Economists brace for unprecedented inflation as Biden plans to release a staggering budget


The United States has had some staggering inflation in the past.

But now we are on track for inflation like we have never seen in our nation.

And economists brace for unprecedented inflation as Biden plans to release a staggering budget.

Fewer words strike fear in many people’s hearts than “inflation.”

And for those old enough to remember the late 1970s, they have reason to be cautious around inflation.

Back in the crappy days under former President Jimmy Carter, Americans got a dose of reality of what inflation really is.

Today, we are seeing inflation in nearly every commodity that we use or need in everyday life.

Just look at some of the commodity price increases compared to before the pandemic hit.

Lumber has soared up over 400% since last May.

Copper, which is in nearly everything in your household, is soaring past $4.50 per ounce.

And let’s not even get into rising food and gas prices.

But even some economists are in shock at the rise in the official record of inflation.

Personal consumption inflation measures show that back in April inflation hit with a rise of 3.6% percent over March, which is the highest increase in nearly thirteen years.

And get ready for the May inflation rates as prices continue to climb.

But that hasn’t stopped Joe Biden from presenting a $6 trillion spending spree last Friday.

That’s over 36 percent increase in government spending over 2019.

Biden’s administration claimed in the budget proposal that, “[t]his year’s Budget gives a full accounting of the first, critical steps our Nation must take to begin the work of building back better.”

And in the budget billions go to fighting “climate change” and “gun violence.”

This is what happens when you give the keys of our nation to leftists in the Biden administration.

They could care less about adding to ever increasing inflation and how that acts as a particularly pernicious tax on the average American.