Every conservative Catholic should be furious at what Pope Francis just did

Pope Francis

Pope Francis is trying to move the Catholic Church further to the Left.

His vision is out of step with what the Catholic Church has traditionally promoted.

And every conservative Catholic should be furious at what Pope Francis just did.

The Catholic Church has long been a conservative institution.

It has spearheaded movements to protect life and stand up for the traditional family.

Despite some churches leaning to the Left, the Catholic Church itself has always been firmly on the Right.

But all of that has been changing with Pope Francis in power.

He has encouraged Catholics to avoid making pro-life issues a priority and has even gone so far as to express his support for same sex unions.

This has caused him to be criticized by some within the Church.

Perhaps his most notable critic is Cardinal Robert Sarah of Africa.

It is customary for Cardinals to submit their resignations on their 75th birthday, but generally the Pope doesn’t accept the resignation if it is signaled that the Cardinal wishes to remain in their position.

This is the case with a number of Cardinals, including Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who is 76 and Cardinal Beniamino Stella who is 79.

Cardinal Sarah it made clear that he wished to remain in the Church in his resignation letter, stating that he was “happy to continue my work within the Congregation for Divine Worship.”

Despite this, Pope Francis unexpectedly and quickly accepted his resignation.

“Today, the Pope accepted the resignation of my office as Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship after my seventy-fifth birthday,” tweeted the Cardinal.

“I am in God’s hands. The only rock is Christ. We will meet again very soon in Rome and elsewhere,” he added.

Many in the Church understand that by accepting his resignation it is out of spite for the Cardinal, who publicly promotes traditional values.

Pope Francis did the same thing in 2017 by accepting the resignation of traditionally-minded Cardinal Gerhard Müller, and again in 2014 when he demoted orthodox Cardinal Raymond Burke from the Vatican’s highest court.

Francis Rocca, who covers the Vatican for The Wall Street Journal writes that by “accepting Cardinal Sarah’s resignation, the pope has removed a subordinate out of step with his approach to liturgy, homosexuality and relations with the Muslim world.”

It is clear that Pope Francis is purging those who don’t agree with his worldview.