Filmmakers of this Obama-produced documentary just said something deeply disturbing at the Oscars


Barack Obama’s Big Government agenda is still at play.

He’s moved into the realm of film and television to affect the revolutionary change he’s after.

And filmmakers of this Obama-produced documentary just said something deeply disturbing at the Oscars.

The late Andrew Breitbart offered the insight that “politics is downstream from culture.”

Although Republicans won five of six presidential elections between 1968 and 1988, leftists dominated the culture.

They focused on journalism, entertainment media, and academia to spread the radical ideas they couldn’t achieve at the ballot box.

The ramifications of this cultural domination have created a modern-day society that’s decaying in profound ways.

Terrible ideas like communism are as popular as they’ve been in several decades despite the utter collapse of the Soviet Union 30 years ago.

That set the stage for a disturbing moment at the Academy Awards.

The Obamas’ foray into film and television culminated in their Netflix-produced documentary American Factory winning an Oscar.

During the filmmakers’ acceptance speech, co-director Julia Reichert said, “Working people have it harder and harder these days, and we believe that things will get better when workers of the world unite.”

The phrase “workers of the world unite” is a chilling phrase coined from Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto.”

Leftists like to claim that conservatives and libertarians are “red-baiting” when they accuse the Left of being socialists, but the phrase Reichert used is unmistakably linked to communism.

Leftists are no longer hiding their true colors.

In 2016, the Democrats were a hair away from nominating Bernie Sanders, a life-long communist, to be their presidential candidate.

In 2020, Sanders has an even greater groundswell of support despite pushing 80-years-old and already suffering a heart attack on the campaign trail.

The Left is stuck in the past.

They’re determined to complete the mission that Marx laid out in 1848.

Conservatives must start paying attention to and engaging in the culture war, or else the Left will have free rein to degrade society even further.

Kid-centric magazines like Teen Vogue didn’t start openly promoting communism (which they do) overnight.

It took the Left decades to get to this point, and it might take just as long to unravel it.

Are surprised by the Left’s open embrace of communism?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. There is nothing wrong with communism. You just need the right people in charge to stop the corruption.
    Communism is the ONLY way to stop climate change. People will need to ride bicycles and be rationed the things that hurt the environment. Apocalyptic times call for radical solutions. We have no choice if we want to survive.

  3. Lukatella get out of the United States you filthy communist.i pity you and all Christ rejecting people on judgement day. Accept Gods free gift of salvation or die and burn forevermore in the Lake of Fire

  4. Jerry Sweet, when the capitalists die off, the communists will take over. They are graduating schools right now as we post. Soon, the communists will outnumber the capitalists. They don’t teach capitalism in schools anymore because it’s a failed obsolete economic system. Only communism guarantees equality and fairness for everyone, and only communism is capable of stopping climate change.

  5. It’s hard to read history when it’s constantly being rewritten to hide hard facts about communism.
    It’s brutal and controlling in the most vile way and it’s the center of the one world government that is prophetic in the Bible.
    If you’re a Christian, you not only believe that Christ will return, but you also must believe that America will fall in the last days.
    We must fight evil until the very end! That’s our responsibility. But in the end, evil will rule this world for a season. In the end evil will be defeated, not by the sword but by the word of God.
    Stay strong- Press on!!

  6. “They focused on journalism, entertainment media, and academia to spread the radical ideas they couldn’t achieve at the ballot box.” No truer statement has ever been written – and this is how they will conquer … without ever firing a shot. Global government will eventually take over – whether it’s communism or not is questionable – but it will happen, under the rule of the anti-Christ, as prophesied in the Bible. But that world will not be the ‘world’ the left dreams it will be.

  7. LUKATELLA: You are the perfect image of an ignorant brainwashed idiot. Your knowledge shows that you are probably one of the ones who were pushed through without learning anything except to want to be given everything for free. Why don’t you go to VENEZUELA or CUBA or one of the great AFRICAN countries now under a communist leadership and your problems will be solved.

  8. Disgusting Idiot; Venezuela and Cuba and those African countries are not true communist. They are dictatorships. Big difference.
    Someday people like you will learn what I say is correct.

  9. If you think communism so great why don’t you look to China and look how they treat their people everybody’s equal right ??????there locking people in their homes with disease that are not getting any care they’re literally welding the door shut !!!!!the problem with communism is there’s always a party leader that takes control. And without guns to stop tyrants what do you thinks going to happen literally your party is telling us which constitutional rights we can and cannot have right now I don’t see the right doing it as much they are doing it some but communism is a terrible idea and you should move somewhere where it is thriving and find that out for yourself

  10. I seriously do not understand how you can fight communism with religion, they are both control of the people measures, and who’s god would you use? They are all corrupt, even the Holy fairytale has been rewritten several times. And all the proof you need is in Leviticus 13:20 where it mentions that a man who lays with a man shall surely die in the King James version, in the newest version it says they should be killed. You cannot take e read like this seriously any more. I’ts all about who controls the masses…

  11. Joe Poisson, is your typical democrat moron. He can’t even get the scripture verse numbers right, and the bible has ALWAYS read “shall be put to death”, even in the King James.

