Every liberal in Hollywood is furious at Jon Voight after he said one thing about Trump


The biggest sin in the eyes of the Hollywood establishment is supporting President Trump.

There is no quicker way for stars to destroy their career than that.

That’s why every liberal in Hollywood is furious at Jon Voight for saying one thing about Trump.

Hollywood is near-united in their crusade to take down President Trump.

Anybody in the industry who supports Trump must do so quietly if they want to continue to receive work.

But for veteran stars like Jon Voight, there is next to nothing they can do.

He has become a status so legendary that they can’t take him down, and he can speak freely.

So he has been using his massive audience on his Twitter account to show his support for Trump’s agenda of putting America first.

And his most recent message is sure to really infuriate the leftists in Hollywood.

He sent out a video message of “hope,” where he praises the “true patriot” President Trump for taking on evil and guiding the U.S. “and his people on a path to greatness.”

“For he loves this country, his neighbors, thy people, Lord.  He is a true patriot who has fought single-handed and knocked each poisoner down with his gifted tongue of truths and his true concern for everyone, every citizen,” Voight said in his message.

He also states that Trump will “go down as the historic president of this millennium” and said he will be “etched in stone with a gold medal, a hero, and a President of the United States who won the battle, the war of 2020.”

This is in contrast with some of the more establishment voices in the movie industry.

Figures like Hollywood actor and director Rob Reiner have instead been scheming on how to take down President Trump.

In a recent series of Tweets, Reiner endorsed the voter fraud-ridden scheme of “vote-by-mail” as a way to take down President Trump.

“He’s gotten away with assaulting women, breaking laws, violating the Constitution and letting US die,” Reiner began. “The vote in Nov. is our last chance to hold him accountable. He knows if we’re allowed to vote by mail, he loses in a landslide. We all know what needs to be done.”

At the same time, other Hollywood stars like Tom Hanks have been working with Democrat figures like Michelle Obama to organize voter registration drives with left-wing organizations.

Do you think Hollywood is anti-Trump?

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  2. Agreed. Hollywood has shut down most conservative views. Guess we have to stop watching their shows or supporting who ever does adverizing with them.

  3. Finally an actor with integrity and intelligence
    I will definitely watch his movies I will not support the other offensive liberals; Tom Hanks etc. Rob Reiner
    They are losers hiding out in their million dollar homes not donating anything to anyone that needs it yet they want us to support the illegals.

  4. Hollywood used to have such Great films, stars, those days are gone. It’s just hollywood now, a buncha Leftist POS low-lifes, Except for folks like Jon Voight, of course.

  5. Hollywood is a friend of The President by clearly showing their true colors. Unlike the way they conduct themselves privately seeking your confidence, infiltrating then sabotage from within con games. Most of Hollywood is so heedless and haughty they feel comfortable tying their own noose or digging their own graves…disgraces to the human race.

  6. When democrats claim they are inclusive and tolerant of opposing viewpoints we all know that is a LIE.
    It’s just as big a LIE as claiming Islam is a religion of peace.
    Democrats are liars. That’s just what they are by nature.

  7. Thank you Mr. Voight for your courage in supporting the President. It is truly becoming like Nazi Germany. There is no free speech unless you are “speaking liberal democrat”. President Trump is doing his best for America and its citizens. He is a tireless worker and he does not deserve the constant hate and complete disrespect spewed his way.

  8. Why are the other conservative hiding? They should stand along side Voight and show unity.
    Not all of Hollywood is LIberal. Stand together and show strength for our great President Trump.
    The Left is jealous because he has accomplished so much for this country that the Left could not.

  9. Contrast Mr Voight’s thoughtful statements with the ignorant fowl mouth DiNero’s rants. What a difference a brain makes.

  10. At one time Hollywood stars meant entertainment….today they have become to liberal and outspoken…the movies still entertain …but give me John Wayne and Gary Cooper over this bunch of Hollywood nuts…..Who pays attention to their melt downs…they show an ingratitude to the ideals that made America great….WHY not just have them leave and move to CUBA ….Russia…or Iran if they hate this country so much.

  11. God bless America and God bless the President that he has put into place. Sounds like a Christian man and his peers could learn something after they shed the vanity and ignorance!

  12. So, Reiner says voting by mail causes a landslide loss for Mr Trump. Did he actually admit to the massive fraud and cheating we know would happen?

  13. one statement in this story proves Trump cares for America and there is only one chance to vote him out…
    {In a recent series of Tweets, Reiner endorsed the voter fraud-ridden scheme of “vote-by-mail” as a way to take down President Trump.
    “He’s gotten away with assaulting women, breaking laws, violating the Constitution and letting US die,” Reiner began. “The vote in Nov. is our last chance to hold him accountable. He knows if we’re allowed to vote by mail, he loses in a landslide. We all know what needs to be done.”}
    so basically he is saying that vote by mail is already planned as the only stacked scheme to remove him. Somehow this must be stopped. the dems are using this to fulfill their slogan “never let a crisis go to waste” . Who counts and verifies these letters????? And again they are probably walking through cemeteries collecting names . Mail in voting is for people on vacation or business, lets keep it that way.
    you need picture ID to vote….mail in ballots should be accompanied by copies of their DL or passport.

