Donald Trump’s wife Melania was just attacked by this celebrity in the most disgusting and vile way possible


President Trump puts up with celebrities mercilessly attacking him on a daily basis.

But from time to time these attacks truly cross the line.

And Donald Trump’s wife Melania was just attacked by this celebrity in the most disgusting and vile way possible.

Celebrities attacking President Trump is nothing new.

Nearly every comedian has made their living making stale and repetitive jokes at the President’s expense since 2016.

Celebrities do their best to slam Trump on social media so they can appear to be the most “woke” famous figure on Instagram or Twitter.

However, normally celebrities avoid attacking the President’s family members such as their children and spouse.

That has not been the case with President Trump.

Trump’s adult children and even his young son, Barron Trump aged 14, is attacked by members of the media and Hollywood celebrities.

This time, Michael Rapaport decided to target Melania Trump in what may be the most dirty and low class attack any celebrity has launched against a Trump family member.

Rapaport called Melania Trump a “Dumb animal” and a “Dumb FCK” for her statements on how the White House was addressing the coronavirus outbreak.

Hollywood has gone into a complete meltdown mode since the coronavirus began spreading in the United States.

The White House has dedicated billions of dollars of resources to fight the virus and is attempting to pass a stimulus bill that Nancy Pelosi is holding up in Congress.

These celebrities are bashing the Trump family while their attention should be directed at Democrats in the House and Senate who are playing politics with the lives of millions of Americans.

Celebrities like Michael Rapaport would rather bash Trump’s wife and complain on social media than actually do something productive to aid the situation.

Meanwhile, some celebrities are trying to help out.  Rihanna (who is not at all a fan of President Trump), for instance, is donating $5 million to combat the virus.

Rapaport is a rich, spoiled, Hollywood elitist with nothing to offer other than his negativity and his floundering career in the entertainment industry.

What do you think? Should Michael Rapaport apologize for his statement and offer to do something productive to fight the virus?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Hey Rappafart … someday soon you’re going to get an uneasy feeling and look over your shoulder. As you look, you begin to sweat. You’ve angered millions with your big mouth. You really have nothing to fear really except for the millions that you pissed off.

  3. Apologize No, Hopefully, someone will kick the hell out of him. It would go a long way for him to
    remember, to not pick on ladies.

  4. It’s a shame that any of the Trump family has to suffer this kind of abuse. However, we have to just consider the source and realize that these liberals just have no class. And, with movie theaters being closed, maybe they are starting to panic. Personally, I would like to see every conservative supporter of President Trump quit going to the movies or watching any msm news or tv show.

  5. Who is this individual? Another washed up irrelevant legend in his own mind so called celebrity. What makes him think his misguided and rather insulting opinion has any value to the rest of the country. These so called celebrities have too much time, money and basically nothing to do of any value. In this time of great need go down to a local soup kitchen and help feed the real needy and maybe open your eyes to what is going on. But you won’t. So sad.

  6. I wonder who HOLLYWOOD is going to CALL ON when one of these VILE COMEDIANS get the coronavirus? That would be INTERESTING to watch! Maybe he can call on SLEEPY Joe or KOMRAD Bernie for help with their “Medicare for All”. Of course, would they still be ALIVE by then? How about the “death panels”? Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. They will say and do anything to suck up attention, whatever it take to get their name out there, keep in mind it’s their nature to put on a show even if it gets low rating…..

  8. You know, I didn’t like Obama at all. However, I respect the office of the President no matter who’s in it. I didn’t like Obama, nor did I vote for him. But the people spoke…so, I figured, “give the guy a chance”. The same should go for the never Trumpers. Could you imagine what he’d get done without all the resistance from the Left? He gets nothing but resistance and is STILL keeping his promises to the People. Give the guy a chance! And FAMILY is off limits!

  9. Michael, I have never heard of you but I can tell you are trash. She is class.
    I guess any publicity is better than no publicity for a no one.

  10. The celebrities are just my monkeys only meant to use their God given talents to entertain me. Otherwise, they have nothing to say about my life or what I should believe. I don’t care what they think about anything. How dare they have the audacity to attack the Commander In Chief of our armed forces that fight for their sorry asses. The First Lady is the most beautiful ever and intelligent as well. They are just jealous! I wish Jommy Kimmel would get on his private jet and go to Italy and stay with his ancestors!

