Donald Trump just made a big move on transgenders in the military


For years the radical leftists have been using the military as a social experiment.

They think their so-called “progressive” ideas are more important than defending our country.

But Donald Trump just made a big move on transgenders in the military.

President Trump just went to the Supreme Court to ask for an appeal on his transgender military ban that was struck down by a federal court.

This would be skipping the bureaucracy of the appellate court and get right down to the bottom of it all.

The New York Times

The Trump administration on Friday asked the Supreme Court to allow it to leapfrog federal appeals courts in several cases concerning the president’s decision to bar transgender people from serving in the military.

Federal district courts have entered injunctions against the new policy, but no appeals court has yet ruled on it. The Supreme Court does not ordinarily intercede until at least one appeals court has considered an issue, and it typically awaits a disagreement among appeals courts before adding a case to its docket.

The Trump administration has, however, repeatedly asked the justices to hear appeals directly from district court rulings, most recently in several cases concerning its attempt to shut down a program that shields some 700,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation. Like the ban on transgender service in the military, that policy has been blocked by federal trial judges.

In both sets of cases, Solicitor General Noel J. Francisco told the justices that prompt action was required to ensure that the Supreme Court could rule before its current term ended in June.

The Supreme Court’s rules say that it will review a federal trial court’s ruling before an appeals court has spoken “only upon a showing that the case is of such imperative public importance as to justify deviation from normal appellate practice and to require immediate determination in this court.”

President Trump knows that Americans are sick and tired of the radical leftists trying to get their claws on the military.

For decades the United States’ military has been the strongest on the planet for a reason.

The only goal of the United States’ military is to defend America.

To infiltrate the military with the “Social Justice” agenda will only erode the combat-readiness of our troops.

And in some cases, taxpayers are told to foot the $50,000 bill for active military transgenders to get a sex change if it is deemed “medically necessary.”

But to ban transgenderism from the military will simply return it to the no-frills operation that has kept America safe for hundreds of years.

Do you think transgenders should be banned from the military? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. I would not want to be in battle with a queer supposedly covering my back, or passing AIDS around and how much do you believe the enemy will fear are soldiers knowing their also fighting fagits, maybe in stead of carrying a gun they’ll have a big tub of KY?

  3. Our Military should be for Combat Ready Soldiers That’s Men & Women!! Not one who Enters for the Benefit of the Surgery. I Agree with Trump with this because Taxpayers Pick up the Tab to turn Dan into Jan !! Our Military should be Ready and Available. Not on leave for a Free Sex Change to go through the Process of Changing Identitys, Then when the Process is all over And Jan is a Woman now her Time spent in the Military is Over!! Like Mission Accomplished

  4. There are way too many poorly educated moronic idiots out there. They drive cars, shoot guns, and sometimes vote. It’s not their fault, it is our poor educational system. It produces self indulgent idiots, that have no real skills, or knowledge. We need more money spent on educating people, less money spent on our military destroying people, and our planet. You can’t teach an idiot anything, reason, they already know everything. Wake up people!

  5. Men are men and women are women, just as GOD made them!
    They have been taught by liberals, Demoncrats, and other radicals that they can be who they want to be; those sick idiots obviously think that it’s cool to be different in any thing that is not normal!

  6. A transgender woman/turned man, will NEVER have the strength that a man possess… in combat I could never expect a woman/man to carry me out of battle—-she would NEVER have the strength.. plus what about ALL the medical costs associated with providing this woman/man with hormone pills to keep up her/his pretense of portraying herself/himself to be a male…. This is nothing more then pure ‘mental illness’ on their part…
    So YES is my answer.

  7. Americans are sick and tired of leftists, PERIOD. Defend the Republic however you can. Leftists MUST be neutralized, if not outright eliminated.

  8. Absolutely. The military is organized to defend the nation. Any attempts to introduce Individuals whose very presence would be disruptive along with the requirements they would require would be destructive of morale and cohesiveness.

  9. Gays have been serving honorably and many have paid the ultimate sacrifice for years, as far back as the revolution and civil war. Would not doubt if more than a few have even been awarded the Medal of Honor and Purple Hearts galore. I do not, however agree that taxpayers should have to fund gender changing surgical procedures.

  10. Hey Luis you moron;
    A Transgender is NOT a gay , homosexual;
    NOW NAME the “GAYS” that have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

  11. Get lost. The problem with the educationall system is LEFTIST INDOCTRINATION. Of which you seem to be a miserable victim.

