ESPN’s President saw these numbers and instantly knew it was over


Sports fans are fed up with ESPN ever since it morphed into little more than just another left-wing news station.

Their hosts championed so-called “social justice warriors” in the Black Lives Matter movement, Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American anthem protests, and started bashing Trump regularly both on and off-air instead of covering sports.

Now, after all that, ESPN’s President took a look at these numbers and instantly knew it was over.

Sports fans complained relentlessly.

But ESPN ignored them.

Rather than exclusively cover sports, ESPN began devoting significant airtime to covering the Black Lives Matter movement, bashing Trump, and promoting the LGBT agenda.

That’s when everything started to backfire.

Viewership and revenue have plummeted, and now they are in full crisis mode.

Finally, ESPN announced that they would officially cease political commentary immediately.

The Daily Wire reports:

The Los Angeles Times released an extensive profile of new ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro over the weekend, cataloging Pitaro’s rise to the top of the sports-focused network and his plans to make big changes to ESPN’s coverage.

Buried deep in the profile — caught by National Review Online’s Jim Geraghty — is some welcome news for fans of ESPN who have turned off or turned down the network over its sudden and dramatic plunge into politics. Pitaro says he recognizes that ESPN viewers want sports coverage, not political commentary.

“Pitaro has also satisfied ESPN’s more traditional fans by steering commentators away from political discussions on-air and on social media, which heightened during President Trump’s criticism of NFL player protests against social injustice during the playing of the national anthem,” the LA Times reports.

“Without question our data tells us our fans do not want us to cover politics,” Pitaro told the outlet.

That last line could qualify for understatement of the year.

Americans are tired of being preached to about politics by smug, self-righteous “sports” commentators like Max Kellerman.

Producers and executives of the show should not be shocked by the fact that their viewers want to watch ESPN for sports coverage . . . not political posturing.

The network is backtracking as fast as they can to rebuild their audience.

But they’ve lost a great deal of trust and committed viewers already.

What do you think? Is it too late for ESPN to recover?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. F**k ESPN…they’ve already demonstrated they are just another chapter of the left-wing loonies media and philosophy…just by them saying they are eliminating politics changes nothing insofar as their ties to the nut-jobs that are doing their best to destroy our country.
    I hope that everything they’ve lost is just a trickle compared to what’s coming.


  4. I say let ’em crash & burn. I have no interest in ESPN anymore. They lost me as a viewer the 1st time I saw anti-2ndAmendment propaganda on their network, & I won’t be back!

    I believe it was Jim Acosta who gave the rant that turned me off & I tuned out for good from that point on.

  5. For so many sporting events one has to tune into one of the many ESPN channels. Their leftist and anti-Trump quips and rants turned me off, so i turned them off. ESPN has paid various conferences huge sums of money to broadcast the athletic events of their member schools. This enables the 4-letter network to have exclusive content. If you wish to watch a college football bowl game, 9 of 10 will be on the network.

    I chose not to watch as long as they had radical leftist political speech which I did not tune in to hear or see.

  6. ;Those who pander left, will never (to me) be Right. I won’t be paying them when I know their hearts are still in leftist field, and probably they are still supporting leftist anti-Conservatives, just no longer on the opening field. Too Little, Too Late, good luck being supported by “black lives matter,” as I recall you chose to pay them while you charged me for some never-defined “white privilege.”

  7. I get it that he is gay and that doesn’t bother me one bit but when he inserts his views on social issues? i think even my gay friends are sick of it. They are sports fans like the rest of their prior viewership. One of my friends say “I am gay, I am not a victim, I just want the F-ing scores. . This guy thinks we need to be promoted?” I think he is tired of being singled out because of being gay.

  8. This is how it evolved with me. I used to come home from work and immediately put on ESPN. On weekends, I was always searching for sports. That was then!
    This is now! I got so sick of ESPN (actually wrote to them) and became very interested in politics (in 2016) after being apolitical for most of my life. Since then, I put on Fox News Channel first thing in the morning and it remains on all day unless there is some sports event that I must see (hopefully not on ESPN).
    So, even though ESPN says they’ve seen the light – I still know who the commentators really are in their beliefs. They have a right to their beliefs – and I have a choice of what I watch.
    God bless our President and God bless patriotic Americans!

