Facebook tried to censor Franklin Graham and it backfired in a way they never expected


Silicon Valley tech giants are barely trying to hide their hatred for Christian conservatives.

No one gets under their skin more than Franklin Graham.

And their latest attempt to censor him blew up in their face.

Franklin Graham was banned by Facebook for a post that was two years old.

The advocate for Christ was banned for simply sharing a post, something millions of people do everyday.

The post was dated from 2016 and was a denouncement of the North Carolina Bathroom Bill, which would have allowed men to use women’s restrooms.

But Facebook was forced to lift the ban after they received backlash from Christian users.

Facebook tried to play it off as a “mistake.”

The Hill reports:

The representative went on to say that the mistake was made by the company’s content review team — which is comprised of 15,000 members — and that the company has since restored Graham’s account and the post in question.

The company has said it will also apologize to the administrator of Graham’s Facebook page, according to the spokesperson.

Graham took aim at the company over the incident in a post on Facebook on Friday.

“Why?” Graham asked in the post in reference to him being banned from the platform. “Because of a post from back in 2016 about North Carolina’s House Bill 2 (the bathroom bill). Facebook said the post went against their ‘community standards on hate speech.’ Facebook is trying to define truth.”

Facebook has been making a lot of “mistakes” this year.

Many of these “mistakes” have been banning, silencing, and suppressing prominent conservative voices.

They “mistakenly” shadow-banned Prager U, a conservative educational website that is hitting home with millennials.

And, as we previously reported, they rejected multiple ad applications for “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer,” an anti-abortion movie, from multiple Facebook users.

Facebook also “mistakenly” blocked Fox News Radio commentator Todd Starnes and apologized for it.

Do you think Facebook is silencing conservatives? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. “Progressives” always want to silence those who point out things that undermine the “Progressive” agenda. Especially, when it involves behaviors they want to promote. “Progressives” want the truth, facts, and reality, to be what they want.

  3. The real mistake is in the fact People still use the site. Have people become so irresponsible to use such a hateful anti People website? In this case, thine eye does offend, time to pluck it out.

  4. Our founding fathers gave us a Constitution where we have the freedom to worship God when and where we choose. Libs hate our Constitution and they are very dangerous to our freedom.

  5. Sad that such people are still trying to control what we see and hear! Don’t they realize that ultimately they shoot themselves in the foot? But one does appreciate their efforts, they are helping people see just what they are really like!

  6. I’m in Facebook jail right now because of a screenshot I posted about that cop killer in California.

  7. FaceBook has sold out to the Clinton/Obama cartel
    and is forever caught up in their web of deceit
    and crime, in my opinion.

    (Why are those people who have made fortunes in
    America’s capitalist society, trying to destroy that
    (Do they actually think they will share in the outcome?
    I say they will not, for they will be eliminated as
    no longer useful to the communist/Islamic cause)

  8. I think it is time that every user of facebook, whether christian or not boycott FACEBOOK for at least 48 hours to get a point across that we don’t need it, but there are so many who lives on it. they can’t wait for the hate to come up so they can feed it more. SAD, SAD world that we live in.

  9. Yes I very much do think that they are a sensor. They are also pushing the Democrat word as well and blocking your site. The only reason for this I think is that facebook hates Christians and is part of the sex traffic and Child molesting and Murder.

  10. Yes ! Facebook is censoring Christians from posting comments that they ( Facebook ) deem ” hate speech ” !
    However , Facebook allows non-Christians to post all manner of critizim against Christians !

  11. I believe so. Several times I’ve made a response to an article that contains a testimony about my faith and it is mysteriously rejected. Once the response read: “suspected to be a bot”. The 15,000 guardians of what is so called “hate speech” clearly are taking it upoon themselves to stand against the Christian Faith and any testimony sharing Biblical Truths as it applies to the culture wars. Controlling the media will ultimately fail, but I think their control has had a head start on their powerful media influence. I’m thankful that Christians are fighting back and there are other forms of media protecting their voices on the airwaves.

  12. FaceBook is definitely a band of liberals like the a Democratic Party n they live to control in ways that they want to take away our freedom of speech,so many times I would state my true feelings about topics they felt was not right for FaceBook n would delete completely n there was no way to get it back!They are definitely against the truth I fact I only came back on FaceBook about a month now n there really hasn’t been any changes !

  13. I stopped using Facebook after taking a look at the face of the CEO and his wife trying to steal hawaiians land…

    I dont like the guy period.

    If you are a Christian, a man or a conservative, stop using Facebook and delete your account as I did years ago.