  12. I think transgenders should not be allowed to serve. Every one I have seen acts like a sissy & has no business in the battlefield. I also believe that they would not protect & watch their comrades back.

  13. Absolutely. If they want to have a sex change do it on their own dollar. The military wasn’t created to do what some people think it should do for them like change a persons anatomy because they think they are in the wrong body. No medical insurance would pay for it ! Why should the tax payers or the insured have to?

  14. I think transgenders should not be allowed to serve. Every one I have seen acts like a sissy & has no business in the battlefield. I also believe that they would not protect & watch their comrades back. Transgender is different than gay.

  15. Yes! And in addition, the taxpayers should never have to foot the bill for elective surgery because in NO WAY would it EVER be “medically” necessary!!

  16. transgender people should NOT be allowed in the Military, on top of the problems with housing and “mixed sex” facilities, Transgender folks would be a prime objective for Blackmail and other security concerns. The military is NOT the place for “social justice warriors” and “social justice programs”. The military should be able to concentrate on defending American Interests, NOT on who should be allowed to waste military service time with sex change activities and the costs to the taxpayer for their elective medical procedures.

  17. These transfagots only intention is to get a sex change operation at the expense of the military and taxpayers money, nothing else. They ain’t fooling me. They’re not going in to serve and protect Americans!!! I served in the US army and I wouldn’t want to fight along side of these transfagots….they’ll get me killed. Hell, I’d probably shoot them first before they get me killed. Keep them out of the military. They’re of no use in the front lines….they’re a liability.

  18. It seem that everyone has an opinion on what is good for our military. Did anyone consider allowing allowing the military itself to make the decision by voting. If you never served ,you could only imagine what the pros or cons would be. Anyone in the military will follow orders but it doesn’t mean they agree or like them. Voting on issues about the military would most unusual but maybe it’s about time we start. So many will say how much they respect our service people,how much would they value their opinion ?

  19. I am 100% in agreement with President Trump!!! No transgenders, or gay for that matter, in the military, battle ground, air or sea. For desk, intelligence or media, I have no objection!!!

  20. I believe transgender should be able to serve in the Military, but I don’t think Tax-Payers should be paying for Transgender Change.
    H*ll I can’t even get weight loss surgery approved w/ all my medical problems.
    No I am not in the Military, but I’m active Volunteer in my Community for EMS.

  21. I do agree with the President on this matter. I also believe no experiments should be taking place when people need to defend the USA. This sort of thing can get people killed. The troops have to cohere with each other and not think of the sex angle.

  22. I have a nephew who recently retired from the Army as a Ranger he said you would not believe the way the training techniques of our enlisted have recent been sissyfied, I bet those demon ISSIS members, the islamic brotherhood, Alqeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas members are all having a hard laugh.

  23. There is no RIGHT to Serve in the Military.

    There SHOULD BE a National Volunteer law that allows for PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT for those who do SERVE.

    all GOVERNMENT JOBS ARE delegated TO military veterans first. Cowards, sissies and those that consider themselves to be TOO GOOD to have to wear some costume and carry heavy stuff should be the last on the list for PUBLIC SERVICE jobs.

    And ALL POLITICIANS, bureaucrats and Political appointees should be covered under the UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE.

    THAT should cure a lot of issues with this Nation!

  24. Considering the hormonal treatment causes suicidal thoughts and their own life no longer means much to them how we be of the notion that they care anymore about the lives of their comrades or securing our nation against threats foreign and domestic.

  25. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi party at work here!FOX NEWS!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio,Romney,Sessions,Flakes, Roberts, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  26. It is necessary to understand that most of sex morality imposed upon the human race , all these have come from INFRA-SEX, precisely in virtue of its difference from NORMAL SEX and its inability to become normal and in virtue of its non-understanding of normal sex, began to regard itself as superior and began to dictate laws to normal sex. Infra-Sex come as a result of impotence and homosexuality. The whole history of mankind is nothing but the rule of pathological sex forms over normal. Infra-sex shows more tolerance towards pathological perverted form to compensate its incapability of perform normal sex. This is evil action!!!
    From psychology of the lupanar to mystical sex the manifestations of infra sex are characterized by their close relation to oppressive and morbid emotions of a violent or despondent character. INFRA SEX is a mechanism of defense and compensation against its incapacity to perform normal sex. Leftover of creation. Our military should be free of incapability.

  27. I am gay and served in the Army during the Vietnam Era and I know several other gay men that were and still are in the military. I do not think the transgender culture has any place in the military.

