Even Pope Francis is slamming Joe Biden over the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan


Catholics have suffered with Pope Francis as their leader as he buddies up close to the Left Progressives.

And he has done everything he can do to turn a blind eye to all the evil and sinful acts committed by President Joe Biden.

But even Pope Francis is slamming Joe Biden over the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

No one could have imagined back in 2013 just how bad Pope Francis would be for the Catholic Church.

The little known Cardinal from Argentina took the Papacy and ran with it to protect the Left and to spew their radical ideas.

In his tenure as Pope, he has openly attacked capitalism, guns, conservatives, and those trying to call out the horrific deeds of the Left.

And who can forget when Pope Francis denied the ability of Bishops in America to hold communion from Leftists who support killing babies through abortion.

But even Pope Francis is turning against the Left and President Joe Biden.

Biden’s horrific handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We all watched in horror the images of the crisis at the Kabul Airport that Biden created.

Hundreds died in the chaos including women and children.

Not to mention the brave 13 American service members who lost their lives in a terrorist attack at the airport that the Pentagon admitted they knew was coming.

So this has caused Pope Francis to finally take a stand against Biden rather than kissing his butt.

While speaking on a Spanish Catholic radio show, Pope Francis commented on the botched efforts at the Kabul Airport and claimed, “As far as I can see, not all eventualities were taken into account here.”

He continued, “I don’t know whether there will be a review or not, but certainly there was a lot of deception, perhaps, on the part of the new authorities [of Afghanistan]. I say deceit, or a lot of naiveté — I don’t understand.”

This left many in shock as the Left never could have imagined the Pope would actually say something negative about Biden.

Time will tell if Pope Francis has finally seen the light on how the Left is filled with incompetent radicals.

But odds are this is just a blimp in the butt kissing of the Pope to the Left and Biden.

What do you think?