Donald Trump just slammed Oprah Winfrey in a way she never saw coming


Donald Trump finally called out Oprah Winfrey over her absurd level of hypocrisy.

It might be one of Donald Trump’s finest moments on the campaign trail.

And what he said will make you cry laughing.

Since Donald Trump ran for President, Oprah Winfrey has done everything she can to distance herself from him.

She has attacked him, supported Democrat opponents, and used her influence to be a thorn in Trump’s side.

Trump finally got sick of it and fired back.

The President told a crowd in Minnesota that Oprah used to praise him frequently for his success in the business world and that they used to be friends.

Then he proceeded to joke that she used to visit Mar-a-Lago and frequently order the key lime pie which made the crowd erupt in laughter.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump on Friday recalled the time when Oprah Winfrey liked him before he was elected president.

“Oprah used to be a really big friend of mine, she used to go to Mar-a-Lago, a place I have in Palm Beach,” Trump recalled during his rally in Louisiana on Friday night.

“She loved Mar-a-Lago, she loved the key lime pie,” as the crowd chuckled. Trump added, “No, so do I. She loved the key lime pie.”

“She used to go. She loved me until I decided to run for office,”

Trump recalled that Winfrey and former President Barack Obama campaigned for Stacy Abrams in the state of Georgia, but that she still lost to Brian Kemp in the race for governor.

Prior to being President, Trump frequently praised Oprah as an entrepreneur and a successful television host.

Donald Trump was right to call out Oprah Winfrey.

She was once a friend of Donald Trump until he decided to run against Hillary Clinton.

Either her friendship was fake and she used Trump to advance her career, or she’s willing to betray her friends if they don’t agree with her politically.

Oprah Winfrey owes her fans an explanation why she radically changed her mind about Donald Trump.

And Oprah’s fans ought to reconsider why they lend her so much support.

Do you think Trump should call out fake friends like Oprah?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. And Trump used to be good friends with Hillary Clinton. So what? People’s views change and people’s friends change. People grow and change. This is human nature, not a conspiracy.

  3. Oprah is an old crack whore, i’m not slamming her just ask her. She used to do sex tricks for money so consider whatever she says like it’s coming from a crack whore.
    In fact she got caught at the airport trying to smuggle 250 pounds of crack under her dress. That’s a lot of crack. Just saying

  4. OPRAH . . . what a H Y P O C R I T E. Not a FRIEND at all – NOT someone who “has your back” except to stick a KNIFE in it. She is disgraceful. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  5. She has a school for girls somewhere in africa. Oprah, what about the girls that live in America? They also need you. You only care about the foreigners . So you feel magnanimous.

  6. Oprah is a hypocrite of the highest order!! Her tv show was biased to the max as was her O magazine! When she backed Obama over Hillary years ago, she lost a lot of viewers and subscribers! She lives in a glass house.
    And she plays the race card every time she opens her vile lying mouth!
    A lot of her family history is a fabrication of her vile imagination. Just my humble opine!! She has been very successful one cannot deny, but she is still an obnoxious lying progressive hypocrite!
    Trump,2020. Our only hope!
    Protect and save America!

  7. I am SOOOOOO SICK and TIRED of people stabbing Donald Trump all the time!!!! He has done MORE in 2 1/2 years than Obama did in 8 years. He does not even take his President Salary–he gives to the Military and to the Needy. What other President has ever done that?? I voted for him the first time and will vote for him again. So he best not be deleted in the Presidents Run in the next election!!!!M

  8. She is obsessed with herself with an ego so big she has to let everyone know how important she is with money power. Just look at her home….and very quick to criticize anyone that does not fit into her framework of beliefs……She needs help,……she will never get the kind of help she needs until something very tragic happens to her that is out of her control that money can’t buy. Then,..again it still maybe to late.

  9. Of course she betrayed him. Thats what liberals do when their “friends” don’t agree with them politically. I ran into someone I know and after a little small talk, he asked me who I voted for. When I said Trump the disgusted expression on his face and the tone of the conversation immediately took a nosedive. Seeing this, I excused myself and and walked away. I haven’t seen him since and if I do, I doubt that he will talk to me at all based on his opinion of Trump and what he now thinks of me.

