Elizabeth Warren’s latest plans for reparations will make you furious


Elizabeth Warren is running a losing campaign for the White House and now creating wild policy proposals to pander to voters.

And her latest idea is her worst one yet.

Elizabeth Warren’s latest plans for reparations will make you furious.

Giving special groups government handouts has become Warren’s newest campaign strategy.

First, Warren announced a plan to forgive student loans in order to pander to college students.

Now, she’s proposing “reparations” to LGBT couples that were not able to file taxes as married couples prior to 2013.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., reintroduced a bill on the campaign trail this week, which could mean $57 million in tax refunds for married LGBT couples.

The Refund Equality Act, which was originally introduced in 2017, would allow LGBT couples who were married prior to the 2013 Supreme Court strike-down of the Defense of Marriage Act in U.S. v. Windsor to amend tax returns from the time that they were married. Prior to 2013, 10 states had legalized same-sex marriage, but were required to file their federal taxes as individuals.

Following the 2013 Supreme Court’s decision, married same sex couples from those 10 states were permitted to change their previous tax returns from individual to joint, which entitled them to some federal tax relief.

Warren’s outright bribery to the LGBT community is coming out of nowhere.

No one in the media has been demanding reparations for LGTB members.

The Senator is clearly pandering to an influential group of Democratic primary voters to win votes.

The LGBT community should be offended that Elizabeth Warren is engaging in such blatant pandering by offering them money in exchange for their votes.

And Elizabeth Warren and her campaign staff should be embarrassed for having proposed such a bill.

This is just another sign that Warren’s campaign is running out of steam.

Forcing taxpayers to give LGBT couples $57 million dollars against their will is wrong.

Warren’s total disregard for how Christians may feel about forking over millions of dollars to LGBT couples is also concerning.

What do you think?

Is this a serious policy proposal? Or a desperate campaign move?


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  2. I know we all enjoy making derogatory remarks about the Democratic party and the poor misguided souls that are so blinded by their propaganda . But honest to God,These candidates hoping for a shot at becoming the next president , are just so pathetic!! EVERY ONE OF THEM!! I don’t usually watch the debates, but this time it’s going to be like a three ring circus, so I might tune in !!Heaven help us all IF one of them manage to rig the elections and get in.
    These Wack-A-Doodles will make all sorts of promises just to get voted in and then do nothing.And before one of the Dems start attacking me by saying to me what has Trump done?Well quite a lot, actually. And he would have accomplished much more if the Democrats haven’t blocked him at every turn. Just look at what he has to deal with daily.Pelosi,Omar,Cortez,Tlaib just to name a few…..I know the wheels of justice turn slowly but I wish we would see some sort of draining the swamp sooner….

  3. Oh God help us! How much more deranged can these people get? I am waiting for one of them to say let’s just give reparations of $1,000,000 to everyperson that is a citizen! There goes the wind out many a sail!

  4. When the Democrats provide repetitions to parents who paid for their children’s university then they may get my vote.

  5. I am disabled and was born at a US Army hospital….where are my reparations, you pale injun (sarcasm)?

  6. Someone please get this woman to the hospital and get her under a 72 hour mental hold. The sooner they are in the asylum the better.

  7. Personally, I think churches should have their tax exempt status yanked summarily and retroactively. I’d LOVE to see Evangelicals and their ilk be forced to cough up trillions of dollars. Do that and America’s monetary problems are over.

  8. Gee ? Nothing for Native Americans ? How about people with 6 fingers, and those born with tails ? All actually happen so why sho7ldn’t every American with some perceived problem should receive a “Warren
    Reparation” Payment – how about every year too ? What ever happened to “Life” and the fact that “S_it
    Happens” ? Worse yet though are those who still follow people like this with proven lies in their past. I
    guess you REALLY CAN BUY VOTES !

  9. I think anyone who does not makes less than 250,000 a year deserves a reparation. The whole country. Let’s all have a reparation. Let’s have free college. I think everyone should be entitled to a car or truck of there choice. Utilities should be free too. And so should gas to drive our cars and trucks. Free medicine too. I know
    …let’s have a guaranteed wage. And guaranteed jobs too. Just look at all the government can provide. All YOU have to do is give up your Freedom.

  10. We (Tax Paying Citizens) have been paying reparations for years!

    It is called Welfare and Affirmative Action!

    Dumbing down our school system so the poor could feel better about themselves!

    If they were taught to work and you will be rewarded instead of being taught to have another baby to get more money then they would feel better about themselves!

    Our kids would then be much better at competing with kids from around the world who truly appreciate a free education and the earned right to further their education!

    Most Americans need to really visit a 3rd world country for awhile and not just a vacation to a major city!

    Then you would have a much better appreciation for this country!

