Elizabeth Warren just launched a vicious attack against Christians with this threat


Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign is circling the drain.

She’s been exposed as a dishonest politician, and now she’s lashing out in hopes of reclaiming her momentum.

And Warren just launched a vicious attack against Christians with this threat.

Elizabeth Warren and her surrogates recently clubbed Bernie Sanders for being sexist who believed a woman couldn’t be president.

The desperate move was an attempt for Warren to elbow Sanders out of the progressive lane, but it didn’t work.

Sanders has surged past Warren in the Democratic primary, meaning an actual life-long communist could legitimately take over the Democrat party.

Frustrated that her salvo against Sanders didn’t work, she’s now back to senselessly targeting Christian conservatives.

Warren is hopping mad that Montana offers tax credits for donations to private and religious schools.

According to Warren and the Left, this is beyond the pale.

Warren Tweeted, “States should focus on funding public schools, not private ones—especially not ones that maintain anti-LGBTQ+ policies. We must ensure every kid—especially LGBTQ+ kids—can get a high-quality public education.”

In addition to the fact that Warren and the Democrats want to get their hands on as much taxable income as possible, their main issue is the idea of religious freedom itself.

They can’t stand the fact that many devout Christians – and nonreligious people who want their kids to attend schools that aren’t infested with radical leftist ideals – prefer schools that adhere to traditional values on marriage and gender.

But leftism is an expansionist ideology.

The “anti-LGBT+ policies” they despise include items outlined in some school handbooks like the following:

“God wonderfully and immutably creates each person as male or female . . . God created marriage to be exclusively the union of one man and one woman.”

This is a position that even Barack Obama held five minutes ago.

Another handbook said:

“Students and campus visitors must use restrooms, locker rooms, and changing facilities conforming with their biological sex.”

A few years ago, such a statement would’ve been considered laughably unnecessary.

But this is how the Left erodes culture.

Religious schools want to hold onto moral values that the Left is quick to discard.

The problem isn’t that the Left doesn’t subscribe to these principles, it’s that they don’t want to allow anyone else to subscribe to them, either.

Is Warren trying to curry favor with the far-Left by attacking Christians?

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  2. Warren is a desperate wanna be president. Her history is one of a habitual liar. Her intent is to take away American citizens’ freedoms given to them by the constitution. Her idiotic question in the impeachment trial was beyond disrespectful to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. She clearly doesn’t know her place or importance, or lack thereof.

  3. Warren is deranged and needs to check herself into the padded room hotel in Napa, CA. She will receive regular feedings, meds as necessary, healthcare, clothing, and she may even meet some of her native American relatives.

  4. How does she expect to get the votes of so many groups of people she has bad mouthed. Se is so radical she has alienated more than half of the country already and she is not thru yet. Can’t imagine what she is going to bash next.

  5. Bernie Sanders should have gotten right back in Warren’s face and said, “yes, I am calling you a liar on TV because you are a liar”, instead of cowering away. By cowering away from Warren on camera, Sanders showed everyone that he is too cowardly to be president.

  6. These radical, evil Democratic candidates have really gone off the deep end. Especially Warren. Christians have been persecuted for centuries for our beliefs but we are still here. What the Democrat’s and Warren want doesn’t mean they will get it. As this article has stated, not wanting the alphabet people’s agendas accepted in schools has nothing to do with your religious affiliation. Having morals and supporting a normal family values is what most of the population support. Christians, non- Christians atheists or whatever.
    And by threatening you will be no longer be eligible for funding for schools that don’t have the alphabet people’s rights first, is not going to fly!!
    I think by now, more and more people are realizing that the Demon party is not for the people. It’s all about power and control for those in office. And we the people will pay the price. Besides, I don’t think Warren will even make it on the ballot and hopefully she will just fade away. But others in office that are radical Democrats need to be removed and we certainly don’t need another Democratic president!!! So please vote wisely and make sure Trump is on the ballot….

  7. Obviously she doesn’t realize that Iowa is a primarily Christian state and that her attack on Christian values might not be the best position to put forth for the caucuses.

  8. How “cleverly” the puppet tries to disguise the FACT that a “good quality education” and “public skkkools” are mutually exclusive just as “quality health care” and ‘single payer’ systems (rationed) are. Call these charlatans out when such irrational claims are made.