  28. The job of our great military is to protect our wonderful country and all of it’s citizens and Americans interest around the world and there should be no distractions what so ever that would interfere or stop the American military forces from being at 110% efficient readiness at all times and the unfair act of placing the tax burden upon the American working people for sex change operations to be provided for these people and recovery time after the surgery brings down personal numbers and weakens personal strength and action response.jgb

  29. Keeping the Gender Transphoria illness out of the military is obviously fine, but can Trump do more to protect Christian business owners rights to refuse creating things that go against their moral convictions?

  30. I believe that the country should not have to pay for this type of surgery nor all the harmonies & meds that will need to be taken. They can’t pause in the middle of battle to take a pill!

  31. My Nephew left the military when the LGBT got Obama to force straight men to accept homosexual advances. Because my Nephew is 6 foot tall with blond hair and blue eyes and slim but strong physically he was being bugged by “secret” homosexuals whom were told let me get my gun so I can give you an answer. After he was told by his officer he had to accommodate homosexuals especially the one bugging him at that moment. He had been complaining to his officer who told him to talk to Obama and if he took it further he would end up with a dishonorable discharge and maybe jail time because he didn’t follow Obama’s LGBT laws. He did not re enlist and he now is working keeping commercial airplanes flying safely but he still misses the military which he loved until the homosexuals thought he was open to them just because he was decent to them until they took their next step. I also had an experience with a homosexual who when I said no to signing his petition for passing LGBT laws to teach homosexual sex to kids from K up in school sex classes said to me “Fine, I hope you get AIDS”. I was so shocked I didn’t say anything and believe me I wish now I would have said something to him.

  32. 1.We do not have aa bent gender problem.
    2. We do not have a queer problem.
    3, We do not have an immigration problem
    We do not have an Antifa problem.
    We do have a liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ersatz life form problem.
    There is only one answer to dealing with them, talk and votes aren’t it.

  33. My time in the USMC from 1954 to 1978 was great. But today, NO WAY charley brown. With these people getting into the Military and other things that are happening. I thank God that I was in when it was the real Military.

  34. Agreed Pilot 84! I spent three and a half years on a Naval Amphibious Forces ship, the USS Eldorado GC-11. After about a month at sea, things get real tense and the fights start. Now they have women aboard war ships and now transgenders? Who’s running the modern navy? Hillary Clinton?

  35. I would not want anyone that was not 100% MAN beside me on my ship! SEX is not something that happens aboard a combat ship. We were always 100% concentrating on our duties. One man not paying attention for one minute can easily sink the ship. The Navy is NOT about social correctness. It is being the “Best you can be”! Like a chain, one weak link can break the ship. Not doing your duty would get you relieved of duty and put in the brig.

  36. News Flash, there is no such thing as transgender, there is only the mentally unstable. Military service is not the place for mental instability. You are and will remain the gender you are born with. “A guy without a Johnson is NOT a woman, he’s just a guy without a Johnson.” BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  37. Agreed……especially when taxpayers are burdened with the cost. They want the absurd, they pay for it, and any officer for government official who approves it needs to be held accountable for the theft from taxpayers.

  38. LGBTQ, etc is a CHOICE. Just like drug addiction. Mustard on a hamburger. It’s a CHOICE. And if someone CHOOSES to be “like that”, then there’s a screw loose (pun NOT intended) somewhere. Rebellion? Attention seeking? Self-confusion? Just like you wouldn’t want a mentally ill person behind you with a loaded SAW. What caused this “condition” in the first place? WHO CARES! It’s not to be figured out in MILITARY SERVICE. Nor is MY TAX MONEY to be used for “gender correction surgery”! If a warrior is a WOMAN, so be it. A MAN, great. But no wishy-washy unsure, look -at me confused idiots armed with lethal force. Fighters MUST be able to trust fellow warriors without doubt. It’s not fair to the “straight” patriotic warriors defending their nation’s people with ALL THEY HAVE. Get rid of the rest.

  39. I thought I heard that are military was getting fixed up, stronger and, better than ever. How can that be with mentally F—ed queers in there?

  40. It hasn’t been a experiment, butt for the purpose of getting free surgery/meds for life, they’ll have to take hormone pill or shots. There is a much cheaper route, a cure all, put them on the frontline if that doesn’t fix the problem completely, add a little friendly fire !!!!

