Feminists just declared war on Ilhan Omar after this act


Radical feminists continue to prove just how insane they are.

They are even going after some of their own in their anti-men crusade.

And you won’t believe why feminists just declared war on Ilhan Omar.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) considers herself a “feminist,” along with the rest of her “squad” in Congress.

But now, feminists are on the offensive against her and two other members of “The Squad” due to their endorsement of Bernie Sanders, whom they decry as an old white man.

So a reporter at Vice wrote an entire article defending Omar, along with her pals Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).

Vice reports:

The news that Reps. Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib will throw their collective political weight behind Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign pissed off some white feminists this week.

Both Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren had aggressively sought the endorsement of the four influential women of color known collectively as “The Squad” (the fourth, Ayanna Pressley, has yet to officially support a presidential candidate). Some women even saw the decision to support Sanders as a betrayal of the progressive ethos. Among them was Jane Eisner, the director of academic affairs at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University, who jumped to criticize the representatives’ decision in a since-deleted tweet.

“I find it fascinating that women of color overlook female and minority candidates to endorse a white guy,” Eisner wrote.

Even as Sanders and Warren themselves have taken great pains to treat each other cordially in public, some of Warren’s supporters have been especially vocal in their criticism of the democratic socialist’s supporters so far this cycle. Political pundit Emily Tisch Sussman, for example, argued in September that anyone supporting Sanders over Warren was inherently sexist because Warren’s “plans have evolved” and are “more detailed” than Sanders’.”

You’d think feminists would have problems with Omar’s connections to radical Islam, which oppresses women around the world.

But in their insane worldview that is just fine.

Instead, they are attacking her and the rest of her “squad” for endorsing an old white socialist who is just as insane as they are for no reason other than his gender.

Do you think feminists hate men?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Of course feminists hate men. Feminism is an ideology, and ideologies leave no space for logic or reason. Hating some men might make sense, but hating all men is stupid. How feminists can ignore female genital mutilation is beyond me. That is a cause they should take up.

  3. Who would the dear ladies prefer? Warren, a proven non-stop liar? Hillary?*; Mrs. Obama, an avowed
    America hater?; screaming nutcase Maxine?
    The entire feminist spouting bunch are. from their twisted hatred of males, so divorced from
    reality as to be ridiculous. At least their ranting is easily dismissed-(and parodied).

    *They probably wouldn’t like Hillary either – after all, she’s an ‘old white lady’.

  4. The only thing dems agree on is hating President Trump, after that they’re all over the map. Kind of makes me wonder about their collective sanity?

  5. The above is full of misinformation. My heroine is Gloris Steinam. She likes mem; I am a feminist…L like men. My friends are feminists…we‘re all married. We love most men. Trump, on the other hand, is a Demagoge, a liar, a chauvanist, a and a crook probably.

  6. Why cant we be honest feminists are not feminists they are lesbians. They are double dipping on political identity by claiming to be part of the feminist movement and being part of the LGBTQ movement. But a lie on the part of democrats is ok. It only matters if they think trump lies.

    Both the feminist movement and the LGBTQ movement want you to believe it is 1920 and they are continously oppressed and abused. The fact is the only abuse and oppression going on is by the LGBTQ and feminist folks.

    Dont believe you go to a feminist or LGBT protest and declare yourself a happily married person With children. You will be amazed now fast you are oppressed and abused.

    Stop pretending you need to support these groups. They can suppose themselves without you and they do not like you.

  7. Feminists are lesbians. It is the same movement. I wonder what the white gay people think of the lesbians hating them?

  8. The what are you fighting for? Equal rights? You have had them for most of a century. Equally in schools? More women graduate college then men and have for almost 20 years. Equal treatment in hiring? No you have had an unfair advantage due to affirmative action since 1964. Right to an abortion? No we are all the way up to allowing abortions at birth.
    What is your reason for being a feminst?

    Oh I k ow you want to make it fair so them men can say they dont want a child and not be sued for child support since the women has the right to choose! You are fighting to stop the 83% of rape allegations that are false! You are fight to say that women and men are equal so if they get drunk and have sex it was just std t as much the womens fault as the man’s! Are those the reasons your a feminist? Or do you just want special rights? In which case none of you like your “,men” very much do you? Perhaps you are just modern day gold diggers?

    Face it the article is not wrong. It is highly likely you are being dishonest with us and yourself.

