Elon Musk drove liberals crazy by promoting one conservative site


The “woke” mob is constantly in search of a target to take down.

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has been in the crosshairs of the mob for a while.

And Musk drove liberals crazy by promoting one conservative site.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has rubbed liberals the wrong way despite being a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry.

The satire website The Onion decided to take a shot at Musk and other tech billionaires in a snarky piece, but Musk fired back and promoted the conservative Christian satire site the Babylon Bee.

The Onion has been around much longer than the Babylon Bee, but the latter site has quickly gained steam in the satire news world.

Many argue that the Bee has already overtaken The Onion as the top satire site, as they are free to lampoon the Left in a way that the Onion cannot or will not.

Musk has rankled liberals because he’s proven to be an anti-woke voice in the culture war.

He called out CNN for reporting fake news about his company not delivering ventilators to the state of California as promised; Musk did deliver the ventilators and had documentation to prove it.

CNN refused to retract the story.

Musk also appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast, a big no-no for the woke cultists.

Rogan first angered the hardcore Left by speaking out against transgender athletes competing against biological women.

Rogan has also had interviews with right-wing figures like Alex Jones.

Radical leftists at Spotify tried to get Rogan booted from the platform after he signed a lucrative deal with the company because of his “controversial” guests.

Musk also slammed California for the draconian lockdowns and said he planned to move his company out of the state, as have many other businesses.

The business climate in the state is incredibly hostile to job creators.

Musk will continue to poke the unhinged Left in the eye and they will continue to write hit pieces about him.