Famous actor is apologizing for his wedding for an insane reason


Hollywood is one of the American institutions that’s most infested with leftism.

The industry unapologetically skews heavily to the Left.

Now one A-list actor is apologizing for his wedding for an insane reason.

It’s incredibly annoying when celebrities virtue-signal by wagging their fingers at the rest of the country.

Hollywood’s limousine liberals are particularly bad at this.

They share a collective guilt that they try to pass on to all of America, which just shows how out-of-touch they are.

After the tragic death of George Floyd, ostentatious displays of “wokeness” cheapened the moment that could’ve been an opportunity to bring people together.

But the Left is incapable of knowing when to stop.

Outrage mobsters have been looking for past “crimes” to get offended about, and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds was a perfect target.

Reynolds recently apologized for his 2012 wedding to actress Blake Lively because it was held at a former plantation in South Carolina.

During an interview, Reynolds said “It’s something we’ll always be deeply and unreservedly sorry for . . . It’s impossible to reconcile. What we saw at the time was a wedding venue on Pinterest. What we saw after was a place built upon devastating tragedy. Years ago we got married again at home – but shame works in weird ways. A giant f***ing mistake like that can either cause you to shut down or it can reframe things and move you into action. It doesn’t mean you won’t f*** up again. But repatterning and challenging lifelong social conditioning is a job that doesn’t end.”

This is asinine.

Every parcel of land has a history associated with it, some of it negative.

To apologize for holding a wedding at a former plantation more than a hundred years after the fact is peak wokeness.

The South Carolina of today is not the South Carolina of 1840.

The state currently has a black senator and formerly had a twice-elected governor who was the daughter of Indian immigrants.

The Left is forever stuck in the past.

They refuse to look for solutions in the present.

In fact, leftists don’t even want solutions. They want “change” and “reform” and to be “heard” but the sucker punch at the end of those empty words is always some form of socialism.

It’s a shame that Reynolds took the bait and played into the hard Left’s obvious power grab.

Reynolds first apologized for the wedding in 2018 after being harassed by Black Lives Matter supporters.

Two years later, he must apologize again because surrender must be ongoing and absolute.

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