and dangerous LGBT agenda


“Woke” politics is spreading dangerously far and wide.

More and more celebrities are attempting to use their platform to cram radical Left policies down Americans’ throats.

And now one former NBA superstar is promoting this delusional and dangerous LGBT agenda.

Former Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

On it, Wade announced that he and his wife, actress Gabrille Union, are now raising their 12-year-old boy as a transgender girl.

Wade said, “Me and my wife, my wife Gabrielle Union . . . we are proud parents of a child in the LGBTQ+ community, and we’re proud allies as well.

The Left’s overwhelming encouragement of transgenderism in underage children is unsettling and dangerous.

Ignoring biological realities is not healthy for anyone, particularly prepubescent children.

Also, the social science on the issue is scant at best, and demonstrably harmful at worst.

People experiencing gender dysphoria have a significantly higher rate of suicidality – roughly 40% ­– so steering people head-on into transgenderism is incredibly risky.

Leftists will argue that the high suicide rate is due to social bullying.

But even transgender people who’ve gained acceptance in their families and communities still have the thoughts, and many who have gone through sex reassignment surgery have deep regrets.

Studies show the desistance rate for children with gender dysphoria is 85%, meaning 85 out of 100 kids eventually grow out of it.

But instead of dealing with kids’ gender dysphoria, radical leftists are re-enforcing it and encouraging kids to make life-altering decisions at a young age.

This is very likely going to have a disastrous effect on a generation of children who have been fodder for this radical social experiment.

Celebrities like Wade treat this like a parenting fad.

Raising children as “gender neutral” and allowing the kids to choose their own gender is the nonsense that’s propagating among progressives.

And anyone who opposes or simply asks questions about this radical agenda is immediately shouted down.

Even unabashed leftists like Harry Potter novelist J.K. Rowling are unsafe from the outrage mob for pushing against transgender orthodoxy.

And the Left wants to take it even further.

Some parents have actually been reported to child services for not affirming their child’s “gender expression.”

This is an incredibly dangerous idea that needs to be quashed.

Let adults decide how they want to express themselves and live their lives.  But children must be off limits.

Will more celebrities begin to speak out and counter the agenda pushed by Wade and the “woke” brigade?

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  2. Mr.Javick’s has said it all!! My heart breaks for every parent, grandparent or anyone else trying to raise a child that is not a normal environment now!! This country is spinning out of control and it’s ALL because of the demon party and their sick, demented agendas!! No morals. No common sense. No GOD. They have truly became satan’s generals.. Heaven help us all…

  3. God has a cure for those who persist in the gay life style the Lake of ? if they don’t repent and come to Jesus Christ

  4. Democrats and muslims share the same god. They just don’t know it. He goes by many names. We all know who he is. He has dominion over this world for now.

  5. This totally makes me want to puke. I feel so sorry for kids who are abused like this. That is what this is…child abuse. And not only are they abused, they must be totally confused. Parents who do this to their children should have them taken away from them for being unfit parents

  6. dwayne wade is not a born again christian he is a lost man to stand
    for this abomination. lev 18-22. romans 1 21-32. the great apostasy
    is here worldwide in this sin sick society. isaiah 5-20. woe unto them
    who call evil good and good evil, that put darkness for light and light for
    darkness. repent or perish wade and family. luke 13-3 not my words
    but the lord jesus christ words.

  7. I couldn’t care less what pro athletes or Hollywood degenerates do with their lives or the opinions they have. I just wish they would quit breeding. Obvious gene pool deficiency ?

  8. I will never understand what these people think that the are doing. No matter what people seem to think there is no way for someone born of one sex to know what it is like to be the other sex. I asked every female that I know what they think it is like to be a man and the main answer I received was that if they were a man they could see standing up other than that ,no one could say anything that made sense So I guess all of the girls who think they are men are going to be peeling standing up

  9. Pushing kids into something the child only thinks they might prefer is the foundation for downstream trouble. Schools buyt into this madness are at fault. Almost everyone is born as one sex or the other aside from with problems with congenital issues. Putting children into rest rooms where everybody is upset because they wonder if they belong there or not. Between nutso school administrations and the idiots who think this is a “fad” are going to drive the kids crazy. For Heave’s sake let them get to their mid to late teens before they make an irreversible alteration which they may or may not want to live with,].