  41. The Trump administration issued a reversal of the Obama administrations executive order on transgenders in the military in 2017. But, as you might have guessed, the LGBTQ lobby and its supporters filed a lawsuit to issue a stay to cease and desist pending further review, and which the court decided in their favor. In an unusual, but not unconstitutional request, the Trump administration has recently asked the US Supreme Court- out of session- to consider and rule on this matter.

  42. If the Supreme Court don’T do what’s right, then TRUMP should arang to have them all put on the frontline in the worst hot spot, as the one saying goes GET ER DONE !

  43. Average cost for transgender surgery – fifty grand??! Not MY tax money, baby! Transgenders are, as many state here, mentally unstable, suffering gender dysphoria (meaning a mental disorder) for which surgery has NOT proven to be the cure. That a group want the general public to fund mental illness and its consequences is unconscionable, period. Wish them every success in pushing back on this ridiculous agenda which is downright dangerous to our military readiness.

  44. Transgenders should only be allowed to join AFTER ALL Surgeries required for COMPLETING the change have been Completed and the person has recovered Completely. Active duty persons should be told they can extend for the time required for the transition and the person is responsible for all the costs, or they can wait until the current contract is up, get the necessary surgeries and re-enlist with the same caveats as for initial enlistment.

  45. I agree with you 200%! Gays, tranies, whatever they choose to call themselves, shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near our military.

  46. I have been married twice in my long life, both husbands were 20 year Air Force vets. I loved the military life and am sorry that good people have to live side by side with people who want everything for themselves and donate nothing to the good of the country.

  47. And, after the surgery they complete 180 days and get out
    on a medical and the VA Hospitals get stuck with them
    until they commit suicide.

  48. I agree with keeping them out of the Military. Military Service can be dangerous enough without worrying that the soldier next to you won’t break down screaming, crying, and unable to function in a stressful situation. They simply aren’t psychologically or emotionally fit to serve.

  49. President Trump is doing a fantastic job, with almost no help from anyone in Congress. But I will still vote for President Trump in 2020, because of the great job he is doing for this Country. We don’t need transgenders in the military.

  50. These little pissant groups such as LGBTQ+ hold more sway than all the important and useful decision making groups heaped together. Who cares about these whiners? Let’s kick their asses right out of this country, nobody needs these self-abusers here. Many of us have no time or respect for them, and when the mussies take over, they’ll be jumping off buildings like lemmings just to get away.

  51. There just might be a positive aspect IF all LGBT freaks were FORCED to serve on front
    line combat positions so that most could be killed off by friendly fire during training.

  52. I got a idea, let ALL LGBTQ+ into the service and send them to the front, during a war with muslim (the muslims would love to shoot at some LGBTQ+) and NO air-support, or any type support, That will take care of that problem!

  53. Other mental disorders stop a person from joining the military. Why should the mental disorder of Transgenderism be allowed? Then you need to let all the other kooks join. I don’t want that. We have enough of them winning beauty contests. I don’t know how. They look like men in dresses. They also win in sports, which is totally unfair. The only place they truly belong is in a mental institution. I don’t hate them, but I hate that they are wielding such power over the rest of the population, especially the children. It needs to stop.

  54. I would take a trans gender over a fundamentalist christian any time. They are there fighting for what they believe, not what they have been told to believe.

  55. I have no problem with the service of transgender people, but their surgery should not be paid for by the military under any circumstances. This would be special treatment since elective or cosmetic surgery would not be paid for other military personnel, except because of battle wounds. Some would probably join the military just for the surgery, otherwise, and would miss duty during all of that time.

  56. One of the very few time I agree with#45. The LGBTQ should not be allowed in the military. They should take their Satan type behavior into the Muslims.

  57. When obama opened the door for homosexuals to “come out of the closet” in the military the rate of sexual abuse reports skyrocketed because of the high number of homosexuals pressuring straight soldiers for sex. Of course, saying no to their pressure for homosexual sex was justification for the offended homosexual to label them as being homophobe and a soldier could be prosecuted for violating obama’s favorite program.
    The release of the information regarding reports of homosexuals harassing straight soldiers was quickly dropped by the corporate press most likely due to orders from obama.

  58. Im an army veteran, i couldnt care less what the person beside me was, as long as they did there job. I did a little research and found the following, and we all know everything on the internet is FACT.. anyway, heres what i found: Transgenders taking hormone therapy are not deployable, the same as diabetics that require insulin shots…service members who become insulin dependent are medically discharged. .it’s not descrimination, just common sense.
    So unless the military has a specific need for a non deployable person with unique skills, then it’s not appropriate or fair to other members to hire someone who’s not deployable..but that decision is up to the military.