  9. I stopped watching ESPN and NFL when they showed us who they are – propagandists of the Left. I’m waiting for the Weather channel to go political.

  10. Remember “you can keep your doctor,” “magic wand to get over 1% GDP growth,” “stripping our military will allow us to accept more refugee undocumenteds?” Well, W. Brown, I’ll say that it will take a long time to find the $$ they will now hide better.

  11. In the beginning ESPN was great at brining more on air exposure to many different sports. Now it has become dominated by left wing political Hacks. I hope they really change become they dang near have a monopoly on every sport. Only by losing viewership will they change. I Hope ,if true, they do, but until this change is evident, I am done. You don’t increase viewership by alienating most sports fans. Most of their viewership would leave if there were a viable option.Ask Hillary how it worked for her.

  12. Never plan to watch ESPN , NFL and have turned off many other Sports also after just a few minutes. About the only Sports worth watching now is NASCAR and LOCAL School and Parks and Recreation Games..

  13. ESPN has been blocked on my system for years due to their lefty bent…..and will stay that way. That includes all professional sports anywhere. They’re all nothing but overpaid, whiny tantrum throwing children who think they’re special because they can play a game. enjoy your trip to perdition.

  14. I gave up ESPN when they became a libtard political channel instead of a sport channel. As far as I’m concerned they went the way of the NFL and the Goony Bird, extinct. It was bad enough the NFL let anti-American slime take a knee during the Anthem but when I learned both the NFL and NFLPA donated huge amounts of money to George ‘the felon’ Soros treasonous, anti-American foundations I gave them up. I still enjoy college football but that is it.

  15. Too late for the majority of Network programming containing Leftist commentators.

    All Sport stations should “Just Do Sports”
    Nothing more

    All NEWS stations, “Should just Do News”
    STOP Editorializing the NEWS to their liking by lying.

    No NEWS station should be Left, Right, Liberal or Progressive.
    Just tell the NEWS !!!!
    We do Not need to know how “YOU” feel about it. Allow us to be ourselves without you all trying hard to change our minds on how we should think !!!

    The Media Loves to Control the public
    Those who are controlled, are the “WEAK” at mind.
    This shows that those Weak at mind are the ones you want to Control out nation?
    Simply PATHETIC.

  16. Don’t watch espn any longer, and this article does not change my attitude. I don’t need talking heads, most who have never played a sport, telling me what is politically correct.


  18. I am against all cable/sat companies….why….When they first came out (middle to late 1960’s) they were commercial free 24/7…..then they got real greedy and raised their prices …adjusted their line ups and now they are NO different from digital over the air programming…except the digital over the air programming is free….you don’t get to choose the channels you want and pay for the ones you actually watch….you have channels that cannot survive on their own merit (BUT you funds are going to them in support….just like participation trophies)like EVERY other business in the market place….when I get to choose the ONLY channels I want then I might consider to be a customer again…..can you imagine taking you car in for a tune up and the mechanic says you have to have an oil change/ transmission service/brake service to get the tune up?

  19. perhaps this decent into oblivion for ESPN will be a clarion call to the so called television news reporters to stop beating the same drum and begin reporting news and not their own personal opinions/agendas. What ever happened to investigative reporting is that not taught or practiced any longer? you news moguls should take note if all of your reporters are beating the same drum as all the other stations and say the same thing and have no new evidence or proof all you moguls could save money on salaries by employing a group of monkeys at least the show would be more interesting. Moguls give a thought to ratings and salaries eliminate the sames (reporters with nothing new to add to the conversation)think of what are you getting for the expense.

  20. Stopped watching you along time ago. Used to live drag racing. But it became a joke. A politically correct cookie cutter G.M. show. So you can all go bankrupt as far as I’m concerned. Won’t miss you.