  10. Guess she forgot how she was put out of the White House by Valerie Jarrett one of the slimes running the place

  11. Kacy you know dam well she was bringing girls to Weinstein, Oprah was always a racist POS. I never gave her my ratings

  12. Oprah belonged to Wright’s church just like Obama did. She only quit because she thought it would affect her career. Not because Wright was a scum bag racist.

  13. She owes that fame to her Jewish writers. It was really the Jews that put her there. Look it up, the funny thing is that she is now with Omar against Israel

  14. Call her out like the Hypocrite she is! We still blame her for endorsing Obama and didn’t she call him a Savior?? This woman could not do enough to make us respect her ever again. She has gotten super rich on the backs of the American people but we are not buying what she is selling!!

  15. Trump has made a whole hell of a lot more money off the American taxpayer than his mere $400,000 presidential salary since he became president. He has made millions from his hotels, golf courses and resorts that visiting foreign dignitaries are all but forced to patronize. Every time he goes golfing he makes money, while costing the government more than his $400,000 annual salary. He sent Pence to Ireland where he and a sizable entourage stayed at a Trump property all the way across the country from where they conducted their business. Again, this cost the American taxpayer more than Trump’s annual salary and put a sizable chunk of it in his wallet.
    I don’t know what it is that he gave to the military, but I would like to have seen him not dodge the draft and serve in the military.

  16. You are behind believe. Because the truth bothers you you call it lies. Do you also feel that the Sun rotates around the earth?? Before Trump we never had people note disgusting crap lie what is noted here

  17. You are behond believe. Because the truth bothers you you call it lies. Do you also feel that the Sun rotates around the earth?? Before Trump we never had people note disgusting crap lie what is noted here

  18. Duke Steele: I am sorry you experienced that with one of your friends. But this seems to be the norm for any of us that believe in Trump and what he stands for. And this is a shame. People are judging Trump on his flamboyant personality and his past. Not what he is trying to do for our country. This hostile climate can only be blamed on the Democratic party for which their blind followers can not see past. They hate our president, unjustly.
    When Obama was elected and we began to see the hatred he and his wife had for our great country, and the damage they had done, no one dared to speak up. If you did, you were called a racist. Because of all the PC nonsense, we can’t even speak the truth, without being labeled. But there is also double standard now, thanks to the DNC. It’s fair game to verbally abuse our president and his family, openly!
    I know what the Democratic party stands for and I’ll be damn if I’ll support any of them…..Just vote for what you believe is right. Not how others will view you….

  19. Linda M. BRAVO and Thank You!!! It’s such a shame our country has been dragged down so far because of the Leftists and their constant harassment of President Trump.
    I can only hope we will be able to recover from their madness.

  20. She supported Obama because he was a black democrat. She could have supported Herman Cain who was a republican black man. People only support her and Barack because they expect free stuff. She has a big heart and some brains, but her judgement needs questioning.

  21. You realize, of course , that President Trump donates his entire salary to various government and while he is President does not receive any benefit from his companies ?

  22. Who cares, anybody that just follows what Opra does should know that all she cares about is selling books and keeping her followers happy to make more money. Maybe she found the fountain of youth, so she can spend her millions and live another 100 years. Who knows and who cares.

  23. Oprah bought into Weight Watchers and changed the name to WW. She lost some weight then put it back on and is now a spokeswoman for them. She sure isn’t a showcase for them.

  24. Sean South: Do you honestly believe that Trump doesn’t receive any money from anywhere while he is the president?

  25. WOW! That TDS makes you rant and rave like an obedient Liberal snowflake! You read the truth and then pull your little meltdown. Why not use your real name? Because you don’t want the people that know you to see what a traitor POS YOU are?

  26. Paul Aldredge: If this smear campaign is true, then why is she only suing Harvey and not Oprah and Naomi as well? Why is no one else backing up this rumor? But yes, let’s blame a black woman for a white man’s crime.