  14. They’ve still been blocking any Christian shares from me as, “offensive”. This has been going on for a long time now.

  15. Facebook placed me in their jail 4 times in one year…30 day suspension each time. The last time was because I posted a picture from the 2016 campaign of Hillary Clinton kissing Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, who was the “Grand Cyclops” of the KKK for ten years. Facebook would not respond to me during any of these 4 jail sentences. They said that image was “Offensive” to whom? Byrd is dead and Hillary said “Byrd Was Her Mentor.” In another jailing I posted an image of over 10,000 Serbian skulls and bones unearth from only 3 of the 12 Medjugoria Pits in Croatia by a research team from Belgrade University in 1990, researching WWII rumors that over a 50 thousand Serbs were thrown alive into these bottomless pits. For decades Croatians would confess, “Only a few dozen Serbs were ever thrown into those pits.” But the 10,000 skulls told a far different story, especially since hundreds were children under the age of 5…This excavation took place in 1990 before there was ever a war in the Balkans…it led to the violence against the Serbs ending with “230,000 Serbs cleansed from Croatia in 1995 during “Operation Storm,” the single largest cleansing of these 1990’s Civil Wars. PLEASE tell me how revealing this photograph and writing about this WWII WAR CRIME was “OFFENSIVE.” Zuckburgler is acting like a Fascists criminal by hiding conservative views that do not fit into his ugly Communist agenda… As a double victim of Balkan genocide I lost 17 of my relatives burned to death in the Serbian church in Vojnic, Croatia in 1942, the village my father was born in and the last 5 relatives of my name in 1995 who were too old and too sick to flee Operation Storm…I was notified a month later by the Red Cross they were found with their throats slit…BUT, IAM NOT ALLOWED TO BE OFFENDED BY DOUBLE GENOCIDE AND DOUBLE STANDARDS TO ABLE TO PROVE MY EVIDENCE ON FACEBOOK? Meanwhile this Jewish hypocrite spews his history of the liquidation of “6 million Jews” at every opportunity?

  16. I’ve never been on Facebook never will those running fb are arrogant and self centered a holes that don’t like conservatives or Christians scary!

  17. Suckerberg will meet Karma one day and he will beg to be spared! I would not use FB if my family wouldn’t constantly post stuff about grand and great grandkids but I despise the political climate and the hate toward Conservatism! He is hiding out in a Hawaii compound with walls all around and security detail while the American people are exposed to criminals from the South and the Left wants it that way!

  18. Funny, they never “mistakenly” ban Antifa, pro-abortion, etc pages… only “truth” and reality pages.

  19. Amen. Why keep supporting something that hates Christians, conservative thinking, and other good people. It’s too bad there isn’t a conservative website like FaceBook.

  20. I cannot understand anyone that feels they have to post all their life events on any social media. Facebook is for insecure people that must have no friends.

  21. yep Facebook is headed for a place, where the sun don’t shine. I have been trying to stop my Facebook account for 2 years now, still haven’t been able to get it done. Facebook is till charging advertisers on the number of people they reach so Face book refuses to allow you to be come an ex us er.
    Clever Facebook, very clever.
    There are other ways to get your attention, forunately for you, I have an even temper and and am an easy going person. I would excersize caution if I were you, not every one pout here has my even temper and good nature

  22. I posted a Meme as a comment to another post which showed a Crusader and it said that fighting Islam was nothing new…but letting them into our country to spread their disease is. I was immediately banned for 30 days and I appealed and the ban was withdrawn. I then sent a post saying that FB had reversed its ban and showed the same Meme….and was banned again for 30 days and I again appealed and FB said that they were wrong and restored my access. I then posted that what had happened and included a copy of their apology which included the Meme and I was banned for 30 days for the third time. I appealed again and FB upheld the ban saying that they were wrong the first two times and my Meme violated their policy against Hate Speech.

  23. Spot on, maybe all Republicans, moderates and all just stop using Facebook, it has become a vile disgusting site. I have an EX friend who is always spewing her diarrhea of the mouth with her inane hatred of Trump. I deactivated my account which I seldom used anyway.

  24. Check out Quora, the question and answer site. They censor Conservative thought all the time while allowing Progressive thought to go uncensored. Appears they have joined Facebook, Twitter and Google in order to silence the voice of Conservatives, they must be running scared.

