Elizabeth Warren was asked one question that brought her campaign crumbling down


Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is on the ropes.

More people are beginning to see just how fraudulent she is.

And Warren was asked one question that brought her campaign crumbling down.

Elizabeth Warren’s actions prove she is an incredibly dishonest politician.

She lied about being Native American in order to gain a plum teaching position at Harvard Law School.

She lied about being fired from a teaching position because she got pregnant.

And she was even called out by liberal media hosts like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Stephen Colbert for her insistence that she can provide universal healthcare without raising costs at all for the middle class.

Warren’s fuzzy math doesn’t add up.

She’s proposed outrageous policies like a wealth tax, which couldn’t even work in quasi-socialist European countries.

Now Warren is proposing to wipe out over $1 trillion in student loan debt.

When a concerned father who scraped and saved to send his daughter to college confronted Warren on the issue, she had no good answer to defend her plan.

The man said, “My daughter’s getting out of school, I saved all my money, so she doesn’t have any student debt. Am I going to get my money back?”

“Of course not,” replied Warren.

Warren dismissed the man’s reasonable question, which shows how out-of-touch she is with voters.

This moment is precisely why Warren is tanking in the polls lately.

The man fired back, “So, we end up paying for people who didn’t save any money, then those who did the right thing get screwed.”

He went on to talk about how he worked double shifts and put away money while people he knew spent recklessly on new cars.

Leave it to Democrats to punish prudence and success.

Under Warren’s plan, the father would’ve been rewarded for wasting money on new cars instead of saving for his daughter’s education.

The bigger issue is the university system is fundamentally broken.

Tuition costs have skyrocketed for two reasons.

First, student loans became secured by the federal government.

That means lenders freely give money to students because they know the federal government is subsidizing them, and student loans cannot be discharged through bankruptcy.

Also, universities have experienced the serious problem of administrative bloat.

Professor’s salaries have remained stagnant, but the number of high-salaried administrators has increased exponentially.

The university scam is a bubble that needs to burst.

Too many activist majors are being subsidized by the government, and they’re churning out students who subscribe to Elizabeth Warren’s and Bernie Sanders’s socialist views on economics.

Will this father’s encounter with Elizabeth Warren torpedo her campaign for good?

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  2. Warren is on a downward spiral!! That father who scrimped & saved truly is the “straw that broke the camels back.”
    Can you imagine her trying to run & country & discussing important matters with foreign leaders. She is a sad statement. Shame on those dems for supporting her & her lying agenda!!

  3. Warren is a proven, habitual liar and would make a horrible friend or leader of any kind, much less the president of the United States! Her policies would turn the US into another 3rd world country.

  4. Warren is a prime example of how stupid and out of touch with reality elitist liberal democrat college professors are. Just imagine the kind of crap they fill young student’s heads with. No wonder half of them think social -ism is cool.
    And they tell us how stupid Trump supporters are for not going to these colleges. The only smart people we’re told are people that think like liberal democrats.

  5. I am still shocked when it comes to people that still believe the Democrat’s are capable of telling the truth. Especially when it comes to all their phony campaign promises. I saw the video of this father, catching Warren off guard with his question. She looked like a deer in headlights when he asked her about being reimbursed for college he paid in full for his daughter. And then he looked like he was hit by the car that missed the deer and hit him when she replied of course not! All the Democrat’s” free stuff” comes at a very heavy price, at the TAXPAYER’S expense !!

  6. The only way to get education costs under control is to get the federal government out of education. No PELL grants or ANYTHING else!! No grants of any kind until university can conduct themselves responsibly.

  7. Warren has a plan to pay for the college tuitions and single payer medicare but its too complicated for the average Trump voter to comprehend so she doesn’t bother trying to explain it to them.
    Warren is smart and she knows that father is a Trump supporter. It would be a waste of her time to try and explain it.

  8. My two daughters have worked their way through college an have earned their degrees An are still paying back their student loans when will they get their paybacks??? Yet some dam foreign person comes over An gets a free education an never has to pay anything back!! I don’t call that fair at all!!!

  9. You people are really stretching things. This father’s confrontation with Warren is not what will bring her down. Her own stupidity will do that. The only way Warren, Sanders, or any other left wing extremist will ever become President is if the brainwashed leftist student population turns out in mass in every State of the union. In past elections students have generally stayed at home. Let’s pray they do this time too or they could swing 6 or 7 States to the Democrat candidate which could be enough to throw the Electoral College the wrong way

  10. This is what is wrong with all of the Left”s agenda! Free everything, it is for people who will not save and take care of themselves but wanted everyone else to pay for them. Free healthcare, free college and some even suggested paying people even if they don’t work. This would be a country headed for ruin! It cannot sustain all these FREE things for everyone. Who will pay for it? Those who would work, but they would be reduced given all these free things. We would a become Venezuela! And those like Elizabeth Warren would cause this effect. People wake up!

  11. It is so obvious that Liz is a floundering, dithering liar and blazing idiot, who makes no sense whatsoever. How is it anyone is blind to that? What does it take; clown makeup?

  12. Anthony Lukatella: Since you are so knowledgeable of Warren’s supposed plan to cover these expenses that would not be paid by us the taxpayers, could you please explain it to me? I will try to” dumb down” to understand your explanation. . Thank you.