  14. Jon Voight is a fine actor and a great guy. He has his right to voice his opinion like any other person. This right is guaranteed by the First Amendment, which those in Hollywood have forgotten about. Hollywood, today pushes the Progressive agenda through movies today. Gone are the real stars of Hollywood, those who could act and put feelings in what was produced. Today’s actors and actresses no longer do that. The movies have become so unrealistic, and unreal.

  15. It’s so refreshing to hear from a level headed, extremely talented man. We need more like him and Tim Allen and Dennis Miller and Kirstie…but this gives me hope.

  16. Thank you Jon Voight
    Finally someone with intelligence and integrity
    not a sheep like the others losers in Hollywood
    We should not be supporting these people by watching their films such as Tom Hanks, Rob Reiner, Madonna all those other losers.
    All these has been trying to get free publicity.

  17. The off the wall liberals are completely brainwashed. Their empty minds are so open to any lie they are told. We need people with bravery like Mr. Voight to tell the truth as he does. I pray for his safety and good health.
    God blessings on him.

  18. The absolute shocker for me is WHY ! Can’t the liberal left fanatics see the vast difference of just 3 years ! Of this administration & the saddest 8 years in American history of the Nobama presidency, what a bunch of Meat Heads

  19. Rob Reiner is most like those dog turds you see in the parks and neighborhood sidewalks. You don’t like seeing them lying around but simply not worth bending down to clear them from sight, just kick it off the pavement!

  20. Reiner & the rest of the liberal Hollywood criminals should be arrested for sedition & high treason to GITMO with the REST of the TERRORISTS & a cheap rope ! , their assets they have made off America – CONFISCATED & used for America’s infrastructure .

  21. There are too many stupid Trump voters in this country so democrats must take matters into their own hands.
    Don’t call it voter fraud. Call it a fix for stupidity. If voters can’t be trusted to vote properly then its up to democrats to make the choice for them. Sometimes things need to be done to protect America.

  22. PaulD, you are the one that’s stupid because you probably voted for Trump.
    Even if you didn’t vote for Trump you still seem stupid based on your post.

  23. Let me begin by saying that I haven’t been to the movies for about 12 yrs. maybe more. I am TOTALLY disgusted with the liberal media and the Hollywood celebrities, they’re all full of crap. Been in the US 60yrs come December. I am from the 3rd generation of cubans (in my family) and the 4th generation (our children) that are all republicans and voting republican. If the libs get in the WH we are DOOMED. We can’t let that happen. GOD BLESS US ALL. Just want to add that Biden is in the 2nd stage with dementia and yes, I think he is a PERVERT.

  24. Jon Voight tells the truth and the left cannot stand the truth. They follow satan and his lies and hate

  25. Dumpty, you are extremely ignorant and have no clue of the truth. Pres. Trump is doing only good for this country. We are much better off with him than any dem. You attack Pres. Trump, but vile corrupt Hillary and muslim traitor Obama are just fine with you. Your stupidity knows no bounds

  26. Dumpty…so dems have to choose for us??? Really???? You are in lock step with the satanic dem party whose goal is total control of every aspect of our lives. No freedom. You are truly a fool. You have no concept of who our founding fathers were or what they left us. They were Christians who left us a free nation. Dems have thrown God out and worship satan, as you do also. God wins. YOU lose

  27. Mr. Voight: grateful and thank you for your courageous stance applauding President Trump. Hollywood, lobbyists, advertisers, theaters are owned by Communist China. They seek unGodliness, especially unAmerican activities, anti-Christian, antisemitism, infant genocide, more government, more regulations, loss of freedoms. Bullying via racism, gender, sexual orientation, age discrimination. Thank God for President Trump and all defenders of America, liberty, truth, and, justice.

  28. Is Hollywood anti-Trump! Are there trees in the forest? Hollywood is a bastion of moral corruption, infidelity, perversion, and hate. Hate, and not only for the president but his supporters. Jon Voight is one of the lone courageous voices crying out in the wilderness, a great American and actor.

  29. Thank you and God Bless to Mr Jon Voight and all the true patriots who support our president. To the people who hate President Trump you think your leaders care for you? You are doing their dirty work and when they don’t need you, you will be tossed out like trash. They will always find someone to replace you, brainwash another puppet. That’s all you are to them. It’s ok you don’t believe it now but wait and see…. it’ll happen, you can bet on it!!!

  30. God bless John Voight for speaking out and speaking up for President Donald J. Trump, regardless of his caring what his Hollywood piers think of him or President Trump. He is absolutely correct! George & Marti

  31. Thank you Mr Voight. Appreciate your honesty and integrity. Do we not know they are just average people and actors. Most are not scholars just average people without integrity or any self respect. We better pray President Trump gets elected again or we may see more plegs like this virus.

  32. Funny — it was Hanks who had the line “you can’t fix stupid.” Guess he is going to be talking out of the other side of his mouth if Biden wins. Better have a real good VP and Biden should be looking over his shoulder if he wins. Can you imagine what the debates would be like? Trump repeating himself every few words and Biden not remembering what he said the be able to repeat it. KAG 2020!

  33. The dumb actors. I believe that is what they do, ACT. They are not sure what their act is just to get their face on TV. I’m nobody and I’ve been on TV. So who gives a crap. Look at the difference of the movie stars of WWII. They were American patriots. They loved their country. If the scurvy butt so called “movie stars” don’t like this country please go to another one of your choosing where you will be happier and don’t have to put up with presidents or even voting. What a bunch of POS”S.


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