  25. A few years ago I got a fake book account to find a lost dog. I had it for about 3 days when they started to bug me for identifying information. they wanted a drivers license or copy of my passport and I refused to give it to them so they banned me. I am ok with it as Facebook is a tool for the government to spy on you and you are readily giving them all that information. I may have been born at night but it wasn’t last night. By banning conservative commentary they are interfering in elections NOT the Russians. It needs to be broken up by the anti-trust laws or shut down promoting censorship.

  26. We have to keep an eye on FB otherwise it could be used as a free political action site for all the leftists and their candidates.

  27. When FB first started, its claim was for connecting friends and family. This is why I joined. Then the hate and evil showed its ugly face and I am ashamed to say I got sucked right into it. I could not wrap my mind around the evil spewing from its pages. It was changing me into something I hardly recognized. I quit facebook for my own sanity. After nearly a year I have realized that I miss the connection with my friends and family. The pictures, communication and all the amusing memes. I reactivated my account because I am a freethinking adult and I don’t have to indulge in any of the BS that is in the mix. So far it is working for me but believe when I say, I will quit again if I feel I am sliding into the abyss. There is good and bad, you just have to pick through it all and claim what makes you feel good (or bad if that is your thing.

  28. Us too! What facebook has a habit of doing is suspending your account from a post they dont like and doesnt matter when you posted it or if you were the original poster. Doesn’t even matter the age of the post. I was just suspended from posting an article about Otto Warmberger from last summer. We need a decent social media site where all conservatives can go. Zuckerberg needs to have FB broken up its now a full monopoly.

  29. Religious liberty, Christianity in particular, in America has been under attack for some years, especially under the last administration. Facebook, like most of social media is managed and controlled by the liberal establishment. Zuckerberg knows exactly what is going on in his organization, but he has gained money and power, and believes himself above reproach. He’s an immature punk.

  30. Of course the are trying to silence ANY conservative that does not totally agree with them.
    This just might come home to bite them in the behind side.
    America is a free nation still, so fb really needs to lighten up a bit.

  31. The use of “” indicates the word is a label that does not necessarily represent the basic meaning of the word.

  32. This is very easy to fix: DON’T GET ON FACEBOOK. I am not and will NEVER help fund these leftist slobs by using ANY of their platforms. BOYCOTT Fakebook and Twitter. If EVERY conservative did so, where would they be then?

  33. Because it is our right to use it without being banned or shadow banned by expressing our opinions. If we don’t use it, the liberal haters have no one to oppose their views.

  34. Facebook is run by a bunch of low life sorry a*s scumbag idiot morons, I told the Facebook to go and FK their self, I say something about the low life black thugs for beating a old war hero to death, kicked off, the worthless piece of sh*t Muslims raped a little girl said something about it, KICKED off another 30 days, The sorry worthless piece of sh*t Muslims posted that USA need to ban bacon, I said ban the Muslims,Kicked off another 30 days, So FK Facebook and their low life scumbag workers.

  35. I am going to be blunt, at most I am spiritual, I certainly do not believe in a divine being, but as far as men or boys being allowed to use ladies or girls, bathrooms, changing rooms, or showers that is simply sick hence I agree with Franklin in that regards.

  36. The founding fathers included a “freedom of religion” clause, that by definition is also freedom from religion.
    Religion has no place in government.
    In your home, in your church, but not in my face, and not in the public square.

  37. Some one looking to get a response so they can go “I told you so”. You might want to open your eyes and learn what is actually going on.

  38. I’ve been in Facebook jail so many times and had them send me so many nasty emails for sharing conservative stories with my view attached (no threatening language etc). Now they have silenced my password! It simply DOES NOT WORK!. The kicker is that a lot of sites (being so lazy) I would sign on via FB . Now, without PW recognition I am in the ether.




  42. The war is between “Progressives”, i.e. those who believe in “Supremacy of the State and Supremacy of those in control of the State”; and those who believe in the people being supreme, which is the foundation of Western Civilization and especially the USA. Remember, when people attack Christianity and Judaism they are attacking Western Civilization. For all of the problems, and in many cases depravity people in Western Civilization have done, image if Christianity and Judaism had not been in existence to help stop the worst of it and prevent much of it. Look at the history of governments in place like western African, where the An Empire existed, and where Islam had and has total rule, and then look at the depravity that exists even today and has been done in the past. Do we really want to go back to those times? “Progressives” have gone to great lengths to destroy knowledge and make people into minions by creating emotional responses where people don’t think and make assumptions. Always learn to “look behind the curtain”.

    And before people try to pretend the Americans were peaceful, learn about the depravities that were practiced in North, Central and South America. Learn the real history. It is still available for people to find, read, and learn.


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