  9. And you, Mrs. Clark, are apparently either too stupid or too lazy to do any research on what Trump
    has done for this Country in his 3 years.
    More women of color employed by the Trump administration than any in history – including Obama’s.
    Highest employment rate in decades. Best economic growth rate also for decades.
    More respect for the military, vets and law enforcement -by far- than our ex, divisive jerkass “leader”.
    NATO made to start paying their fair share. The anti-America U.N. (except for our tax dollars), told
    Several damaging treaties and “Accords” busted.
    The disastrous Iran “Deal” publically denounced. The “Deal” allowed Iran to develop atomic weapons and
    break virtually every “safeguard” contained in the lousy thing.
    Etc., etc.
    Wise up Carol – you sound like your get all your news from CNN!

  10. Just for the fact they are attacking Omar and some of her squad JUST because they are backing Sanders, clearly shows you these radical feminists do not posses logical thinking or decision making . They should indeed be protesting AGAINST Omar that does have connections to radical Islam and how women are abused and oppressed by them. But no. They are just focusing on “the old white man”. Wonder if their Dads are aware of how they feel about men in general????
    But another point is, anyone throwing their support to ANY Democrat running, REALLY shows you how inapt they are at wanting what’s best for our country. We have already caught a glimpse of what the Democratic party wants for us and it’s not good… So with the grace of GOD this tragic comedy will be put to rest once Trump is re-elected.

  11. Chemo? I’m so sorry you have to go through that.
    My best wishes and hopes go with you for a full recovery.

    p.s.; “Stalking”? The only thing stalking me is the Grim Reaper!
    So far I’ve avoided the old boy for 85 years. (I hope he doesn’t read this!)

  12. Ditto to your every word to Carol Clark. I suspect you hit the nail upon the head when you suggested she gets her news from CNN…MSDNC or perhaps even from Chris Wallace to say she is getting it from both sides! Personally, I just don’t get these people who seem to not want our country and economy to keep improving. I am all for the “love it or leave it” school of thought.

  13. Robert Armistead: GOD love you, you’ll have MANY more years to take of Bella and the rest of your “family”. They need you…
    “Thank you” for your best wishes. Hopefully, with the grace of GOD this old girl will be around for many more years herself. I’ve beaten it before and I trust GOD will still get me through it again….”Talk” to you again!!!

  14. Carol Clark, Being a woman myself, and an older woman at that who has witnessed first hand enormous progress and great strides made for all woman over many years (which was not due to any feminist movement- that I can tell you) find you, the “squad”especially and any other women supporting these idiotic ideologies a real embarrassment to the rest of us out here. Get off your little self seeking, I am important- bandwagons and get with the real program. You and your kind do not, have not, and never will speak for the majority of us out here. As for what you said about Potus, would I expect anything other than what you said ? No, I would not for it goes along with the territory of being most ill informed and self serving .

  15. Old White man…..Wow, the femiNAZIS did a Limpist’s trifecta. Sexist, racist and geriogynist.

    Congrats! Your 220 volt vibrators are in the mail!

  16. Linda, Agree 100%, these so called feminists who claim to be for women’s rights,equality etc do have their priorities mixed up, BIG TIME.

  17. Mr. Donald John Trump is not guilty in all problems, what to dream up his opposition Democrats in the Government of US. Mr Trump received historically damaged Country and Government US exertion from
    Democrats, under breeding and education Mr. Bush Jr. and Mr. Obama. Muslims women in the US Government trying to revenge to Mr. Trump for damaged his Countries, Families, killings his Man and children, but Mr. Trump is not guilty – it is guilty two Governments in the time Mr. Busch Jr. and Mr. Obama.
    Trump is not using a Demagogue, a liar, a chauvinism, a and not a crook probably. It is a slander!
    Sincerely yours – IIK

  18. Bill, Your first comment, yes so true hearing this coming from those, no less who thrive on spouting racism, sexism to everything going on and your second comment was just HILARIOUS !! Thanks for the laugh, I’ve had a long day and needed one..

  19. Robert do you ever wonder how we did it? I will turn 86 on the 28th. Heaven knows we have seen a lot in our time. I confess I did not understand some of it, for instance: why anyone could hate America when we are the best place on earth?

