Dr. Fauci and the CDC just delivered a message to Americans no one wanted to hear


Over the past eighteen months, unelected bureaucrats have been dictating to us what we can and can’t do.

Right when you thought it might get better, these power hungry bureaucrats start demanding Americans follow more orders.

And Dr. Fauci and the CDC just delivered a message to Americans no one wanted to hear.

President Trump didn’t lose his presidential powers in January of this year.

He lost his powers when he handed the keys to the nation over to Dr. Fauci and his power-hungry goons back in March of last year.

Ever since the Coronavirus Task Force was formed by the Trump administration, the control Trump had over the situation was lost.

Dr. Fauci ran with his power to hit up every leftist Fake News Media outlet that he could find to counter the President at every move and demand that we, the people of the United States, bow to him and his orders.

Everything from forcing mom and pop shops to close down to keeping our kids out of school can be traced to Dr. Fauci and his group of chosen bureaucrats.

But his crowning jewel of tyrannical dictates was to try and force every man, woman, and child to wear a mask – both indoors and out.

And that’s after he openly admitted that there was no need to wear a mask in public.

But thankfully the coronavirus has followed every other virus in human history and started to subdue itself back in early spring.

Along with the fact that the Democrats were losing poorly in the polls among public opinion, Fauci was squeezed into taking away the mask mandates for those vaccinated.

But after letting Americans get a taste of how things used to be before masks, Dr. Fauci and the CDC are now primed to force us all to put back on the Chinese face diapers.

Just a few days ago, Dr. Fauci went on CNN to claim that forcing even the vaccinated to wear masks in public is “under active consideration.”

And now the CDC announced they are once again recommending all Americans – even those who are fully vaccinated – should wear a mask indoors.

All this is going on while COVID deaths and hospitalizations remain low.

We will all have to see how the public reacts to the new orders by our leader Dr. Fauci.