ESPN went off the rails with this racist attack on white people


ESPN has been taken over by Social Justice Warriors.

You can no longer tune in to the sports channel without some so-called “progressive” propaganda being rammed down your throat.

Now, ESPN just peddled this racist, anti-White story that will make you furious.

It used to be that you could turn on ESPN to watch games and highlights.

But recently, the network has drifted into the political arena.

And viewers aren’t happy.

ESPN dedicated serious airtime to praising NBA player Kyle Korver’s “White Guilt” confession he made in a blog post.

Korver, who is white, stated how the color of his skin gave him an unfair advantage over his fellow athletes with black skin.

What he forgot to mention is that roughly 75% of NBA players are black and less than 24% are white.


Progressive media and social justice warrior athletes are heaping praise on Utah Jazz veteran Kyle Korver for confessing to white privilege in this week’s post on The Players Tribune, titled “Privileged.” He is now the toast of ESPN talk shows, its blog The Undefeated, and athletes for writing that present-day white Americans are responsible for the racist sins of their forefathers.

FS1 talk show host Jason Whitlock and Outkick The Coverage blogger and radio show host Clay Travis strongly refuted Korver’s white guilt “manifesto.”

The Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears wrote: “Black NBA players, including (LeBron) James, (Dwyane) Wade, (Chris) Paul, (Thabo) Sefolosha, Draymond Green, Shaun Livingston, Donovan Mitchell and many others, said thank you to Korver on social media after his revealing essay. It’s because those African American men know that white words truly matter in their dream of stopping racism and social injustice.”

ESPN is so dedicated to pushing their “social justice” propaganda, they put the notorious anti-Trump “reporter” Jemele Hill on their flagship 6:00 p.m. SportsCenter program.

That turned out to be an epic disaster, as ratings plummeted.

But after ESPN fired Hill and returned SportsCenter to actually showing highlights, the ratings returned.

The more ESPN wades into the political arena, the fewer viewers they’ll have.

People don’t watch ESPN to be lectured about racism or white guilt.

They watch it for sports coverage.

Have you turned off ESPN due to their injection of left-wing politics?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


          • Excellent idea. This stuff about white advantage is pure rubbish. The ones using it are simply complaining because they can’t admit that they can’t admit to their own short comings. Blaming white people for the faults and failures of the black people is just a cover for their own inability to cope with the world. Don’t bother asking how a white athlete has an advantage over a black athlete, their ability to give a good reason will stall, and all that will come out is excuses.

    • Just plain failures would do. Consider the progressive, loser, cities like Detroit, and Chicago. For the record, on this racism issue, how can anyone be truly racist against someone of their own race? We are ALL humans, but various ethnic groups. The DNA of black people matches the DNA of all other races, with the exception of minor chromosome differences. If the blacks want to scream about racism, are they admitting that they are from a different species, other than homo sapiens?

    • Stopped watching 2 yrs ago & have never returned. Any channel that goes political that’s not a news show I shut off & never return ! ! ! !

  1. ask a black athlete, a black student, a black professional, a black business man or woman if they feel responsible for the misdeeds of black hooligans, black criminals, black gang bangers. Somebody? Anybody want to guess their response?

  2. It amazes me that LeBron James was okay with 27% black unemployment under Obama? But with record low unemployment and single black women thriving under Trump he calls him a racist??? Who is the real racist? Or elitist???

  3. I stopped watching when they removed “PowerBoat” racing from their lineup.. About ’92.. That channel has been deleted from my TV.

  4. Well, to be honest about the subject, no I have never even tuned in to ESPN. Not really a huge sports fan, & don’t particularly enjoy watching or even listening to a bunch of pencil neck geeks constantly jacking their jaws about this play, that play, or any player. However, I do like my World Champion Houston Astros.

    • Ditto. I have no interest in the subject. The title drew me in. The way I reckon it is this: just as there are some people who’re mentally ill or want attention drawn to themselves, they may call the police to confess to a local crime they didn’t do. This tool, I assume, operated on the same modus operandi and knew he’d be showered with positive attention and fine accolades.

