Donald Trump just made one move that had the Abortion Lobby foaming at the mouth


President Trump has been taking the Abortion Lobby head-on with direct attacks on their bloody business.

From defunding Planned Parenthood of millions of dollars of Title IX funds to approving dozens of pro-life judges, the President is making it clear he’s standing up for the unborn.

But President Trump’s latest move could drive a stake through the heart of Planned Parenthood.

The movie “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” is about the infamous abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

Blackballed by leftists in Hollywood, Gosnell is the largest crowdfunded movie in history.

The movie exposes the horrors of the abortion industry, and how it inevitably leads to murderers like Kermit Gosnell.

And recently, the Trump administration announced that it would be screening the powerful pro-life movie at the White House.

This is the first political movie to be screened in the Trump White House.

Leftists are losing their minds that the President has chosen to screen it.

The Washington Examiner reports:

In his latest sign of support for the pro-life movement, the White House is planning to show the movie about Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, dubbed “America’s biggest serial killer.”

“Gosnell,” the biggest-ever crowdfunded movie, is set to be screened Friday, according to the producers of the PG-13 movie about Gosnell’s X-rated practice.

“It’s sending a very powerful message,” said a note from the team behind the book and movie about the abortionist convicted of murdering three infants born alive during botched abortions and convicted to serve life in prison.

Word about the screening has swept through the pro-life movement, and supporters are going on Twitter to thank Trump.

President Trump’s decision to show a pro-life movie is already angering pro-abortion leftists all across the media.

Vanity Fair took their shot, saying “White House Reportedly Hosting Screening of Controversial Anti-Abortion Film” and arguing “The movie, Gosnell, includes graphic depictions of abortion.”

And the supposedly “completely unbiased” Slate Magazine put out an article with a headline that reads “The White House Is Hosting a Screening of the Gory Anti-Abortion Film Gosnell.”

The reality is, abortion is murder. And murder tends to be graphic.

So if the Left is disturbed by what happens in the film, maybe they should stop supporting the murder of babies through abortion in real life.

But they won’t, of course.

They’ve actually made more steps toward a culture of death by voting down the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act more than two-dozen times.

Do you think the Trump White House should show the pro-life movie Gosnell?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Absolutely. I hope it will touch some people’s heart, and they wake up and fight abortions at all because this is Murder!

  2. God Bless President Trump for standing up for babies. I can not figure out why ANYONE would want to MURDER a sweet innocent baby????

  3. God bless President Trump for bringing greater publicity to this movie, and even more so for being such a champion for the rights of the unborn!

  4. 90%+ of people that see actual Abortions like this, never get an abortion…. gee.. I wonder why… I wonder why the Abortion Industry fears more than anything else this kind of education… more than ANYTHING ELSE! Like most immoral or despicable behavior patterns espoused by the Leftist Marxist’s.. if you force complete acceptance requirements on complete information.. the behavior is abandoned by the vast bulk of possible participators.

  5. Yes and thank you! It needs to be shown, and the gov. officials who make decisions for us, need to see this kind of movies over and over!

  6. I think America and the world in general should get down on its’ knees and thank President Trump for supporting LIFE. Since those of us against abortion are referred to as “Pro-Life”, I think those for abortion should be referred to as “Pro-Death”. Abortion falls in Hitler’s arena of medical experimentation and among other things was an excuse to exterminate the Jews: It WAS opposed by the world. One has to wonder, “What the Hell has happened to people?” For all it’s screaming and hollering about “Human Rights” the Democratic Party has replaced the Nazi’s, and is a false Prophet when they support abortion

    • I also agree! America is so misguided today and the left thinks legalizing DOPE, opening up our borders, giving away FREE STUFF, allowing abortion unrestricted, and promising healthcare (medicare) for all, will buy enough votes to ensure their reign for the foreseeable future! Don’t most dictators get the upper hand in countries by promising things they can’t figure out how to pay for!?! Other than taxing (stealing) funds from the people who are actually following the rules (law abiding citizens) who are working hard to use their skills in their job, and/or creating jobs in their businesses they created.
      Why is the world and some Americans willing to fall for this routine over and over!?! Give the people their opiates and they become apathetic to what is really happening, I guess.

    • You are right 100%. The author of this article said just what I was thinking. If they are so upset at the content of the movie, that should tell them something about abortions……they are murder, plain and simple, and will never be anything else.

  7. Trust this movie will be used to change the hearts of those seeking to kill their unborn babies. May God bless all those involved in the production of this film.

  8. Abortion IS and Has Always Been, MURDER!! No matter How many people try to describe it or they think what it is in their minds!! Show the DARN Movie!

    Thank You Mr President! And for being brave and bold in showing others what Killing of Babies Truly Is, ABORTION!! These Precious Lives!!

  9. President Trump has the right to show whatever he wants at the White House and it’s none of the leftist murderers business. The left can throw more of their childish hissy fits and act like 5 year olds to NO avail. Show whatever you want Mr President — graphic,gory or funny — it is your perogative.

  10. Good job Mr. President we love you and Vice President Pence and their families. God Bless you all. Every church should show this to their congregations . Make sure our teenage girls see it and the boys also. All God’s Children are a life he created and knew them before time began . He ordained and Blessed.

  11. Abortion is the killing of a living being; however it is viewed, it is “murder.” Doctors choosing to participate in this violent act should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law….Dr. Gossnel should “not” be the exception – but the rule! Thank you, President Trump,
    for your support of the defenseless unborn.