  20. Ms Davidson: I m an old man, who has for years been involved with men’s rights
    organizations. A feminist is a woman, who seeks unfettered EQUALITY in opportunity
    in the artificial habitat that humankind has created for itself. A femitheist (aka, ‘feminazi’)
    is a woman, who seeks CONTROL of that habitat. I support feminism and consider femitheists
    the enemy.

  21. They all have the party line…he lies, he cheats, yada yada…no facts to back it up. Promises made, promises kept, Carol. President Trump is working for us and it amazes me how much he can accomplish with the left constantly nipping at him.

  22. My parent worked side by side until my mother death. Never heard either say a bad word about each
    other. I did hear my father tell some men that the women movement of today will damage
    our country that was 34 years age. At time I agree with my dad, as I was seeing women stabbing
    each other in the work places just for power. It’s out of control today.

  23. sue: I am an older woman as well, and you are 100% correct. I personally feel ” the feminist movement” did more harm than good, for all women.

  24. Schultzz:Your post was spot on! It also amazes me how President Trump has accomplished was he has, even though he has been consistently attacked since he has been in office! NEVER have I ever witnessed such hate and disrespect shown to any sitting president as has been shown to President Trump! Unjustly I might add. This Democratic Party have completely lost their minds!!! What I would love to know as to why nothing has been done to stop this behavior???

  25. Mic, if they all thought as you do, I could support feminists too. I figure the artificial habitat of which you speak was begun when men first saw women create a new person, (give birth) which they could hardly understand, and they could not link their part in it. So they said “we must get power over this creature or it will take over and we will be nothing.” This thinking was embedded long before religion began, IMO.

  26. Almost pure fantasy. There has been one only (relatively primitive) tribe who did not understand the man’s
    part in reproduction. Two things were prime causes in man’s and women’s places in society; physical
    strength of the men and the time involved in birthing, care, and raising of the children. The thought
    of “…we must control…” is pure speculation – and not even credible speculation. It’s putting completely
    unjustified, biased thoughts out as truths; totally unsupported by anything but your own opinions of
    societal functioning. The men had the often dangerous job of hunting while the women did the household
    jobs – and also most of the planting and harvesting of the non-meat products. This produced a distinct
    social divide between the sexes.
    Please note that there are many examples of matriarchal societies where the women have a quite
    powerful role in the laws and conduct of the members – including the men!
    I suggest taking some classes in Cultural Anthropology, it should broaden your understanding of ‘society’.

  27. You are clearly a youngster, either a Millennial or a Gen-Xer, not old enough to remember even the mid-20th century. I clearly remember that my father worked outside the home to support our family while mom stayed home to raise the kids. When my brother finally was established in school, my mom took part time jobs, one of which was substitute teaching so that her hours could be similar to our school days. I also remember how we felt at the end of WW2 when the folks applied for a mortgage loan to build the house we so desperately wanted, but we were turned down because in those days banks would not include a woman’s income “in case she gets pregnant” because pregnant women just did not work outside the home. We then had to buy a home (having lost our rental house) far less lavish than the home we’d hoped for, but my mom’s income allowed the folks to pay off the mortgage about a decade early.

    Far from the time of the Garden of Eden or the time shortly after, to which you allude in your response to Mic Palazzolo and discussion of “artificial habitat,” “feminism” as such did not arise until the 60s, at roughly the same time as introduction of the birth control pill, on one hand, and the appearance of that culture known as “hippies,” who supported such things as free love, on the other.

    I concur with Robert Armistead. People have understood procreation since “before there was religion.” You would do well to take his advice and take some courses in Cultural Anthropology.

  28. Jeanni, perhaps TPS’s sentence would make better sense if it were worded “their collective mental state.”

  29. As none of us were here before religion I don’t think we can positively comment that early man understood anything at all. All we have is our opinion. No one has a crystal ball. Let us be civil.

  30. Robert, I do so wish this site gave us the opportunity for “like” or “up” votes! I’d give you at least 100!

  31. Robert, I totally agree with you on this point.
    As far as the conversations here about feminism and what it is, I haven’t got a clue. I am a married woman. My husband and I “together” produced and raised five very strong, masculine men.
    They are all good husbands and great fathers to their sons and daughters.

    They honor their parents and their in law parents as well.

    Each are professionals in their work and support their working wives as well. Their children are each confident in who and what they are.

    They all serve others well and their community too.

    What does all of this gender equality really boil down to? Power. As far as abuses of another, why stay with the abuser? Fix it or leave it!