      Again, I know nothing about sports or their personalities, however, I’d suggest looking into this fellow’s ‘track record,’ see if he was ready for a sacking, etc. Even if not, it certainly shall give him perhaps a bit more than his proverbial 15’s. Maybe controversial interviews shall be offered where he becomes the ‘housebroken’ cis white male pet or mascot who finally blew the lid off an institutional house secret.

      On another note, I wonder if at any point during his left-handed self-congratulating, he considered that this would reflect negatively on his black teammates — who, I’d imagine wouldn’t the successes of the team to be his “whiteness” and not their hard work.

    • I’m 69 years old, healthy and young, a former working R&R drummer, now a retired 35-year geologist. Whenever I hear someone say social, economic, racial, or environmental justice, I automatically think of hippies like some of my aging, disgraceful cousins dumping in the streets and protesting the Vietnam war (I’m also a Nam vet – Navy 69-71). Now it’s their offspring and grandkids stinking the City up. I’m also a loyal, lifetime fan of the 3-time world champion San Francisco Giants, but I won’t take my wife to the City to ride the Muni, shop downtown, see a day game, and eat at nice Italian restaurants until the streets have been cleaned up to my satisfaction. Everything democrats touch turns to shyte.

      • It’s disgusting. Who started this ?legal? trend to $h*t in the street; I mean they *do this* in sh*th@les like former Bombay. Perhaps if the Union Jack remained flying it wouldn’t be Mumbhai, and the streets would be clean.

        We know what Mumbhai’s excuses are, but what are those of a First World American city?

        Ought San Fran still carry the label of “First World” when there are encampments and crap, piss and infected needles everywhere?

  5. Dropped both ESPN and NFL from my satellite package. I love sports, but could care less about the politics of overpaid, under educated multi millionaires!

  6. If people would look back over the last let’s say 15yrs. Sports and teams are like the demographics of the country. And so when ESPN “thinks” that they should talk down a race then they should not only lose viewer but also the companies who are sponsors. I hate when if I or anyone else says something like that then we’re being racists. But they aren’t. What’s wrong with that? So I feel that everyone and the sponsors stop watching and sponsoring them to put them out of business.

  7. I stop watching ESPN a long time ago…. I will not go back.. Now I know the SEC Network is part of ESPN… I Do watch my Gator’s. Football 🏈and Basketball 🏀as well a baseball.⚾…..

  8. I watch sports I’m interested in, on ESPN family of networks. They can take their political, anti-American Rhetoric and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. IMHO.

  9. OK whites (especially men) if WE are the problem, STOP SUPPORTING ANY BUSINESSES that are RACIST against WHITES!!

    These comments and policies ARE RACIST!!!!!!!!!

    Why OH WHY do you continue to support them?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Whites can’t because they are their own races worse enemy! Also becoming more and more easily controlled by biased medias and becoming more and more a dumbed down blind mass called snowflakes!

  10. ESPN lost me a long time ago… I hate it when they carry the Cubs because I have to turn the TV sound off and listen to the radio.. can’t stand that woman they have in the booth… it is so fake ..someone is writing her stuff for her… who needs three announcers?.

    • Raymond, I am woman and I agree with you . I love ice hockey, I used to play it in Europe, before I escaped from Communists and Russians occupied my country, now there is nothing but announcers and they have women, who didn’t know anything about sport, they were covering. Sick of politics in sports also 😱

  11. Absolutely Rediculous!!
    It is not guilt these idiot white guys are feeling.
    It is INTIMIDATION!!!!!!
    Stop apologizing for this nonsense “White Privilege”.
    For 99% of white people it took hard work to get whatever they have. There was no privilege.

  12. Haven’t watched those mollycoddlers in over five years. Never will again unless they straighten up their act. So glad Korver’s no longer a Cav.

  13. Haven’t watched espn since the beginning of the 2017 nfl season with their love affair with colon kaeper-dick. I’m DONE with espn…FOREVER.