  21. I will not (have not for almost 2years) in the future be watching ESPN because of their political comments by people like smith,Kellerman etc. sports programming should not be political. I can receive that blather elsewhere. I was a constant viewer since it first started

  22. ESPN was my bfavorite channel the only sports I watch now is NASCAR,when news channels got into politics quit watching all except FOX

  23. Like CNN, MSNBS and a host of others they thought lying to the public was what they wanted, wrong, and now they are paying for it. Lowest ratings in history the left media is now the fake news. It will take many many years to get back viewers if ever. Viewers used to see the news as the people to look to to see what is happening. Telling us the real story and keeping our goverment in line. Ever since Trump was elected they have turned to spins, outright lies and deception to try and sway viewers image of Trump. But they failed and after Mueller could not find anything it proved once again viewers cannot trust what they report.

  24. When, if ever, will public nobodies understand they lose all credibility when they spew garbage outside their area of expertise. ESPn has lost it. Never will watch again and if I receive knowledge of any advertisers, I will not purchase that product or service.

  25. Here in Canada I believe ESPN must be purchased as an extra channel.
    I’m not a sport fan so this is kind of a non issue for me. But take a
    look at this presidents face? Ever see images of petty officials under
    communist rulers. Just an observation.

  26. Is ESPN still on. I thought they went off the Air a long time ago. I guess I am not up to date

  27. Fortunately I don’t have access to ESPN and based on their liberal leanings I won’t waste my time on watching if I have a chance. It’s too bad that the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (their original name) forgot its roots to mutate to what it is today. Bye, bye baby I won’t be back.

  28. They are in a world of hurt now. Most people who were viewers and have decided to permanently tune out, will not come back. And the problem the ESPN has is this newer generation of kids are so busy watching their phones they’re not likely to ever watch ESPN. So instead of being smart enough to keep what they had for as long as they had, they’ve alienated what they had and now I have nothing new to replace it

  29. F these liberal spoiled aasss crybabies!
    Add all my earnings together and i’ll never make a fraction of what these spoiled self idiots earn. They’re too stupid to realize what they have. Go to any other country -ANY- and see what your salary will be.
    Oh – and i get profiled and stopped by the POPO to cause i drive a POS car – so what!! I do as i’m asked to do (for their security) and i leave with no problems when it over. I don’t CRY about it. The cops are just trying to keep the neighborhood safe. All too often the cops are faced with an idiot thug with a gun. I’d be wary too

  30. Too little too late. Network needs to be replaced by one Americans can trust to JUST DO SPORTS.

  31. Spot on! If ESPN commentators want to talk about politics, then go and work for fake news CNN! Sports fans want to hear about sports, not more fake news lies!

  32. They brought on their own demise just like the national felons league. No sympathy no watching !!!! Goodbye espn

  33. Why do you subject yourselves to such morons who hate America so much? Those punks who get paid millions think that we care about their ignorant opinions without facts. President Trump called them out and he was correct in doing it. Liberals hate the truth! Conservatives use the Bible and the Constitution for their informed opinions! MAGA 2020 not only the President but also the House and the Senate! We must take over the overflowing backed up toilet!

  34. Yes, boil it down and liberals have the spirit of antiChrist residing in them. They are anti Truth, just like their father the devil. This is truly a battle of good and evil. If the spirit of Christ was as strong in so called Christian’s as it is in Satan’s useful tools, aka liberals, then this culture would not be decaying like it is. Christian’s should be proud warriors for the Truth.

  35. It was bad before Colon but it snowballed after that and real sports fans don’t want to watch anything but sports. I am so sick of the left and their antics I used to go to ESPN to get away from that but then they became the daily rag too

  36. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  37. I could care less if ESPN goes under don’t watch them. So many TV programs of all kinds have gotten so political that I refuse to watch them. Give me Nascar, the Tennis and Golf channel and the Hall mark channel and I’m satisfied.

  38. Oh and obummer has been to all 52 states, and his administration had no scandals !
    Not to mention he is not even an American citizen !
    Oh and the economy is booming because of obummer , according to creepy joe,
    I have something he can smell !!!!

  39. Hopefully, ESPN tosses its liberal bias entirely. It hasn’t been just Kellerman. Olbermann and Jemele Hill (while she was there) are among the others who are guilty of spreading liberal bias, dividing the country, and destroying ESPN.

    ESPN’s liberal bias has gone on for 6 yrs too long.

