Facebook continued their war on conservatives by deleting one of the biggest Christian names in Hollywood


Conservatives are becoming a dying breed on social media.

Now that the Left has Trump off of social media, they are purging his supporters from their platforms.

And Facebook continued their war on conservatives by deleting one of the biggest Christian names in Hollywood.

The Left’s war on conservatives has been raging for years.

But now they are purging conservative voices out in the open rather than behind closed doors.

First, they went after President Trump.

They decided to deplatform Trump after pinning the events at the Capitol on January 6 on him.

True to form, the Left and their radical Silicon valley buddies didn’t let this “crisis” go to waste.

And after they knocked Trump off of social media, they decided to turn their guns against his supporters.

Thousands of conservatives have been deleted from Facebook and Twitter for no apparent reason other than their support for Trump.

But it’s not just the average American getting their social media pages deleted.

Now Facebook has turned on famous Christian and conservative actor Kevin Sorbo.

Kevin Sorbo had his Facebook page deleted, which had over 500,000 followers on it.

Sorbo went to Twitter to claim, “BREAKING: Facebook has deleted my official account with over 500,000 followers. I have created a new page, spread the word!”

Facebook was reached for comment on the sudden decision to delete Sorbo’s page, but to no one’s surprise they didn’t respond.

But the Christian actor added some choice words for Facebook.

Sorbo stated:

Political correctness is word fascism. And Big Tech censorship is digital assassination. I was quieted on Twitter and eliminated on Facebook. Because they deemed me as ‘less than human,’ they simply rescinded my rights to exist (in their world).

Beware the fascists masquerading as ‘tolerant progressives.’ They do not tolerate or progress.

Only time will tell if the Left’s purge of conservatives will ever stop.

If not, it’s only a matter of time until you or your loved ones may be banned from social media.