  14. The only thing I watch on ESPN is Pardon The Interruption with Wilbon and Kornheiser, except when that prime asshat Keith Olbermann is on instead one of the regulars. Even then, the regulars have taken shots at President Trump, yet defend the black thug athletes for their anti-USA flag demonstrations. Most of the NBA games they’ve carried this season have this obnoxious woman color commentator who tries to sound like such a bad ass on the games. She has no discernible personality or sense of humor. She should stay with the WNBA games, of which most people could care less. Oh, and as far as LeBron James…. He’s the biggest athletic asshole on the planet. Love what he’s done with the Lakers. And any TV show or movie that he gets a credit for… I promise I’ll never watch.

  15. These athletes nauseate me …. make use of of your G-d given ability in your sport and keep your mouths shut !
    And I’ve been done with ESPN since they fired Curt Schilling …. the liberals are such hypocrites ….. free Someach only if you agree with them and their politically correct agenda !

  16. White folks should sue their a**es for racism…….Don’t watch much TV at all amymore, Nothing on but trash any more.

  17. You Americans are your own countries worse enemy! The white and black races are their own and each others worse enemy! Beware the anti-American rhinos and especially the anti-American democrats and their tool for their anti-American agendas the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES and division , also the medias not only create racism and civil unrest but discontent in America and it seems more and more Americans are obeying and especially becoming a dumbed down blind mass called snowflakes and those that just complain are just as bad as those do the harm! beware the medias they are really at fault as well as the rhinos and democrats and those that obey! Beware the democrats fraudulent means of elections!

  18. Beware the rhinos and democrats and their tool for their anti-American agendas and fraudulent means of election. By! you Americans can be your own countries worse enemy and also you white and black people are your own races and each others worse enemies! Stop obey and believing the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES!

  19. Screw espn they suck out loud, they weren’t that good to begin with and now their trash, boycott!! Do not patronize these racist fools at all costs

  20. Also people check out Candace Owens on YouTube a real straight shooter , you will be amazed, watch and spread the word about her.

  21. We participated in a group discussion (230 Participated) talking about sports, ESPN & other networks, and concluded that most stations were mostly fair in their coverage, but ESPN for some reason, has become far too Liberal with its political viewpoints, and it’s ridiculous thoughts condemning whites.
    95 % of those in attendance vowed to Quit watching ESPN , some were going to contact your sponsors asking them to drop your network, and many exclaimed that they would inform everyone they knew about their displeasure with ESPN. And to recommend they no longer watch sports on your network.

  22. This is why I no longer tune in to ESPN,see I overlook stupid and moronic. I don’t watch ESPN to be lectured about racism or white guilt. The last straw I can say, screw ESPN

  23. They have nothing to report but who was arrested this week because they are black… I do not care what they have for their BS programs. I have not watched ESPN in the past 15 years to listens to a bunch that sounded like they played foosball with out a helmet…. Over paid mouths 👄 for the most that people didn’t care about listen to Monday Night with Howard the Mouth 👄 in those days. We just cut the sound and listen to the radio… Sports are going down the drain from HS, Collage to the pros.
    Georgia Tech sports use to have standards-based based players had to have a 3.0 or higher to play and keep playing…. Then the old basket weaving classes 101 was started and a lot of them didn’t even attend those easy classes.

  24. I stopped watching ESPN a year or so and nothing can get me back to watching it. Talk about unfair advantage how about the fact there a women on almost every program plus more black ex players than whites, WHY? T.J. Gildea

  25. If you don’t like what ESPN says, don’t watch their shows. don’t endorse them in any way. Just steer clear of their BS. Since 2016, they have shoved their political and racist views down our throats. We all smell what they are shoveling!

    • “White Privilege” doesn’t exist in the “Real World”! Name me ONE Law passed for the Protection and Benefit of Whites in the last 50-60 Years?? In Any Nation! Not just the U.S. There have been Thousands passed for “People Of Color”!