  11. Never heard of him either. If my mother was still living, she would hunt him down and wash out his mouth with tons of lye soap!!! What is wrong with people? This is a pandemic that affects all of us, INCLUDING YOU MICHAEL, WHOEVER YOU ARE!!! What a waste of space he is.

  12. Say Folks: Don’t comment on these so-called “celebrities”. Every time they open their mouths, they are discrediting themselves. Write nothing, let them bring themselves down.

  13. America is a melting pot for all these vulgar
    Human beings who think because they have money or a vulgar fan base they can disrespect people of standing who are trying to make a different.
    It will be a scary day when the lights go out in their life and they stand before their creator!!!

  14. Agree with the folks who say Michael WHO??? No idea who he is or why anyone would care about his opinion–anymore than they care about mine as expressed here.

  15. Michael Rapaport you have a way with words and I hope some day I will have the pleasure of smacking your face.

  16. No, this dirty bum should not apologize. I’m going to step out of character here, and say what I believe should happen; one of the First Lady’s step sons should seek out this trash and kick his ass.

  17. He’s has come forward because he knows his career has been a at a low for a long time!!!!! Malania has never done anything to this A** for him to even attack her. Hope Karma come at you like a Thief in the night like a DARK horse. And your in a DARK place and don’t know where you are you can’t see where your going!!!!! That goes for anyone else that feels you need to attack this family that hasn’t done a FNing thing to you!!!!!!

  18. God bless the Trump family for what he has done for the American people and the abuse his family has to have put up with.
    Even if they don’t like what our President has done for the American people they should not be doing what they have to the Trump family.
    God Bless the Trump family
    I was a Democrat , switched to Independant and for a Man who has the possibility to bring our country under control for the American people

  19. I agree with Michael. Melania thinks she is all that and miss too fine.
    Her so-called bullying project does not apply to her sorry ass husband.
    She is fair game. Their son is NOT.

  20. Appears Rapabutt had a hard time getting through high school, but finally did. He has some anger issues, that he seems to not have gotten over yet, but still has the audacity to criticize our wonderful first lady!!
    He is not worth getting into a fight over, but if it ever came to it count me in. He is a low life who hasn’t figured out his best Bollywood days are way behind him…..

  21. I have no idea who M. Rapaport is and I couldn’t care less. I do, however, want to thank him for advising me about who I shouldn’t be watching, in the event it ever comes up!

  22. As far as I am concerned Rapaport does not exist. Anyone as stupid as he is needs to be shot into outerspace.

  23. I watch a reasonable amount of television and some movies, but I really don’t know who this Michael guy is.
    Just another of the sub-class species of Hollywood morons who think normal main street people actually care what they think about anything. The most amazing mystery of modern times is that these guys and gals believe that more than a few of us care about their point of view. They have much reason to be more modest about everything.

  24. Shame on this a$$hole for smearing the FLOTUS in this despicable way. Don’t even know who he is but why don’t you eff around with Obama who hasn’t done his job in 8 years! Now we have a President who loves America and does this Country Justice in difficult times!!

  25. hey art powell.what would happen if they said something about michael’de be called every name in the is off limits like you are!

  26. What’s a Michael Rappaport?
    Prior to this article I had never consciously been aware of this name.
    Sounds like just another Trump Derangement Syndrome suffering third rate looser, desperate for attention and publicity.
    Looser Fails!

  27. All these celebrities are upset because they haven’t been invited to the WH for the state dinners and such that Obama invited them to so I guess it’s payback time. Trump invites regular people. Also this POTUS is following in the steps of previous presidents when they didn’t have to be in the spotlight all the time. In all my life I never seen an administration on TV as much and as often as the past administration. Nor have I seen such hatred towards any administration as this one could it be because he can’t be bought as previous administrations.

  28. I don’t know who he is & don’t want to. He should apologize to Mrs. Trump. I’m sick & tired of the stupid rich Hollywood elitists who put on airs & seem to forget where they came from & stick their noses in the air as high as they can when it comes to relating to common people! There are a few good ethical entertainers out there but I believe most of the them have lost their way in regards to what’s important in life! I support the ethical ones but refuse to support the others with my hard earned money!! The common people who gave them the life they have & it’s the common people who can take it away!!

