Elon Musk retweeted one Obama clip that made leftists lose their minds


Leftists are furious at tech billionaire Elon Musk.

He’s recently made a series of statements that challenged the entire left-wing narrative.

Now Musk retweeted one Barack Obama clip that made leftists lose their minds.

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is quickly falling out of favor with the Left.

His eco-conscious car company became a darling of environmentalists with cash to spare.

But a series of events has caused Musk to re-evaluate his thinking in a massive way.

Musk nearly broke the Internet when he tweeted, “Take the red pill.”

The term “red pill” refers to a famous scene in the sci-fi blockbuster The Matrix when Morpheus offers the protagonist Neo a choice between the blue pill and the red pill.

Taking the blue pill means going back to the status quo and unlearning everything you’ve seen, while taking the red pill means you remain aware of the truth you’ve seen.

In political parlance, taking the red pill often refers to an individual moving from the Left to the Right, but more broadly it means waking up to the lies of the Fake News Media and the established narrative.

That’s what Musk is pushing back against, and with good reason.

He’s been attacked on multiple occasions by activist journalists with an ax to grind.

The worst example was when a CNN journalist accused Musk of not providing California hospitals with the ventilators that he promised.

Even after Musk proved the journalist wrong with emails, he doubled down.

Musk’s “red pill” tweet triggered a left-wing array of hit pieces, including one in The New York Times that called for Tesla owners to rethink their automobile purchases.

This onslaught caused Musk to tweet “cancel cancel culture,” before he dropped the hammer by tweeting a video of Barack Obama decrying cancel culture:

Just to show how full-scale crazy the Left has become, after Obama made that statement, the Washington Post ran an article titled “Barack Obama, Conservative.”

So even Obama, who shifted the country dramatically Left culturally and administratively, is deemed a “conservative” for saying something the “woke” Left doesn’t like.

Musk has never been deeply political, but he’s come down hard on the side of pro-freedom and opening the economy back up.

One can’t expect Musk to begin tweeting about Austrian economics, but after he’s seen the depths to which the Left will stoop, things will never be the same for him again.

Will Musk eventually move all the way over to the Right?

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  2. What Leftists don’t seem to grasp is that everyone has a conscience not just Republicans. They seem to think they can talk all the trash they want then when others point out they’ve crossed the line they deny everything and change the subject entirely this way always a part of the game. They are malingerers and need a total makeover. Of course they all get disgusted because their intmates are the first to make them suffer the worst. For better or worse self criticism is the key to their survival and they should look inward at their consciences as a friend not an adversary. This way they wouldn’t be so besides themselves and demented. They must learn and trust their thoughts before they speak instead of looking for their populist collective to rein themselves in. That’s their copout and it makes them feel manipulated and people treat them as inferior.

  3. The Left Wingers know very well that Barack Hussein (Jose`) Obama is a phony, fake and fraud since he was born in Kenya, transplanted to Hawaii and going to elementary School in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro before going to Occidental (by Accident) College in California, lol..etc.,

  4. For those who either don’t know, haven’t been taught, or have forgotten their US history, the Democratic has always been the party of slavery, at least in the South. We had the Civil War over the issue of black slavery. President Lincoln was a Republican.

  5. Hillary’s thesis in College was on Marxism. Basically, she loves it. Her mentor was and maybe still is, the head of the KKK who also ran as a DEM and won. Isn’t there 2 or 3 more from the KKK that also have ran as DEM’s and won??? Diane Feinstein ( SF,CA ) had her driver who was from China. Remember all about him ??? Pelosi’s husband sold all of their stock the next day after Nancy was in a meeting about the Covid-19 issue coming here. Feinstein I believe has the same issue going on her. Pelosi was in Chinatown in SF,CA in mid March 2020. Saying everything is fine and come here your safe ! The DEM’s also said that Trumps stopping people from coming from China to USA was over done ! Way to soon if even necessary. Now they want to try and impeach Trump for not doing things fast enough on this issue ????? This is D.O.A. but it sounds as if they still will try it anyway.

  6. //////
    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  7. Re: “Even after Musk proved the journalist wrong with emails, he doubled down.”
    Once the left creates a narrative it will be cited as fact for years after it has been disproved. Fro example, they’re still pushing Russian Collusion.

  8. The More Elon Musk sees, the more hie will move to the Right.

    I doubt he will be bashful about announcing his reasoning behind his decisions.

  9. What happened to the Video? It seems anything about what OBuma said and did is deleted and stricken from the record. We are at war people you just don’t realize it yet. Someone has to shut down all this censorship before it gets out of hand, maybe it already has. CNN should be sued out of business along with MSNBC.

  10. It’s too bad that these crazy, hate-filled leftists don’t look in the mirror. They would see a fool looking back at them. Over 200 years ago Ben Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” That’s the road the leftists are traveling.

  11. “In political parlance, taking the red pill often refers to an individual moving from the Left to the Right, but more broadly it means waking up to the lies of the Fake News Media and the established narrative.“

    Actually, blue used to be used for Republicans and red for Democrats. Around 1980 or a little before the media in this country reversed the colors in lock step. It appears the color associated with Democrats and red communist China was identifying other parallels that the Democrats wanted to obscure. About a decade later they officially changed the name of their party from the Democrat Party to the Democratic Party. More deception. This is part of a long history leftists have of appropriating terms and symbols for themselves that they do not deserve. Another example is stealing the label “liberal” in the early part of the last century.

  12. Almost anyone who promotes the left will make a right turn once the results of leftist policies come to their own doorstep. It all sounds great, until it reaches out and touches you and yours.