  26. Another white Spineless Maggot.I used to be amazed how whites were to only group that had No solidarity and allowed themselves and their ancestors to be walked all over,Now we*re the only group to actually Hate ourselves.So sad to see descendants of the people that created the modern world,And invented EVERYTHING(Almost) 🙂 Walk around with their heads hung low like a bunch of noodles.Of COARSE id be seen as a nazi for being Proud of MY heritage,When Every minority is Encouraged to be and Applauded For it,S… they Already Are.Semper Fi!

  27. Aside from live events (mainly college football, MNF, and college baseball), I haven’t watched ESPN in 4 yrs. Their liberal bias was and still is out of control.

    It’s sad they’re giving a self-hating white person a voice. You can be against racism and not bash your own race in the process.

  28. There is no such thing as a black racist, murderer, rapist, gang banger, robber. If so, a white guy made them do ! All black people are perfect little angels! who are still trying to figure out how to generate a reason why they are on this Earth !

  29. I worked at a place that always had diversification classes, the last one attended was a white woman trying to shame white people and toward the end of her bs she said and I quote ” I’ll be so glad when the year 2065 gets here cause there won’t be anymore white people ” I got up and walked out.

  30. Right on Bruce!!I Try to look for the Good in All people,Ive befriended wonderful blacks,But as a Majority,There seems to be Something “off” with the black race,Where Ever they go ,Trouble is Sure to follow! The African continent is and Always has been a hott mess,The Only Somewhat”normal” prosperous country was South Africa when Whites were in charge.Then in the US,Every neighborhood they enter turns to s…!I Want to be Fair with EVERYONE,I work with mostly Asians,And within ONE generation of coming here,Their parents arriving here with Nothing,The Parents Succeed!And the “kids” are even More of a success!This sounds like a stupid way of putting it,but,you Forget your Not around upper middleclass”soccer moms”,teens,businessmen ect. when your with them(WHITE), They speak Better then i do(Im Albany NY street Irish) ) They Love and are Involved with their children and have Wonderful,Successful families.I go to the store and see blacks yelling at their kids like dogs,Loud,Rude,Criminal ect.Not All,But almost All.No Wonder the kids grow up FU!MLK said judge a person by their character,NOT the color of their skin,I Tell you,People who rightfully have a problem with blacks,Are Doing Just That!!Semper Fi

  31. Enough! of these traitors! All the blood and sacrifice made for this country!?Time to Rise UP! The lefts feeble attacks?Time for the silent Majority to start kicking ass!!That Would be Something!!

  32. ESPN is/was supposed to be a “sports” network, not a political platform for progressive millionaire players. I don’t waste my time or energy with them any longer. If they want to enter politics, that’s fine, but at the cost of millions of viewers who will soon come to view them as nothing more than another media outlet spewing leftist tripe.

  33. I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts defending America in the Naval Amphibious Forces. ESPN can go screw themselves!

  34. I used to enjoy sports. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field, etc. Now I seldom watch a sporting event. I’ll sometimes watch golf but not very often. Our United States Corporation and the banksters at the Fed has stolen most of what I have accumulated in my life through the Federal Reserves’ Collection Agency, the IRS. I have to pay attention to what they are doing to me and my fellow Americans. Professional sports is no longer something I watch or even care about. I still liked football but when they started their protest and knelt for the National Anthem they lost me. Sundays are now spent with my family with the TV grounded….. I seldom watch any college sports anymore as well.

  35. I have never been a sports fan so do not watch them. I do however like the ice skating programs but am not allowed to have that channel, only the football, basketball and hockey which I do not want and I have to pay for them too. I don’t think that is fair and ESPN can take a flying leap Also, I am white and have never been privileged because of it.

  36. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  37. I don’t watch ESPN. Quit, sometime ago because of this left side reporting. Also, I quit watching Pro Sports back when the “picked on quarterback issues” started. What a disgusting show.

  38. I think that the racial makeup of the city that the team claims by percentage should be the same racial makeup as the team
    40% black citizens = 40% team
    30% Latin = 30% team
    25% white =. 25% team
    5% Haitian. =. 5% team
    Now That is Fair


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