  12. I wasn’t a bit surprised the very bias Leftists in entertainment industry picked Obama’s movie for an Oscar. What else is new….Just another reason I canceled my Netflix account.

  13. Those that believe in Communism have been thoroughly brain-washed? The idea that Communism is good is a big lie that the Left is telling to get people to believe them. To think that there is just good things and no dictator is very foolish of anyone as that is the heart of Communism. Just look at China and Venezuela where they take from the people so the leader can be wealthy and have the land that was another’s but not anymore. Have you not been watching what they are doing to the sick people in China? They are picking them up by using force to drag them from their homes to be put in cages with the others that are sick too. Only with God is there ever equality and freedom but it does require that you obey God’s word from the Bible. Since it is His world and He made you too He is the only One that gets to make the rules but He loves all that He has made and takes very good care of His people for ever

  14. “Communism is the ONLY way to stop climate change.”
    You may be right. If the communists manage to kill everyone off with their stupid programs, what happens with the climate will no longer matter. Dead people don’t care. Stalin’s stupid ideas managed to kill 26 million of his fellow citizens during WW2 and he was on the winning side!!!

  15. Anthony Lukatella: The problem with any system of government on this planet, communism included, is that the systems have to deal with and are made up of humans. The human is by nature greedy and as such there will always be people that have more than everybody else. Look at Bernie Sanders. He flies around using private jets, has three mansions, innumerable gas-driven vehicles and is a millionaire. Do you think he will willingly give up everything he has worked for his entire life, just to be more equal to everybody else? Here he is almost 80 years old and he hasn’t yet. So, he probably won’t. Think about it. Try to think rationally about it and then make up your own mind.

  16. Well if you people would focus far more on the concerns of man and less on your Mythotheological nonsense as in the way one thinks without bringing the existence of some unverifiable being which the reason no one has ever been able to establish the existence of because one does not exist.

    As I was saying if you were to be far more concerned about reality which makes you in many ways exactly like Lukatella living in a fantasy world the truth would be easier make clear and the nonsense would stop.

    Separation of Church and State no religious ideology in any schools because the most evil Mythotheocracy of all time which is islam has already infected the so called education system and will use violation of the articles of the United States Constitution in any degree against us and the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based.

  17. “Disgusting Idiot; Venezuela and Cuba and those African countries are not true communist. They are dictatorships. Big difference.
    Someday people like you will learn what I say is correct.”

    Then there are no true communists. The trouble with people like you is that you do not realize that actions have consequences. In order to have the kind of control over a society that would be required to do what you claim needs to be done, you must have a dictatorship. People are not just going to roll over and play dead so that you can experiment on their lives. Life is hard enough without an anchor hanging from your neck.

  18. Anthony Lukatella, Every country that imposed communism on its people has either collapsed or is still in economic ruins. Communism takes away free will and all of our other freedoms. The only ones in a communist regime who are successful are those at the very top controlling the masses. I highly suggest you get some good literature to read, starting with the Russian Revolution of 1917, and follow the history of communism of the countries it enslaved. If you really believe that “this time it would be different”, you are sadly mistaken, and will be counted as one of those who will bring our country into ruin. Capitalism is the one system that has PROVEN to work for the last several hundred years. Communism is enslavement, where the government controls everything, including you. The people own nothing. A very popular saying during the early years of the cold war was “better red (communist) than dead”. That is not true. In actuality, it is, “being red is being dead”. You are dead when the government controls every aspect of your life. If you believe communism would be a utopia, I feel so sorry for you.

  19. Until you get rid of the Unions in Education there will be no change!!! One of the worst things to happen to education. Do that & you will see the system turn around. It had better happen soon!

  20. Craig Michael Vandertie, put down your crack pipe. The first paragraph of your first post is almost unintelligible.
    If you think there’s no God because you haven’t seen Him your a bigger fool than your post suggests.

  21. Patricia Walker, if you believe in climate change, then communism is the only answer.
    If climate change is real, you cannot fix it with capitalism. Addressing climate change and capitalism are mutually exclusive. More capitalism means more damage to the environment.
    Everyone has heard that capitalism is based on human nature, which is to be greedy. If people are greedy then they only look out for their own interest, and not that of the collective world or future generations.
    Now do you understand? You make think I’m crazy but I’m not stupid.

  22. If people lose their incentive to work under communism there are ways for the government to force them to work. Use your imagination.

