Filmmaker Michael Moore made his most radical declaration yet on capitalism


Far-left documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has completely lost his mind.

Moore has made many Leftist propaganda films, but the election of Donald Trump sent him over the deep end.

Now Moore made his most radical declaration yet about capitalism.

Michael Moore made his name creating heavily biased and deceptively-edited documentary films to push his Leftist agenda.

His film “Bowling for Columbine” pushed for strict gun control, while “Capitalism: A Love Story” railed against corporations.

Perhaps his most despicable film was “Sicko,” where he traveled to Cuba to promote their failing socialist healthcare system.

Moore essentially cut a propaganda video for the Cuban government and showed the hospitals where the ruling class go.

He didn’t show the decrepit hospitals where patients are forced to bring their own light bulbs, pillows, and potable water.

Nevertheless, Moore went even further by declaring capitalism is a form of slavery.

Breitbart reports:

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore took a swipe at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) during the Democratic Presidential debate on Tuesday, saying that her “accountable capitalism” platform endorses a system that enslaves people.
[…] Sen. Warren was referring to a plan she announced earlier this month called the Accountable Capitalism Act, which would redistribute trillions of dollars from corporations and executives to the middle class. The act would also mandate that corporations act in a closer capacity with its employees and communities.

Moore hit back at Warren on social media during Tuesday’s debate, saying that the candidate’s stance on capitalism wasn’t strong enough.

Moore’s comments are not only immoral, but factually incorrect.

Nothing has done more for human flourishing than capitalism and free markets.

Since the early 1980s, the global poverty rate has been chopped in half largely due to the collapse of communist countries.

And Moore has the audacity to call capitalism slavery while he extols the alleged “greatness” of Cuba and their healthcare system.

But he refuses to acknowledge that Cuban doctors can’t leave the country with their families for fear that they might defect.

Socialism ultimately enslaves populations everywhere it’s been implemented, yet Leftists like Moore take aim at the one system that has actually worked in freeing people.

Did Moore finally go too far with his comments about capitalism?

Let us know in the comment section.


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  2. Good one-word description Linda -“creature”.
    (I was momentarily stunned by your mention of “Bella” – until I saw the next comment.
    My oldest rescue kitty is named “Bella”!!!)

  3. Actors on the right (Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.) have failed to impress those of us on the Left. And this might be due to the distaste we have for their politics.

    But many actors and actresses on the Left, too, are socially and politically aware: Robert Redford and Ashley Judd immediately come to mind.

    We’re in the Age of the Internet, and everybody posts their opinions online!

    No longer “actors,” now the common man has a voice. That’s democracy in action. The Internet might prove to be a blessing – the basis of a free and open society in which everyone has a voice – if we can guarantee Net Neutrality.

    Michael Moore writes, directs and produces as well. He points out the hypocrisy of the right. There’s a huge difference.

    He must have voted for Hillary Clinton?

    Even if you disagree with his politics, you can’t dismiss him as merely an “actor.”

  4. Robert Armistead: That is too cute about your Bella and the fellow poster!! I have been taking care of abused and stray cats for years. It’s sad that some people have no regards for these beautiful animals. My late husband used to refer to our home and property as Noah’s Ark because of all the animals(cats, dogs, deer ,ducks, chickens and etc.) I was looking after. Still do.
    I have never paid attention to this Moore “creature”. Too radical. As you so correctly pointed out, he pretends to hate Capitalism but he has made millions being a fraud! He tries to dress like he’s just an average middle class guy. But I can just imagine what his home really looks like. Not a one room apartment I bet….
    Stay well Mr. Armistead and thank you!

  5. Vasu Murti?: Just so you know, you are not fooling me pretending to be the real pest, Vasu. I don’t understand why you would be doing this . Perhaps seeking praise or attention from others for him finally posting a few paragraphs instead of his novels. But whatever…If that’s what makes you happy, have at it… But why not try being honest with yourself and others, alright?

  6. The idiocy of Moore and those who support him is their obtuseness. The film industry, of which cretins like Moore have made millions of dollars, would not exist without capitalism. Neither would the internet and our entire world of modern conveniences, past and present.On our worst day, the average American lives a better life and is more well fed than most persons throughout the world. These idiots go looking for something that just isn’t there. Is the world a perfect place. Hell no. Will it ever be on this side of eternity. No,. But a Democratic Republic bound by a Constitution and codified law and a capitalist economy will trup anything that these deluded folks can conjure in their Utopian mentality

  7. vasu, you are nothing but a ‘Creature’ just like moore. He is a Fat Ass as well. Don’t listen to any of his garbage or yours. I don’t read any of your crap either. You don’t even belong in this country. So go back to where you came from you ‘Clay Head’, & take the ‘Fat Ass Creature’ with you…

  8. Michael Moore really is a sicko. He expects people to believe his lies and false representation because it is mixed with a veneer of truth. Most people see through his guise and are disgusted at his reprehensible misrepresentation.