  10. God said He created Man and woman. There is NOTHING I have read in Scripture about a Transgender or changing sexual identity or anything like that. So get real folks, Its an abomination to God and YOU WILL regret it.

  11. The reply stating “You’ve already said that” is simply a form of censorship. I know for a fact I have not addressed this subject before. Should your organization be too gutless to use it then have the nerve to say why you won’t. I have the “You’ve already said that ” BS three or four time before. I guarantee you I will never post anything with your site and I will discourage other from doing so as well.

    I will be waiting foe usual already said that reply.

  12. “woke” eyes are covered with psoriasis scales as bad as the scales that covered Saul’s eyes on the Damascus Road…

  13. Your thoughts are sick and perverted if you can for one minute think that an adult let alone a child really want to go through the terrible pain and suffering of listening to really sick people that can’t understand the difference between I didn’t make the choice, nature made it for me. The people that are stuck on condemning people really need to ask themselves if they are that afraid of changing are or afraid of someone in their families will change because nine times out of ten they already have the same so called issues with family members are friends. Damn, I would really hate to have family and friends that are so much holier than thou, that they can afford to be so sickeningly judgemental. Grow up and do some research. The people that are so judgemental are the ones that need the therapy and a very important reality check. God never make mistakes but so called humans do all the time. I guess you’re also judging people born with no hands, arms, feet, legs or with brains with no covering. What are these anomalies if not nature or man-induced catastrophes. Never judge what you really know nothing about but just afraid that it could have been you. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  14. There are a lot of very sick “woke” puppies out there. The best thing that NORMAL people can do for them is NOTHING.

  15. A little wise parenting would quickly help a confused child get past gender dysphoria. Most of those plagued with this confusing ill eventually get over it themselves. How much faster would the process be with help from those who are supposed to be their best counselors! Which ever sex a child is should be thought of as a wonderful thing. Seeing the grass as greener on the other side of the fence has always been a problem people have to sort out.

  16. Can’t fix stupid! Keep it out of my granddaughters bathroom? Stupid… Gender identity as proclaimed by who? Ellen? Want a girl? Adopt one. God won’t tolerate for much longer. Hey big guy, you’re the problem. Teach one of these little ones and well… You get my message.

  17. As a psychologist and professor who has taught courses in neurological development, these individuals who speak of alternatives to sexual identification need to be educated in the development of the individual in utero. I don’t intend to write of this process but sex is determined at conception -egg and sperm unite. There are some biological anomalies but many competent physicians deal with this issue. Please stop this negativity about what was determined by God and expressed biologically.

  18. Dwayne Wade’s child isn’t confused. She would only be confused if she had narrow-minded “Christian” parents who tried to suppress and deny who she truly is. Yes, transgender children have higher rates of suicide, but it isn’t due to their status as transgender. It’s because bigots like most of you in the comment section tell them they are abnormal and unnatural, and because they are bullied and tormented by people like you, even assaulted and raped. I might be suicidal, too, if people treated me like I was some kind of monster simply because I didn’t conform to gender norms. Come on, people, it’s 2020, not the Bible times. You aren’t wandering nomads in a desert, and the Bible for the most part makes no sense whatsoever today. The only part that should matter to you is Jesus’ instructions as to how to treat others. Don’t judge, do try to understand, and definitely, definitely love, whether it is your neighbor or your “enemy,” as you all seem to consider Democrats and Muslims and people more open-minded then yourselves.

  19. No hope for some of the WARPED MIND SET of many in our world society and especially in so called celebs and they just keep PUSHING THEIR WARPED AGENDA ON THE REST OF US thru the MEDIA and educational system.

  20. That is clearly child abuse and that child should be removed and placed with a normal couple.


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