  13. Warren is the same as Sanders. They want all the kids to go leftist indoctrination colleges to be taught how to think like good progressives, and have the middle class tax payers pay for it all.
    It’s pretty ingenious.

  14. Demoncraps don’t have any solutions to any problems so the only way they win elections is to engage in voter fraud, and promise free stuff with other people’s money.

  15. Perhaps Warren will get on her broom and fly away now. Great job sir for confronting the wicked witch of the east. Even a congratulation on your daughter and her education. I know my education has not been free. I wonder how that POS can look at her self in a mirror. Maybe it a magic one.

  16. I feel bad for her. She’s clearly psychologically impacted by needing to put on the show of being so much more liberal than she really is, but if she dared express conservative or moderate views, the other Democrats would crucify her. This cognitive dissonance is causing her to self-sabotage by picking fights and making ridiculous claims.

  17. Anthony Lukatella, there’s no complicated or secret plan.
    Fauxcahontas plans to do what Democrats always do, take as much as possible from the producers in order to buy votes from the parasites.

  18. Just watch the video of Warren trying to drink a beer in her kitchen.
    That’s all you need to see.


  20. Along with free college and free medical the government should also take control of all 401Ks and use that money to help pay for it. Its not fair that some people have 401K while others do not and everyone should have the same standard of living when they retire. All the money should be dispersed evenly so everyone gets the same treatment. All social security payments should be the same too.

  21. If you are serious you are a danger to yourself and others. While I was working I contributed as much as I could to my 401K. That meant that I had to forego a few things so that my wife and I would be able to afford a decent retirement. It’s bad enough that government regulations require me to take all funds out by age 95 I sure as Hell am not going to share with people who do not have the foresight to save for retirement. Same goes for Social Security. I worked for years and contributed the maximum into the fund and am entitled to everything I get back. Nobody else gets a penny of it.
    I do help people by donating to charities because that is my choice. The government has no right to demand that I share what I have in any other way.
    You want a college education? Pay for it. You want decent medical care? Buy Health Insurance. You want a decent retirement income? Save for it.

  22. I paid back my student loan. If no one has to pay for their education I should get my money back, as should everyone else who paid off their loans. This is insane. The whole dem party is insane. And those who actually believe what the dems say are even more insane

  23. Anthony Lukatella; What you posted, is this Warren’s plan? I am a Republican and I fully understand this absurd plan fully. Let’s ROB from the people that planned for their future all their working lives. That did without so they could retire without struggling too much.
    We the true ,legal American citizens contributed to our 40k’s and Social Security all of our working lives. Not to support or give free education to those of these illegal aliens who are trying to enter our country illegally! Or anyone else that isn’t entitled.
    Now, you want to discuss what’s not fair? My late husband was on dialysis for 5 years before he passed and NO ONE helped or paid for his treatments. I am a cancer survivor and my medical treatments were paid by my Medicare and out of my own pocket. Again never receiving financial help from anyone. But people like Bloomberg are spending MILLIONS on his presidential campaign . But never helped the average person’s life that I know of. THIS is what’s not fair. Thank you.

  24. Wow! The number of distortions here is incredible.
    The wealth tax was in place in the 1950s here in the USA and helped lift the middle class to the strongest economic force in the world. It’s time to wipe out the B.S. Reaganomics and return to taxing those who make unearned income from hard working Americans.
    We will never regain our global standing until we have a well-educated workforce again, and we cannot get there with the overwhelming student debt. Corporations need to support with taxes the forgiving of student debt. We need to implement sub- prime rate loans for public colleges.
    Finally, we need universal healthcare. It’s a disgrace that a quarter million American families file bankruptcy for medical costs every year. No one should ever be denied healthcare for financial reasons. Insurance companies exist to make their owners rich; not to help people and not to contribute to health research… that’s what the government does.
    These are all values that Elizabeth Warren espouses.
    But if you want to LOSE everything for which you’ve worked… retirement, Social Security, a home, clean air and water, a safe place for your children… vote Republican…you deserve it.

  25. NO HCB..we are NOT going to lose it all..as Warren will be relegated to the dung heap of History. America under a free market capitalist system has served us AND the world at large very very well . We will have a rebirth of ideals and prosperity again under our great leader & Commander Donald J. Trump’s re-election in 2020 ! RET US ARMY

  26. I’ve been wondering how much of the “student loan” money was used to finance a spring break somewhere south of the border because those poor hard working students really need a break from all that studying and snow. Are we taxpayers to be on the hook for EVERYTHING that the loan money was spent for?

  27. HCB, you are truly a fool who blindly believes the lies of the dem party without question. NOTHING you said is true. You are a very sad creature

  28. This ‘comments’ section is of less value because there is no discussion. Please consider using Disqus. Thank you.

  29. That has always been the way of it. If you have a wealthy family you don`t have to worry about tuition. These are the inept cry babies that permeate our government. If you have to work to put yourself through school you are better for it. You know what it means to go without food in your struggle to better yourself. Why get out of bed when you have everything handed to you. We have a generation of people who don`t know what it means to do without. This business everyone should have free health care is crazy. There is always someone who will end up paying for this free stuff.


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