Donald Trump was stunned when these schools announced this bathroom policy change


So-called liberal “progressives” are trying to implement their sick LGBT fantasies in public schools.

Their goal is to indoctrinate children from a young age into their far-Left camp so they can push the needle further and further for years to come.

But this one school district left everyone shocked with this major policy change you’d never expect.

All across the country, schools are opening bathroom doors to allow students to use whatever bathroom they want – regardless of their true gender.

But the Eastern Lancaster County School District in Pennsylvania has something else in mind.

Their school board recently passed a new policy that forces all students to use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex.

They also announced all gendered bathrooms and locker rooms will be replaced with a single user option for their private school facilities instead of allowing a free-for-all like LGBT activists demand.

The Christian Post writes:

According to The York Daily Record, the school district with over 3,000 students has dealt with complaints over the last several months after the school board previously allowed a transgender student at Garden Spot High School access to sex-segregated facilities on the basis of the student’s perceived gender identity.

A solution was passed at a board meeting Monday night in which the school district plans to get rid of gendered locker rooms in high schools and replace them with private, single-user, gender-neutral shower and changing stalls that all students can use.

But since the renovation of the locker rooms is expected to cost upwards of $1 million and take time to construct, the school board passed a short-term addendum suggesting that students should, for the time being, use facilities that correspond with their biological sex.

“While the renovation plan for the facilities is being reviewed and executed, we recommend that where ever we cannot provide private single user facilities when changing or using the bathroom facilities, the students are to use the facilities based on their biological sex,” the addendum reads.

This is in stark contrast to the way we’ve seen school districts kowtow to the LGBT activists’ demands.

But the renovations – brought on by radical LGBT activists pushing absurd bathroom rules – will now cost upwards of one million dollars.

That is seemingly the only way they can ensure the safety of their students and shut up the LGBT Lobby.

Letting anyone regardless of their biological sex to use any bathroom they “feel like” has only led to serious issues.

Female students as young as five years old have been attacked in what was supposed to be the safety of their own bathroom.

And the Leftist “progressives” are trying to cover it up as just “rare” or “fake news” all together.

This is why Donald Trump was praised when he announced his efforts to change the definition of gender under Title IX to be “a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

Americans don’t want to worry about their daughter being attacked in a Target bathroom, or her own school locker room.

But the Leftist LGBT activists just don’t understand that.

And by pushing the envelope, they are only pushing more people into President Trump’s corner for another win in 2020.

Do you think schools should have bathrooms that are open for anyone to use?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  3. Anyone who can’t get the true differences that one squats while the other stands or that the biological differences are reality need to find their own fantasy world and stop invading the real world! LGBT is not normal, moral or scientific by any means. The real beauty is the true differences of male and female. These demoniac’s only venture to destroy!

  4. Anyone that truly cares about their children should send them to private school or home school them. A few years ago you could still get away with sending your child a public school but the left has reached so far now into our schools that it’s no longer safe to leave your children in that environment.

  5. Catering to Gender Identity Disorder is irresponsible both to the people with it and without it. We don’t accommodate schizophrenic delusions, why are we accommodating these?

  6. but they are not abandoning the left…only DELAYING it….and at a cost of a million dollars…If I lived in that LGBT school district, or any others friendly to these freaks, I would be demanding a total refund of my school district taxes.

  7. I think the need for privacy in where we go to the damn bathroom is important. Pretty soon these libtards will want fully open bathrooms with no stalls and no dividers so every perv can gawk at who or whatever they desire while the poor normal kids are exposed to this rubbish. DNA does not lie! Chromosomes dictate your sex as much as years dictate your age! Get a clue!!!!

  8. They almost were for many years threw out our history . Now we are supposed to accept them as fellow human beings . But they don’t seem to be easily satisfied . Now days the perverts want to be glorified as something special with their gay pride parades .

  9. This is another example of why I gave up Target years ago. They were the first to start the “gender neutral” clothing and then the “gender neutral” bathrooms so I say that IF a man decides that day that he identifies hisself as a female whilst I’m in the ladies room he certainly will walk out as one!

