Elon Musk is causing LGBTQ radicals’ heads to explode after he tweeted this one image


Leftists have been having nightmares over Elon Musk taking a blow torch to their whole radical woke agenda.

But many leftists are cheering up as the time of year has arrived for them to smother everyone with an even more relentless onslaught of rainbow flags for pride month.

Well Elon Musk is causing LGBTQ radicals’ heads to explode after he tweeted this one thing.

The Left loves nothing more than to virtue signal.

Just look at all of the Ukrainian flags that flooded your social media feeds over the last few months.

It was the next big thing for them to send up signals about after they moved on from the BLM black squares and mask and vaccine emojis they bombarded everyone with for the past few years.

The Russians aren’t going to stop advancing in Ukraine because some beta male in New York City posted the Ukrainian flag.

But many wonder why the Left loves to virtue signal so much.

Well it really isn’t rocket science.

Wokeism is a religion and virtue signaling is its basis for showing holiness.

The more you are part of the collective the more holy you are in the eyes of other woke radicals.

Just think of how many idiots you saw double masked outside.

It just makes them feel good.

But one guy who has been seeing through the Left and woke mobs crap is the world’s richest man, Elon Musk.

Musk used to be one of the Left’s idols as he championed electric cars.

Well lately Musk has been turning on the Left for being tyrants on free speech and for supporting government spying.

But of all of his tweets, one of his latest just did in countless leftists after he went directly for their obsession with the LGBTQ rainbow jihad movement.

With June being so-called “pride” month, many normal Americans were bracing for endless rainbow flag displays and commercials with hairy dudes in dresses that woke corporations and the virtue-signaling leftist hordes were set to launch the moment the calendar page flipped.

So that’s what makes this tweet so spot on.

Now fed up Americans can’t wait to see what other woke idols Musk can smash in front of the Left’s very eyes.