Elizabeth Warren hid in shame after the hypocritical thing she just did


Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is going in the tank.

Her lies and flip-flops are finally catching up to her.

And Warren had to hide in shame after the hypocritical thing she just did.

Elizabeth Warren’s path to the presidency is all but over.

She tried to present herself as a moderate, but ran to Bernie Sanders’ Left in order to win the progressive voter base.

The plan didn’t peel off enough Bernie voters, and she lost the tenuous moderate support she had.

But Warren’s campaign is finished after she hid in shame trying to cover for her hypocrisy.

Warren was filmed stepping off a private jet.

For a normal presidential candidate, that might not be out of the ordinary. 

But for a leading “climate change” advocate, her hypocrisy was glaring.

When she realized she was being filmed, Warren hunched behind one of her staffers and deliberately stayed out of view of the camera:

It’s clear as day she was trying to hide the fact she was traveling on a private jet.

This is one of the big hypocrisies the climate change fanatics among the elite run up against.

They feed the climate change hysteria about carbon emissions while they globetrot on gas-guzzling private jets.

Hollywood celebrities and Democrat politicians are notorious for this.

This isn’t the first time Warren has been caught being a hypocrite.

She lied about sending her son to private school.

It turns out her son only attended public school through the fifth grade.

On the issue of climate change and carbon emissions, Warren isn’t the only dishonest politician.

Bernie Sanders actually spent more time on private jets than anyone in the Democrat field.

The Washington Free Beacon reported, “recent filing from Sanders reveals $1,199,579 in spending during the final three months of 2019 to Apollo Jets, LLC, a ‘luxury private jet charter service.’ The campaign spent an additional $23,941 for transportation to Virginia-based Advanced Aviation Team.”

Warren, Sanders, and other Democrats love to shield themselves from the ramifications of their own ideology.

They trap people in failing public schools by antagonizing school choice, yet they send their own kids to tony private schools.

It’s no surprise that Democrat strongholds have the starkest income inequality in the country.

They live by the principle of “rules for thee, but not for me.”

Is Warren’s campaign finished after her climate hypocrisy was exposed?

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  2. Warren you are dope. We saw you on t.v.. You dems. scream green and you don’t even follow what you say. You are not presidential material. GO AWAY.

  3. From the lowly AOC and her SQUAD to all the Demwitt Presidential Can’t-idates, THEY ALL are HYPOCRITS of the FIRST ORDER. AOC flys all the time FROM DC to NY, from NY to DC, when she could take the train, BUT THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH for HER. AND ALL THE DIMWITTS running for President all FLY by PRIVATR PLANE. Trump flies TOO, BUT it is on AIR FORCE ONE. The DEMWITTS are the BIGGEST HYPOCRITS in the country, either running for President or sitting on their behinds in Congress or the Senate.

  4. Typical Radical Communist Liberal left ideology, “Do as say say, not as we do!” Elizabeth Warrens campaign for the Presidency was over before she ever ran! She has absolutely no chance against President Trump! And if Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg are the best the Libs can throw at Trump, then President Trumps victory in November is assured!

  5. I think that after the Iowa voting count debacle occurred after 3 years of planning, convinced many actual voters that the Dems are
    Keystone Cops and cannot Run
    Anything, but water from the Tap.

  6. They are all fakes and liars. Promising the world but have no intention of following thru with any of it. Knowing full well they would be able to skim thru four years without getting anything done but for themselves. Trump has kept almost every promise he made and Americans are waiting to hear what he has planned for his next four years.

  7. Don’t single out Warren. Everyone of the green democrats are hypocrites, including Sanders. Sanders flies on planes too, and his underling AOC gets chauffeured around in a gas guzzling SUV because she is too special to take public transportation. Talk about climate hypocrites, what about Al Gore? The father of climate change.
    Show me a green politician or Hollywood celebrity that’s not a hypocrite about climate change and show you one of Santa’s elves.
    Elizabeth Warren is a conniving crooked politician dressed in grandma’s clothing.

  8. How can ANY Demoncrat run the country when they don’t recognized their hypocrisy, their blatant lies, their hatred for America and conservative Patriots, their disregard for Americans First and support of criminal and illegal aliens, support of terrorists and anti-Semitic colleagues, the fact that they see no problem killing babies, etc? I would say unless you are a total Liberal radical “nut case” Demoncrats would not be on your list of candidates to support and put into office. They should all be placed in Hitlery’s basket of “deplorables”. Now that’s a basket of “deplorables” one can agree on!!

