Famous rapper dropped a new track that completely wrecks Hunter Biden


We all know that the Biden family has committed very questionable acts.

But now even those in the music industry are starting to call out the Bidens.

And a famous rapper just dropped a new track that completely wrecks Hunter Biden.

It’s unquestionable that Washington, D.C. is filled with crooks and criminals.

Just look at all of the Congressmen who get caught doing insider trading.

And we all know that their kids are often a heck of a lot worse liars and criminals.

But no political crime family comes close to the Bidens.

Just take a look at Hunter Biden.

You have to give him credit for figuring out how to make $11,000,000 for arranging meetings and giving advice to a Ukrainian gas company with his undergraduate degree in history from Georgetown.

And you can’t forget about his financial dealings with the Chinese Communist Party.

But to put the icing on the cake, Hunter loves to hang out with crack hookers while weighing out his cut.

It would be cool to see him give those pronouns at a meeting with “the Big Guy’s” Vice President.

But Hunter Biden is a class act.

Instead he manages to get his dad and the entire United States Congress to fund free crack pipes.

And now America’s favorite first son has his own rap song dedicated to him.

Loza Alexander is a rapper best known for his political hit “Let’s Go Brandon.”

But he just dropped a new song titled, “P3D0 P3T3R BOY” and its definitely worth a listen.

You know the end is getting near for Joe Biden when the Big Tech Giants allow videos like this to stay up on the internet and be shared.

Just a few months ago content like this would have been banned from nearly every platform online.

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