  13. Until Musk publicly associates and supports President Trump, untrustworthy; he selfishly promoted activism and climate control to sell his electric vehicles with a tax exemptions from the government. He was an intimate colleague of Communist China with his Gigafactory 3 located in Shanghai, Communist China; as well as, a collaborator of former Harvard Department Head Dr. Charles Lieber who was recently charged for fraud for failing to disclose his other job with Communist China reaping $50,000.00 per month. Until Musk proves patriotic unselfish ethics for the American people and President Trump, he remains a possible pending espionage Communist Chinese puppet.

  14. Now Obama speaks up after 4 years of his party mercilessly judging (not to mention falsely accusing, lying about, verbally attacking, bullying, etc.) our President and his voters.

  15. Dude, the KKK was created by dems who were proud leaders. And dems hate the truth and will always deny it. The only things they have are hate and lies. They are very dangerous to our freedom, having thrown God out and embracing satan

  16. Musk is his own man and I really don’t think he cares one way or the other about left or right. He’s just going to be Musk. I like him better all the time. Ad now he’s going to put astronauts back in space for the first time in years. Way to go.

  17. The left tries to portray the right as uneducated Walmart shopping deplorables but it seems to me the people of color who keep buying into the pandering by the left are really who they are referring to.
    That monkey who portrayed himself as a Christian man is not a Christian and neither a man. The man he married is like him, confused. Thank God they couldn’t have real children with their DNA. He and his husband should just produce and star in their own Planet of the Apes series on Netflix.

  18. Musk needs government for more subsidies. He has already collected over $5 billion from Federal and state taxpayers for his various schemes. His inability to manage anything has been placed on display again and again. He may be an original thinker, but he is no manager and he acts and speaks impetuously and inconsistently.

  19. It’s fascinating to hear this jerk sanctimoniously condemn those who criticize others when he spent most of his first term in office giving daily whining sessions where the subject was about all the things President George W. Bush had done wrong. It was so frequent, it became a running joke that it was all George’s fault! He never accepted responsibility for any of his decisions that were wrong and that were guided by his radical staff, cabinet and Soros. The criticisms he constantly made concerning racial problems were focused on dividing the country between black and white beginning with a white policeman making a welfare call on a black man and he waded right into the fray (when there really wasn’t a fray) and for the benefit of the public, resolved his error with a beer party of 3 on the grounds of the WH. He is a total fake and has let his tongue run wild, always referring to the Republicans as “they” as though he wasn’t even our president. Now he sits in front of an audience and criticizes all who are critical – can you say hypocrite!!

  20. It seems that once you discover a correct idea, others quickly follow. It looks like he not only can think, but reason, listen, and research, too. A truth seeker! Good for him.

  21. If the DOJ in not going to prosecute barack hussein obama for his corrupt crimes they should recommend that he be deported back to his place of birth, Kenya & take any monies that he gained with his fraud of becoming POTUS & send Michaell with him.

  22. Musk is not my savior, nor my ideal person to believe in or follow. Anytime one of these people say or do something, i look at their past decisions and what they have said and done. Should i believe them ,should i follow them -no-. President Ronald Reagan once said TRUST BUT VERIFY . Time will tell if he is honestly changing sides or flip flopping like so many others in the past. Remember trust is earned.

  23. 2WarAbnVet, I couldn’t agree more! I would also like to add that the democrats and main stream media always claim anything that sheds light on their hypocrisy and dirty dealings are dubbed as “debunked”. But we know the truth! WWG1WGA!

  24. You’all can continue to believe your own fairy tales. Everybody knows that Democrats/KKKers ran the South until the Black People were allowed to vote in the 1960’s and then all Democrats/KKKers became Republican/KKKers! My father taught me that growing up in the South the most hated people in the world were Republicans/Carpetbaggers. Then Northerners forced the Southern Democrats to let Black People vote and like Ronald Reagan, all the Southern White People/KKKers became Republicans because they said that Democrats stopped supporting the White Superiority! Just because you’all want to believe your fantasies and act like the injured part does not make it so! Like Hittler blaming the Jews, you and the fellow delusional hypocrites want to believe your fantasies. Doesn’t make any of it true, you all are just like the people in 1984, complete dupes. In Republican World 2+2=3 , that is if Fox and President Trump repeat your little lie often enough. You all are incorrigible and dispicable and the most comical part is that many of you actually profess to being Christians! What a joke – with you’alls Attitude on loving your fellow man – rich people actually have a better chance of getting into heaven than you do! But that is obviously redundant! Repent while you may, I doubt you will, but you surely will not and you will march proudly into Helll with your Pied Piper President Trump! And the band played on ………………..

  25. LJ you are very confused cause your daddy got it wrong then and he taught you wrong. Apple near the tree. You have to look further back to the civil war. Thats where things changed. The truth in history is not really what you think it is today. Republicans and conservatives are the saving grace while Dumborats are evil, greedy, and are a falsehood by their very nature

  26. LJ, what have you and your daddy been smoking??? The KKKers have always been democrats who hated the Repubs for giving those stepped on by your daddy, the vote. The sad part is they forgot where it came from and many STILL vote democrat for the most part…….but many are starting to wake up. Another sad fact is that many of ALL races still want the government to be their parents and take care of them instead of doing the right thing and pushing ahead on their own.

  27. Musk’s reliance upon federal exemptions and credits invalidates his credibility. His vehicles, solar panels, rockets, satellites, tunnels, depend upon government subsidies. Further, his close relationship with Communist China raises more questions as to his actual independent political approach. Corruption in a big way.


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