  23. The reason for the Lefts’ embrace of Communism, is that this political theory is godless. We know based on the Lefts’, ideological and secular cultural agenda that they have no reverence for the Creator. Recall the 2012 Democratic convention when the name of God was left out of their platform. Like Communism, the Left is morally corrupt and will eventually fail.

  24. Anthony, you are extremely deluded and brainwashed. Communism is EVIL!!! TRUTH!!!! Your ignorance is profound. You are a traitor. You are against everything our very wise founding fathers left us. If you hate freedom so much, PLEASE MOVE somewhere else. You are free to do so. You totally live in fantasyland. So who will be in charge???? NO ONE is above corruption. So it is fine with you to steal from someone else and have the government take all that YOU have. You are very foolish. And, NO, communism IS NOT the answer for climate change. Climate change is natural and there is NOTHING we can do about it. Your ignorance is profound. There is nothing to fear. God is in charge and HE will take care of it. YOU have rejected Him so satan has you very brainwashed. All who have accepted Jesus as their Savior have no fear of climate change at all. We know that Jesus will come to save all who belong to Him and we will have a perfect world. Too bad you won’t be a part of it. NO, communism will not take over. It is satanic and satan LOSES. And please explain how Capitalism has failed. It HASN’T, fool.

  25. Anthony…NOTHING you say is correct. You have failed to take God into account. God is in charge and HE will have the last word. Communism is satanic and satan cannot win. There will be a final battle between God and his people and satan and his people. YOU LOSE!!!!!

  26. Anthony, why do you keep coming here and making a fool of yourself??? This is a conservative Christian site, NEITHER of which you have any concept of. We know the truth that you deny. We follow God, not satan as you do

  27. Bob, you are right on. The dems have thrown God out and cannot win. satan has gained control of their party and they have nothing but hate, lies, and fear. Anthony is a prime example of their fearmongering. He is terrified of something there is no need to fear. We know that it will all be good in the end, but he does not have Jesus so is totally lost and clueless

  28. Anthony, please tell us why Capitalsim has failed. You CANT!!!! It has worked for over 200 years and there is nothing wrong with it. So it seems that you can’t stand anyone who has more than you do so you want to TAKE away from those who earned their way and give it to you???? You are very sick. In communism the GOVERNMNET is in charge and will take whatever they want from you.

  29. joe P, you can deny the truth, but you will know that God is there the MOMENT you die. And the Bible is the true word of God. It is very obvious that you have no concept at all of what it teaches. very sad.

  30. Christ is at the door. He just has not knocked yet to take the church. Woe to those left behind. They will rue the day they denied God. You may not believe now, but when you see the proof, it will be much too late. The 7 years of tribulation after the Rapture of the church will be horrifying and many will try to commit suicide as an escape. Guess what? God will not allow them to succeed. They WILL LIVE ON to endure His wrath. EVERY MAN WILL BOW AND PROCLAIM JESUS CHRIST IS SON of GOD.
    It is written and it WILL ALL COME TO PASS.

  31. Rita my wife is a teacher if it wasn’t for unions you would still be working like they did in the 1800’s. But maybe you want that. Having been on both sides of the fence I would much rather be back in a Union.

  32. Anthony Lukatella, “IF Climate change is real, you can not fix it with Captilism”
    My god man your life must be very short so far. When I was a young man the LEFT was crying that there was about to be an ice age. Then that didn’t happen. So suddenly we are in a “greenhouse effect” and are all going to DIE because it will be too HOT to support life. Then guess what? the REAL scientists suddenly realized that NONE of the data supports EITHER theory.
    Suddenly there is an UNKNOWN person who joins with others to create “carbon Credits” based upon falsified theories that were proven wrong. They created the Carbon Exchange, a capitalist program that earned money based upon the “exchange of carbon credits against environmental taxation. All of which are …CAPITALIST inventions.
    Who was this person? Barack Obama. He literally was a NOBODY who got involved in Carbon Credit SCHEMES to PROFIT. From there suddenly he is a Senator…then President with no background, applicable experience and in fact without even any HISTORY….no one seems to have known him or taken classes with him. HE QUIENTLY Changes NOAA from Science based to POLITiCAL based and NOAA, against its OWN scientific data begin touting “climate change” as an issue. Think about this, Obama is KNOWN to have entered college as a FOREIGN STUDENT on FOREIGN STUDENT AID but will not release any information regarding that and then RUNS FOR PRESIDENT? NOT.
    The INTERESTING part is that about the time that Obama was involved in creating the carbon exchange, suddenly there was no “greenhouse effect” being talked of. Suddenly it is the neutral and undefinable “climate change”. This way no matter what happens, the “chicken littles” are correct.
    IF Death Valley had a record 136F degree day it would be because of “climate change”
    If Kansas City MO had a new record cold of -25F it would be because of “Climate Change” again. BUT BOTH TEMPERATURES would be WELL WITHIN the Standard deviation of CLIMATE TEMPERATURES in the GIVEN place and MONTH.
    The Real issue is that no one is considering the “standard deviation” of temperatures let alone the Standard deviation results for what is the study of ancient climate called Paleoclimatology. Once considered the numbers need to be adjusted to a NEW standard deviation.
    Paleoclimatology is looking at third level geo-records to determine what a climate might havre been like, with supposition based upon flora and fauna BELIEVED to have lived in that epoch. Still, the Standard Deviation would EXPAND, not contract.
    Now a single thought…go read about the mini-ice age that happened only a few hundred years ago. Long before the planet hit a billion people….long before there was industrialization. That ice age created a winter that starved most of Europe for almost 6 years! It was felt in New world and in fact helped us create this nation.
    Anthony, you are un-read, un-schooled, ignorant as to fact, ignorant as to history and frankly do not even deserve my time at all. However, you want to be a good person I can tell. So go and begin studying. In about 20 years you will have earned the right to an opinion IF you study hard.