  9. I don’t understand why my comments are not posting. Could someone at “Culture Watch” please let me know?

  10. Uh? Duh? Y’think? A baby rages for his bottle. If these behaviors aren’t parented, he grows up that way, predatory, killing everything on the streets to satisfy his pleasure.(Chicago)
    Likewise, everybody gets a trophy; reward for efforts not successfully achieved. Point: We’ve created (liberal public schools, divorce) a generation of new voters rageing in the streets for expectations not met from efforts not given. Damn right Warren is pandering to the left. That’s all she has.

  11. Surely, the bwitch jests. There’s rarely any such thing as a high quality PUBLIC education any more and Fauxahontas and those like it are to blame for that fact.

  12. Elizabeth Warren isn’t a Dishonest Person Or An INSANE IDIOT! Which Both Cannot Be Said Of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump! That Oval Office CONCEITED, STUPID SICKO Has In The Past 4 Years Uttered Too Many LIES To Even Keep Count Of!

  13. “God created marriage to be exclusively the union of one man and one woman.” Except in the Bible. In the Bible, it’s one man and one woman, or one man and two women, or three, or four, or 6, or 400. That’s also how it was in first century Judea, probably also among the first fruits of Christianity. One man, one woman was the rule in Greece and Rome.

  14. Here I’ll try one more time we as Christians want the best for our children. If you want to move to the very far left that’s your choice. I will not be the one standing before God explaining that choice.

  15. Hey, david, In Your Above Statements, Are you describing E. Warren Or Instead Describing A Pair Of trump TRASH, The BULLY & The BIMBO, What America Needs Right Now Is To Lock Up That Blond Haired Cuckoo Bird, That “ Squirrel” With “Nuts” Just Like Him & His Supporting Group Of republican RETARDS

  16. Pelosi, a supposed devout Catholic must be thrilled with her. LMAO These people are not only crazy but dangerous.

  17. “Elizabeth Warren isn’t a Dishonest Person”, except when she claimed to be part Indian to get special treatment, and when she said her children attended public schools, and when she said her father was a janitor, and she claimed to be fired for being pregnant. All a bunch of lies.
    Betty, you are a mindless fool.

  18. Liz Warren is a highly educated. However she is a perfect example and she proves my point: YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID WITH AN EDUCATION!

  19. I wonder how Warren feels about magnet schools. We have three schools in Augusta, GA that consistently achieve 100% graduation rates and at least 98% college admission rates. One of the schools is a Catholic high school which she would probably like to shut down. The other two are public schools but are magnet schools. To attend a student must first past some stringent tests and must maintain a high scholastic standard in order to remain in the school. I do not know if these two public school make any accommodation for the LGBT community but they do accept only the best and brightest students. There are occasional complaints about a lack of minority students but thus far the schools have not lowered their standards. I’m sure Warren would find fault with that.

  20. uncle hoppy, On The Subject Of Mindless Fools, As The Old Saying Goes “IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE”. Which Doubtless Explains Your “Close Knowing” Of A Pair Of trump TRASH, The STUPID SICKO & The BRAIN DEAD BIMBO! Like A certain somebody That LYING d trump Claimed Not To “KNOW”? Even When Twice they were photographed standing together!

  21. Betty, I just responded to your comment about Warren not being a dishonest person.
    Obviously what you said is not true at all. Warren is actually a chronic liar. I can give you dozens of examples.
    Maybe you knew that when you said it and was just trying to be sarcastic.

  22. Right On, kent, Just Like You can’t Fix IDIOTIC INSANITY With The Title Of President As In The Example Of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump,

  23. Betty is your typical brain dead democrat. She actually believes Warren is an honest person. People like Betty choose to be stupid, and you can’t fix stupid. Its unfortunate.

    FAR BEFORE !!!

    F U C K. T H A T


  27. Proof Positive she is NOT POTUS material . . . And NEVER will be! We can see RIGHT through her dishonesty and the HATRED she has for ANYTHING Holy from the Lord. LGBTQ is an ABOMINATION as per God’s Word. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  28. WHY is her proposal ESPECIALLY FOR THE LBGTQ kids??? I’m sure there are more NON-LBGTO kids than LBGTQ kids….just another way to try to raise more support for her agenda…..If a person OR GROUP doesn’t like CHRISTIAN based schools then DON’T GO TO ONE….

  29. The Left has 47-48% of the vote and the electoral votes of CA and NY locked down! Don’t get complacent rightists! Notice how leftists are all into alternative sexual choices until it is of a heterosexual variety and involves Republicans especially Pres. Trump! Just remember the Dem-Rat Party is the Party of Dem-wit voters! Explains it all!