    Have taught citizens in other countries that want more aid.
    When they learn where the money actually comes from then they realize “we don’t know that and that doesn’t sound fair”!

    Smarter than most democrats who believe the government produces wealth! No the cheat it by payroll taxing us to death!

    If every citizen had to write a weekly check, all entitlement programs would quickly fall by the wayside!

  11. Ted Quirk: I didn’t use that saying meaning there was only three running for office.I used it as a statement of how ridiculous , pathetic and desperate the Democratic party is.I guess they are scared Trump will get voted back in….

  12. When the Democrats pay me and the other patriots reparations for what they have done to our country we can talk about reparations for others. Since that will never happen and since they don’t have a clue when it comes to fiscal responsibility I suggest they stop trying to buy votes with taxpayer money. Only stupid people would fall for their lies.

  13. Many Europeans were also brought here as indentured servants, or basically sold to work off a debt, and it was fairly common for them to die from the conditions during the voyage. Chinese were brought here to build the railroad, many dying from overwork and miserable living conditions. There probably isn’t a group who arrived here before 1800 that wasn’t forced out of their home countries in some way and exploited once they got here. And, the native Americans were simply murdered because they had something that someone with greater firepower wanted. This makes reparations a very slippery slope. Just about everyone in that era was exploited in some way. Choosing one group is simply inadequate. But, that isn’t even the issue that makes reparations a very messy situation.I have Indian and African American ancestors— maybe— depends on which of the French brothers who were trappers in the late 1700s I’m descended from. So, do I owe reparations or get them? Most Americans are a mix, just figuring out who should get what would cost more than is quite honestly owed. It may be the right thing to do, but it is simply not possible.So, instead of trying to right past wrongs, how about just righting current wrongs. Level the playing field. There are descendants of the original colonists living in poverty in West Virginia coal fields, while Sasha and Malia are attending the best schools and can be expected to do quite well. Race is not the factor that should be considered, poverty is. To assume that all people of African descent deserve or need help is actually quite racist. And, those who profited and continue to profit from exploitation should be footing the bill— yup, that’s the 10% who own 90% of everything.

  14. Yes Bob you really can buy a voting block, it has happened every year since 1964 (civil rights act)

  15. Nice of Pocahontas to be so generous with other people’s money. She is totally ridiculous. The pandering never ends with these folks. Not only is Warren a fake Indian, but she is just fake. Anything to fool low information voters into voting for her.

  16. she and the deranged people supporting her are about to see her crash and burn (rightfully so).

  17. Mike G: Don’t turn Stephen towards the dark side! We need all the people of common sense and reason on the Republican side…..( LOL)

  18. Ginger: Before I finished reading your post, I was thinking; “Good GOD, the Native Americans have enough problems. They don’t need her or would never claim her as one of their own”.Shame on her for keep changing her her nationality.I suppose her next claim will be she”s a mix of Native American , African American Hispanic Gay which follows the Muslim belief” .Do you think anybody will be that gullible to vote for her then?

  19. Just another feeble attempt to purchase votes. No way can she fund such a ridiculous act. How many more special groups does she plann to bribe I wonder?

  20. I think we should force Warren to pay reparations to everyone who thought she was an American Indian. Didn’t we hear that there were about 1024 of them?

  21. The Democrat party sure has gone to the under the rock crowd. These monkey’s say anything that they think will get them a vote. If you think this country is in the hole on money now. Just picture what it will be after every black person in this country and those that can cross the border get paid. The taxpayer’s of this country owes no one for what took place ages ago

  22. It’s just the way of her tribe. You see, Princess Little Big Liar was taught that the ends justifies the means. Therefore, lying, cheating, stealing identities, you name it; those are all fair game as long as she gets her desired outcome.

  23. Some of my husband’s ancestors were beat to death for their land and died on the Trail of Tears all because they were forced off their land and placed on reservations in hopes they would all die. Where is his reparations? So I agree with you Diana, where is our reparations?

  24. I’m uncomfortable with the liberals’ plan to “Make Reparations… for the damages done by white-supremacist and an obsessive-type of Euro-centric mentality” to people of color. We can’t undo the past. I came to this realization a long time ago, with regards to animal rights.

    I agree with Reverend V.A. Holmes-Gore, author of Those We Have Not Loved, that vegetarianism is “absolutely necessary for the redemption of the planet. Indeed we cannot hope to rid the world of war, disease and a hundred other evils until we learn to show compassion to the creatures and refrain from taking their lives for food, clothing or pleasure.”

    But embracing vegetarianism will not create a new Eden or any other kind of Utopia! We’ve decimated rainforests, depleted topsoil, and driven countless species into extinction. We can’t go back to Eden any more than we can return California to Mexico, or give the United States back to the Native Americans. But we can prevent further destruction of our planet from taking place. I stand for the rights of the unborn alongside the rights of blacks, women, LGBTs, children, animals and the environment, but… I’m sorry, reparations are a bad idea.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  25. These Demonrats are making a mockery of nation with all the dumbassed ideas they have just to get votes!