  33. I hope the planet meltdown accelerates I look forward to the sea rise the weather chaining the storms getting bigger the drouths will get longer and the heat more intense it was 65 degrees in Antarctica. That’s what I wat to see global meltdown famine, more intense hot places on the planet are unhabitual kind of fun watching along with the great die off of homo sapiens.

  34. It is amazing! The fact that the Radical Communist liberal left thinks that they can get Communism right this time, just shows how insane they are! The very definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different outcome! History does not lie . Communism does not and will not ever work! Without a reward system, there is no motivation to dream and create and innovate like we do here in America . North Korea is the end result of what Communism looks like in it’s purest form . Poverty, Famine and Human suffering will always be the end result of Communism . Those who believe that they are going to get it right this time with Communism are not only fooling themselves, but they are disregarding living proof like North Korea, and Human History itself!

  35. If climate change is real then it’s a worldwide problem, not just an American problem.
    Someone please explain to me how the democrats can fix a worldwide problem.
    Someone explain to me how Bernie Sanders can fix climate change with his promise of the Green New Deal.
    Someone please explain to me how bankrupting our country, and moving closer to a communist style country will fix a worldwide problem. Is it only America that is causing climate change, if it’s even real?
    I don’t think so. The whole think sounds like a bunch of poppycock to me.

  36. I am working two jobs and it is a struggle for me to make ends meet, but communism is very evil. There is no room for communism in a Christian nation. Our freedom comes from God, who is in charge of everything. Communism does not allow God at all. Satan is ever gaining a foothold in this country and has deceived many but that does not mean that we have to just sit by and let it happen. There is a battle raging between God and satan and God wins. satan and all of his followers will be gone for eternity and we will never have to deal with them again when Jesus comes.

  37. Anthony, so you hate our freedom that much, please move somewhere more to your liking. You are free to go. Under communism you would not be allowed to. Forcing someone to work??? YOU are evil!!!!

  38. Anthony, God is in charge of the climate. PERIOD. There is nothing we can do about it. There is no need to fear. God loves you very much and is there for you if you want Him. It costs nothing to be saved. Jesus paid it all on the cross. It is your choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. satan has you very deceived. If you allow Jesus into your heart you will know the truth that you deny

  39. Joe, you have no clue. control of the masses???? Try actually reading the Bible, which is the true word of God. You can deny truth, but that makes you a fool. Christians follow Jesus who teaches us love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, and helping others. Jesus NEVER forces Himself on you. YOU have to come to Him. So how is this control?? Please explain

  40. bj, Communists don’t hate freedom. We just know that too much freedom leads to greed and debauchery.
    If you were a true Christian, instead of a “goat” Christian which Jesus spoke about, you would know that Christians are instructed to help one another, and look out for other people. Help the poor and the widows.
    Capitalism is a system based on greed and we all know what the bible tells us about the greedy.
    Too bad you will spend an eternity in hell thinking about that, when you could think about it now.

  41. Patricia Walker, you have the statement wrong. Not “better red, than dead”, we were always saying “better dead, than red”. We could see the USSR across the Black Sea.

  42. Anthony, I am a true Christian. It is very obvious that YOU are not. You need Jesus. You may have read the Bible but you have no clue at all of what it teaches.

  43. This is for-Anthony Lukatella

    Try California, it’s rumored that in 3to-5 years it’s problems are supposed to triple. And who do you guys expect to bail you out?, the United States.
    You want communism, because of the United States?, or do you want communism for yourself, because there’s 65 million people if not more
    that totally disagree with you.


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