  40. I would say “give them a chance… if they have truely seen the errors of their ways and vow to promote our President and their loyalty to the U.S.of A. I would say that they should be given a chance to substanciate their repentant vows and bring a new and fresh programming to the TV audiance. YES give them a chance and if they DON’T come through with the positive attitude toward the U.S.of A. and our president then trash them forever!!!! thanx….. rich

  41. You are right!! Liberals like Max Kellerman, and arrogant man who thinks he know more about ANYTHING than anybody else doomed ESPN, now known as Entertainment and Sports POLITICS Network Hope he rids the network of all political hacks starting .

  42. Nice of you to shut the barn door, Pitaro. Except that the horse is already galloping down the road.

  43. Thy must think that people are stupid, and that their brainwashing and manipulations of the people’s minds will work for the puppet-masters control over a free thinking people. And yes, for the people who can’t think for themselves they march to the loudest drummer. But, the overkill against President Trump where everything he does, even his great successes, is mocked and distorted into what the power-brokers want the people to think, when instead it’s a manufactured lie smothering out the facts and truth of it all. It’s everywhere as they follow their leader, Stalin’s playbook: A Lie goes half way round the world before the truth gets up in the morning” and “A lie repeated often enough, becomes the truth of public opinion”. I’m pleased to see that people are seeing through this evil plot and vale of misdirection at their expense and are walking away from it.

  44. Thanks for this comment. It articulates what has been on the mind of many of us for some years now.

  45. ESPN went to a place that they should never have gone. I hope they go down in flames and everyone that made that decision never finds employment anywhere

  46. Forgive and “forget” — not in this life. The ONLY reason for the tears is CA$H — they could care less about the fans. I’ve been doing just fine WITHOUT ESPN and it’s going to take a LONG while to demonstrate that they are little more than ‘fair weather’ friends.

  47. It’s about time espn has been brought to the for front and exposed for what they really are, more libs making a lot of money at our expense. It’s about time.

  48. I said goodbye over two years ago to both ESPN and the NFL. Political commentary and their support for those abusing the flag was the last straw. I haven’t watched since and am spending my discretionary and entertainment dollars in other areas of interest. Good riddens. If you don’t like it, kiss my a _ s.

  49. Hello Vicky, new to this comment stuff. I was referring to Mr. Jimmy
    Pitaro, Pres. of ESPN. I consider being taken as a liberal, well a bit
    of a shock. Greetings from a frozen neighbour up North.

  50. ESPN has sucked for over 15 years! Once every So called Anchor started acting like they were more important than the Sport’s they were covering, More important than the Sport’s Stories,Scores,moves,etc! Coming for REALLY bad CALLS for NFL REF’S, BASEBALL UMP’S, LOSING the NHL, Thinking there are only 6-8 teams in Baseball, Same teams in NFL! It changed me for good, Once I got away from the lying, Political hacks,White People Bashing by a so so writer or writers who thought they were the story, I never plan to go BACK! JUST like NBC, does same CRAP every WEEK LIAR LIARS!

  51. I haven’t watched ESPN in at least two years. They are no loner a sports show that have become a propaganda show for the democrats and now they are part of the lying media.

  52. I quit watching when they first showed players kneeling and thought it was a good idea. Haven’t watched since. Found out I don’t really miss it. Have more family time now and will continue just like I have that last couple of years. Don’t watch ESPN or NFL anymore!!! Don’t need them!!! I enjoy my family now!!!

  53. Only if all media would allow comments after new articles then we would know better if ratings, opinions and polls were real or just phony rhetoric to further that outlets opinions and self dealing. Stars should just act or sing and sports outlets should just do sports. That said. ESPN is getting exactly what they deserve and I’m waiting on Nike to follow. Stop trying to brainwash the American people. It’s not working for most of us.

  54. Boycott ESPN FOREVER. they should have stayed out of politics and stopped the unfair hatred of The President of the United States. Read my lips , Black lives DON’T matter . ALL LIVES MATTER in the United States. They can’t recover from their stupidity. There are better channels. ESPN, you loose.

  55. All the left wing sports people should have it explained this way. If a black senior citizen with a cane is walking down the street and 2 white dope fiends think it is easy to rob him and get away they must know that they might DIE. The black man is upstanding American through and through. If he has a gun and they try to rob and hurt him the 2 white dope fiends must fear death because this black man gave all he could to society and needs to be free from this crime.


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