Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines just made a move the media will hate


Chip and Joanna Gaines have been smeared by the leftwing media.

They hate the fact that the Gaines’ show Fixer Upper is such a hit and they’re unashamed of their Christian beliefs.

And Chip and Joanna just enraged the haters with their latest move.

For nearly three decades, the homeless in Waco, Texas have been served by the Church Under the Bridge – a small congregation that meets below Interstate 35.

But construction on I-35, which runs through the heart of Waco, could leave the Church Under the Bridge without a home.

That’s when Waco residents Chip and Joanna Gaines stepped up.

The Gaines’ offered the Church to use the lawn of their business, Magnolia Market at the Silos, for free.

Word & Way reports:

After the Waco Tribune-Herald reported on the church’s plight, Dorrell got a call from one of this city’s most famous residents: Chip Gaines, who with his wife, Joanna, starred in the HGTV home-improvement reality series “Fixer Upper.”

Gaines offered the lawn of Magnolia Market at the Silos — the couple’s popular tourist destination, which drew an estimated 1.6 million visitors to Waco last year — as a temporary home for Church Under the Bridge.

The attraction, which is closed on Sundays, is about four blocks from the bridge.

“I’ve known about Jimmy and the way he’s been selflessly serving this community for a while, since back when I was in college,” Chip Gaines, a Baylor alumnus, told Religion News Service in an emailed statement. “A few months ago, I read about how the I-35 project would impact his church, so we reached out to discuss his options and ultimately, to see if there was a way we might be able to help.

“I’ve always admired Jimmy from afar, so when we both agreed that the location of the Silos made sense for Church Under the Bridge, I knew we wanted to be part of the solution for this congregation,” Gaines added.

It’s a safe place for the congregation to gather and worship God together.

The Magnolia Market is closed on Sundays and located just a few blocks from where the Church Under the Bridge currently meets.

And after this story broke, the Gaines announced they were making a donation to The Cove for Giving Tuesday.

The Cove is an organization that serves the homeless youth of Waco.

They did not announce the total amount, but The Cove says it’s the largest gift they’ve ever received.

The Gaines’ generosity will allow The Cove to provide emergency housing for children.

Leftists hate nothing more than when Christians lead by example as our brother’s keeper.

They’d rather have everyone stuck on the government dole.


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  2. The left are their own worse enemy. I am grateful that Chip and Joanna are witnesses of their faith. Christians are in a battle to preserve the Church. Charity blesses the giver and the receiver. May God Bless those who seek to restore America to a Christian Culture.

  3. Just take a look at their children and you will see a reflection of who Chip and Joanna are. God bless you and your family Gaines’

  4. It really is sad with these liberals, they need to grow up except responsibility and if you have nothing good to say ,then say nothing at all

  5. God bless the Gaines & their strong Christian beliefs. And as for any liberals that want to bad mouth them they better watch out cause Texas is watching them & know that is no way to turn the state blue, it could get all you libs. tar& feathered & run out of Tx. On a rail!!!!

  6. Praise God and I thank Him for these apostles. Their work is a testament to Christ. The left is condemned to the Hell they have created.

  7. Love this story, Love Chip & Joanna Gaines. My husband and I have been fans of their ‘Fixer Upper’ TV show and have watched every show, at least once. See reruns is OK because we always see something we missed in the first showing. It was encouraging and refreshing as well to see and hear about their acts of generosity driven by their deep Christian Faithfulness. We are still watching reruns of the reruns, awaiting a new show hopefully coming soon.

  8. The Gaines are on the right track! We need more Americans to step up and do good for others. We watch every time we get a chance you can see that they are good people! This family share and tell other about our Lord!

  9. Watching the GAINES family is heart warming, their souls show thru, could you IMAGINE the clintons doing a similar show?!!! L O L!

  10. It is such a nice change to see grateful celebrities who acknowledge their faith unashamedly and do good things with their money. Hollywood and NY take note if you dare.

  11. We watch them because their show is excellent. But we also have much affection and respect for them, the way their children are growing up and the classy people they truly are. God Bless them and thanks for their example of rightous living. They are exceptional people who behave like compassionate, but unassuming Christians. We wish them every success. We should all try to follow their example. It is really unfortunate that the LEFT can find fault with such fine people but seems to be their mission in life. To demonstrate the dramatic difference between the Right and the left. There is an ultimate door through which we will all pass. Take a picture of your Left friends now because they won’t get through that door. We are judged by our actions!


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