Fat black professor at one of the most prominent colleges in America claims online that people need to take these white “motherf#ckers out”


Leftists are the first ones to preach peace but then when you turn around they will do anything they can to destroy you.

And here is just another example that The Woke Mob doesn’t want to ‘coexist’.

Because a fat black professor at one of the most prominent colleges in America claimed online that people need to take these white “motherf#ckers out”.

You can usually tell who would be the first one in the parking lot to cuss you out for having a Trump hat on by just looking for a Subaru with a coexist bumper sticker on it.

Over the past decade leftists have portrayed themselves as the compassionate ones.

But over the past several years we realize that’s anything but the case.

Nothing says compassion like forcing a two-year-old toddler who suffers from asthma attacks to wear a mask on an 8-hour flight and suffocate to death or force him off the plane.

And only the compassionate ones fire and throw lifelong state troopers who have risked their lives for decades out on the street because they won’t take a shot.

So much love and compassion by the Left.

But now they aren’t even trying to hide behind the fake coexist motto.

One fat black leftist professor, who looks like she just raided your local Golden Corral, called white people “villains,” and said “we got to take these motherf#ckers out” during an online conference.

Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper was eager to tell the viewers on a webinar called “Unpacking The Attacks On Critical Race Theory” that white people are a problem that need to be dealt with.

Cooper claimed, “They do this thing where they say that how white people have done humanity — how they have acted as human beings — is the way all of us act. So they think black people are going to get them back. And I wouldn’t be mad at the black people who want to get them back.”

And later she stated, “The thing I want to say to you is, ‘We got to take these motherf#ckers out,’ but, like, we can’t say that.”

Don’t worry it’s not like she is teaching students at one of the most prominent universities in America.

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