    Thank President & 1st Lady Mrs Trump for everything you are doing for our country!!! I believe God made you our President because He knew we needed a leader like you at this time in our lives!!! God Bless you & your family!!!!

  29. No, no apology. It would be meaningless gesture from someone who doesn’t matter at all. She is a lovely, gentle, brilliant woman. He is the best president we have ever had.

  30. First of all, I’ve never even heard of this idiot so I can’t believe he’s much of a celebrity. That word ‘celebrity’ doesn’t mean much today with real Americans as it stands for mostly brainless, classless and out of touch with reality. Can’t even remember the last time I went to a movie and don’t plan on going anytime soon. He can go back under his rock because Melania is one of the classiest, nicest, smartest women that’s ever graced the White House. Certainly a thousand percent improvement on the last one, Michael Obama.

  31. Now hear this Liberals… If that was me and you attacked my wife and family like this, I would cover up the 1st Amendment with a sheet of paper and take all of you out with the National Guard and consider you all as traitors to this country. This has to stop now before we get into a new Civil War.

  32. These morons just show how low class and ignorant they really are. Compared to the First Lady and her high class ways he is just another moronic putz.

  33. You think it’s wrong to call her names? What Re you doing to Polosi???? That’s different because she’s a democrat! What goes around comes around! I don’t think it right to attack anyone, or threaten anybody with harm!!!!! That to me is hate!! Think about it????

  34. Rappaport is a washed up cuck. He is a WIGGER. He’s white but believes he is black. He made his way in Hollywood as the token white guy in films with a mostly black cast. Look up his film career on Wikipedia or IMBD.

  35. I believe that people like this fool will be judged by our God and He will do as He said, “Vengeance is Mine I will repay” How long will our Savior put up with these people? President Trump has proven himself in so many ways and has suffered much as a result of having been a GREAT president. There will come a time when the liars on the left to include, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and all the rest will hear the words, Depart from me I never knew you. Michael Rappaport is nothing and will remain so long after the Trumps have left the office and resumed a life they deserve. Mrs. Trump is so much more than Michelle Obama could ever hope to be. She should not accept any apology from this freak and ALL AMERICANS should turn their backs on all the idiots who think they are above the really great first family.

  36. They are nuts in California living in a make believe land. Get your acts together and join in on fighting this virus. Put your money where your mouth is.

  37. Janet Hutchinson: pelosi is a chronic liar, hater, corrupt along w/her son, working hard against POTUS’ efforts to pass relief bills for ‘we, the people.’
    She’s a perfect example of a disgusting, deplorable individual.

  38. I don’t know who Rapaport is but w/ disgusting language like that against FLOTUS, he’s just shown how much of a Loser he is, & any Hollywierd celeb that agrees w/ that kind of mental retardation.

  39. Art, you and your trash idols make a good case for abortion long after birth.
    Would be great if a few hundred people were to contact Rappaport to tell him what a sexist and coward he is, unfortunately, his only contact info is through the agency he hides behind.

  40. jack, you are extremely sick. One day you will meet Jesus and He will send you where you belong along with your master satan

  41. I never heard of this idiot and I have no time for these sick vile so-called celebrities who have no concept of what decency is. They are the animals. Thank God when Jesus comes we will be free of them

  42. Mr. President Trump, you and your family, especially Melania, are great. You Mr. President, are doing so much to make this country great in every way, and the liberals, lefts, and everyone else who defies you are tearing you down. God is with you and I pray for your family every night. God Bless you and your family.

  43. I lost all respect for Michael Rapaport! He needs to shut up and he’s the dumb F#@K for making these comments about Melania! Although public figures on both sides of the aisle are fair game, their spouses and children are off-limits! Michael Rapaport should be URINATED on and I want to URINATE on Michael Rapaport!

  44. In a few years nobody will remember or know or care who Michael Rapaport is, in 50 to 100 years though, people will know who President Trump and his wife Melania were! That is the difference .

  45. So you are so little you have to open your mouth and even shrink more. I would ask you to leave the White House Family be. Gutter balls coming out of your mouth shows just how little-minded you truly are. In the future, put your brain ? in gear instead of your clappers. I happen to love our first family and I do not like the comments you have stated.