  10. If school boards want to make up their own rules, let them do so without the help of the federal money. If they get state money to advance this school board’s agenda, let that state do without federal money in this area. What if a kid comes to school saying he/she is a monkey, or a Bigfoot? Are you going to allow this child to be whatever this child wants to be, you pompous asses??? How stupid are you all going to get? It is a simple test to see what a gender truly is! If there is anything “swinging” that was God given, IT’S A BOY! Just like the day that child was born!! If there is “nothing swinging”, IT’S A GIRL! Just like the day she was born!! I have a very strong feeling that home schooling is going to be a very popular form of education just to keep our children out of these indoctrination centers that we call schools. How the masses can be ignored to advance a minority is far beyond comprehension!

  11. Why in the world are we giving in to these freaking perverts? They are nothing but a minority to begin with. Why isn’t there a vote on this by the parents at least? Again why are we caving to a few sick individuals? It’s proven that it is a sickness.

  12. No, bathrooms should be left alone. Girls for girls, and boys for boys. That is the way God would want it…

  13. Romandelta…ever notice that every government representative and every “Fourth Estate” commentator refer to we drones as “The American People”, seemingly excluding themselves from our class of citizen?

    I have never heard one of them include his/her self by referring to our group as “WE, the American People”. I think they know (what they don’t want us to realize) that they are deemed a social class that is above us? Makes sense…we pay up to support them in vocational positions that afford them far better salaries, wages, working conditions, benefits and retirement pensions and benefits than we are afforded in the private sector.

    So Romandelta…we are not going to change anything without PHYSICALLY grabbing the bull by the horns are forcing him to the ground. Who is ready to organize such a coup and how do we promulgate it throughout those American Patriots sharing our ideology???

  14. Andy Jacot……Be careful son your getting close to the red line! If you’re a faggot, then you sir are an abomination to nature…. Now come after me and let the women alone !!!!!

  15. Human females are FEMALE. Human males are MALE.
    Regardless of how one feels about themselves, reality is reality. We’re discussing using the restroom! Use the restroom appropriate for your biological gender!!!

  16. We are witnessing the beginning of the collapsing of America. Just like the fall of the Roman Empire, America will also fall but for different reasons and not just the insignificant LGBT movement. It will fall due to Muslim invasions unless we stop it.

  17. I have been saying, if something dangles between the legs. IT’S A BOY!!! WITHOUT THE DANGLE IT’S A GIRL! Where I volunteer they now have one separate restroom “family”. I see it as where the “trans” can use it and not endanger the women. We need to take back our good family values. I am seeing more and more homeschooling now. Safety for the children.

  18. Andy: It is “more stupid”, not “stupider” – I guess we know which one you are. LGBTQ ARE sick, they truly need psycological help badly. They certainly are not Christian and they do not make God happy.

  19. Andy: It is “more stupid”, not “stupider” – I guess we know which one you are. LGBTQ ARE sick, they truly need psycological help badly.

  20. I gave up Target when they expelled the bell ringers at Christmas, but if I hadn’t then, I sure would now

  21. No! When my daughter graduated in 2016. The lesibians & gays of that school didn’t want that. So why force the issue. This is crazy. My daughter told them straight up what she believed. They respected her for it. She wasn’t mean to them either. I taught her well. She would talk to them. It is their business what they do. You can only tell them what is right. But it up to the person to make their own decisions. Train up your child. By the way it’s in the Bible. I don’t have time to look it up because my battery is going dead.

  22. I agree. No child should have to be subjected to having a gayrod boy dressed as a girl to go into the girls bathroom. All parents with children in school no matter how old they are to pull them out of school. Its totally disgusting.

  23. We the people should have final say in these affairs but it all happens without our consent. Why? Now we have states (democrat) that don’t want trumps name on the voting ticket!!! WTF? Why can’t we have what we the majority want. We don’t have control of anything anymore.

  24. I think the world is going to hell and back. Let’s get back to teaching our kids what is moral and respect for others. Small children do not need to be exposed to things they are too young to understand. I’m glad my parents didn’t discuss adult language around us when we were going up. Thank you Mom and Dad for protecting me from things I would have only had to worry about. Instead I had fun growing up and using a bathroom just for girls.


  26. Sarah is on the money. All of that perversion is mental illness, and it’s not being treated it’s being tolerated, a the expense of the health of the nation.