    Also, page six is a celebrity gossip site. That should say it all.

  27. Paul Aldredge: You need to slow your roll. I only asked a question about whether Trump makes any money at all from anywhere while he is a president. And it is YOU who is full of it.

    Yes, Trump does make money while being president.

    As president, Trump once again made money like a king in 2018, claiming nearly $434 million in income, according to a report released by the White House on Thursday. Here are some notable numbers from the report:

    The president brought in $75.9 million from his Doral Golf Course in Florida, according to a CNN report.

    He raked in $40.8 million from his Trump International Hotel located in Washington, D.C., during 2018, only two years after it opened. Though lawsuits that sprung up in Maryland and Washington, D.C., claimed the hotel violated the Emoluments Clause, a provision of the Constitution that prohibits those holding federal office from receiving gifts or payments from foreign governments, the hotel remains a popular gathering spot for government leaders, both foreign and domestic.

    Trump Restaurants LLC earned roughly $4.3 million in 2018, which is up about a half-million dollars from 2017.

    Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida made $22.7 million in 2018, but that’s down from the $25.1 million it made in the previous year.

    The president received a modest $90,000 a year pension from the Screen Actors Guild—up from last year—and also received slightly more than $8,700 in residuals from the American Federation of Television and Radio artists pension, also up from last year.

    The president has more than $250,000 holdings in gold, and he made about $1 million in interest earnings from Capital One checking and savings accounts.

    So why wouldn’t he give his presidential salary to charity and make his supporters think that he is making a sacrifice? Plus, he can claim charity on his taxes. So he is still making money off his salary.

  28. Traitor Trump Trumps IQ is way over 166 and I would bet yours is still 67 so you’re none too bright TRUMP 2020

  29. I couldn’t read beyond the halfway point of these comments. What President Trump said about Oprah is funny. What most of you wrote is just nasty. Frankly, I suspect Oprah is just popular with women mostly and they are left leaning anyway. Nobody that matters really cares about Oprah. But please, lets be civil in our responses.

  30. Personally I don’t think President Trump should even bother mentioning her at this point. I don’t think he should bother mentioning anyone that he is not currently dealing with in the Political Arena, good or bad. The President need not fight with ANY of these people as he now has literally MILLIONS of Americans supporting him fully. There is nothing his enemies can say or do that will blind his loyal supporters to the truth. The President knows that there is no such thing as “bad publicity” so why give her any at all.

  31. Thank you for raising such an excellent point, Kaci Stahl! Donald Trump seems to have befriended the Clintons sometime around the time of the United States’ military invasion of Iraq, perhaps not realizing that Hillary Clinton would turn out to be just as much of a neocon (“warmonger”) as George W. Bush and John McCain, since for instance, she deeply desires to overthrow Vladimir Putin and will risk global war to do it. Trump had even switched from the Republican Party voter registration to the Democratic Party voter registration around that time. When it came time for him to run for President of the United States, he had to join the Republican Party, since his views on illegal immigration and national pride are totally incompatible with those of the Democratic National Committee.

  32. Oprah Winfrey is playing to her audience in the only way possible. If she did not disparage Trump, Hollywood would excoriate her brutally. My personal view is that Hollywood creatives buy into the pie-in-the-sky view of a perfect world propounded by Marx, Lenin, & Co. that fails to consider the realities of real people in the world. Their “perfect world” ends up as not perfect at all, as shown in Russia, China, Venezuela and other places. The Hollywood cabal is also driven by international money that wants to beat taxes and regulations by working different countries against each other. Trump is taking America away from the paradigm of internationalism and returning to the basic American nationalism and values that allowed this country to grow and prosper so well. Thank you, President Trump!

  33. I doubt that anything Oprah is supposed to have given away on her show was actually paid for by her. Most of the time those cars and what not were donated by a car dealership for Oprah’s show. Her people just got in touch with the dealerships and requested that they give the cars to her show.
    Just he same way that Sheila Jackson Lee gives air conditioners to the poor people in Houston during the heat of summer. She acts like she paid for the AC units. But they were donated by the different stores who sell them. Ms. Lee only does this to get her face on the news. What they do not talk about is, “Who is going to pay the higher electricity bills for these people?”. Sheila Jackson Lee is not going to open her check book each month and pay the much higher electricity bill for them. Most likely those same recipients of the new AC units sell them so they can buy food for themselves. Which I do not blame them one bit. An AC unit may keep them cool for a while, but it will not but food on the table.