    What does the color of skin have to do with it? Absolutely nothing! What does equality between the sexes have to do with it? Absolutely nothing!

    Character, integrity and self control is power!!

  32. Sarah; Your comments are a breath of fresh air!
    My folks raised three of us with understanding and firm and fair discipline. We all turned our to be
    professional people and we all look askance at what this Country has become under, particularly, Obama.

    I’ll add this note: Your last sentence is extremely important! Those three attributes are under vicious,
    unrelenting attack from the Left. It is becoming more difficult to fight the inroads those indoctrinated
    people are making. Their hatred, combined with P/C, will continue to degrade American virtues until we
    and unless we stop them.

  33. Jacqueline: Early man maybe couldn’t program a VCR (I hate doing it too), BUT; they learned about
    their environment, developed social skills (albeit sometimes rather primitive to our modern thought),
    they developed skills to deal with the vicissitudes of their off-times precarious living conditions.
    And they succeeded. They survived.

    Otherwise………………we wouldn’t be here!! Give them credit for their learning abilities.

  34. Our President Trump has done more in three years for our country than the last 4 Presidents, and it does make
    you wonder what the heck they were wasting our time and money on. Of course being politicians and not business men, and probably none having a real job, they would not know how to make agreements with other countries which would not bleed us to death. (did they care?) When you come to think of it, our Bush and Bush did nothing to help the country. Thank God for President Trump, and if I were not house bound I would be sitting in the crowd in Tupelo right now.

  35. What a diatribe, man, knowing about one thing and believing in how people should work and love each other is far from a history listen or someone’s opinion. If you take what has happen to our society and match it up with how the family was so much better off with women giving insight to children, to make them productive members of that society, not killing each other, sex or drugs. Feminists have help distort family valves. Motherhood is one of the, if not the most important job around, but feminists want to say it is a demeaning position that man uses to keep women down. Think about what going on now………..Society is sick and not getting better.

  36. Communism does not allow feminism. Muslims don’t allow feminism either. All y’all demoncrats go ahead and support these 2 agendas. If either takes control all of America will be destroyed.

  37. Sorry Ms Davidson, but I think you need to study the the first book of the Bible. God created man and then woman using a rib from Adam to “Create,” Eve. As wonderful as women are, and they are truly wonderful, women did NOT create another human. They,”Reproduce,” human life. I would not think myself to be so smart as to judge women or men as their are many of both genders that have done so many things to better life. However, I would prefer your ideology as you prove the insanity of the present social agendas, @ LGBT and all the rest of the insanity going around today demanding that EVERYOHNE MUST accept that alienated sexual fantasies that bolster LGTBXYZ to be normal. One more thing, someone claimed that sexuality is for, “Fun,” and while there hasn’t been anything in my life since the birth of my children that has proven to be more exciting or rewarding in my mariageother than when my wife exibits her love for me. God as the saying goes, hit a home run when He created woman, and having a good woman by ones side proves over and over again to be a blessing beyond comparison.

  38. John, if the very first humans understood the male role in procreation they are much more intuitive than I can give them credit for being. I am sure they caught on after a bit, but initially I am not sure they could put two and two together. That was my point. Not the later humans, but the very first ones. I am certainly not an insane LGBTQ person. I feel that transexualism etc is a trendy liberal insanity, pushed by hollywood dimwits, and I believe encouraging young children to change sex is going to prove to be a terrible, terrible error from which nothing good can come. This is my opinion.

  39. There now appears to be more than one description of a ‘feminist’. As a 60odd year old heterosexual male, I am a feminist to the extent that I love womanhood and all it stands for. Alas, like much in this crazy progressive society, the term seems to have been diluted and seized by leftists.

  40. Sanders, and most of the other demoCROOK candidates, would make Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot look like saints by comparison. The squad is a gang of murderous psychopaths that support Sanders because he’s happy to declare himself a communist.

  41. Yea right bet the 7 million back to work with less tax cheaper fuel. Trade deals getting fair no more mega million on food stamps BTW TRUMP DIDNT GIVE OUR ENEMYS TONS OF CASH HE BLEW THE LEADER OF ALL OF THE INSANETY ALL TO PIECES..YEP TRUMPS BAD MUST BE A RUSSIAN SPY FKING BRAIN DEAD ANTI AMERICAN DEMOCRAPS ..PATHETIC Hillary lickin Bernie sucking fools


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