  59. Our people in the military, are fighting to stay alive, they shouldn’t have to fight to keep their butts safe too. They should be able to trust those who are watching their back to keep the enemy away, but when your watcher is also watching your back for his own satisfaction, that has to be a problem that they shouldn’t have to worry about.

  60. WHY, are YOU a closet transgender? We do NOT need people who are confused about their sexuality in the military. They can do whatever they like in civilian life. In the military we have little privacy and we do not need some gay/lesbian/transgender ogling us. Why not allow girls in the barracks then? THAT won’t happen either but it DOES make a lot more sense. Leave our military alone

  61. Dena, have you ever served in the military? We have almost NO privacy and the morale of a fighting unit would go tit’s up if they’re forced to take these people. The military serves ONE purpose – to kill people and break things when we have to. It is NOT a social experiment and ANYTHING that takes that focus away is a very bad idea.

    If you still think it’s a good idea, how about men in women’s dormitories at colleges or sororities? Women would NOT want men in their sleeping areas any more than fighting men want gays/transgenders. Their focus is on being combat ready.

  62. Like they used to say when I was in the military and if you pay attention it makes perfect sense, they didn’t care about homosexuality ,the key factor was that a homosexual is to wishy washy and cannot be TRUSTED ,which makes perfect sense if you watch whats going on in the world.
    One day they want to be male ,next thing you know they want to be female, and these are supposed adults……NOT ON MY WATCH !

  63. You’re not supposed to be allowed into the military if you’re mentally ill. All lgbtqwtfhuh persons are mentally ill.
    Leftists must HANG.

  64. mbw750, the fact is nearly EVERY nation on Earth has some form of military and they’re not the uneducated effluvium you would make them out to be. They share one common virtue – love of this country. What do you contribute aside from your liberal view of our military. They are away from kith and kin for months – sometimes years at a time, they risk their hides so that we can sleep safely at night and they live a pretty base existence. And you look down your nose at them? Shame on you, mbw750. We do NOT need to make their job harder than it is nor force them to live with people they find objectionable. In civilian life if you meet someone who’s lifestyle you don’t approve you can simply stay away from them. In the military you do not have that luxury. So cut them some slack and don’t insult them. No one goes into the military to get rich, they do it for love of country.

  65. Luis A. Colon, then we need to return to Don’t Ask,Don’t Tell. That’s about the ONLY thing Clinton got right. They can keep their sexuality to themselves. If they don’t, drop kick their asses OUT of the military. And absolutely NO to transgenders. They’re freaks – the military does NOT need freaks, they’ve already got more than enough to contend with.

  66. Because it goes against your leftist indoctrination? Leftists are STUPID parrots. Satan would love you if he didn’t hate humankind so much.

  67. Sex is NOT something to be thinking about when the enemy is attacking! Put your genetals back in your pants and learn how to defend our lives! “Queers” should be thrown overboard during a military attack. What you do in “YOUR” bedroom is your business! BUT!, when you are on my ship, you better be 100% minding our safety! Anything less means you and I just may die!

  68. Have anyone notice it is mostly the homosexual males and the pedophiles that is trying to invade the female world. The sinful and Satan sponsored group the LGBTQ is trying to push their sinful behavior to feel normal in society. Again we hear very little from Christian leaders against the LGBTQ movement.

  69. Transgenders homosexuality lesbianism are narcissists demented confused individuals. Narcissists are not capable of two viewpoints only the narcissts viewpoint matter. They are not capable to accept that they could be wrong and seriously sinful wicked evil perverted sinners? They have no place in America’s Military as far as I’m concerned. 1John says in the last days seducing spirits will enter in deceiving little children and John cautions little children beware of these seducing evil demented spirits for they are not of God but of the devil.

  70. Very simply, I don’t want my taxes going toward a sex change: pre-op or operation expense. These people need ongoing psychological support and the military isn’t and shouldn’t be equipped to serve transgenders.

  71. Any transgender wanting to enlist, or currently serving, should be told the government won’t pay for hormone treatments nor genital sex changes, or any body altering, surgeries – including addition or removal of breasts. I think that would drastically curtail desire to enlist.