  34. I had to post this for my husband, because these people want let his post be seen, he was wanting to know who left the zoo cage door open.

  35. And how many Millions did Michelle Obama spend flitting all over the world with a large entourage? Staying at a property you built and own is a lot less than staying at a hotel. And, those people had a choice to go elsewhere if desired.
    Friends may change and go but it is not right to attack for no reason other than you disagree on politics.
    AND, STOP with the Racial and other negative adjectives BS.

  36. So, you expect him to NOT continue to profit from businesses he built? Why have you and all other ‘Rats not questioned the profiting of Vern Buchanan, Claire McCaskill, Nancy Pelosi, James Renacci, Dave Trott, Roger Williams, and others? Oh. that’s right, they’re all off-limits.

    You can’t seem to recognize the damage and waste of your party. Nor can you see the good, despite the Dems, Trump has done. Your party is simply out to destroy this POTUS and his deplorable followers. Democrat followers are too blinded by the lies from the Hill and MSM. Do some research before spewing nonsense. Lazy Hypocrites!

  37. Underdog: Vern Buchanan, Jim Renacci, Dave Trott are all republicans, two are no longer in office.

    I never said Trump couldn’t make money while being president. I simply stated that just because Trump isn’t taking any money from being president, doesn’t mean that he isn’t still making money. Point you, yourself, proved.

    Please point out what good Trump has actually done for this country.

  38. That is what has bothered me about Oprah for years. She states that she owes Chicago much. Unfortunately, I don’t think she has done a thing for the poor girls in that area. They could have definitely used a hand up. That is why I haven’t supported her for years. To me it is hypocrisy.

  39. Kaci, Oprah paid the sales tax and registration. She didn’t even pay the gift tax which was as much as $7,000 for some audience members. The cars themselves were paid for by Pontiac, and were valued at about $7.7 million.

  40. Yeah, dear sweet Oprah, remember when she said “all old white people should die”? In her TV shows, she got all the “women” on her side, making them think she “loved” them and after the TV shows went down, she abruptly turned against them. A double minded woman who became a multi-millionaire due to their adoration of her, became obvious to her con game, just wanted the money they brought to her. What a big, fat, slob of an African American to become such a liar of her intentions to her race and “all old white” Americans. You deserve whatever you get, Oprah! And that’s nothing from true American patriots.

  41. Oprah is a over rated TV host and for anyone to support toothless less Stacy Abrams is clearly a joke nothing less, Abrams still today has NOT accepted defeat and believes she is the Governor of Georgia, owes spell man students loans and want to be Governor , lol to funny to me Oprah needs to grab a salad NOT key lime Pie,

  42. Nothing but a pipe-dream. The deep state and crooked Dems will ALL be exposed soon and people will realize the real criminals have been the Dems all along. You all reek of the most degrading corruption known to mankind.

  43. He was never good friends with killery they loved trump when it came to needing his money and endorsement when they ran for president Such as Romney, Clinton, McCain And now because there sore losers want to try to convince us he’s a bad president cuz he did what they couldn’t which is won on his first time ever running and how many times have the others ran and lost makes them really sore losers and thank god he won cuz we would of never known just how bad and corrupted the politicians are and what’s been going on under our noises of our elected officials

  44. He was never good friends with killery they loved trump when it came to needing his money and endorsement when they ran for president Such as Romney, Clinton, McCain And now because there sore losers want to try to convince us he’s a bad president cuz he did what they couldn’t which is won on his first time ever running and how many times have the others ran and lost makes them really sore losers and thank god he won cuz we would of never known just how bad and corrupted the politicians are and what’s been going on under our noises of our elected officials. This isn’t posting it says I have already posted this which is a lie I have never responded prior

  45. So what all of his hotels etc are now ran by the children is he not entitled to make money that’s why he’s a business man don’t get mad because he knows how to deal with people and make money that is what America is about

  46. Brooki: You have been lied to.
    The night before the November 2016 election, Jimmy Kimmel showed clips in which Trump praised Clinton. The late-night host used the footage to create a mock campaign ad in which Trump endorsed Clinton.