  12. Way to go President Trump! I am so excited that we finally have a leader in the white house that is willing to make a moral stand and statement against the despicable practice of killing babies.

  13. Democrats want voting age lowered—- lower it to newborns then maybe they’ll not abort these babies !,!!!! MURDERERS,

  14. The dems have lost all concepts of reality. Can they not hear themselves? Vanity fair said the depiction of an abortion is too graphic, then the Hollywood elites at the same time say that those trying to stop abortion are “evil”. I can’t help but wonder if the consumption of drugs and living in a fantasy Hollywood world, damages the brains of those people and clearly guides them into the Democrat party? They create narratives and like AOC, could care less about facts.

  15. They are concerned about graphics, when many of their movies consist of graphics?! Of course, theirs are “pretend”, and only happen in their fantasy world. Abortion is for real, and people need to know, and care, about what it really is.

  16. Maybe it’s time to convict those who promote this evil practice as well as the perpetrators! Inconvenience is not a defense for terminating a life!

  17. Abortion is MURDER. Who so ever harms these little ones it would be better for them if they had never been born. Not an exact quote. All members of Congress, the judiciary, the health departments, the private sector and any voter who support and sustain this deplorable practice are at risk of Gods wrath. Wake up change our laws and repent to God. Do not allow yourselves to endure this fate. Save America and yourself, God Bless President Trump.

  18. Without doubt abortion is MURDER.
    The Democratic Party condones and supports Murder of the most innocent among us. The Democratic Parties support of such Murder of babies makes me think they, Democrats, are a modern NAZIS party like the German NAZIS party of WW2 infamy. They killed (MURDERED) millions including BABIES. For the last seventy or so years the Democratic Party has, and still is, been the most destructive element negatively impacting American society and the American way of life (marriage, families, law enforcement, etc).

  19. Gob Bless President Donald J. Trump….Having the courage to stand-up for those defenseless, precious unborn…..against Planned Parenthood. I have said it more than once….It is God’s Grace that has held back His hand against America, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS….SHALOM, Mary Lou Powell

  20. Interesting that the abortion lobby is making the pro-life’s statement for them. Abortion is gory and gruesome and horrible. Abortion is murder, plain and simple so a movie showing the truth about abortion is going to be gory and gruesome and horrible. The movie is also incredible. I saw it on DVD because it wasn’t showing in a theatre nearby so I also saw the interviews with the stars about filming the movie. Dean Cain stated that he was looking at some photos of what he thought was the set of the movie. He thought they were a little overdone, then he was told that they were, in fact, actual crime scene photos.

  21. We are all God’s children, & if we do not take a stand, against the evil that is being perpetrated, against the most innocent, & precious, among us all, what good are we? Our Father in Heaven, is watching, to see what we do, it’s” Now”, or “Never”, what’s your answer? The left is so concerned about the children at the border, & at the same time, they are fine with murdering, our unborn, & “now” new born babies. What does this say about us? We have got to take a stand, “now” make calls, to our representatives, sign petitions, let everyone know, where you stand, on this outrageous evil. Talk to your church families, your own families, your pastor, priest, Rabbi, all religious leaders, anyone, & everyone that you can. We need to do this now, & we must” Pray” for guidance, & forgiveness, from God. God Bless us all & God Bless America

  22. Thank you, Mr. President,
    This movie needs to be shown to the world. Babies should have all the rights of every other living human being. God Bless You for protecting those pure souls who cannot protect themselves.

  23. Unless the liberals have taken over the government, President Trump has the right to watch just about any movie he wants to. Now we all know that if it were a movie promoting abortion, the left/liberal/democrats would be singing the merits of it and how great a president he is. But, since it goes against their agenda they are all up in arms about it. It is like, “How dare he even think on his own. He is supposed to think, do and say only what we tell him to.” It is like the liberals think they are dictators or something.

  24. There’s something seriously sick about a society that does things that require the words innocent baby and gory to be used in the same sentence. I’m extremely grateful that I was raised in a time where innocent baby and love were often used in the same sentence or innocent baby and gift from God.

  25. The PLCSD Party, Are A Bunch Of MURDERERS And Illegal Immigrant-Alien Sympathizers! Just Maybe Those PLCSD Party Members Truly Needed To Be DEPORTED ALSO!!!

  26. God Bless President Donald John Trump for standing against abortion. Somebody gave me a link one day and I thought it was bogus but found out that it wasn’t. shows what happens to a baby during the abortion and the poor baby’s reaction to the suction tube that is getting ready to end it’s life. I didn’t watch it all because it made me cry. But you have these stupid idiots that says that the baby isn’t a baby until it’s born. What a bunch of dipwads. No matter how you look at it, abortion is murder!! What gets me is that Governor Ralph Northam, being a Pediatric Neurologist, is for abortions including the partial birth ones. I agree with Mary Lou Powell with what she said and I will add that it won’t be too much longer that God is going to tell Jesus to go gather his children home. The Bible is being fulfilled everyday and we can’t go on much longer like this. I just pray everybody turns their lives and hearts over to Christ before it’s everlasting too late.

  27. If they say it is not murder to kill a child in the womb or even after it is born, soon they will say it is also okay to kill a child anytime period. We can all see where this is going. Pretty soon murder will be a slap on the wrist unless of course it is a demoncrat that is the victim and then it is matters.

  28. I saw this movie and I feel it was it was not graphic enough. They held back a lot of how gruesome these procedures really are. Abortion at any stage is murder!


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