  9. Yeah,,,,,,, I used to know him in the mid to late ’80’s………………………………. He always need a bath..

  10. 2 points: 1) Vasu, your comment was shorter than normal. Please keep the rest of your comments that short. 2) How much money does Jabba the Hut have anyway? Another capitalist hypocrite!

  11. Right On. bella. All One Has To Do Is Look At CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump To Know HE Is NOTHING But A TWO TIMING, TWO FACED trump TRASH, A Walking, Talking Presidential PISS ASS PIG, WHO Would BACKSTAB & BETRAY ANYONE In A Heartbeat, Cause That Oval Office LYING SICKO Has No Heart, Or One Inch Of Compassion, Moral Fiber, Human Decency, Honesty Or Honor & Not One Inch Of Shame Regarding Constantly LYING Though HIS TEETH To The American Public, Then Telling Us To “JUST GET OVER IT CAUSE IT’S DONE ALL THE TIME”?

  12. Hey, ernst, Replace The Name Michael Moore With The Name d trump & You Certainly Got It 100 Percent Correct Who Has Been The REAL SICKO HERE ALL ALONG, FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS!

  13. I notice Moore hasn’t made any documentaries about hunger in America. People would take one look at him and know why.

  14. Betty, we’re not talking about the PRESIDENT. Stay on topic. Donald Trump isn’t the one not practicing what he preaches. He’s a hypocrite of the highest order trying to get rich on selling trash. America today is ripe with opportunity for those who make an effort to improve themselves. You’re trying to tear down the greatest country in the world that provides a good life to far more people than at anytime in the history of mankind. Get the idea, fool.

  15. Betty: This story is about MICHAEL MOORE the anti-capitalist fraud. Not TRUMP!! Your fixations and hatred of PRESIDENT TRUMP is truly disturbing, you know that?? What in the world is wrong with you??? Don’t you have ANYTHING else to do but sit your little room waiting for a story just to spew your hate and disgust on all of us? We don’t care you hate Trump! Go get help and stop with your garbage mouth. You are truly disgrace to all women. Not to mention to the human race. I am going to report you to Culture Watch because I truly believe you are a danger to the general public and yourself. Seriously.. And FYI, Bella was commenting on MOORE not Trump.

  16. Linda M.: I envy you your ‘menagerie’!
    Unfortunately, I live in the high desert and there little opportunity to care for many
    animals due to the high heat and the high cost of water. My place doesn’t have a
    decent yard for dogs so I concentrate on ‘cats in need’!
    BTW: Betty: Donald Trump has done more for the economy and respect for this country
    than the past Presidents back to Reagan. He has added millions of new jobs and rescued
    us from several really bad treaties and “deals”. He has restored respect for our military and
    our Vets. More African/Americans are now employed in the Administration than that fraud,
    Obama, ever hired. ISIS has, after Obama let them flourish, been virtually wiped out.
    Trump is doing great work despite the foul efforts and lies of the Left. You, Betty, and the
    rest of the Trumphaters should wipe the spittle off your chins and do a little real research
    instead of simply repeating the ignorant trash the leftists spew.

  17. Your dirty mouthed diatribe tells anyone who read it through, I couldn’t stoop that low, what your level of intelligence is. I would say it is a bit below a fifth grader. Typical liberal retarded excuse for a human being. A good strong soap like Fels Naptha would be enough to cleanse your mouth, let alone your soul.

  18. If capitalism is so BAD, then why doesn’t that UGLY FAT Tub – Of – Lard Michael Moore give his money AWAY? Me THINKEST he is Quite the HYPOCRITE! And, a LIAR as well . . . don’t be a FOOL and listen to his NONSENSE – he’s full of it! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  19. Micheal mooron is so frickin stupid that he doesn’t understand he would be nothing without capitalism.

    He is proof stupid fat ugly men who were friends with Harvey Weinstein can make millions making stupid movies.

    Of course Michael Mooron does not have to go to jail with Garvey becuase even when Garvey gave Michael mooron girls he didnt know what to do with them and could find his Anthony wiener under all that fat.

    I hear michael.mooron smears diapers becuase he cant find it to aim at the toilet.

  20. Betty, your description is good but the ‘cool aid’ fogged your mind a little and you misspelled Michael Moore. But we quickly realized you were writing about the Michael Moore, the unwashed film shooter.

  21. Well said JoeyP. Capitalism is what keeps an economy going! Keeps people employed, and yes, some are going to be wealthier than others due to their level of education, vision, enthusiasm, invention, and hard work. Ambition is what drives people to do great things! Thank God for capitalism!

  22. Do any of the hypocritical D’s give all of their contributed by taxpayers salaries away? I believe not. President Donald J. Trump does not keep his taxpayer donated salary.

  23. why, doesn’t Michael Moore give all of his CAOITALIST gains away to the needy. Instead he lives in his huge mansion, looking down on the poor and needy, while getting richer and richer as a CAPITALIST>


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