  46. @Shirley Abernathy……well said, m’lady. It’s amazing how much these Follywood snots think of themselves and their opinions. Not a single one of them are relevant to life nor would I care if COVID wiped them all out. They are replaceable in a heartbeat.

  47. I haven’t a clue who this guy is, but anyone who calls a woman who speaks 5 languages, and is as classy as Melania a dumb “F*k” needs to look at himself. Such a brilliant statement for one who dares criticizes a person of their IQ when it is obvious his is below room temperature!

  48. Hey Rapaport. The First Lady speaks five languages. How many do you speak? Probably none. You obviously have a very poor understanding and capable use of English. You need to shut your mouth.

  49. Michael Rapaport is an ABUSER — verbal abuse is just as damaging as physical abuse. Unfortunately, for his family, they receive the brunt of his dysfunctional distorted anger and bitterness. His masochistic and sadistic insults regarding women reveals his misogynistic perversions.

    Anyone who insults someone acrimoniously to feel powerful = BULLY.

    Pathetic impotency.

  50. hollywood is ticked off because the movie theaters have been shut down and put them out of business. i hope they never re-open and movie stars starve to death. people has to understand that they do nothing but act out a scene in a security guarded movie set with guns around them and never in any danger. so that makes them fakes and hard working people should spend their money on something besides a bunch of hypocrits running around in a studio with a ninth grade education with nothing but an acting degree.

  51. Art Powell, life’s a circle. Try not to be caught off guard, when one end approach es the other. President Trump 2020

  52. Michael Rapaport was right on the money with his assessment of Melania…. the illegal immigrant that married Trump for her citizenship papers.

  53. Don’t you think if she was an illegal the media & Dems would’ve ran w/ it? A story like that would be too good to pass up. But…everyone has passed it up because it’s a nothing-burger. Even after four years. Someone would’ve missed the memo & try to dig up something. So there is nothing to the story, just like the empty space between your ears.

  54. I’m from the “old school”, kill the mother f**ker! I’m tired of these AMERICAN MADE MILLIONAIRES that think they are better than the rest of US. We made them and we can break them!

  55. The Democrats are nothing more then a festering sore on our country. They are always very brave online and when they gather in groups to frighten and/or intimidate someone. Some people might be willing to put up with all the insults directed at President Trump and his family but, I’m one of millions of Patriotic Americans that will no longer put up with it! I never heard of this idiot that insulted Melania Trump but, I’m looking forward to “meeting him” (it)!

  56. Michael Rapaport and the rest of the Hollywood glamour pussies are a bunch of adolescent children attacking the First Lady without a cause. Hollywood is full of Junior High School delinquents that deserve each six months in jail suspending their careers. IF they do it again another six months for these rich kids is deserved.

  57. Another stupid celebrity that know one has ever heard of. Just unbelievably rude to say such nasty and false statements about the First Lady. I think she’s great and beautiful. One good thing about this whole virus is that we now see how unimportant celebrities like athletes and singers, and actors really are. The real celebrities are the health care workers who are out there risking their own lives every day. No one misses the professional athletes and their cancelled season. They make hundreds of millions of dollars while many doctors barely make $100,000 per year, check the statistics. When your life is on the line, like now, we all see who preforms the more valuable service to society. Who’s worth more now, LaBron or the health care workers? They are making all the sacrifice. I think everyone of these loud mouthed, grossly overpaid athletes, rock stars and actors should all donated at least a million dollars. So they’ll have one less car!! We see now that they aren’t heroes and they just need to shut!!!!!I think the doctors and nurses should be paid like athletes and actors, and the celebrities should make what doctor’s earn. What a novel idea that would be, to pay people based on the important of the service they perform to society, Really, how is it possible that we pay celebrities so much, and doctors and nurses so little? If LaBron doesn’t show up for works, who really cares, but if the health care workers, the police, and the teachers don’t show up, we all care. To all the celebrities, shut your mouth, you’re the dump ones, not Melania. And even if she was, is this really a time forf criticizing the people that actually are trying to help. I’m done, now I have to google Michael Rappaport, and see who this idiot is!

  58. I was raised by my parents that if you can’t say something nice about a person, don’t say anything. A personal attack against the President’s wife was unwarranted as she has steadfastly stayed out of the political arena. The facts are that she is an American citizen, speaks, writes, and reads 5 languages, had her own business before she met Mr. Trump, and was independently wealthy. Plus, a former model and recognized beauty. She has represented America spectacularly. I realize my comment will draw negative responses from Trumphaters, however I stand firmly behind my post.