  30. Sorry Nonya, I didn’t mean to offend you. I was just trying to give you some advise so you don’t look like an idiot, and embarrass yourself in front of everyone on here with your bad grammar, poor spelling, and all uppercase posts like the foreigners do. But if you chose to look like an idiot, you certainly have the “rite” to do so.

  31. betty your an idiot like the rest of the dumocrats. Question: have you prospered in the last 3 years as the general public has? if you say no, then your a typical dumocrat liar. if you say yes, then your a typical hypocrit as most dumocrats are. the best you can do is STFU.

  32. FuffyPillowFive January 31, 2020 at 1:27 pm
    LGBT children should be home schooled.
    There ‘should be’ “”NO”” LGBT CHILDREN””!
    Their minds are not developed enough to know what that even is.
    To have that knowledge at all, it had to be planted in their brains by an adult
    and any adult who discusses sexual matter with a child of that nature, should be stripped
    of their parental rights, or contact with all children.

  33. fluffy pillow five…y would you apologize to someone and in the same comment repeat it. that is b ing a hypocrite. IT IS A CHOICE OF AN INDIVIDUAL TO GET THEIR MESSAGE ACROSS, HOWEVER THEY DO IT. IT’S STILL AMERICA AND AMERICANS RIGHT HAVE A GOOD DAY AND GOD BLESS

  34. MMJ, I was just trying to help Nonya with some simple advise. If you were a teacher, would you not correct your students if they used poor grammar and made spelling mistakes? What about your children?
    MMJ, are you telling me that if you heard someone mispronounce a word, you wouldn’t tell them how to pronounce it correctly? I think you are wrong.

  35. Warren is nothing more than up and coming NAZI, dhe hate the USA. She should be put on trial for treason.

  36. Quick, get Betty her med’s. She is having a very hard time managing her psychotic episodes and is unable to understand the most basic principals of decency. She calls our great president everything that the fools on the ultra left subscribe to and abandons anything that even resembles decency and honesty. I really feel sorry for you Betty and this is one Christian that will pray for you and your condition.

  37. Please Fauxcohontas, let us hear a LOT more about your REAL ideas and agenda. We all want to know all of it. Let is hear about your “perfect’ world. ALL OF IT IN DETAIL.
    Please Warren, tell us all of the things you want EXACTLY how you want them. Please give EVERY detail and make sure that ALL the media give every detail. More just like this PLEASE, LET IT ALL OUT.
    That is ALL I ask of you.

  38. Kent Sinclair, You can send a fool to school but you can’t make them learn. 😉 In the case of Warren, if she went to a Indian school to teach, we might get lucky and they’d scalp her for her lies.

  39. Who gives a Rat’s ass what Elizabeth Warren thinks! Non of the current Communist Radical Liberal left candidates have a snow balls chance in hell against President Donald Trump! If the Left is uncomfortable now , they had better brace themselves because Trump will surely be re elected this November 2020! I am expecting one more impeachment attempt from the radical left on Trumps second term and it too will fail! MAGA Trump 2020!!!

  40. That is one ugly woman inside and out. May she shorten her time for breathing our polluted air as she so claims. I know I shouldn’t think these thoughts but I am so angry that we have lost some beautiful people recently and this ilk continues to spew her hatred to simple minds that follow her no matter how it’s shown thru out time that she is a liar.

  41. The correct solution for the alphabet folks is “mental hospitals” because they suffer from a mental disease. Here we have the patients running the nut house–wanting to bring in trangenders to talk to our children in public schools about the virtues of perversity.

  42. The money used for the schools is OUR money!! It was taken from US in the form of taxes and now WE can’t spend it how
    WE want on OUR children! Really? WE already must support the horrible government school system weather WE want or not. To sent OUR children to any kind of private schools means parents must sacrifice to come up with the funds to do this. Any voucher money should be available for any school and even homeschooling. It is OUR money. How many poor, black and brown kids attend catholic or other christian schools using funds those churches raise just for that purpose? Lots! And they actually get an education! Ms. Warren and her ilk don’t want any children learning real history, economics, values, or morals that they don’t approve of. That is what this is all about!

  43. In Georgia we have a scholarship fund that is used to send children to private and parochial schools. People who make enough to have to pay the State income tax can direct their payments to go into the fund. The liberals hate that fund and also hate charter schools. You correct that the left wants every child to be brainwashed in public schools.

  44. Makes one wonder what the hell Mass. voters where thinking when they elected this lying nutjob as their senator,, she is truly unhinged.

  45. GOD Created MAN After Their Image…Man Was Alone…So From a MAN’s Rib, GOD Created A WOMAN FOR MAN…GOD Did NOT Create Another MAN for MAN !!!


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