    In a 2012 interview with Fox News, Trump called Clinton a “terrific woman” and spoke highly of her work as secretary of state. When asked if he supported her, Trump said, “I don’t want to get into this because I’ll get myself in trouble.” He went on to say, “I just like her. I like her and I like her husband.”

  47. Brooki: Get your panties untwisted. I never said it was a bad thing that Trump was making money while being president. I clearly stated that Trump may not be receiving presidential money, but he is still making money as president.

  48. When George W. Bush was President of the United States, Donald Trump probably liked Hillary Clinton more than he liked Bush. It was around such a time that he switched his voter registration from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party, before deciding to run for President on the Republican Party ticket, after John McCain’s failure to defeat Barack Obama. That is the thing, though: Trump is similar to some 20% of the voting United States citizenry, who do not like either of the two major political parties. There is no telling where United States citizens who never bother to vote stand. A whole lot of Americans believe that the campaigning systems and voting systems are rigged, and some of these people are prepared to resort to violence if pushed any further.

  49. Culper Ring: Donald Trump maintained a friendly relationship with the Clintons. A series of documents made public by the William J. Clinton Presidential Library back in April paints a chummy portrait between Trump and the Clintons, and Clinton Foundation records indicate that since 2009, Trump and his daughter Ivanka have donated a combined total of over $105,000 to the Foundation.

    1999 – Bill Clinton appoints Maryanne Trump Barry (Trump’s sister) to be a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. The appointment is to replace Judge H. Lee Sarokin, who had retired in 1996.

    2000 – Jared Kushner (Donald’s son-in-law; Ivanka’s husband) contributes $1,000 to the Hillary Rodham Clinton for US Senate campaign.

    2000 – Bill and Hillary Clinton Clinton meet with Trump in New York at Trump Tower for a real estate “photo opportunity.”

    2002 – Donald Trump donates $1,000 to Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate campaign.

    2003 – Jared Kushner contributes $2,000 to Friends of Hillary.

    2005 – The Trump Organization contributes $1,000 to Friends of Hillary; Donald Trump donates $2,900 to Hillary Clinton’s re-election campaign for US Senate.

    2005 – Bill and Hillary Clinton attend Donald Trump and Melania Knauss’ wedding.

    2006 – Donald Trump contributes $1,000 to Hillary Clinton’s re-election campaign for US Senate and $200 to Friends of Hillary; Trump Enterprises contributes $2,100 to Friends of Hillary.

    2006 – Ivanka Trump contributes $2,300 to Hillary Clinton for President campaign fund.

    2007 – Trump Enterprises contributes $4,000 to Hillary Clinton for President campaign fund; Donald Trump donates $1,000 to Hillary Clinton’s re-election campaign for US Senate.

    2008 – Bill Clinton and Donald Trump golf together at Joe Torre’s charity event, the Safe at Home Foundation Golf Classic at Trump National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor, New York.

    2008 – Chelsea Clinton and Jared Kushner attend the annual New York Gala for American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (Kushner is a co-chair of the organization).

    2009 – the Donald J. Trump Foundation donates $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

    2010 – Trump’s foundation, a registered 501(c) group, gave another $10,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

    2015 – Chelsea Clinton praises her friend Ivanka Trump in a feature interview for Vogue.

  50. Thanks, Kaci Stahl. That’s all very interesting. Nobody asked for the extra information, but absolutely thank you. It just goes to show how awkward politics can be at times.

  51. I would say she used him to get ahead. She did that to many white people(or folk, as she and the Obama’s like to call white people), including the white audiences that made her who she is today. All the while she was a BLM racist hiding and pretending in order to grab all the money she could get her hands on. I detest her!!


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