  72. Yes Pam, a voice of The military simply cannot afford to pay for these surgeries and the medication thereafter much less the time the individual is off because of medical reasons. I really do not have too much of a problem with that old don’t ask, don’t tell policy that they once had. Even back in my day during the Vietnam War we had gays in the service and most of us pretty much knew who they were but they kept it to themselves and didn’t broadcast it. The isn’t much if any privacy n the service and it is very uncomfortable showering with others when a gay is also in there with you. As for this notion that gays can’t or won’t fight, BS. I have seen some gays fight very well and history is full of gay military people who showed great heroism under fire. Either just keep it to yourself or don’t enlist.

  73. Luis, you are correct and David thank you for your service. I am also a Vietnam Vet and straight but I knew that there were gays in the service but they kept it very low key, no problem. I do not think anyone should enter the service who is openly gay, especially those who are the ‘in your face’ type gays, or those who are seeking any surgery to transform themselves from one sex to the other. That simply should not be allowed.

  74. I agree, the military is no place for this issue.

    Keep them out, do not pay for those already in to gave this done, remove them from service.

    Our brave MEN AND WOMEN deserve better then this!

    Who would want the person who has there back, to be so screwed up that they don’t even know what sex they are or belueve themselves to be.

    Bottom line they are a liability to us all.

    There is a lot to be said for when it was a “NO ASK, DON’T TELL” way of things in all branches of the military, but ever since that he/she wannabe, obama its all gone crazy.

    I frankly think our hard earned tax dollars could and should be put to better use from Our newly inlisted, to active duty, to our disabilied vets.

    Until such time as our vets get the proper medical attention they fought for get the proper care they need why in the name of all things right should even one dollar be spent on this issue!

    Do you have any idea how many if our vets are homeless, and go without proper medical care?

    The numbers are unacceptable, for until the day comes that there is not even one, there will be to many who hi without!

    And for true Christian like myself this is a slap in the face of God, who makes no mistakes, if you were born male then that is what you are supposed to be, as with if you were born female get over yourself that is what you are!

    God make a no mistakes take it or leave it that is what you are period!

  75. Let’s ensure the military IS the military. No gays or transgenders. The military has a mission and must be trained and prepared to carry it out. NO compromises! Period. Obama hates the U.S. and his mission was to do everything he could to weaken it. Now, we are left with the mess and must clean it up. The true and tried and experienced military leaders know what needs to be done. Now, let’s get the dumb politicians and social experimenters out of the picture, and remember the mission of the military. Is is NOT a social, experimental lab. Let’s return to what made the military great and cut out these #$%& social experiments.

  76. All wonderful comments. I feel bad for these confused LGBTQ people. They have no business defending our beautiful USA. No matter what surgery a woman has, she will never be as strong as a man, with the few exceptions of professional weightlifters and the like. Especially if they have to take hormone therapy. All the regular women out there know what PMS is like. Not something that should be allowed on the battlefield. And I don’t want to have to pay for this non-essential surgery. I would rather spend my money on cosmetic surgery on myself just for the fun of it.

  77. I have two sons, they both went into the Air Force after hugh school.

    My oldest retired 4 years ago with his 20 years in.

    My youngest has 23 years in and is still active duty.

    As a mom I’ve been asked many times over the years if I was scared about there being in the service.

    I’ve always answered, no, not really. I would explain this by saying that violence is everywhere.

    That sons and daughters are hurt, and killed every day by some crazy person.

    Unfortunately since obama, that all changed.

    With his down sizing and closing base’s all over, as well as not only allowing gays to openly join the military, but now putting the extra burden, both financially, but the amount of time it takes this process, as well as the required recovery time, from start to finish I’ve heard that it can take as much as a year.

    Which is a year if not only the expense of them getting paid to lay on there back sides doing nothing to earn there pay.

    The amount of both physical therapy, as well as the physcalogical effect it takes.

    This is way to much money to spend on these he/she’s, or she/he’s.

    The whole process, concept, monatary, and then putting our son’s and daughter’s lives in there hands!

    I’m sorry the whole thing makes my skin crawl, and scares me to death that this is who our troops lives in there hands!

    Not only do I say no, but I say HE’LL NO!!!!!

  78. Absolutely, no LBGT in the military. These people are mentally deranged.
    And, we should stop kowtowing to their biased, unreasonable, mentally unstable demands. Gay is a choice, but should be kept to oneself, and out of the military. TG’s on the other hand, need to be referred to remedial treatment, or put in institutions, where they can harm no one but themselves. Thea are a blight on the country.They should NOT be given any recognition other than some kind of remedial treatment. STOP recognizing them as a type, but as what they are, mentally sick individuals.


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