Dr. Fauci slipped up and admitted one fact that could land him in a jail cell


Something hasn’t smelt right over the past twenty months about what our “medical experts” were saying.

This whole time they pushed a narrative that just didn’t add up but would punish you for raising any questions.

Well Dr. Fauci slipped up and admitted one fact that could land him in a jail cell.

Usually when you smell crap somewhere is a big hot pile of turds.

And in politics, if you smell crap watch your feet to make sure you don’t step in it.

Often times our government gives you a load of crap and demands that you believe it or else.

And that is exactly what we have been facing with COVID over the past nearly two years.

Ever since COVID came rushing across the world from China, nearly nothing the medical elites were telling us added up.

First they demanded no masks and then they claimed, and still claim, that masks will save your life.

And for thousands of years the goal in fighting viruses was to reach herd immunity.

But now the medical community could care less about herd immunity and demand that you get quadruple jabbed.

And now after our government and society have put all of their eggs in the basket of vaccines from saving us all, now there is one slight problem.

COVID deaths and numbers are going up and have never been worse since we rolled out and forced the vaccine on most of the population.

It just doesn’t make sense.

The vaccine is supposed to save us all from getting infected from COVID.

Not working out too well.

And not to mention that more people have died from COVID in 2021 with the jabs going rampant than in 2020 without the shots.

Something just isn’t smelling right on this one.

Well one recently uncovered clip of Fauci actually being honest for once might shine light on the situation.

When asked in a live Facebook chat with Mark Zuckerberg talking about the vaccines, Fauci was asked if vaccines could make COVID worse than before vaccines were introduced into the population.

And people were in shock at how he responded.

Fauci stated, “This would not be the first time, if it happened, that a vaccine that looked good in initial safety actually made people worse.”

So if it turns out in a couple years that we were all being openly lied to and shots actually made COVID worse for us all, will Fauci have to face the music?

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