  9. As Joe Piscopo (former SNL star) joked on Fox this morning, SNL skits are starting to face reality. This last Saturday Night, there was a depiction of the New Hampshire debate, and “Buttigegg” was asked “Who won the debate?” He said “Donald Trump” and then corrected himself and said “Oh, ME!” Sorry, I don’t want to come off as anti-Gay, but Pete may be a veteran, but he has an actual legal husband, and I don’t think I can accept that in the White House.

    Yes, I voted for Donald Trump, and I’m glad he’s the President. For me, it was obvious from the beginning that Hillary was guilty of Federal crimes, and for some reason got away with it. Yes, she beat Trump by a couple million votes, but that is what the Electoral College is for – to make sure the little states aren’t run over by the east and west coasts.

  10. WE THE PEOPLE would like to know how many of these lunatics ride to their DC office and to their home? do they even own a bike?

  11. Warren was finished when she FALSELY claimed Native American heritage. That would be like me being a descendant of Mary Queen of Scotts… LOL

  12. Pocahontas please look for the nearest Native American reservation and go into hibernation for the rest of your life, you living nincompoop.

  13. Warren and the rest of the smoke and mirror group are redundant. Obama and the deep state have choosen Blumberg. He is part of the deep state therefore he will be the candidate.

  14. Conniving bimbo….. Whenever she has to answer an unrehearsed question she looks like a bird caught in a wind tunnel……..

  15. They are all liars & phonies & the problem is many Americans are naive to their false rhetoric. Believe a politician & I have a bridge to sell you. As a voter, all I want are the facts. Stop telling me what you are going to do & start telling me how you will do it & what it will cost & please don’t tell me it’s free. Only fools believe they can get something for free. Someone, somehow has to pay for it.

  16. Just imagine if the democrats had never created these institutions where minorities get special treatment then cheaters like Warren wouldn’t be able to lie about their ethnicity to get special treatment.

  17. The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  18. Let’s see, we have a wanna be American Indian (self professed for gain), a homosexual who wants to make his husband the first first husband?? A communist that vacations in Russia, and finally, good old creepy criminal Joe. This whole thing is nothing short of unbelievable. The really sad thing is that there are quite a few people that actually believe these people should lead the country. “Wide is the gate and broad is the path that leads to destruction and many enter through it.”

  19. Gore cashed in to the tune of 200 million plus…these jokers have been around like “forever”…acid rain, ozone layer – by the way nothing more is said about this…yet the “holes” are still there, CO2…AOC wanted to ELIMINATE this stuff which would also eliminate ALL plant life ( land and sea) and all of humanity…Climate change is the new buzzword, the be all and end all and they want you in the USA to give up your guns, yea, that will somehow help the climate…and other NATO countries are further restricting already restricted firearms – as if that will help too BUT are going ALL out to vaccinate you (mercury and aluminium) and spray you with aluminium and sulphides – Atmospheric Injections…which replaced “chemtrails”, you know, the “conspiracy theory”…really makes one wonder….as to the disarmament business, THINK Adolph, Josef, Mao, Pol et al whose collective claim to fame was the ability to exterminate millions of their defenceless countrymen, Any body with a brain cell intact KNOWS that weapons are incapable of killing anyone…it is people who kill people and the people who kill people are definitely more likely to kill people who do not have any means to defend themselves…

  20. First mistake is that no Dumbascrap has any shame. They’re pathological liars who will say or do anything to push their agenda.

  21. I think the current group of Democrat candidates are simply put in place by the deep state that will take over at the democrat convention . the current group of clowns will make the Deep State candidate appear some normal ,
    I pray that the voters continue to see that the Dems as they are!: Fools that are bound and determined to take America DOWN!!!
    I am hoping that President Trump is re-elected and SOMEHOW not only cleans the swamp,,,but
    STERILIZES the SWAMP!!!!!!

  22. Hey, Chris. CRAZY donald & D for Dumb trump Failed To Keep More Than One Promise During The Past 4 Years! Like For Example, The 2016 Promise That Mexico Would Pay For Building A Border Wall! Yet, Mexico Refused To Bow Down To A BULLY & HIS BIMBO, refused To Say “Si, MANIC” To mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE!


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