  59. diane i couldn’t have said it better.trump is fair game but his family is off limits.some liberal posted here that it was ok because of the name calling of my question to them was show me any instance where someone called her husband or kids usual i got no reply! god bless the trump family and i for one want another 4 years!

  60. I seriously doubt if anyone has ever heard of this Rapaport fool. He has stooped to the lowest level ever – to make fun and ridicule Melania Trump. She is the President’s wife and should be accorded respect commensurate with her position. This fool spewing garbage is a no-nothing Hollywood type who seem to feel that anyone gives a fat rat’s damn about anything that comes out of their mouths. Leave President Trump’s wife and young child out of your vicious diatribe. You are an idiot, plain and simple. Go back to the cave you crawled out of. Maybe if you examined your reason for spewing this garbage, you would realize that you are a nothing. who has the intelligence of a dead rat!!!

  61. Rappofart is just pissed because Epstein is in prison and rappafart is out of work because he can’t service epsteins “joint” which is why rappafart has that enormous “zit” on his mouth. His mother must be very proud of the ‘fart’ she birthed. Spelling incorrect, but no matter, message sent!

  62. HCB…YOU are a sick LIAR!!!! Melania came here LEGALLY!!!!! Why do you bother to come here? You have no concept of Christians or conservatives. Your hate and lies are of your master satan. We know the truth that you deny. Read the Bible an find God’s great love for you. YOU have the choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or statan to Hell. It is clear that you have chosen satan

  63. How sad and truly disgusting ! More proof of who Hollywood Losers are! This garbage man is obviously truly a celebrity in his own mind! And a no talent loser who thinks his filthy mouth and depraved mind afford him the privilege of showing his idiocy:( by attacking someone who is truly brilliant, beautiful , kind, well educated. A true representative of a REAL FIRST LADY..which by the way on a side note … the past ones such as Killary and Michael were disgusting with NO class… and stealing from the White House when they left it:) we are proud of you Melania and pray for you and your family. So sorry all of you have to endure this abuse! It is horrible ! AND unfortunately it shows the truth about the scum in America who are following their filthy hearts to HELL!!! Sodom and Gomorrah ! Had nothing on America! God help us! If the church ( real church) not luke warm one does not REPENT HE is coming for His Bride! Revelation 22:20 🙏🙏🙏

  64. They have all this money why don’t they help? Some have helped and I thank them but if others have maybe we might see a cure or have more items for the hospitals. Do they understand that people are losing their jobs, that business owners are losing their life work. That older people are dying so younger people can live. Our world is falling apart while you sit on your gold toilets. You can go on tv and bash Trump and his family take a look in the mirror at your perfect selves. I just don’t understand.

  65. Truly vile and disgusting comment by a truly vile and disgusting excuse of a human named rapaport.

  66. Who in the hell is this ass hole !!! our first lady is highly educated, beautiful first class lady and successful business mind. I would like to see how well he will fair he would do against an IQ test with the first lady. it would he not be and her league.

  67. Never heard of this nitwit! What the H%×%€ is wrong with people? So much hate and bullies in this world! Shameful! I see and hear of many doing good deeds for others and so many out of work. I pray for special blessings for the angels doing good. Guess we must pray for the evil, but sure is hard to do. 😥

  68. Can you imagine what would have happened if anyone would have said this same thing about Mike Obama the first Transvestite First Lady? That person would have been hung in the middle of Sunset and Vine for being every kind of phobic imaginable.

  69. Who cares what Hollywood thinks. They are not in touch with the average American and don’t even realize it. Hollywood is entertainment that can be turned on and off as we see fit. I never heard of this want-a-be but everyone knows who the classy First Lady is.

  70. Yes, but people like this do not have the capacity to understand their rage. Moreover, it is unbelievable to me that any decent, kind and loving parent could ever have raised such an unconscionable, heartless and vindictive offspring; who is merely depraved and deplorable, to say the least! Sadly, this elitist person did not have that aforementioned kind of parent or parents. And, as an adult, merely mirrors the damaging child abuse experienced and learned while growing up from a once beautiful and innocent baby. Voila!


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