  27. It’s hard for you to understand, even a Special Needs person knows which sex they are attracted to. I have a cousin with Downs Syndrome and he knows which sex he is attracted to. So, dont tell me you are born this way. It is a choice.

  28. Amen… Think… If an uber horny 15 year old wants to enjoy a teen girl, this is Utopia! See where she pees! If the girls want to see what is hanging low, Wow! watch the urinal… Is this safe? I do not think so. If a boy wants to squat and pee, go find a rat hole and who wants to see a girl pee standing? Absurd. France has genderless toilets in the train stations BUT each is a 100% private stall. That is okay except old France with the bomb sight toilets. Ever hear of the Water Closets?

  29. Put “BOYS” on one and “GIRLS” on the other. Biology should determine who uses which bathroom. Anyone who is “offended” by using their designated bathroom can change schools. They could go to a school where they might get help for their mental problems.

    This school board seems to be trying, but they’re planning to spend a whole bunch of public money to avoid facing the issue. They’re willing to waste a lot of bucks so they won’t have to knuckle under to absurd outside pressure that does not reflect the desires of the majority of parents in their schools. Some guts on the school board would also be a big help.

  30. OBAMA and his administration NEVER gave A Rat’s Rear-End about Bathroom Gender Issues???? What they were and ARE LOOKING FOR is ways to SPEND TAX PAYER DOLLARS! And Wooo-LA! Here goes a (1) Million out the window. See what you have done here folks? …. Except they have raised their sites with the GREEN NEW DEAL … Another Genus way to SPEND MONEY! Please pull the blinders off people.

  31. It’s proven these transgenders have mental issues. So no one should allow them into girls bathrooms in school. It’s sick and these schools can’t allow that. We are not spending our American taxes on these people to have separate bathrooms.

  32. It’s not only being tolerated but it is being pushed and promoted on normal families and it has been slowly (pardon the choice of words) shoved down our throats and up our asses that it HAS TO BE ACCEPTED as normal! When two men or two women can be put on a desert island and come back with a baby they created naturally then I will accept it, not before!

  33. Good for that school district! I’m in my mid 90’s but can remember when I was school age. Boys, at least teenagers, are little more than hormones with feet. Putting them all in the same rest rooms is just asking for trouble. Rape and no telling what else. With the total lack of morals we now see, our society is going to hell.

  34. At one time, I didn’t pay much attention to the LGBTQRST or whatever it is issue. I was to busy working, paying bills, raising a family and paying my taxes. When they started pushing their sick lifestyle down my throat is when I took notice. What about my right to be left alone and believe what I want without being labeled a hillbilly, redneck, bible thumping, conservative suffering from homophobia? Doesn’t my daughter have a right, as a female, to shower at her high school without the fear of some “sicko” male that is so delusional that he doesn’t know what gender he is stepping in the shower with her? I always adhered to the motto “live and let live” but the more these perverts march, demand this and that, call me derogatory names because I disagree with them and want to push their sick lifestyle down my throat, the more I will resist them.

  35. I don’t care what you identify as but if you have boy equipment, use the boys bathroom. If you have girl equipment, use the girls bathroom.
    Kudos to the school for standing up for the children and not special interest groups.

  36. If the boy has gone through the whole thing and has boobs and a female organ down stairs and is truly now a female then it’s ok. But if the male has not gone through with all of the above changes—HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Even the sickest moron among them should be able to see that the millions that it would cost to make these changes would serve a much better purpose if spent on professional teachers and books

  38. It is a part of growing up, we all grew up using locker rooms with other students of the same biological gender! It’s apart of social learning! This lgbtxyz BS needs to be outlawed in civilized Countries, give these weirdos an island to live on like they gave the lepers of days gone by! Decent people should not be forced to live with or interact with the socially immoral! If you want to live with those who would rape and abuse your children that’s your right but you cannot force this sickness on others! You cannot force us to pay for thier ill wants or perceived needs, that is thier responsibility!

  39. Andy is an identity crisis! He can cross paths with me if he dare but he wont cross anymore after that! You do not disrespect a woman or man making a sensible statement just to show how stupider you are!

  40. What is hilarious is change your body, your makeup, but you die whatever sex you were born into,,,,dna does not change….cackle cackle cackle to the idiotic imbeciles that do not believe otherwise


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