  26. She is just an ignorant old broad that thought masquerading as an Indian would get her ahead. Now she thinks if she kisses the butts of all the weirdos she might get a few votes!

  27. I can’t stand Warren Crap, but I throw up thinking about the vindictive actions of Pelosi, Waters, and meddling Feinstein. It’s pretty dam sad that taxpayers have to foot their salaries, benefits, and perks! Just look at ever Dem Presidential candidate lack of platforms…. around and around in circles, just spew stupid crap and age doesn’t seem to make any difference! If anyone of them get voted in America will be at risk of just surviving! Imagine any of them handling conflicts with Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba…. those communist dictator SOB’s would run all over them….weak, weak, and pissing their pants!

  28. If You are going say about SAy THeir NAMES then use their proper names.It is pisleo, elmer,kotex,and lostBait in the same order You Weote them.Thank YOU from a TRUE PATRIOT and Former Marine.Oh I forgot NO CAPITAL LETTERS NOT WORTH THE EFFORT.

  29. What has Trump done?….Number 1…he has caused the demobats to go crazy and turned them into a basket of bumbling idiots…..and punched a hole in the bag of sluge where demobats are pouring out…….. He will go down in history as single handily exposing the crud they call the demobat party….never to be seen again.

  30. How about reparations for the Native Americans. We killed 90 to 95 % of them with smallpox, then took care of most of the rest with firearms. They owned the land first. We stole it from them.

  31. You are absolutely correct. Back in the 80’s the standards for the equivalent test was dropped because not enough kids were able to pass it. Then in the 2000’s they started giving everyone a participation trophy. Somewhere along the line the parents became friends and stopped being parents and the ones that were being parents were threatened by the law that if u whip or punish your child it was child abuse, now look what that has given us. A society of brats that think everything should be handed to them and the dang DEMONcrats are preying on those values. This country is going to crap and no politician cares as long as they can get a vote or two. SHAME

  32. & who is going to make reparations for the businesses that have been targeted by these lunatic liberal PC (ignorant thing) activists? Screw pocohantis! I swear I have never felt such hatred for people like I do for these friggin left wing nut jobs! They wont be happy till we have an all out civil war & if (GOD forbid) one of these fools actually get elected in 2020 there absolutely will be a civil war!

  33. Alan: They will never give reparations to the Native Americans.They don’t count.They are the most forgotten, ABUSED people this country has.Every time some one tries to bring up the plight of Native Americans, people just dismiss it. Believe me, I am part Native American. And not the fake Warren kind either….

  34. Wrong on all counts. We did not kill that many of them and most of the diseases Europeans (NOT US!!!!) brought them was unintentional. And they may have been here before us, but THEY stole the land from those who were here before them. And they were killing each other off long before Europeans got here. They were far from one big happy family. Read history

  35. Seem’s like all Democrat’s running today want the volt’s anyway they can get them. They have all turned into grade school kids that are running for some deal in class that come out with free stuff. They need to wake up to the fact that nothing is free. Anything that is said to be free has a catch to it.

  36. I owe the native Americans nothing at all. I nor my ancestors did nothing to them. My grandparents came here about 1910 and settled where there were no native Americans. So why should I have to pay them?

  37. Eric, you can deny God, but that will not ever make Him go away. He created the universe and put us on this earth, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. And you will stand before Jesus to be judged like everyone else. You will know the moment you die that God is very real. But you can know that now. You have the same chance as everyone else to come to Jesus and be saved. He died for the sins of all, including you. Instead of attacking churches, you should try going to one and learn about the great love that Jesus has for you. And before you say that He does not exist, try reading history. There is historical evidence that He was here.

  38. Stephen…do you mean anyone who DOES make less than $250,000 a year?? And that is exactly what the dems want, total control of the government and everyone totally dependent on it. They must be stopped!!!

  39. WHY ISN’T WARREN TALKING ABOUT REPARATIONS FOR THE INDIANS? I THOUGHT SHE WAS ONE!!! As a true Indian would say, “Squaw talk out both sides of mouth”.

  40. What really bothers me is the fact that 12 states have rejected same sex marriage in free, open elections. One state voted 68% against it !!! The Supreme Court says thats unconstitutional. The same constitution says that the people decide the law of the land. Government by the people is gone…..we no longer have a say in our government.

  41. Warren is way out on tree. Why hasn’t she mentioned the people that has been paying taxes all these years. How about paying some of their money back. Warren all you are trying to do is buy votes because you not smart enough to run a counyry.

  42. There is no such animal as “FORMER MARINE” – just formerly active duty! Once a Marine, always a Marine!


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